18 Wicked Pictures Of Cars That Were Modified For Halloween

Here are 18 Wicked Pictures Of Cars That Were Modified For Halloween

It's officially that time of year again. The time to eat too much candy, dress up in costumes, and give your friends a good scare. That's right—it's time for Halloween! Also known as spooky season and All Hallows Eve, Halloween is a wonderful time for scares, screams, and costumes. Now, most people just think to dress up themselves or their kids or even the family pet. Then, there are those that think a bit more outside the box and take Halloween costumes to the next level by dressing up their cars. We see this a lot for Christmas with people putting reindeer antlers or a lit-up nose on their cars, but rarely do we see people go out of their way for Halloween. But in recent years, more and more people are getting into the spirit, and their cars are proof of that.

The best thing about these car costumes is that they all appear to be pretty simple, and they may be just the inspiration you need to dress your car up this spooky season. Of course, you can probably already guess that there'll be spiders and spider webs, and what Halloween attraction would be complete without them? But there are a few surprisingly good designs that managed to be well outside the box as well, and they all show off their Halloween spirit. So now, let's look at the best-dressed cars this Halloween, in no particular order.

18 Ogre Patrol

via blog.cammy.com

To start off, we have a pretty unique costume. This appears to be the ogre patrol car, and it appears one has been captured here.

Complete with a bat made of tiny skulls and a cup of coffee, this ogre was clearly a public safety hazard.

This car definitely gets recognition for its unique design and a pretty good presentation. Overall, it's looking like Halloween is off to a good start this year. They also have stickers of the characters from Shrek on the trunk, just in case you weren't aware what an ogre looked like. And for good measure, they even included a giant spider on top of the car.

17 Tiger Jeep

via wheelsandchips.com

We aren't really sure what's going on here, but we dig it. It appears to be a giant tiger being driven by a tiger. And if you look closely at the front, you can see that this tiger also has an appetite for flesh. The eyes say "friendly tiger character," but the teeth and human arms hanging out of the hood say otherwise. Either way, this costume is awesome. There are a scare factor and a cute factor, which usually don't go hand in hand, but that makes it even creepier.

16 Man-Eating Fender

via stillruns.com

This one has to be one of the most original ideas: a man-eating fender.

While it may be one of the more simple costumes, its makers saw an opportunity to use a cracked fender, and the chance was wisely seized. 

Fortunately, it works. The creativity alone makes this one worthy of being on the list, and the simplicity makes it even better in some ways. We just hope that the driver takes that sign everywhere and puts it up when the car is parked. But could you imagine seeing this in a parking lot?

15 Zombie Attack

via pinterest.com

There are plenty of cars out there that say something like "Zombie Response Unit" or something along those lines, but this one has something extra about it that just makes it unique. If you haven't noticed already, there appears to be a zombie that didn't die when this car ran into him, and he's still latched on top. And we hope he's latched securely. Could you imagine a zombie flying off of a car in front of you on the highway? Talk about nightmares for weeks... But overall, this costume is very intriguing.

14 Giant Lobster

via autotrader.ca

Now, this may just be a promotional vehicle, but it still has its creepy elements. Like, who wants to see a giant lobster while driving around town?

Imagine this coming towards you at night on a dark road.

Yeah, it seems a bit spookier now, doesn't it? Anyway, this thing is pretty cool, regardless of how freaky a giant lobster would be and whether or not this was even done for Halloween. Red Bull has something like this, but those are just giant cans and are a lot less creepy than giant seafood.

13 Who You Gonna Call?

via sdcomicartgallery.com

Of course, someone had to go and recreate the Ghostbusters car. And we have to say, he did a very nice job on it. This is surely one of the better-done costumes, with clearly a good amount of money spent on making it look so good. This is that costume at the party that you just know someone spent way too much time on, but at the same time, it looks good and good for them. You know the costume... This is just the car version of that, and we love it. Overall, this Ghostbusters costume is one of the best we've seen so far.

12 TMNT Van

via sdcomicartgallery.com

For anyone who only knows the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, this van may not be recognizable. This is the TMNT Van. Clearly, a lot of time went into the design of this van, and we're so glad that someone took that time to recreate this.

It even has the sewer grate with the logo on the front.

This is by far one of the coolest car costumes we've seen, and it looks like it also cost a lot of money to make it look like this. The turtles would be proud for sure.

11 Zebra Stripes

via tcdailyplanet.com

This is one's pretty basic compared to the last couple, but there's something special about it. Maybe it's the fact that someone painted a classic truck with Zebra stripes, or it could be the fact that the owner slammed it. Or maybe it could be the fact that somehow, this whole combo actually looks really good. Whatever it is, it landed this truck a spot here today. Overall, the design is interesting, and the whole vehicle is very clean, as is the paint. The whole ride may not be the spookiest, but there are always a couple of cute costumes mixed in.

10 The Flintstones

via onallcylinders.com

This one brings back memories of Saturday morning cartoons as some of the best costumes do. This has to be one of the most ingenious family-costume ideas out there, providing of course that you have a golf cart lying around. But seriously, they put so much time and effort into this thing, and we kind of hope they keep the cart that way year round. This is surely a unique costume, and it's done very well, and the crowd seems to be enjoying it as well. It looks like this is some kind of contest, and surely, this took first prize if it is.

9 Spooky Herbie

via forum.retro-riders.org

Now, of course, subtlety isn't everyone's go-to, as we can see here.

Sometimes, it's just best to go ahead and write "spooky" in big letters on the side of the car.

Besides the fact that this little bug looks like it can hold its own on a track, it has a mixture of sporty and spooky all wrapped up in one car. Overall, this ride is definitely one for the books, with its sleek and in-your-face design backed by power, assuming that that 12.76 decal is its track time, which isn't bad at all for a bug.

8 Peeps

via eastwestbrothersgarage.com

Again, this is probably just a promotional car, but it stumbled into our costume contest today. This may be one of those cuter costumes that you see, which may not be as fun as the scary ones, but if its owner painted the eyes red and put some fake blood splatter on the car, this thing could be in tip-top Halloween shape in no time.

Or maybe, to some people with marshmallow allergies, a 5-foot Peep is scary enough on its own.

Either way, points for creativity and style and extra points for the giant Peep bunny in the driver's seat.

7 Clowns...

via youtube.com

This one may only be creepy if you have a clown phobia, and we think it's safe to say after the whole clown craze back in 2016 that there are probably plenty of people who don't like clowns. And it makes it a little less scary since this is at Disney World, but still, clowns just have a creepy sense about them. This looks pretty interesting for sure, and whether or not it's meant to be creepy at all, it's creepy enough or just interesting enough to be here today.

6 Big Bad Wolf

via hollyhillsprimitives.com

This Mustang will huff and puff and blow its headers off the starting line. And it'll look cool the whole time. This is such a simple costume idea, but it's done very well, and we haven't seen anything like this so far.

The owner even went so far as to make some wheel covers to look like paws.

This is surely one of the most unique costumes out there, and it looks like it's getting plenty of attention from people passing by. Overall, this is one of our favorites that we've seen today, mostly due to the unique design and how well it's done.

5 Marty McFly

via askpatty.com

This one is, hands down, the cutest thing we've seen. Not only did they turn a little wagon into a DeLorean, but they even dressed their kid up as Marty McFly. And they sure look fly. This is one of those costumes that get attention mostly because of the kid, but in this case, it's actually done very well. The wagon looks amazing, and we love the whole hovering-mode thing as well. Congrats to whoever decided to take the time to make this awesome costume even though a real Delorean would be even cooler. But oh well...

4 The Alligator

via roberts-autorepair.com

We're not really sure what to make of this one, as it appears to just be a giant 360-degree face. While we may not know what it is, we know that the longer you look at it, the creepier it gets. Just look at all the teeth on that thing. This appears to be a parade, and any kind of parade where people are dressing up cars for Halloween is a parade we want to be a part of for sure. Overall, while the source of this madness remains a mystery, we can appreciate the obvious time and effort it took to make this and the uniqueness that it has.

3 Jack-O-Audi

via repokar.com

This is probably one of the easiest things you can do to your car for Halloween, and all you need is a stencil and some Plasti Dip. Of course, there's always that person that wears an ironic shirt or something simple as his costume, and this is that person's car. It's surely in theme with spooky season and looks pretty clean actually.

And the fact that it looks just like a giant jack-o-lantern makes it even better.

They took such a simple idea and did it in such a simple way, but it works so well and would actually look good year round if you're that into Halloween.

2 Monster Truck

via corvetteforum.com

Simplicity is key to a lot of things when it comes to the auto world, especially with designs. So, here we see what appears to be a normal truck on some nice rims, and the truck is absolutely slammed. But open the hood, and you can see some bloody teeth and an arm, which means this is no ordinary truck. This is a monster truck, get it? Anyway, this truck managed to keep its class and still show off the Halloween spirit, so kudos on the clean build and the great costume.

1 Cozy Cone Costume Contest

via disneyparks.disney.go.com

Disney parks go all out for Halloween as we can see, and we're so glad they do. Here, we have what appears to be a Super Lightning McQueen and a vampire Mater. Right off the bat, these two costumes are some of the best we've seen today, and apparently, these cars actually drive.

Surely, they don't go far, but it would be cool to drive these two Halloween-themed cars through the Halloween Cozy Cone Motel.

Overall, Disney did a great job with these and surely allowed us to end on a high note.

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