19 Pics Of Shaq's Stunning Car Collection

Here are 19 Pics Of Shaq's Stunning Car Collection

"This is $100, what you want to do is, you want to rip the $100 in half. Take one half and save it. Don't ever touch it. Put it away. Don't even look at it. Now you've got $50 left. Now, the smart people ... the billionaires of the world, they'll take half of that $50 and put all that away, while adding another quarter of the piece of paper to the save pile. This right here, he says of the remaining quarter, is your fun money: you want to buy houses, you want to buy cars, you want to buy planes, you want to travel? This right here is what you have fun with."

Shaq isn’t the guy most of us would go to for financial advice. However, his words, alongside CNBC’s Bob Pisani, make a lot of sense. Save up and leave a quarter of that for fun. Shaq might have been low balling us, however. The guy has a $28-million home along with a 17-car garage. He’s also worth $400 million, so maybe he isn’t entirely exaggerating...

A lot of his funds go directly to that car collection. This isn’t anything new either. Just hours after signing his first NBA deal, Shaq purchased three rides, one for himself and two for his parents. He also bought three Bentleys at once because he felt insulted by the salesman for looking down on him. In truth, this is only the beginning as we discuss facts about Shaq’s car collection. Prepare to be dazzled by his modified Lambo and Ferrari along with the various custom pickup trucks. We’ll feature so much more, including how much he spends on gas and various other facts you may not have known. Enjoy, folks, and always be sure to share the article with a friend!

19 Bought Three Bentleys At Once During His Earlier Days

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Remember that time you walked into a Rolls-Royce dealership and bought three Bentleys on impulse? Probably not, but Shaq sure does. He recalls the situation with Vanity Fair:

“I was playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, and there’s a Rolls-Royce dealership in Beverly Hills. I always used to ride by it,” he began. “But one day, I just went in. Mike Tyson was in there buying a couple of Bentleys. I had on some shorts and a tank top and flip-flops, and I said to the salesman, ‘Sir, how much does this one cost?’ He said, ‘Can you afford it, sonny boy?’ I was so upset that I bought three Bentleys right there on the spot.”

18 Spends $23,000 Per Month On Gas

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Perhaps, Shaq should take a page out of the book of Lewis Hamilton. In order to avoid excessive mileage on his rides, Lewis has the cars towed once he’s done with them. Given Shaq’s insane gas bill per month, maybe he should start to follow that as well.

The fact that Shaq is a bigger dude certainly means more fuel is being spent. However, the real problem is the size of some of his rides. Just the pickups alone must cost an arm and a leg to fill up. Maybe he should reconsider fitting in that Smart Car and making it a permanent ride, given the absurd amount he wastes on gas. That can’t be good for the environment, Shaq!

17 His Mansion Can Fit 17 Cars In The Garage

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Most of us normal folk are lucky if one car fits in the garage. As for Shaq, he isn’t playing around with his car collection. Back in his stunning Orlando estate, O’Neal has a 17-car garage! Parade explains the mammoth customized garage:

“Unusual extras include two garages that together will fit 17 cars, one a show-car garage with fitness center and the other having a dance studio and an enclosed recording studio, recalling his rap music hits of the 1990s.”

A mansion worth $28 million, it also includes 12 bedrooms and 15 baths. Best of all, the house is designed for a big man.

16 Extended His Lamborghini & Ferrari

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If you thought The Rock barely fitting into a Ferrari was funny, we can only imagine what it was like for Shaq. He’s lucky if just one leg made it into the ride.

That wasn’t stopping Shaq, however. The big man made it a purpose to fit inside both a Lambo and a Ferrari. He extended a Lamborghini to fit his massive frame. Visually, his Lambo looks a lot longer and thicker than it should. Shaq also explained to MTV Cribs the mods that took place in order for him to fit into a Ferrari convertible Spider:

Most 7-footers can’t fit into sports cars. But I can. Over here, you have the 355 convertible Spider. It’s a forever convertible because for me to fit, I had to cut the top off forever.”

15 Spent Over $60,000 In Modifications For His F650 Pickup

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This might be Shaq’s favorite ride. He looked like a kid out of a candy store when receiving the keys to his customized F650 from Wade Ford of Super Trucks. Before the modifications took place the ride had a humble value of $60,000 which is still pretty darn expensive for most.

That was before the modifications. According to The Drive, the price of the pickup shot up an extra $60,000 plus! With all the mods in place, the pickup has a worth of $124,150. Shaq loves his modifications, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the adjustments cost more than the car itself.

14 Bought A Mercedes-Benz An Hour After Signing His First Contract

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You never forget that first big payday. Some put a down deposit on a home, while others save it for the future. Shaq didn’t get that memo, however. Back in 1992, Shaq inked his first million-dollar contract. The real kicker: he spent $1 million just hours after signing the deal.

As you might expect, his first impulse buy was a Mercedes-Benz, and it had a price tag of $150,000.

He followed that up with a couple of other pricey rides for both his mom and dad. By the end of the shopping spree, Shaq was already down $60,000!

13 Bizarre Gas-Saving Method

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This might be the reason why Shaq spends so much money on fueling his car collection. The bizarre method makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. O’Neal explained his weird “gas-saving” method when one of the panelists discussed his frustrations in spending $80 to fill up a tank;

"You're complaining about when it gets to zero, you spend $80, right?" said Shaq. "When it gets to half," he continued, "you put in $20, then when you get back to half, you put in $20..."

So, that logic makes no sense at all 'cause you end up with $80 of gas regardless. And you’re also stopping more, so that might be worse... Oh, Shaq!

12 A Ford Bronco II Was His First Car

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He spent a million dollars after signing his first deal, and he also bought three Bentleys on pure impulse. So, you'd think the same situation took place with his first car. If you assumed, you're very much correct! Shaq decided to make a Ford Bronco II his first ride due to the Bronco song. Thinking about pulling up in the ride while blasting the theme turned out to be the main selling point for Shaq. Oh, to be young!

It wouldn't surprise us in the slightest if Shaq rekindles his love for the Bronco once the newer version makes its return to the market.

11 Created His Own Vaydor


Perhaps the most impressive ride from Shaq’s car collection is his completely customized Vador. Created by Supercraft Custom Crafted Cars, the ride not only fits Shaq’s mammoth needs but is also quite stunning to look at. Once again, Shaq certainly didn't cheap out on the modifications. In truth, the mods alone likely cost more than the Infiniti ride used on the body.

This is one of Shaq’s proudest rides and one he typically flaunts via his social media account on Instagram. Clearly, for Shaq, buying the ride is one of the joys, but modifying it might give him an even bigger thrill.

10 Put His 2001 Chevrolet G1500 For Sale For $45,000

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A Chevy G1500 might not scream out luxury. However, it's complete luxury on the inside with Shaq completely modifying the van. Here’s some of the goodness included inside the ride, according to Complex:

“The van features authentic Louis Vuitton interior, Superman logos everywhere, an air ride suspension, and sits on 20-inch wheels. It's also got a 100x100 HD projector and an XBOX.”

So, to sum up, it’s basically a dream entertainment room on wheels! Shaq put the ride up for sale to public bidding. The price tag wasn’t a steep one and was pretty affordable at $45,000. Not to worry, though; he upgraded, as you’ll see a little later.

9 Once Purchased a Smart Car

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Oh, yes... It’s fitting for Shaq to have purchased a Mercedes Smart Car, given his lineup of cars... Yea, a little bit of sarcasm. Shaq totally went off the map with this purchase, and it might've been for our entertainment purposes, in truth. The fact that Shaq fit in the darn thing was an absolute miracle. However, it should be noted that the ride was customized to fit his needs.

Like the Ferrari, the roof was cut off. Had it not been for that, he would've had to roll himself into a ball... We applaud Shaq for the environmentally conscious mindset. However, given the purchases he would make years later, the environment might not be his biggest concern...

8 Sold A Customized Terminator-Themed F-650

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Ah, yes... another mammoth pickup truck added to Shaq’s personal collection. This one had a Terminator theme to it on the outside. However, Shaq might have liked it a little less than some of his other rides, seeing as he put it up for sale. Considering all of the features on the inside, the price was a modest one at $57,500. Auto Evolution explains some of the features and modifications to the ride. Clearly, the price tag was a bargain if you’re willing to overlook the Terminator theme:

“Beneath the cab, the mammoth workhorse is equipped with large fuel tanks hidden by diamond-plated steps. A toolbox placed between the tubular rails and the sliding glass window complete the exterior package. Once you step inside, try to look away from the hard plastics and focus on the leather bucket seats and the vinyl bench. Satellite navigation, satellite TV, satellite radio, and Internet radio are on the menu as well, as is cruise control and a rearview camera.”

7 Purchased A Buick 

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“It takes me two seconds to get in my Buick.”

Shaq actually bought the ride. O’Neal himself confirmed it, as did Nick Richards, the spokesperson for Buick. The company tried to reshape their outdated history with the public by using Shaq as their spokesperson. The campaign definitely worked, and it caused quite the stir. That was the goal, along with promoting a large luxury sedan that can fit just about anyone. Who knows if Shaq still has the ride? But it’s certainly one of his most forgotten-about cars in the collection.

6 Bought A 3-Wheel Roadster

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It’s not all about massive SUVs or pickups worth in the vicinity of six figures. Shaq has a wide range of cars, and that includes smaller types, such as a 3-wheel Vanderhall Venice Roadster. It might seem like a stretch to picture Shaq riding around in the Vanderhall; however, extended legroom is included to fit the big man’s needs.

The ride is among the cheapest, with a value of under $30,000. However, with the modifications, that’s likely inflated just a little bit. Despite the look, the Roadster has some decent power:

“The Venice sports a 1.4 4 Cyl Turbo, 6 Speed Auto Trans, 18” Wheels, 400 Watt BT Sound and PLENTY of legroom.”

5 Put Hardwood Floors In Sprinter Van

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“Just got my Custom Sprinter from Sprinter Vans Of America got check them out and tell them 'Shaq' sent you. Ask for Sterling.”

Selling the 2001 Chevrolet G1500 must've been real easy when thinking about this van as the replacement. Shaq upgraded with a new Mercedes Sprinter Van. Once again, the true hero of the vehicle is found on the inside. Heck, you’ll truly feel like you’re back at home with actually wooden floors in the ride. It also includes a built-in iPad, various flat-screens, a minibar, and of course, Shaq’s favorite part, a booming sound system.

4 Loves To Customize Slingshots

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He loves the Roadster, but Shaq might like the Slingshot that much more. O’Neal bought and customized various slingshots in the past. One of them is rightfully nicknamed “Sling Shaq.”

However, even more impressive than the West Coast Customs ride is his new customized 4-seater made by Underground Auto Styling. The ride is truly built for a king, and it features lots of room. The real kicker is the Diesel Mafia logo on the front of the ride. It also includes awesome mags and some ruthless speakers on the back. Even if you aren’t a fan of Slingshots, you have to appreciate this ride.

3 Customizes The Superman Logo On Most Of His Rides

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Whether it be his slingshots, his Escalade, or his other SUVs, Shaq loves to add a Superman “S” logo on the front or back of the ride. O’Neal considers the logo his symbol, and it’s apparent on lots of the rides. Take his Cadillac Escalade, for example. The ride has the massive logo on the front along with the image on the luxury seats inside of the vehicle.

Thankfully, he showed some mercy on other rides, such as his most prestigious ride, the Rolls-Royce Phantom. Just imagine a Superman logo on the front of that half-million-dollar ride. That would be a sin...

2 More Than Just Cars 

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His car collection is so darn impressive. However, the crazy reality is it stems even further than just cars. Shaq also has a slew of motorcycles, including his West Coast Choppers-made El Diablo bike. Once again, the ride was adjusted in order to fit his massive frame.

Along with the bikes, Shaq also owns a private plane. Not only is he getting from A to B in completely customized tour buses, but he’s also got a plane for travel purposes. Yea, he likes to spend money! And oh, one of his most recent purchases was recently displayed via Instagram. Shaq calls his yacht the new toy in his never-ending collection.

1 Customized His Own Tour Bus

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“Road trip time honk if you see me, I might pull over.”

As if the plane and Sprinter Van weren’t enough, Shaq decided to customize his very own tour bus. He also had a motorhome back in the day that was shockingly even bigger than this stunning ride.

The interior is obviously the true hero, but the outside is certainly something to appreciate as well. The truck pays homage to Shaq’s career. It also features the classic D&G logo on both doors. Seriously, the truck isn’t hard to spot with the word "Shaq" literally written all over it! The big man wouldn’t want it any other way!

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