20 Pics Of NASCAR Wives And Girlfriends Every Guy Needs To See

Many fans flock to NASCAR to watch the action unfold and the drivers and their significant others both tend to become celebrities.

The auto racing sport known as Nascar has been around for a whopping 71 years. That’s definitely a long time and since its development, it has become one of the most popular sports in media. Many fans flock to races to watch the action unfold and the drivers themselves have indeed become celebrities all their own, especially the top racers.

And as is quite common with top athletes in any industry, the media loves nothing more than to know all there is to know about these celebrities. From what they drive, what kind of houses they have and of course who they’re dating or are married to.

Top athletes or, rather, drivers in the realm of auto racing, particularly Nascar, are public personas that demand a lot of attention. And for the significant others that decide to share a life with them, their lives then become almost a part of the public domain, which can definitely get a tad difficult at times. Sometimes, these significant others get more attention than the popular drivers themselves and at times, even outshine their celebrity husbands, as you’ll see in this article.

Some of them have careers in the spotlight, as well, so they’re no stranger to all the media attention. So join us as we take a look at these celebrity Nascar wives and girlfriends in some photos that every gentleman out there needs to see.


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Dale Earnhardt Jr is a semi-retired Nascar driver. He is now an analyst on NBC and gets behind the wheel every now and again. His career is the stuff of legend in the field, as his achievements are quite numerous. Among them are multiple Daytona 500 wins and multiple Can-Am Duel wins, as well as many other accolades. He is the poster boy of what it means to be a Nascar celebrity. In 2015, he got engaged to Amy Reimann. They had been together a long time and married soon after their engagement. In 2018, the couple welcomed their first child. The couple is involved in many charitable organizations.


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Jimmie Johnson is still scheduled to compete in Nascar and that's after an impressive career that started way back in 2001 (professionally). He has amassed a whopping seven wins at the Monster Energy Nascar Cup Series and a lot of other accolades in his long and illustrious career. He was also an incredible junior athlete and competed in many sports. In fact, his number back then, the jersey number 48, is retired from all the sports teams at his school and he was inducted into his alma mater's athletic hall of fame. He's married to Chandra Janway, pictured here, and they have two children, both of them daughters.


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Joey Logano was one of the youngest drivers to ever compete in Nascar. He's now 28 and still has achieved more accomplishments than any other star in his age group. His achievements include multiple championships, a Daytona 500 win, and winning all three races in the Chase for the Cup Contender round in 2015, which included Charlotte, Kansas and Talladega. His young age garnered him the moniker "Sliced Bread." His childhood belle, Brittany Baca, soon became his fiance after his career got underway and they were married back in 2014. And finally, in 2018, they welcomed a son, Hudson Joseph Logano.


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A definite young buck in the game, Austin Dillon started with Nascar back in 2011. He's 28 and still has some work to do before he thinks of hanging it up, or so we hope. He doesn't have that many serious accolades and achievements to his name nor any of the big wins that most drivers chase their whole careers, but we'd opt to give him some time at achieving those goals. He is the son of retired driver Mike Dillon and the brother of Ty Dillon, so it seems that racing runs in the family. He married Whitney Ward in 2017. She is an NFL cheerleader. The two make a great couple and are both used to the spotlight, as we're sure they both attract quite a bit of it.


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Ryan Newman has been in Nascar since 2000, when he raced for the Penske Racing Team. He's still in it to win it and races currently for Roush Fenway Racing. He's nicknamed "Rocket Man" for obvious reasons and has quite a few accolades to be proud of, including a Daytona 500 win in 2008 and a 2003 Driver of The Year award win. He's married to Krissie Newman, pictured here, and the couple has some kids. The two of them are involved in many charitable organizations and founded Rescue Ranch, which deals with the care and rescuing of all animals, as well as promoting agricultural, wildlife and environmental awareness.


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Clint Bowyer still competes full-time for Nascar. His achievements aren't as decorated as many of the racers you've seen or will see on this list but still, he's made some dents in the annals of time; enough to be remembered in the sport, that is. Some accolades include a 2008 Nascar Nationwide Championship Series win, as well as a 2011 Prelude To A Dream win. In 2014, he married Lorra, pictured above, and the two welcomed their first child soon after. In 2016, they welcomed yet another child. The two seem happy and are also involved in giving back to the community, as they are part of many charitable organizations.


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Tara Lea posts quite a few photos of her and her beau, AJ Allmendinger, on her social media, the one you see here included. This is the most information that's out there on this couple, as they like to keep their relationship private and to that, we say all the power to them. At the age of 37, AJ is still competing and in his time as a driver, he has done well for himself. He probably doesn't have that many years left in him but if he and Tara can work it out, he has a long retirement and life with her to look forward to and we'd say there's a lot to smile about in that in and of itself. But until then, we'll see if he can or can't take home a few championships.


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They say when you've got a lot of nicknames, you're adored by many and that seems to be the case for this race car driver here. Known as "The Closer," "The Bridesmaid," and "Happy Harvick," and the man sure has paid his dues in the sport. Having brought home many championships, he's definitely garnered himself quite a bit of attention and it's all deserved and it's positive attention, at that. He's been with the glamorous and classy DeLana Lynn Harvick since 2000. She herself has been around race cars all her life and works in the field. She previously worked in public relations for other race car drivers and now works for her husband and his racing team. She's even sat behind the wheel herself at times, although not in a professional capacity.


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Now, let's talk about big names in the sport. Jeff Gordon's name was synonymous with the sport and for many years at that. His accomplishments are indeed legendary and he definitely helped garner attention for the sport, even when it wasn't so hot to follow Nascar. He put the sport on the map, making many appearances in his illustrious career. In the process, he became quite the celebrity and he definitely deserves all he's achieved. He had many relationships before his current one, but he's been with the classy woman you see in the photo here, Ingrid Vandebosch, a model and actress from Belgium, since 2002. They were introduced to one another at a party in the Hamptons!


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Carl Edwards is now retired from racing but in his day he definitely was considered a star of the sport. He amassed quite a few accolades and deserves his success. Most notably, he won the Nascar Busch Series in 2007 and, of course, the 2015 Coca Cola 600. He married Kate Downey in 2009 and they have two kids. After retirement, he started a record label with a friend, Back 40 Records. He has also stated his intention for running for the US Senate. Of course, this hasn't been confirmed yet but we're sure he'll keep his fans posted on whether his intentions will come to fruition or not.


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Her beau, Denny Hamlin, is the 2016 and 2019 Daytona 500 winner and has definitely had a great career—and it ain't over yet. Some would say he's just getting started and his win at the 2019 Daytona 500 proves just that. Not much has been reported of his relationship with Jordan Fish, pictured here, but the two are definitely an item. She is a dancer, or rather, a cheerleader for the Charlotte Bobcats. The two met at one of her games but didn't start dating right away. Apparently, they didn't click right away but after six months, they finally got together. Since then they've been pretty inseparable, with many photos popping up online over the years, and they look happy.


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This young man got started in the racing industry at the tender age of seven. Kyle Larson has gone on to have a pretty impressive career and at just 26 years of age, we'd imagine that he's got quite a few races to go. He already has a lot of wins under his belt, including a 2016 Sprint Showdown win. His girlfriend, Katelyn Sweet, and himself have two children. And if you recognize her name, that's because she's the sister of Nascar driver Brad Sweet, who's no stranger to a decent Nascar career himself. It seems that many of the couples on this list were forged on the track and it makes perfect sense because so much of a driver's life revolves around that track.


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James McMurray is now retired but in his day, he, too, amassed quite a number of accolades, making him quite the star in the sport of auto racing. He took home the 2010 Daytona 500 and perhaps it remains his most important achievement and what he's most remembered for. He retired recently, in 2018, and soon after, he accepted a position at Fox Sports to be an analyst for the sport. He will start appearing in the 2019 season and many are excited to see how he does. He is scheduled to appear on Nascar Race Hub and Nascar Race Day. He married his wife, Christy, back in 2009 and although he suffered some troubles afterward, she stuck by him and he credits that and his faith for getting him through the turmoil.


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Matt Kenseth is retired but in his day he definitely left a mark on the Nascar track—and no, we're not talking about the skids he made going round and round those laps. His achievements are to be respected, as he really did leave it all out there, as they say, and he can be more than proud of what he accomplished. He is a 2003 Winston Cup Series Champion, as well as a 2009 and 2012 Daytona 500 winner and that's definitely not to be considered small potatoes. He has a son from a previous relationship but with Katie Kenseth (née Martin), he has four daughters. The couple married in 2000.


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Ah, those cutesy couple beach shots. So many have tried to take these and so many have failed to capture the beauty of the moment, as well as the scenery. And although this couple is a  semi-famous one, they still seem a tad awkward in the shot. But I digress, as we're not here to critique the photos in general or, rather, the authenticity of the moment perceived within the pixels. Aric Almirola has been racing with Nascar since 2007 and has done pretty well for himself, enough to garner a bit of attention, that is. He married Janice pictured here and the two have a son, Alex and a daughter, Abby, born in 2012 and 2013, respectively.


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Brad Kaselowski has been racing for Nascar since 2008. He hasn't brought home many big wins in terms of the big championships in the sport but give him time; he's only 35 and he's still got a ways to go in the sport, we'd wager. This adorable shot above just goes to show his good nature and gives us but a glimpse at the equally adorable lady he spends his time with. Her name is Paige White and the two were engaged in 2016 soon after the birth of their child, Scarlett. He seems to be interested in parlaying his skills to the screen, as he's already made a few TV and film appearances, including Sharknado 3, Sullivan & Son and Logan Lucky. 


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Kyle Busch's accolades in the sport read like a long list of details that are enough to inspire anyone to get behind the wheel of a Nascar race car. He's achieved a lot in his years in the sport, including a 2008 Southern 500 win, an All-Star Race win, and interestingly enough, he has a win in all of his full-time seasons, fifteen in all. He was also awarded the 2004 Nascar Busch Series Rookie of The Year Award. He married his wife, Samantha (née Sarcinella) on New Years Eve 2010. They have one son. His nickname is "Rowdy" and it certainly is appropriate given that's the famed character from the Days of Thunder film starring Tom Cruise.


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Martin Truex Jr is still competing full-time in Nascar. In his long career, he's done well for himself, amassing a few highlight moments and achievements. He's a 2016 Coca Cola 600 winner as well as a 2016 Southern 500 winner. He and Sherry Pollex have been an item since 2005. The two have overcome some terrible obstacles including illness and legal issues. But above it all, they have found the time to give back, the two of them starting the Martin Truex Jr Foundation, a charity concentrated on raising money and awareness for children with serious illness. Sometimes, overcoming obstacles shows more strength than never having fallen in the first place.


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Well, this adorable family photo looks almost to be a part of some campaign of sorts but no, it's just a regular family photo and one that has us thinking of picnics in the park, apple pie, and listening to a race on the radio as the sun shines nicely upon us. Sounds nice, doesn't it? Sure does. See, a picture is worth a few words, after all. Casey Mears, despite being 41, is still at the wheel and is an active competitor in Nascar. He still seems to be chasing that elusive championship, as his list of achievements is quite short and he only has one win. He seems to be sticking around hoping to change that we'd imagine.


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Okay, here's an exception! In this case, both of the members of this couple are Nascar drivers but we couldn't resist. Danica Patrick has also become synonymous with the sport and has made leaps and bounds for women in the industry and other industries alike. She is definitely the posterwoman for the sport and has garnered the respect of many. For some time, she was in a relationship with Ricky Stenhouse Jr, an athlete in the same sport and one who did quite well for himself as well. The two dated from 2012 to 2017 but the relationship ended. They were quiet as far as reasons were concerned but split up just the same. It's too bad, as they were definitely a great couple together.

Sources: Wikipedia, Fox Sports, and NASCAR.

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