25 Pictures Of Boats Found In The Weirdest Places

I think this might be one of my favorite car-ticles I've ever done here. Which is a strange thing to say since this list is actually just an article because it has nothing to do with cars at all. But it is such a unique piece that I can't help but smile when I look at some of these photos. Although, when I actually stop and think about it, I also can't help but feel very sad for the poor machines depicted in this article. But that's another story, I guess.

Below are 25 photos of various types of boats. That might seem easy and enjoyable enough, but that's not the end of it. These boats are all shown to be in rather strange places, odd locations where one might not expect to find a boat. I mean, boats are meant to be in the water, right? They are meant to float and carry people or cargo across bodies of water. At least, I think that's what they're for. Or I thought so, until I saw some of the pics below.

I didn't think boats meant to climb cliffs or sit at the tops of trees or enjoy a woodland dwelling on dry land. Or be totally encased in ice or be paddled through the streets of a city or cozy up to some spewing lava or...well, I think everyone gets the idea. And if not, then keep scrolling to literally get the picture, because below are some boats found in the weirdest places imaginable.

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25 Woodland Seahorse


Who would have thought that a comfy place for a boat would be in the middle of the woods with a cute little teddy bear sitting atop the bow, ready for an adventure? It makes no sense to me. I mean, I think boats are meant to be in the water, right? I swore that that was their main purpose. To transport people from one place...across the water...to another place. I just do not understand for the life of me just what use a boat has in the middle of the woods. Maybe the bear thinks that it's going on an adventure but...it is just a stuffed bear that obviously can't actually feel.

24 Up A Cliff!


I have to put my cards down on the table right here. How is it that this boat made it up this wall at this angle and how did the driver of this boat get out and do anything? I mean, good job to whoever actually managed to park this thing and get out to scale the cliff face or go for a swim or whatever it is that happened here. I mean...it doesn't quite seem like a crash. It seems intentional. I just don't have the remotest clue as to how someone actually managed to do this in the first place. It is pretty nutty, to say the least. As far as weird places for a boat to be...at least it's near water.

23 Up A Tree...


Honestly, I cannot even begin to imagine just what was going through someone's mind when this happened. I mean, this was clearly purposeful. Someone, for some reason, decided to toss a boat up to the top of a bare tree. String it up, and then leave it there for people to take bewildering photos of. I mean, it really makes no sense to me whatsoever. Is this supposed to signify that there is a place to boat nearby? Or is this just someone who has no concept of exactly what a boat is? Either way, it is definitely a waste of a vessel, make no mistake.

22 South Carolinian Street


Well, this is not something one sees every day, that's for sure. I mean, it is probably something that people see each and every year during flood season but it is still pretty strange to see a kayak floating down a city street somewhere in South Carolina. Sure, there is a Dodge driving up behind the boat and I think there are some people used to seeing Dodges getting into deep water from time to time, but that isn't the point by any stretch of the imagination. The bigger point is that there is a kayak, steered by a clown, going down a South Carolinian street.

21 Loaded With Snow And Rocks?


Look, I know that boats are supposed to be in the water. That is pretty much a given. I mean, that is their whole point after all. But I seriously question just why it is that there is a boat in the water in the winter, covered up with snow. And even further than that, I really have to question why it is that there are a bunch of rocks in the boat as well. And they are clearly not small rocks either. I mean, that boat fits a couple of people in it and there are pretty big rocks strewn around every inch of it. Not enough weight to sink it, but I still wonder why they're there to begin with.

20 Snow Boating


If no one here has ever gone tubing in the winter then I have to say that each and every one of those people is missing out on something wonderfully fun. It is a whole world of fun. Sure, people typically tube on the water, and that is where boats and rafts and those sorts of crafts do belong, but that doesn't stop anyone from realizing that winter can be fun and that boats can still be used in the off-season. Maybe I'm only saying this because I hail from the great white north, but I think even people in the northern United States will have some idea of what I'm talking about. There must be someone in Montana who knows about winter tubing.

19 Straddling The Sidewalk


Well, I have to be totally honest when I say that I am pretty sure that boats should not ever be straddling the sidewalk. I mean...they are meant for the water, not pavement. That being said, I think it is at least a little clear that the sidewalk butts onto a parking lot and that parking lot is covered with debris from the nearby trees, which makes me think there may have been a storm of some sort. And the boat does look like it is in some state of disrepair...perhaps it was the strong wind that got this boat to its current location. Otherwise, all I can say is that the owner of this boat is really neglectful.

18 Shipwreck Lodge


Ok, is anyone here a fan of Star Wars? Tell me, honestly, that this does not look at least something like a setup that the Jawas would have. I have to say that it is pretty awesome in that sense. Of course, that's pretty nerdy to say, I suppose. Now, to the point, these buildings are very clearly boats. Or at least reminiscent of boats. I mean...they are boats turned into buildings, turned into hotels...in the desert! That is something new to me, but I kind of want to stay out there. If I wasn't so accustomed to the ice and snow, I might just consider a trip there.

17 The Road Boat


I did not know what else to call this thing other than the road boat. I mean, it is a boat...it is on the road...and I really have to wonder if it can actually go back into the water. I mean, it very well might be able to. The owner of this thing could have sealed the wheel wells so that it could actually function in the water as a fully usable boat. That being said, I can't see the motor on the back of the boat so chance are that it would leak and capsize pretty quickly. And that's the thing: if someone is going to make a boat roadworthy, they may as well also make sure that the boat is still water-worthy.

16 Mountain Boating


Now here is something I think I have never actually seen before. I mean, I have taken rafts and kayaks and canoes down a snowy hill in my lifetime, but I have certainly never taken a speedboat down a ski hill. I think that would be pretty dangerous. I mean...how is anyone supposed to steer the thing in the first place? It comes across as too risky to me. That being said, I bet that taking something like this down a snow-laden hill has got to be a pretty thrilling ride. I mean, it might be a bit exciting not being able to control where one goes, but I bet the speed this thing picks up has got to be pretty unreal.

15 Mekong Boat Market!


This is something that I did not expect ever to see. I don't know how everyone maintains balance when they're paddling about trying to purchase their groceries. I bet that there are a number of people who end up in the drink when they're trying to make a purchase. I mean, I know more than a few people who would not be able to handle a market like this. That being said, I would love to paddle my way into a market like this. It might be something to do with the fact that I'm from the great white north and love paddling, but I think this is my kind of market. no matter how weird it might be.

14 Lava Boating...


I have to put my cards all out on the table right here, for sure. This is something that I would just never find myself doing. Not ever. I know people say "never say never" but I am definitely saying "never" to this. There is something very wrong about taking a boat right up to an active volcano and pulling up close just to get a good view and feel the heat. I mean...imagine what an explosion like this could do to a boat. Now, don't worry, this particular boat and its tourist crew were not harmed by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm sure they could very easily have been.

13 Left In Ice


Alright, so I have to say that at least the owner of this boat started out with the right idea. I mean, the boat is in the water. In a manner of speaking anyway. Except, there is a very big issue regarding the type of water that this boat finds itself in. I mean, when winter comes, boats are supposed to go in storage. At least if they are in a place where winter actually has a marked effect, anyways. That being said, this guy decided to just let the water freeze over and leave the boat to be stuck there until spring or be crushed by the imposing ice. Not a very wise move and not a typical move either.

12 Houston Highway


It is not every day that people are seen boating around on the highway. I have always wanted to do something like that but for the fact that I know something like that means that a place has flooded quite a bit and that obviously leaves people out of a home or work or livelihood. And that just isn't right. But put that to the side for a second and just imagine, no matter how weird it might be, just how much fun it would be to paddle or motor one's way along the highway, taking a look at what a city looks like when it's half under water.

11 House Boats


Alright, I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that everyone here has seen a houseboat before or at least knows what I am talking about when I mention houseboats. Well, this is one thing that is quite different. Sure, these are houses, and they certainly seem to be boats, too, but this is not exactly what people have in mind, typically, when thinking of a houseboat. Most people think of a floating house. Maybe these things can cast off into the water in the case of flooding but that doesn't stop it from being pretty strange that these even exist on a regular property lot.

10 Street Boating


Well, given all of the debris kicking around on the one side of the road, I am going to go out of my way and guess that this boat was actually tossed here somehow by a hurricane, or had been pulled off of a trailer during a storm or something of that like. If not, then I am guessing someone left it there so that they had a safe getaway in case floodwaters got too high. Either way, it is still very strange to see a motorboat just sitting there in the lane of a street. It is a little weirder given that there is what seems to be the piece of a hydro pole right next to it, as well. Must've been a real storm.

9 Boat Grove


Whoever just left their boat to sit here and slowly fade away to nothing has got really no respect for the craft of boat-making nor any respect for the literal craft that is the boat they left there in the first place. Why would anyone just toss something like this away? Sell it to someone for scrap or give it away to someone who could fix it up. Don't just leave it in some clearing in the forest. I mean, sure, it would make a great location for a film scene of some sort. Having an abandoned boat grove does look pretty cool. There are trees growing out of the thing. But still, it is weird...and sad.

8 Backyard Boat


Okay, For those who do not know much about boats, this is actually a small fishing vessel. Now, some people might not think that there is anything weird about that. I mean, there are plenty of fishing boats out there in the world and they need to be stored somewhere. That being said, it is not often that a fishing boat is found in someone's backyard, especially when there isn't snow on the ground. If the water is open and the season is open as well, that boat could be making money. This one looks like it could use a little work and a proper place to store it so the hull doesn't get too affected.

7 Garden Boating


Alright, I get the whole hipster trend of using objects in some sort of out of the ordinary way to make things look "artistic" and ready to post on whatever social media site they might choose. But come on now. Boats are meant to be in the water. They are not meant to be watered in order for herbs and flowers to grow out of them. I guess I could get it if it was an old boat that has nothing left to do or if it's to mark where a marina or boat launch is. But come on, just in someone's front yard? Just re-plank the hull and go for a dip. That's very weird, to say the least.

6 All The Way Up The Tree...But How!?


This is not, by any means, a super small boat. I mean, there are obviously many larger boats out there, but I just can't imagine how someone got a boat of this size up a tree like this. I mean...how did any machine fit in those woods to get the boat up there? Did a tornado throw this boat up there? I don't think I really have to say it but I'm going to anyway, this is a very weird place for a boat to be. I don't think that is at all surprising though. I mean...how many times has anyone here seen a boat up a tree? Honestly. I'm going to venture to guess the answer is no one.

5 Beached


Hey, if nothing else, at least this boat is actually near water. That is a lot more than I can say for some of the boats in this piece that are up in trees or in gardens or wherever they may be found. I was thinking, at first, that this might have been a beached boat thanks to the tides but it looks like the tides may not quite reach all the way up to the bow of this boat given the clear patch of grass on the right side of the bow. This might not be a coastal body of water, even if the bow does read Point Reyes, which really begs the question, how did this thing even get here? Not to mention how weird the growth on the boat really is, as well.

4 Boat Bearer...


Ok, I do not care what anyone says here, or however sad this might actually be...this is probably the weirdest place I can think of to find a boat. I am very used to seeing a hearse taking up this sort of job. I mean...that is the point of the hearse, to be fair. I can honestly say that I have never ever in my life seen a pickup truck pulling a boat with a casket in it. I am going to venture to guess that the person who is being carried to their grave was a fisher of some sort. Or a boat enthusiast, at least. Otherwise, it really makes no sense as to why this is happening. And imagine how much trouble it will be to get that casket out.

3 Collapsed Winter Pier


It might be hard to notice thanks to all of the snow covering both the boat and the dock, but this dock has actually collapsed under the force of the snow and ice, and the boat has shifted there up against it. I can't say that this is all that surprising, though. I mean, sure, boats are meant for the water, but they are not meant to stay there when the water freezes over. And docks are often meant to be pulled from the water as well, lest they get pulled apart by the force of the shifting ice. And I can say, just from looking at this vessel, this is no cheap boat by any stretch of the imagination.

2 Desert Boating


This is so far away from anything that I would consider normal for a boat that I actually cannot imagine what must have been going through the owner's head when it came to dumping the boat in the middle of the desert. I mean, unless this boat was somehow incriminating (and then why not just burn it or capsize it) there is really no reason to leave a boat in the desert. Unless there was flash flooding out there in the middle of nowhere and someone wanted to have the chance of escaping on this ragged vessel, then I have to say that it is a little more than weird for a boat to be sitting in the desert.

1 Prepping For A Desert Storm


Ok, to be fair, this has nothing to do with the operation that people are familiar with called Desert Storm. This is actually nothing but a training exercise. I guess that there is a good reason to test all of this out on dry and arid land first before taking to the water to do active training. It possibly helps to prepare the troops for their actions before adding the rocking back and forth of the boats by the waves. All of those justifications being stated though, it is still incredibly strange to see a whole unit of soldiers jumping into boats in the middle of the desert. I am sure that I am not alone in this way of thinking.

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