25 Pics Of Kylie And Kendall Jenner Sitting On Their Cars

Apparently, the world still can’t get enough of the Kardashian-Jenner clan and accordingly, their fortunes keep on growing, which means so does the size and the worth of their garage—individual or otherwise. Frankly, Kris Jenner may or may not have raised her children right but she sure has managed them well and she's somehow made an empire out of nothing more than good looks, cosmetic surgery and of course, rumors and scandals.

With the Kardashian sisters putting on age, it’s time for the Jenner sisters to rise—and rise they have. Kylie Jenner is right now the richest and most successful of the clan, even if she seems a tad too young to wear that mantle. Kendall is known to be the most chilled-out of them all. If you talk about net worth, then perhaps Kylie leads the brat pack of today, and while some hail her as ambitious, still others dub her as the perfect offspring of her momager momma.

That said; their existing wealth and newfound earnings have given both the sisters a hefty bank balance, a part of which goes towards maintaining their humongous stable of luxury cars. Like with everything, Kylie prefers to drip money from her wheels while Kendall is more of a classic car gal. Here are 25 pictures of Kylie and Kendall looking unmistakably good on and in their cars…

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25 Kendall’s Red Hot Mustang

Via TeenVogue

Tear your eyes away from Kendall’s face and you’ll notice that she is sitting in one classic beauty. A closer look would identify this as a 1965 Mustang, in mint and shiny condition. And that’s Kendall in a nutshell; at home behind the wheel of a Ferrari, at heart a tomboy with an undeniable passion for classic and vintage cars. Who doesn’t love a classic Mustang frankly, especially when it's red and convertible? And with Kendall behind the wheel? Yes, please.

24 Am Just Chilling In My Ride

Via ILovePapers

Kendall Jenner may not be as rich or as pouty as her sister but she certainly has an appreciation for all the finer things in life—which, of course, includes wheels. In Kendall’s case, while she does own the latest and the best in Range Rovers, G-Wagens and Ferraris, classic cars are more her style. And the reason she gives, according to Teen Vogue, is rather simple: it’s because she was raised more like a tomboy than a girl, unlike the girlier Kylie.

23 Naturally A Diva

Via Magazine

Of course, the difference between Kylie and Kendall also lies in the fact that Kylie is very fashion conscious—to the point of deliberately and thoughtfully matching her outfits to her ride, even if the ride does not care. So here she is, one week after giving birth to her daughter, stepping out in style in an Adidas outfit that matches the interiors of that pricey Bentley SUV, all done up in red hotness. And the pose is well thought out, to show off that flawless eye makeup.

22 Just A Girl, And Just A Car


Back to Kendall and her love for classic cars, this is the same red Ford Mustang convertible that she is often seen driving around in. Of course, growing up in the Kardashian-Jenner household meant these girls were in the limelight as soon as they were born. According to the Huffington Post, Kendall did not mind the glamour at all. In fact, she told her classmates in first grade that their house had a whole floor filled with jewels and lions! Quite the storyteller she was.

21 That Ubiquitous G-Wagen

Via Twoeggz

The G-Wagen has become almost like a mascot of the Kardashian-Jenner clan and everyone in the family either owns one now, or has owned one in the past, or will definitely be owning one in the future. And like always, Kylie makes it a point to be shot atop or in any of her cars in an outfit that matches the color of the car, be they the outsides or the insides. So here she is, resplendent in black, atop her black-as-night Mercedes G-Wagen.

20 The Hands-On Car Gal

Via Pinterest

Ever wondered if the rich and the famous do things differently than us mere mortals? Well, looking at Kendall Jenner’s way of filling gas, it would certainly seem so. While we’d end up hunching or crouching awkwardly on the ground to get to the low, low gas tank of a classic El Dorado, Kendall does so in effortless style. And why not? The sisters are used to being photographed since their cradle days and they are now rockstars of the modeling world.

19 When You Just Roll With It

Via GQ

Whoever's anybody has to roll in a Rolls. A Rolls-Royce, that is. And with the kind of net worth that Kylie Jenner owns, a Rolls-Royce Ghost that costs about $320,000 isn’t a chunk of change. This was just two months after Tyga, her then flame, had gifted her a similarly priced Ferrari. As Huffington Post puts it, watching Kylie Jenner drive around in her marvels is conspicuous consumption at its best. Nothing is too good for Ms. Jenner, considering she got a Rolls-Royce Wraith to follow up the Ghost!

18 Pensive Much?

Via HawtCelebs

Kendall’s middle name is Kristen, as an obvious homage to the most successful momager in town, Kris Jenner. Now, Kendall’s dad may have brought her up as a tomboy but she's certainly rocking some excellent female style these days. Just look at those hoops and those shades. Of course, she is pretty clear when it comes to cars. According to CNN, Kendall said, "Some people get addicted to tattoos, I'm addicted to cars. If I love it, I love it. If I walk in and it really gets to me, I'm like okay, I need that car."

17 A Push Present For Kylie

Via Persian Up

Most people who have dated Kylie, well okay, only Tyga and Travis Scott, know that the way to their lady’s heart is through an expensive gift of bling, preferably the kind that has four wheels. Tyga had gifted her a Ferrari on her 18th birthday but the “push” present she received from current beau Travis Scott after birthing their daughter was a cool $1.4-million, limited-edition LaFerrari. Yup, that’s the one she is sitting on in the picture, matching the car’s black sleekness with a monochromatic outfit of hers.

16 Kendall Has A Ferrari, Too

Via Instyle

Both the sisters own matching Ferraris but the decision to buy them wasn’t a joint one. In fact, both of them sort separately came to the conclusion that this is a car they both need and so Kendall got hers while Kylie was at the dealer. They met up there and took all the cheesy snaps of matching sister Spiders spontaneously. According to People, Kendall said, “I met her (Kylie) there just as she was buying it! It was funny that we ended up getting them on the same day — because it was so spontaneous.”

15 Matched The Sneakers To The Car

Via Pinterest

So here you have Kylie posing, effortlessly, atop her Range Rover Autobiography, which starts at a mere $200,000 and upwards. We say merely because where Kylie is concerned, this isn’t much of an expense. In fact, this is the car she got for her 16th birthday; what we got for our 16th birthdays is a relic from the used car lot or the sedatest beater our folks could afford. But then this Kylie Jenner, born with a diamond-encrusted platinum spoon between her baby (as yet unmodified) lips.

14 When Puma Outshadows Mercedes

Via RumourJuice

Most of the internet presence this picture has is not because both the sisters are atop a very classic Mercedes Maybach. Nope, this picture is popular because there are some fancy yellow heels that Kylie is wearing—because they are from Puma’s Fenty line, as designed by Rihanna. It goes to prove that the Jenners having expensive cars is not news anymore— in fact, if we don’t get to hear about a new car every few months, then that may be a cause for worry.

13 A Classy Lady In A Classic Car

Via NewsNeedsNews

Here’s Kendall showing off her love for classic cars again, this time in a mint Cadillac El Dorado, replete with white sidewall tires, as reported by Top Gear. And she loves driving with the top down, as is quite apparent in the many pictures of her on the internet. That big smile on her face also shows her utter enjoyment of the moment, even though she is still followed by the paparazzi wherever she goes. But having a muscle car helps in putting that distance between her and unwanted cameras, right?

12 If Ya Got It, Flaunt It

Via RumourJuice

With every kind of luxury brand in her stable of cars, how could the Lamborghini not be in it? And so when Kylie turned 19, she added a Lambo to her long list of luxury rides. Considering she can afford it, obviously, her Lamborghini also had to be the best of the best. That bright orange ride is a naturally aspirated V12 Aventador LP750-40 SV, with a whopping price tag of over $500,000! This flashy car can juice out 740 horsepower and 509 lb-ft of torque.

11 Latex And Gloss

Via Celebsfirst

Honestly, not even a car freak can judge who looks better in this picture, Kendall or those gorgeous and classic lines of the car behind her. It looks like a Chevrolet Chevelle convertible and Kendall makes it look good even though it is a photoshoot for a line of clothing rather than a natural shot of her feeling at home with a classic car. Given her love for all things classic and vintage, we are pretty sure she rocked the photo shoot and probably tried to buy the car afterward—if it wasn’t already hers, to begin with.

10 A Photoshoot With Her Wheels

Via WeHeartIt

We understand Kylie’s utter devotion to her Lambo; had we a car like this, we’d be stuck to it like a limpet as well. And while we understand that wealth begets wealth and earning monies was never a problem for Kylie, she is still a shrewd businesswoman who launched her own line of cosmetics once her cosmetically enhanced lips took the world by storm. So she did earn that Aventador, even if people do not agree with the means that led to the end.

9 Monochromatic Perfection

Via Nubry

Of course, much like the G-Wagen is a standard if you are part of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, so is a Range Rover. And this is Kendall’s Range Rover in black, as opposed to Kylie’s white one. Her version cost $90,000 and was a gift to her for her 16th birthday, replete with black rims and blacked-out windows. She has it to date and is often seen using it for work and professional errands. The all-white outfit juxtaposed against the all-black car was a perfect social media post of her.

8 Reaching For The Skies, In A Merc

Via RumourJuice

She had a black G-Wagen as one of her first cars and then also an orange G-Wagen to match her Lamborghini. But Kylie cannot seem to get enough of G-Wagens and so, in 2018, just a few months after receiving a $1-million-plus car as a push present, she went for another G-Wagon. This time in all black, and matte black at that, and a 4X4 at that. We understand that the Mercedes G-Class is indeed one of the best out there but three’s a crowd, isn’t it?

7 The $100K Classic

Via Pinterest

According to E Online, Kendall got another super0duper gift for her 21st birthday and this time it was a 1957 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, a highly prized classic that can cost a pretty penny. Apparently, hers was in perfect condition down to its original threads and would have cost close to $100,000. This exquisite model retains all its originality in a Cascade Green exterior with beige coves, a white shoreline beige interior, and a matching beige soft top. This is one car Kendall loves to be seen in, and often.

6 Kylie In Pink Wheels?

Via GotCeleb

If you thought that Kylie too joined the bandwagon of the very disturbing celebrity trend of pink cars, well, you’d be dead wrong. Orange, black and white are more her color choices when it comes to cars; this car was just backdrop for a professional photo shoot for the launch of Adidas’s Falcon sneakers. Though one has to admit, if anyone can make a pink car look good, it would have to be Kylie. Our apologies to Nicki Minaj and her bubblegum pink Aventador.

5 More Classic Cars For Kendall

Via FashionGoneRogue

Once the world got to know about Kendall’s propensity towards classic cars, every photo shoot of her seems to be revolving around her and an equally good-looking car around her. This photo is no different, though, with her clad in a simple pair of jeans outshining the silver Mustang behind her. Was this the photo shoot that led to buying her own Mustang? Well, we don’t know that, but we do know there’s something about Kendall that makes classic cars look very, very good.

4 Orange You Glad It's Kylie?

Via FilmyHut

There’s a Knock-Knock joke that comes to mind here. It goes like this:

Knock-Knock. Who’s there? Banana. Banana Who?

Knock-Knock. Who’s there? Banana. Banana Who?

Knock-Knock. Who’s there? Banana. Banana Who?

Knock-Knock. Who’s there? Orange. Orange Who? Orange you glad I didn’t say Banana?

Well, there’s plenty orange in this picture with the G-Wagen, the Lambo, and Kylie making a neat three. She really does like matching her outfits to her cars, we are only glad it isn’t the other way around!

3 Very Hepburn-Ish

Via Twitter

Kendall is quite the versatile little thing, looking good in almost everything and everything. So here she is, atop yet another classic car, looking amazing in a red latex bodysuit—with a very Audrey Hepburn kind of makeup and hair. The Jenner sisters are cool with what the world thinks of them and while they may post an apology or two in case they hurt any sentiments, they prefer to live their own lives and a part of that means driving the best of cars they can lay their hands on.

2 Sometimes Kylie Goes For Contrast

Via CarScoops

Honestly, most G-Wagens we spot are white or black, with an occasional red or blue thrown in for good measure. One does not come across an orange G-Wagen that easy, so Kylie’s orange Mercedes G-Class is quite the head turner. Keep it next to an orange Lamborghini Aventador and jaws are going to drop. And then there is Kylie in the middle, striking a lovely contrast in a white crop top and a simple pair of jeans. Now, how’s that for a pretty picture?

1 Matte Black And The Sisters

Via CelebrityCarsBlog

Who says siblings do not share? When Kylie Jenner got a custom black Mercedes G-Class in a 4X4 format in 2018, the first thing she did was get Kendall to sit atop it and got a cool picture of them both. With a horsepower rating over and above 500, this cool and nifty ride can take them both places and hopefully, Kylie would be sporting enough to let Kendall borrow it for a spin. And who knows, knowing the Jenner sister propensity, Kendall might be getting one soon…

Sources: TeenVogue, HuffingtonPost, CNN, People, Top Gear, and EOnline.

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