25 Pics Of Women Riders And Their Motorcycles

The good news is that women make up 12% of the domestic riding population now. And that’s about a 30% hike from the previous decade, so the quintessential motorcycle rider need not be a male anymore! In these recent times of female empowerment and gender equality, it’s not unusual to see the “fairer sex” on two wheels anymore. That said, it is still unusual enough to get double takes and jaw drops. As a woman, let me say it loud and clear that I would, indeed, love to dress in leathers and be a bad chick on a motorcycle.

I have to say, we do have a Royal Enfield Bullet 500 at home, and it’s one beautiful, beautiful machine indeed. My only obstacle to riding it is my short stature, which does not let my feet touch the ground even if I sported six-inch heels on the bike, which I don’t! Of course, there are plenty of lower options for vertically-challenged gals like me, so don’t let leg length stop any woman from achieving her road-riding (or off-road cycling) dreams.

I couldn’t help but collate these awesome pictures of super awesome women on their fabulous motorcycles—shots which we women can look at with pride, and the men out there can look on with envy. These chicks own the road and so own their beasts, with style, passion, and a motorcycle mania rivaling any dude’s!

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25 Why Sit When You Can Fly?

Via RedBull

Honestly, there’s no other thrill greater than the thrill of riding, especially for women. It makes us feel more empowered, more confident about ourselves, and definitely increases our happiness quotient. Perhaps after the entire women-also-wear-pants revolution, it’s time for the all-women-can-ride revolution. It's freeing and thrilling. It gives you a rush and makes you happier. Like at this awesome gal on her café racer; she epitomizes the rush that riding a motorcycle gives. Of course, being an expert, she can balance her wheels even when she stands on her seat.

24 Women Riders Like To Show Off, Too

Via WomensMotoExhibit

When you ride a powerful steed, it is natural to try and show off to the world just how in control of the ride you are. So the lady in white here, atop a Harley Davidson Forty-Eight, is perhaps doing just that. She seems to be preening on her Sportster in a casual and carefree pose, sitting with legs crossed. Her fingers are making the v-for-victory (or peace) sign, and you could almost say that she is sitting on a parked, stationary motorcycle but for the clearly spinning wheels, such is her command on her machine.

23 Beefy Motorcycles Are For Women Too

Via WallpaperSafari

So if you thought only the dudes like beefy motorcycles like the Kawasaki Ninja, you need to think again. According to Woman Rider, the Ninja 400 is an absolute blast to ride and gives the rider enough time to actually look around and admire the sunset, the sheep, and the flowers. Why? Because it's easy to ride, had enough power to effortlessly cruise, and does not behave like a dumbed-down version of an entry-level sports bike. In short, it was cool.

22 The Supermodel On The Superbike

Via Jalopnik

Lisalla Montenegro is no stranger to the world of beauty and fashion, being a Brazilian-born supermodel who is also the face of Maybelline. But when she was a new rider and a stranger to the world of motorcycles, she trusted only the best biking gear to protect her and her vital assets, according to RideApart. And that’s a certainty with every serious female rider. They do not depend on their charm and allure alone to protect them from scrapes and scratches. They need a riding suit that fits as well as it protects, especially if they are Lisalla Montenegro.

21 The Women’s Moto Exhibit, By A Woman

Via WomensMotoExhibit

Lanakila MacNaughton is a Portland-based photographer and she likes to photograph women on motorcycles. Partly because she is a motorcyclist herself! And not just that, she was involved in many outdoor sports from when she was a tiny tot. In her 20s, she discovered the joy of riding, and since then, has been documenting female riders on motorcycles. Perhaps by doing so, she wants to share the bold stories of these enchanting female riders through pictures. Because a picture is worth a thousand words.

20 The Female Riders Of Sydney Motor Show

Via CycleTorque

The Sydney Motor Show got smart. It decided to showcase an entire presentation on women in motorcycling, featuring famous female riders, the history of women in motorcycling, and of course, the motorcycles perfectly suited for women looking to get into riding the road on two wheels. You can call it good marketing, or aspirational marketing, but the truth is that Australia is ready to acknowledge that women in motorcycling as a trend is here to stay, and might just turn into a big, big thing in the future.

19 Racing Legends Are No Longer A Boy’s Club

Via FullThrottleLegends

I chanced upon the Internet story of a rather incredulous guy who met a rather fetching girl on a flight. According to Pickering Post, this guy discovered during the course of conversation that the lady used to own a Yamaha R1. And not only did she own one, she truly owned it on the racing track, as well, till maternity came calling. And that’s the tough one, ladies, as men can more easily keep their racing leathers irrespective of the children in their lives. Not so much for the female racers who have to take a break when in need of one.

18 Now, Who’s This Chick On A Motorcycle?

Via BMW Motorrad

At a time when the internet wasn’t quite everywhere, and neither were women on motorcycles, one woman did the unthinkable. She sat astride her BMW motorcycle and went around the world on it. Her journey started in 1982, and she came back home in 1984. But the world wasn’t interested in her feat. Some 35 years after she rode her 1974 BMW R 60/6 bike 35,000 miles around the world, Elspeth Beard published her journey in a book called “Lone Rider”.

17 The Women Of Harley-Davidson

Via Asphalt&Rubber

Like with men who love motorcycles, women who love two-wheeler transport also have a myriad of choices when it comes to their motorcycles. That said, you will spot many a Harley rider in the female rider crowd, too. The reason might just be the pull of the brand, but it could also be because Harley does make many female-suited models too. Think of the Softail Deluxe, the 1200 Custom, or the 883 Low Sportsters, or even the Street Glide. Harley thinks of everything, be it for a male or female rider.

16 For The Love Of Road, And Self

Via TheMotorcycleResource

In 2013, Harley-Davidson commissioned a study about women and motorcycles. According to PRNewswire, this Kelton study found out that “women who ride a motorcycle are more than twice as likely to always feel happy” while 34% also said they felt less stressed as opposed to non-riders, and 35% of the riders also said they felt more confident ever since they started their riding careers. So apparently, riding a motorcycle should probably be the new year's resolution for just about every woman in the world.

15 A Mom’s Work Is Never Done

Via BlackGirlsRide

To the world of drag or D-Tech Racing, Crystal Dickerson is a fairly well-known name. Introduced by her father to the fun world of drag racers, Dickerson’s whole family is into drag racing. Her brother is an award winner, much like herself. Even being a new mom did not put an end to her career—all she did was take some time off and then get back to balancing being a racer mom. Oh and while she was balancing being a new momma and an excellent drag-racer, she was also studying to be a registered nurse. Talk about multitasking!

14 Getting Back To Your Roots

Via Wallhaven

The great chiefs of yore would be on horseback when in need of transport. With horses not really an option anymore, this is how one female rider seems to be getting back to her roots in a rather innovative way. Wearing a chieftain’s headdress, this bold and fearless rider isn’t just astride her machine—she’s atop it. She balances on top of her moving motorcycle with ease, and this isn’t a feat many riders can do, be they male or female.

13 A Classy Lady On A Classic Bike

Via Adventure

So the redhead here is astride a BSA Bantam D7, a 175-cc motorcycle made by the Birmingham Small Arms Company that survived till 1973 before being taken over by another brand. Basically, WWII affected BSA badly and it finally keeled in the 70s, having survived for more than a hundred years. The BSA Bantam was a highly successful motorcycle for its time and is known to attract quite a few collectors even now, having existed as a 125-cc and 175-cc motorcycle in its heyday.

12 The Motorcycling Club Of Yore

Via Timeline

What do you when you are women, love to ride, and are looked down upon for it? You form a motorcycling club, way back in 1940! Called Motor Maids, this is one of the oldest existing all-female motorcycling clubs of its time, and, at its high point, has had 1,200 members. The objective, from then to now, remains simple: promote safe riding habits, meet new people, and travel around in style. And when it’s a group of women riding together, safety comes assured.

11 Not A Boy's Bike, This One Is A Girl’s

Via CycleSoup

The Honda Goldwing is a thing of beauty. And the 2018 Honda Goldwing in matte majestic silver is the epitome of this bike that has been 43 years in making. According to Interstate Honda, the new Goldwing sports a horizontally-opposed, six-cylinder, all-new 1833cc powerplant that’s over 13 pounds lighter than the outgoing model's. Plus, the seats use a new fabric that makes moving around easier. And for women riders, there is an added benefit. The front portion of the rider’s seat has been made narrower, making it easier to reach the ground.

10 One Of The Rising Superstars

Via Pinterest

The picture here is of Ana Carrasco Gabarrón, a motorcycle rider and racer from Spain. She won the 2018 World Supersport 300 Championship riding a Kawasaki Ninja 400 and in doing so, set a world record. She has become the first female rider in world history to land a World Championship in solo motorcycle road racing. And why not, as she got onto a mini-bike at the age of three. And basically, she never really got off; it’s just that the bikes got bigger and turned into motorcycles.

9 A Female Riders Group In The Town Of Men

Via TechnWheelz

When Anjaly Rajan—from Ahmedabad, Gujarat—bought a Harley Davidson, little did she realize the attention it would focus on her. And when she saw how female riders were being put in the limelight in other Indian metropolises like Delhi or Mumbai, she decided to put Ahmedabad on the women rider’s maps as well. So she formed a women’s riders group called “Riderni” which translated, simply means a female rider. The group started with 23 members and seems to be growing in leaps and bounds, and revs.

8 There She Goes, There She Goes Again…

Via TheArtsyJock

This particular woman rider is Nancy Hamilton and she runs her blog, Artsy Jock. The name comes from her artsy mother and her physically active jock for a dad—and she herself is a multitasker in the true sense of the word. According to Artsy Jock, “I have been in business for just about everything from People (I owned my own Personnel Agency in Toronto), Drugs (Pharmaceutical Rep), Sports Equip (Sports Rep), Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds (Stock Broker & Banker), Mortgages, and Real Estate (Realtor) – still am.” And she rides a chopper!

7 No, This Is Not Rebecca Ferguson

Via CarpysCafeRacer

This is Jenny Tinmouth, the stunt double for the actor Rebecca Ferguson in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. According to The Guardian, she has several world records to her name as a pioneering female in motorsport. But with lack of support, she has often struggled to pay the bills to keep her bike on the track and even had to drop out of championships because of this. But in 2015, she was signed on by Honda, and for this 36-year-old, the revs will finally come from her heart without any financial stress.

6 BRB? It Stands For Back Road Ball

Via TheBackRoadBall

BackRoad Ball, or BRB as they like to call it, is a Canadian female-only motorcycling club. According to BackRoad Ball, “The BackRoad Ball is not only a women's only motorcycle adventure weekend & Campout. It's a celebration of female motorcyclists. Registration is open to all licensed female-identifying motorcyclists as well as moto-curious women regardless of motorcycle make or type, club affiliation, or age (19+).” Founded by Kristin Munro and Heather d’Entremont, the club provides a safe place for female riders to come together and swap some cool rider stories.

5 When Riding A Dirt Bike, You Do Get Dirty

Via ExpeditionPortal

Tiffany Coates is perhaps the world’s first female solo biker to go on adventures like never before. She has ridden in Australia, Timbuktu, East Africa, northern Alaska, Labrador, Tierra Del Fuego, the Silk Road, Siberia, Madagascar, Outer Mongolia, and India. She is an international freelance motorcycle guide and leads women motorcycling tours everywhere. And as is quite apparent, she is unafraid to get dirty. Or muddy. Because it all comes with the thrill of riding. And when you are passionate about something, dirt is no hindrance.

4 The Revolutionary Road: A Book And A Journey


In 2011, the British and Iranian governments were at loggerheads. It was at that time that travel writer Lois Pryce found a note tacked to her motorcycle when she left it parked outside the Iranian Embassy in London. The note said, “I wish that you will visit Iran so you will see for yourself about my country. Please come to my city, Shiraz. It is very famous as the friendliest city in Iran, it is the city of poetry and gardens and wine!” And so, Lois set off on her motorcycle on a 3,000-mile ride from Tabriz To Shiraz. This is her story.

3 Catwoman Rides On Two Wheels

Via BusinessInsider

Batman has his Batmobile, and Catwoman, aka Selina Kyle, snagged his Batpod. And frankly, she looks a whole lot better riding it than he ever did. The Dark Knight Rises shows Anna Hathaway do a completely fresh take on Catwoman, without being called by that name. She may have started off by betraying Batman, but in the end, she turns out to be an ally, and also the romantic lead. The high point is her taking down Bane with the Batpod cannon, and looking very good as she does it.

2 The Bold Riders Of Yesteryear

Via Flashback

If you think that women riders have it tough now, think of the times when they were frowned upon even when they drove cars, let alone two-wheelers. Even today, women have it tougher than guys. For instance, I drive both a Suzuki Ciaz—is a mid-segment sedan—and an Isuzu D-Max V-Cross, which is a modestly-powered pickup truck. People around still give me sidelong stares when they see my diminutive self handle a truck with ease. So women, I say, more respect to you.

1 Classy Women On Classic Motorcycles

Via WomensMotoExhibit

Till now, we have seen women from all walks of life ride just about all sorts of different motorcycles. Some like to cruise along to the rhythm of life while some like to pit their speed racing skills against other contestants. Here’s a picture of another classy lady in a rather pensive mod sitting astride a Janus motorcycle that combines a smaller engine with classy looks and superior handling, all in one go. Who wouldn’t want to ride one of these in elegant style and easy handling?

Sources: Pickering Post, Ride Apart, Backroad Ball, PRNewswire, Artsy Jock, and Woman Rider.

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