18 Pics Of 4x4 Girls Every Guy Needs To See

Many people assume that 4x4s are primarily driven by men, but that is not necessarily the case.

There is no question that 4x4 vehicles are easily among the most popular ones that people can find on the primary market. This ultimately makes a plethora of sense, as these vehicles are known for their immense power and reliability. They definitely are very easy to maintain and tend to be structured in a very solid manner. The stereotype of a working man and his big, rugged 4x4 remains strong in popular culture today.

However, something that many people do not realize is that many women actually love these types of vehicles, as well. Many people assume that they are primarily driven by men, but this is not necessarily the case. Everyone in the world seems to be drawn to these cars because they can go anywhere and do anything.

With all that has been stated thus far, we will be looking at 18 pictures of 4x4 girls that every guy needs to see. These pictures will definitely show off the fact that these cars are beloved by women. It could even be argued that a lot of these pictures could actually be great to be used in advertising. It is quite apparent that these vehicles are continuing their dominance in the automobile world, and these photos are going to display that in a very effective manner.

Now, let's take a glance at these ladies and their 4x4s!

18 Showing Some Love

via Pinterest

This is an amazing photo. This woman loves her car so much that she finds the need to hug it for its hard work. All jokes aside, this does truly show the fact that women are drawn to 4x4 cars, as well. Although many people assume this not to be the case, they are entirely wrong.

This photo should definitely be praised because of the fact that one can tell that she is being entirely honest in it. There is no question that she does enjoy having this vehicle as her own and that makes a lot of sense. There is no question that this model offers top-notch quality.

17 Jeep Hair, Don't Care

via Pinterest

That shirt is a great one and it clearly deserves a ton of praise. That and the Jeep vehicle being in the background make this photo an absolute beauty. One can tell that this woman is extremely happy to currently sport her Jeep and that is quite understandable.

There is no question that she is using her vehicle in the right way, as it is absolutely riding in the mud with no trouble whatsoever. The car manufacturer would absolutely love to have this photo for a promo, as it perfectly displays exactly what they are going for with their cars.

16 Happy To Have A 4x4

via Pinterest

It is absolutely apparent that this girl's Jeep Wrangler makes her extremely happy. This ultimately makes a lot of sense, as the Wrangler is easily one of the best 4x4 vehicles that one can buy at this present time. It is apparent that she recognizes this clear fact.

There is nothing better than a woman who loves cars and this girl clearly fits into that category. It is quite clear that she is going to continue to enjoy this vehicle for quite a long period of time as well, as these cars are prone to have strong and long lifecycles.

15 Just Hanging Out

via Pinterest

This picture is a very solid one in that it perfectly shows how relaxing owning a 4x4 can be. It sends out spring and late-summer vibes, as she is rocking a hoodie but is also able to wear shorts and flip flops. It just is a very cool picture because it has these elements to it.

At the end of the day, anyone who owns a 4x4 would likely see themselves in this type of scenario throughout their time with their vehicle. This is just a very candid photo and for that, it clearly deserves all of the credit in the world. We all have been in her position before.

14 Talking About Cars

via Fiveprime

It is quite apparent that the women in this photo are quite intrigued by cars. The vehicle that they have chosen, although not shown fully, definitely can be judged as one that is meant for hard labor. It has a lot of size and has its fair share of dirt marks as well.

There is nothing better than having a conversation on a nice day with your friends in front of your car. In a way, it shows off the fact that one is a hard-working adult. This definitely is a pretty cool shot because of how realistic it is.

13 Great Color Selection

via Pinterest

This 4x4 vehicle definitely is a very nice one. There is no question that it was customized by this woman's request and she did a spectacular job in doing so. The light blue paired with bright white is perfect and it truly makes this car look far fancier than it originally was.

As for the woman of this photo, it is clear that she is a major fan of cars and that is definitely amazing. Her outfit is something that should be admired as well, as it meshes extremely well with the vehicle. At the end of the day, this is a perfect picture for the automobile world.

12 Your Car's Getting Muddy

via Fiveprime

This woman is clearly putting her 4x4 to work. This is evident by the many marks it has on it, as well as the amount of mud that it is covered in. This just shows that women are not afraid to make their cars messy, either. This is something that is beloved when it comes to certain 4x4 cars.

At the end of the day, this definitely is the type of picture that car manufacturers love to see. It displays that their vehicles are being used to the fullest and people are actually having fun while driving them. It truly is something we all should be doing.

11 Nothing Better

via Flickr

There is nothing better than relaxing with your car in nice weather. With spring in full force at this present time, this is something us car lovers will be able to do far more frequently. There is no question that this is what makes this photo such a solid one.

Her outfit and the car match, as well, and that definitely deserves a lot of praise. It was a smart move by her and her photographer to go down this route. With all of this being stated, this is a fantastic photo that does 4x4 cars a lot of good.

10 Night Time Fun

via Fiveprime

Although the vehicle that she owns is definitely a bit old and has been through a lot, there is no question that this is a very solid picture. We all can relate to thrills of driving late at night for an evening on the town. It appears that she is taking a picture before doing so.

The realism of this picture is one that definitely deserves praise, as well. Her style is mixed with the older vehicle and the combo definitely makes this photo work, so it clearly is a solid one at the end of the day. It is one that us car enthusiasts can admire, without a doubt.

9 Old-Fashioned Fun

via Flickr

Man, this picture is a very solid one. One has to love the fact that it possesses an old-fashioned 4x4 truck. However, the women in the picture make it far better by following the role of the vehicle with their clothing. It truly looks like a professional photo.

It is hard to find pictures in the automobile world that can top this one. It does everything correctly when it comes to its theme, as well the women chosen for it. The vehicle itself is also a classic and that makes it one that we would all want to add to our collections.

8 Strike A Pose

via hiveminer.com

This is a prime example of why 4x4 vehicles are amazing. It is clear that the driver had been driving it on a dirt road, and there is no question that it had handled the situation without any trouble. It definitely was smart to take a photo with it in that area.

One has to admire the woman in this photo as well. Not only is she very good looking, but she also has a true appreciation for cars. That definitely is evidenced by how happy she looks while taking a photo with it. At the end of the day, car manufacturers love these type of photos.

7 Just A Lady And Her Dog

via flickr

This photo deserves a lot of credit because of how humorous it is. The immense amount of happiness that is being presented by both the woman and her loyal pup is truly admirable. It also is cool to see that it is happening in a very nice looking 4x4 vehicle.

There is no question that this photo is one that so many people would grow to enjoy. Dogs make everything better and it is cool to see a woman who appreciates cars as well. At the end of the day, this candid shot is easily one that so many people wish they could experience, as well.

6 Chilling On The Hood

via Flickr

Everyone loves a 4x4 pickup truck, as they always have an immense amount of power while maintaining their reliability. This woman clearly seems to follow in that mindset, as it is apparent that she is quite happy with the fact that she owns this vehicle.

There is something about this photo that brings on a sense of extreme happiness. Car owners often are able to experience what this woman is in this photo. The act of sitting on a car may seem small, but it truly is something that can make us all content, especially being out in Mother Nature for a while.

5 I Call The Trunk!

via hiveminer.com

This photo is an absolute masterpiece. First and foremost, it is quite clear that this woman is extremely beautiful. Her outfit is very nice and it helps enhance the quality of the photo. The fact that she chose to sit in the trunk for it also is a very nice touch.

The vehicle itself also is extremely cool looking and there is no question that it could be used in an advertisement for the car manufacturer. The all-white background in the photo, although natural, helps the vehicle and woman stand out more. This is just the perfect photo of a woman and her 4x4.

4 Dependability At Its Finest

via Good Housekeeping

This photo definitely has a nice vehicle in it and for that, it seems as though it would be great for advertising. There is no question that 4x4 cars are known for being very dependable, and this photo appears to be aiming to move towards that angle.

The woman is dressed like an individual who seems to have a lot of responsibility in her life. It appears that she could very well be heading to work with her outfit choice. The car and the woman seem to be a perfect match because of this, and that's why this photo definitely works.

3 Dressed Up

via Not £2 Grand

Both the car and the woman in this photo are very good looking. There is no question that there is a feeling of luxury when it comes to this photo. The car has a nice shade of red, while the woman in is a stunning black dress with very nice heels.

This is the type of photo that definitely would be used in advertising by car manufacturers. There is no question that this would appeal to women, as well, as it shows that this kind of car applies to them. It is fair to believe that virtually anyone would be willing to drive that vehicle at any time.

2 Going For A Stroll

via YouTube

This photo perfectly displays the fact that 4x4 vehicles can handle themselves quite nicely when it comes to driving in harder terrain. It is quite clear that these women do not mind the challenge, as the vehicle seems to not be under much pressure at all.

This is a candid photo that definitely deserves a lot of praise because of how genuine it is. These women clearly seem to be having a good time while driving their vehicle and that only helps enhance the reputation of both. Although this is an old car, it does help 4x4 vehicles in general.

1 Driving In The Dirt

via Badlands Off-Road Adventures

This picture displays the primary purpose of 4x4 vehicles: they are built to get the job done in the harshest of conditions and it is clear that it is going to do so here. In fact, the woman in the picture seems to know by how relaxed she appears to be.

What helps this picture even more is the fact that her vehicle of choice is the absolutely wonderful Jeep Wrangler. There is no question that Wranglers are known as some of the best 4x4 cars on the primary market today, so she definitely will get out of the situation with ease.

Sources: Reddit, Hive Miner, and Pinterest.

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