25 Pickup Trucks With Mods That Their Owners Sorely Regretted

Driving a pickup has become a lifestyle choice for many drivers. Many years ago, drivers bought pickups to haul heavy loads and transport cargo. These days, drivers have chosen a pickup as their daily commute. Pickup manufacturers have designed the trucks to accommodate the entire family by installing an infotainment system, safety features and ensuring that the cars are comfortable for long distances. Pickup trucks have become so popular that the Ford F-series has been the best selling vehicle in the U.S. for many years.

As with anything that has garnered the attention of the mainstream, a few individuals try to recreate the original. The reason that pickups are the best selling transport mode is due to the features that the car offers. Since the market is satisfied with the standard design, there is no need to modify the vehicle. Some people disagree. They believe that they can make changes to the vehicle that will make it more powerful, alluring and comfortable.

In some cases, professional modifiers upgraded their pickups. In most cases, especially when an amateur performed the job, the pickup performed, looked or sounded worse. We wanted to find out how pickup owners modified their cars to make them worse. Our list features some of the worst modifications that drivers should never do to their pickups unless they want people to scoff at them.

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25 Double Bed

via Home Decoration Ideas

The biggest appeal about pickups is that the vehicles allow the driver to haul heavy loads and provide a lot of cargo space. It seems that some owners feel that a pickup should provide more space. The owner of this pickup decided to add additional space to the pickup by fitting an extra bed.

The problem with the extra bed that the owner fitted is that he has removed the existing space and replaced it with a wooden contraption. Besides, putting a load on the additional bed is arduous.

24 Wooden Bed

via Wiring Diagram

What is the fastest way to ruin a classic pickup? Make modifications to it that doesn't make sense. That is what the owner of this classic Chevrolet truck did. The standard bed would appease most owners but not this one. Perhaps, he thought that the wooden bed would do a better job than the standard bed.

The other aspect that is worrying about the wooden bed is that it doesn't have any side barriers. Cargo will sway around during the commute. The owner might as well switch to a sedan since his pickups can't perform the main duties.

23 Compact

via 4Wheel Online Blog

You have to question the motives of the people who decided that it would be a good idea to take a pickup cabin, fit a body kit onto it, as well as an extra set of tires and shorten the bed. The only positive thing I can mention about this modification is that the owner put in a lot of effort, not that the result was a success.

After the owner modified the pickup, he struggled to categorize the vehicle, as it made no sense. The numerous brakes and indicator lights at the back add to the spectacle of the vehicle.

22 Adventure Galore

via Autoblog

One of the main reasons that drivers purchase pickups is to experience the off-road capabilities that sedans cannot offer. Although a pickup can provide several features that you'll need off-road, some owners can take their modification to the extreme. Sometimes, you can do too much to a pickup that will result in the vehicle becoming a hazard for the passengers.

For example, you shouldn't have a seat outside the cabin. After all, a pickup isn't a fighter chopper. Also, the seats of this pickup provide no space for the passenger's legs.

21 Stretching

via Stretch My Truck

Stretching a truck is a bad idea most of the time. The reason truck drivers do it is to accommodate more passengers and/or have extra cargo space. When you stretch the pickup, you make it look like a limousine, as the pictured truck has shown.

The additional doors on the pickup make it look like a van. Although automakers have designed pickups to transport passengers while hauling heavy loads, even pickups have limits. You don't want to overburden the pickup by having too many people while hauling heavy loads.

20 Body Kit

via Bangshift

Drivers who want to make their vehicle look more intimidating opt for body kits. Fitting the vehicle with a body kit may make the vehicle look like a performance machine and tough due to the bulky frame. Cars such as the Mazda Mx-5 Miata and Nissan 350Z look great with body kits if done well but not a pickup.

When you fit a body kit on a vehicle that has a bulky frame, it becomes gargantuan. Sometimes, too much of a good thing is bad. The body kit on a pickup looks unnecessary and takes away from the pickup's aesthetics, rather than adding to it.

19 Custom Cab

via Flickr

The owner of this pickup took the modifications too far when he added another cab. Perhaps, the additional cab contains extra seating, but the wooden bed was the cherry on top of the cake.

Apart from being more fragile than a regular bed, the wooden bed that the owner fitted at the back is prone to fire. When you're using a vehicle to transport cargo, you want to avoid wood. The length of the additional cab and the bed make this vehicle a road hazard, as the small wheels don't have sufficient support.

18 Exhausted

via Youtube

You've heard that too much of a good is bad. Although chocoholics might disagree, I think that it applies to pickup modifications. One exhaust on a pickup will suffice, maybe two might be necessary. Anything more than that shows that the driver is trying to show off or doesn't know what he's doing.

Although the driver of this pickup might have added the exhausts for rolling coal, it still doesn't explain why he would need seven. The owner should consider the 'less is more' philosophy.

17 Extra Set That Is Missing

via Pinterest

Adding a set of tires on a pickup might look good if you have a massive truck that could use the added support. Some pickup owners transport heavy cargo and want the pickup to get the optimal support from the tires to avoid damaging the bed. That is understandable to an extent.

What doesn't make sense is drivers who add an extra axle and a fender but do not add the tires. Why would you do that? The driver has incurred extra costs for the modification but isn't using it.

16 Oversized Tires

via Pinterest

Regardless of what you use the over-sized tires for, you'll make the vehicle look odd. The extra elevation might provide you a better view and clearance of the road but will make your pickup look like a tractor, especially if you've fitted the massive tires on an elegant truck such as a Dodge or an F-series.

The massive tires might allow you to get better off-road capabilities, but you're compromising the aesthetics of the vehicle unless you swap the tires when you get off the dirt road.

15 The Renovator

via Reddit

Many pickup drivers use their vehicles for business. After all, a pickup allows the driver to transport tools and other cargo. While some businesses wrap their pickups to advertise their products or services, some pickup drivers have degraded their vehicles with the intended advertising modifications.

Apart from the front bumper and the bigger rear tires that don't make sense, the pickup also has pipes protruding from the driver's door. The final touch that made this modification a joke is the purple wrap.

14 Rims

via GM Truck Club

Modifying a sedan by fitting spectacular rims on the vehicle can make the car more attractive. The trick is to fit the car with rims that are the compatible size and design of the car. When the rims are too big or eccentric, it hurts the car's appeal.

One of the quickest ways to make people scoff at your pickup is by fitting over-sized rims that look like it belongs on a lowrider. If you're going to fit rims on the pickup, the best choice is to fit ones the size of your tires and that have an interesting design.

13 Rolling Coal

via Pinterest

Of all the modifications that pickup drivers make to their vehicles, I understand this one the least. I get that some drivers want attention, but why would you attach additional exhausts to emit a tremendous amount of smoke from the vehicle?

Besides the extra cost of fuel that drives will incur for rolling coal, they also pollute the environment. Many people have become squeamish at the sight of a rolling coal pickup due to the environmental hazard that the activity entails, as well as damage to their lungs.

12 Scissor Doors

via Scissor Doors Inc

The only types of cars that scissor doors suits are supercars such as Lamborghini and McLaren. Some drivers have fitted scissor doors on their sedans and regretted doing so. The shape of the vehicle is important for scissor doors to be compatible, so fitting those on a Honda Accord isn't going to work.

Usually, low suspended supercars are perfect for scissor doors. The vehicle that shouldn't have scissor doors is a pickup truck. The owner of this truck took the modification one step further. The rear doors flip open all the way.

11 Shark Attack

via Funnyjunk

Who would've thought that you can transform a vehicle into a fish? I guess, if there's a will, there's a way. Instead of preserving the classic pickup, the owner of this vehicle decided that the pickup would be more valuable as an attraction. The good news for the driver is that he won't have problems with getting attention, as this pickup is one-of-a-kind.

This shark pickup might be useful while the owner uses it at the aquarium, but he will struggle to sell the vehicle. Although the design is odd, the effort is commendable.

10 Smiley Faces

via Mixed Martial Arts

Bright colors on most vehicles have not worked. The only car that I saw that looked good in a bright color was an orange or green Lamborghini. What makes a vehicle look worse than one bright color is having multiple bright colors on the vehicle.

When the owner of this pickup elevated the suspension of the pickup, he thought that adding several colors to the suspension would spice up the car. Moreover, he added smiley faces on the body to get more attention - mission accomplished.

9 Additional Bumper

via Ugly Truck Day

Although pickups are supposed to haul heavy loads, some pickup owners want to make their vehicles look like speed demons. That is acceptable if you do the right modifications to the vehicle. By fitting an additional front bumper, you make a mockery out of the vehicle, especially when you tape the bonnet to ensure that the extra bumper is attached.

The red rims and the hanging number plate doesn't make the vehicle any more alluring. The car looks like the driver attached cheap junk parts to the front of the vehicle.

8 Souped Down

via Daily Mail

Instead of souping up, the owner of this truck thought that the vehicle would look better if he souped it down. Whether or not the vehicle looks better souped-down than up, one thing is certain - driving the souped down truck is a nightmare.

Considering that the driver tilted the body down to 45-degrees, according to Daily Mail, he is bound to hit speed bumps and experience an uncomfortable ride. If the owner was looking to obtain an eccentric look for his vehicle, he has accomplished his goal.

7 Green Car

via Reddit

Car manufacturers had to change their production strategies since drivers became conscious of the environment. Automakers such as Toyota and Tesla have catered for drivers who want to look after our planet by manufacturing environmental-friendly vehicles.

It seems that some drivers have taken green cars to a new level by wrapping the vehicle with artificial grass. Although the effort is commendable, the owner of this pickup truck has taken out the inherent masculinity that pickup trucks confer.

6 Spoiler

via Google Trends

A spoiler is an aerodynamic device intended to 'spoil' unfavorable air movement across the body of a vehicle that's in motion. Spoilers on the front of a car are called air dams. Car owners fit spoilers onto their vehicles to get better performance.

Considering that a pickup isn't made for performance, fitting a spoiler is pointless. The spoiler functions really well during high speeds, so pickup drivers will benefit if they are speeding down the road, which can be difficult when you're hauling heavy loads.

5 Limousine

via Youtube

This modification seldom works, examples are the Hummer H2 and the Ferrari 458 Italia. Trying to stretch an SUV or a sports car to make it look like a limousine is a recipe for disaster. The same applies to pickup trucks.

Modifying a spectacular pickup such as the Ford F-series to make it a limousine defeats the purpose of a pickup. The purpose of a pickup is to carry a heavier load than the total weight of the passengers whereas the pickup limousine is the contrast.

4 Under-glow Lights

via Truck

The Fast and the Furious movies made fans believe that cars with lights look cool. If you're driving a fancy drag racing car and you're Vin Diesel, then I might agree with you. Drivers who own large vehicles such as SUVs and pickups shouldn't put under-glow lights on their cars.

The purpose of under-glow lights is to accentuate the car's beauty at night, especially on a drag strip. Since automakers didn't make pickups for drag tracks, what is the point of fitting under-glow lights? The lights don't suit pickups.

3 Upside Down

via Youtube

A modifier thought that if you take a Ford F-series and turn it upside down, then the vehicle will look good. The only thing that the driver accomplished by flipping the car upside down is to make it look odd.

While the vehicle looks intriguing, the modification will not help when he decides to sell it. The other alternative that the modifier can opt for if he plans on selling the vehicle is to propose to Ford to buy it or donate it to a car museum that stores eccentric vehicles.

2 Wrapping

via ALR Media

Improving the aesthetics of a car has become easier since modifiers started wrapping vehicles. The correct wrap can make a Bugatti more beautiful, but the wrong one can make it look cheap. Regardless of the type of vehicle, owners need to be careful about the design they choose for their vehicle.

One way to select the wrong wrapping is by choosing too many colors. The owner of this pickup learned that the hard way, as he incurred substantial costs for the wrapping. Too many bright colors and lines don't work well for car wraps.

1 Low Rider

via Youtube

Car modifiers have altered the suspension of the car to elevate the vehicle or to lower it. In most cases, neither works, but lowering the vehicle can suit a drag race car while elevating the suspension suits a monster truck. The modification that doesn't work on most pickups is lowering the suspension so that the vehicle scrapes the ground.

Not only will the driver struggle to transport heavy cargo, but his vehicle will also emit sparks from the scrapping. If the driver were adamant about adjusting the suspension, elevating it would have been a better option.

Sources - Daily Mail & Car Throttle

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