19 Pics Of People Who Didn’t Succeed At Upgrading Their Rims

Being able to purchase a car that you’re proud of driving every day is an amazing feeling. We’ve all thought at one point in our lives that we’d want to grow up, get a good job, and be able to afford a really nice car. Cars, for the most part, are status symbols to a lot of people and what you drive on the road is reflective of the type of person you are. For example, a really nice sports car means you’re more successful and make quite a decent living; conversely, a beater might tell people that it’s your first car. In either case, the cars reflect what their owners want other people to see.

That being said, many people seek to make a lot of changes to their cars, as well, or “mod” them ("mod" is short for modify, for those who don’t know). Car mods can range anywhere from internal mods (i.e. new sound systems, premium seats, or leather trim), to external mods like LED headlights, a rear spoiler, a body kit, or tinted windows.

One of the most common things people tend to change first is their car rims. No matter what kind of car you have, whether it’s a beater or a daily driver, rims are almost always the thing people want to change most on their car. Finding a nice set of rims is much like finding and wearing a nice watch; they're definitely meant to accentuate the car's existing features but you also can make some pretty poor choices and botch the whole outfit. Without further ado, here are 20 pics of people who didn’t succeed at upgrading their rims.

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19 This Nissan Maxima

via reddit

Starting off our list, we have this Nissan Maxima equipped with these Status Grinder rims. Right off the bat, these things look like a complete eyesore. In fact, they aren’t even listed on the company’s website anymore—not even in their “discontinued” section! If catching an idle glimpse of these dubious works of art isn’t enough to make you giggle, wait until you see a car cruise down the road with these on; it’s reminiscent of a boulder rolling down a hill. If you want the “car resting on cinder blocks” sort of look, then these rims are definitely for you. That is, if you can find them!

18 This Cadillac Escalade

via autotrader

This Escalade just screams, "Early 2000s!" with its choice of color scheme. The questionable black finish with the hot pink accents all over the car are reminiscent of the faux leather Phat Farms kids used to wear in junior high school. But in all seriousness, it’s not the worst on this list. Upon closer inspection, the black finish appears to have a sort of faux leather texture to it, making the car look a little bit dirty when the sun hits it, but again, not the worst. And yet, the rims are ridiculously small for the Escalade’s large frame, making it look like it skipped leg day everyday.

17 This Jaguar XF

via autoevolution

Alright, so this car appeared to have some good things going for it. The mesh aftermarket grille on the front is definitely a welcome change from the stock grille that the XF had before. Then we move on to the rims and just end up wondering what on Earth went wrong here. The rims are the Forgiato Maschili model and the rim is almost entirely covered, leaving only three slits on the outer edges. It really just look similar to a medieval shield with a few letters strewn across and a tire around it—and I’ll bet you can definitely take these rims to fight for Middle-earth.

16 This Plymouth Duster

via blogspot

So, this car is a beast. This 1972 Plymouth Duster owned by Mark “The Beav” Beavin, is in immaculate condition, and has been set up to tear it up on the drag strip. The Beav has won quite a few awards over the years but one thing it won’t be winning awards for is his choice in rims. Personally, I love the front rims. They suit the car perfectly and give it a “hot rod” sort of vibe. But I’m also impartial to the rear rims, as well. But the question still remains, why not commit to one style? Either choice would suit the car well, but the half-and-half style isn't doing any sort of justice for it.

15 This Audi R8

via autoevolution

The Audi R8 is a beautiful piece of work. The design language exemplifies ferocity, speed, and refinement all balled up into one complete package. Trying to add something to accentuate its already well-defined features is a hard thing to do and these rims definitely fit into that category. The Messer ME03-3 wheels shown on the R8 clash with the overall appearance of the car and stick out like a sore thumb (literally). The color choice is questionable and doesn’t seem to work with the car at all. They aren’t the worst rims; in fact, some cars can pull them off quite well. It just doesn’t work with this car.

14 All About The Benjamins

via gawkermedia

When it comes to aftermarket rims, it’s all about aesthetics and flexing what you’ve got. With these rims, you’ll be able to do all of that—and then some. Decorated in overlays of hundred dollar bills and dollar signs, everyone will know what kind of grind you’re on. But seriously, these are awful. These look like something you would get out of one of those $1 toy machines at the exit of a supermarket. That, coupled with the fact that Benjamin Franklin looks like Darth Vader (mixed with the Pillsbury Doughboy), makes this a highly questionable choice in rims, to be sure.

13 These Advan Rims

via wefixalloys

The rim model itself is pretty sweet; in fact, I’d say I’m a fan of them. They’re not over the top whatsoever; they definitely add quite a bit of flair to the car, and you can definitely tell that they’re not stock. That being said, why, oh why did the owner decide on this sort of color scheme? The body of the car seems to be in one uniform color but meanwhile, the rims look like they ran over a bag of Skittles and the powder was infused into the outer layer. I’m not going to lie, the paint job is pretty clean if it was done by hand, seeing how the transition into the other colors form a nice gradient. But, with that said, it just does not work with this car.

12 This GMC Yukon

via motorpunk

I’m a big fan of Yukons. Heck, I’m a sucker for large trucks and SUVs in general, but the choices that were made on this Yukon were very poor. The star-shaped rims, with the purple inner rim that were thrown on this truck, do not mix whatsoever. Not only are the rims way too small but also the inner color reflecting on the outer portion of the rim creates an effect where the entire rim just looks dirty. The rounded, tapering spokes of the rim, as said before, resemble a star-shape of some kind and just look hilariously bad in general.

11 This Other Chevy Camaro

via restomods

This is another Camaro on our list and if you couldn’t tell by now, I’m definitely not a fan of the oversized rim trend that’s been going on. If the gold wrap wasn’t enough to make you want to shield your eyes, the oversized, all-alloy, gold-plated rims definitely will! Seriously, if it were a bright and sunny day in the city and this bad boy was driving around, the glow would resemble running the Olympic torch down to the podium. With that being said, let’s get this car back to Goldmember’s garage, and let it stay in there for the rest of time.

10 This Mercedes Truck?

via pinterest

There’s a lot going on in this picture and trust me, I’m just as confused as you are right now. Let’s go ahead and dissect the information in order to properly assess the situation. Let’s start with the rims; the rims themselves aren’t bad at all. In fact, with a nice, proper clean and polish, they should be looking pretty decent. But when you look at the whole picture, oh boy, do we have quite the show. I’m not exactly sure what the original body on this was, but I’m guessing it was not a truck at first. But the owner wanted a Mercedes pick-up so bad, that they decided to make their own! You’ve got to admire their creativity on this one; and I, for one, am looking forward to their next creation.

9 This Murano Crosscab

via autoguide

Now it’s time for a Nissan Murano Crosscab on this list. As you’ve seen before, this one follows the exact same formula as plenty of other donks, with the drop top and the oversized eyesores for rims. Seriously, these things are starting to look less and less like cars and more like remote controlled buggies you get your kid to bring with them to the beach. The overall look of the vehicle (and the trend in general) resembles an artist's drawing of a caricature of a car—and someone wanted to bring that inspiration to the roads, for no discernable reason whatsoever.

8 This RX-7

via gawkermedia

The RX-7 is undoubtedly one of the most popular JDM models that people want to get their hands on and once they do, it’s almost second nature to start modding and upgrading its already impressive design. But these rims definitely aren’t doing the RX-7 justice. The Rook Assassyn rims pictured here just look weird in general. From a distance, they give the appearance of a single bladed rim (which also look terrible) but with a closer look, you notice that they’re actually two blades, or teeth going in opposite directions. It gives off a bit of a cheap vibe and doesn’t complement the RX-7 whatsoever.

7 This Audi A4

via flickr

So, this A4 is rocking what are called the “blind” rims, because they resemble the blinds that you’d find at your house. Why did someone design these? I really couldn’t give you an honest answer. These look like pieces of metallic origami paper that were folded length-wise multiple times and slapped on the wheels of a car. But seriously, these things aren’t impressing anyone and the only looks that you’ll get with these things on are looks of confusion. For the sake of society, it’s probably best to draw the blinds on this one and put these away for good.

6 This Chrysler 300

via blogspot

Let’s be honest, the majority of people who mod their Chrysler 300s have had very mixed results. We’ve seen it all from slapping a Bentley logo on the front to trying to make it look like a Phantom—but this thing is something else. Starting with the rims, which look like something you’d find on a bike from West Coast Choppers; not that that’s a bad thing but they definitely don’t work on this car. Then we get to the holy grail of confusion: the reverse scissor doors. You’ve got to wonder whether they installed the hinges wrong and the owner just left it like that but either way, no one’s going to want to get in this car.

5 This Integra

via ebaumsworld

We’ve all probably come across these things at some point in our life, whether it was on the internet or in person; but we couldn’t make a list without including the infamous Teddy Bear rims. Now, I don’t know why these things exist or who exactly started the trend first but if you are looking to get some, you’ve got options from Felgenwerks and Ronal, depending on how fancy you want to get with them. The fact of the matter is that these things are so ridiculous, people actually buy them for the sake of sheer satire. It’s definitely not the worst reason to buy them but people should probably stop so we can let these bears hibernate for the foreseeable future.

4 This Ford Probe

via twitter

As we reach the end of our list, we encounter the king of people who didn’t succeed at upgrading their rims: the owner of this Ford Probe. Although the rims themselves aren’t actually bad, the owner of this car definitely didn’t succeed at upgrading their rims because the car as a whole is a complete train wreck. This Probe-turned-Veyron is probably one of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen on the internet but again, as a famous celebrity once said, “Don’t let your dreams be dreams." This holds true for the owner of this car and you’ve got to admire their persistence, even in the face of mediocrity.

3 This Nissan Murano Crosscab

via motor1

Where do I even begin with this? This thing is hard not to talk about. I mean, it’s the height of a lifted pick-up truck! The rims have to be at least 32 inches and kudos to the owner for matching the color of the rims with the color of the car. That being said, this thing looks like it’s riding on four oversized Terry’s Chocolate Oranges. It’s definitely comical to see this thing cruising around your city and you’ve got to wonder whether it can even make sharp turns without tipping over or hitting those rims on the front portion of the fender.

2 The Chevy Cavalier Z24

via wikipedia

Okay, these are kind of off topic but they were too bad to not be included in this list. The 1988 Chevy Cavalier Z24 with its stock rims is almost at the top of the list when it comes to ugly rims. They are also the pinnacle of questionable design choices in wheels to date. So, apart from the fact that these things look like manhole covers (and seeming like the Ninja Turtles may come out from the sides of your car), these things are just all around bad. They look clunky, lazily designed, and definitely look older than the year this car come out, which is 1988, for those of you wondering.

1 This Volvo C30

via complex

Where do I even begin with this thing? I congratulate the owner for putting in the effort to make this thing look like an actual Bugatti Veyron but my question is, why? It looks to me as if the owner upgraded their rims at first and thought “Yeah, we can do more to this,” and then got a little carried away in the process. The rims themselves are actually quite decent, although I question why they would paint the rear rims yellow...but I digress. The car as a whole almost paints a perfect picture of “the little car that could” and I sincerely hope it does, because it definitely has a lot of willpower.

Sources: Statuswheels, Forgiato, Dragracingonline, Messer-Felgen, Felgenwerks, and Performancealloys.

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