15 Pictures Of Celebrities With Their Cars And Private Jets (Because Money)

Celebrities sort of run the world today, and they are recognized all across the globe. One main thing comes to mind when we think of the most successful celebrities out there, besides their love lives, is money. They make so much money that they do not even know how to spend it all, so of course, that means getting the nicest and most expensive toys out there.

Two very popular options when thinking about how to spend a small fortune are private jets and cars. From rappers to movie stars and everything in between, these are two of the most popular ways to show off wealth and just go a little nuts for the sake of going nuts.

This is the lifestyle that we all envy every time we look on social media and see a new picture of some singer or actor that is sitting in their new supercar or on their private plane heading to some tropical paradise for the winter. It has become a staple of wealth and no one can resist buying some kind of nice vehicle when they get some money, which is why we see so many people blowing all their money on a new Lamborghini or Aston Martin, but we all get to live vicariously through those people.

So, in that spirit, today we are looking at 15 celebrities and their private planes along with their nicest cars - we cannot help but be a little jealous.

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15 Floyd "Money" Mayweather

via mirror.co.uk

Floyd Mayweather is one of the best fighters to ever compete, and his nickname, Money, says it all about his wealth. He has multiple Bugatti Veyron models because he wanted different colors (he's a complex fellow). If that does not scream wealth then nothing does.

He also has a pretty amazing private jet that is almost as impressive as his amazing car collection. He sure has lived up to his nickname and knows the best ways to spend millions of dollars.

via thesupercarblog.com

14 Demi Lovato

via people.com

Demi Lovato started her career young and she only got more and more popular. She was a star on Disney Channel and, as many people have, she went from a teen star to a pop sensation. She has debuted multiple top chart songs and continued a small acting career.

She also has a pretty large social status on social media. She has her own jet and a beautiful blue Jaguar F Type. She has sure grown up from being a teen star and has become a Superstar now, and she sure knows how to spend that money in a way we all wish we could.

via twitter.com

13 Jackie Chan

via robbreport.com

Jackie Chan is an entertainment icon, from his movies to his martial arts. He is not the first person that comes to mind when we think of extravagant spending, but he does have a pretty large private plane and is also seen here with his white Lamborghini Aventador.

One thing is for sure, that Jackie Chan sure knows style. With as much money as he has made over his career, it is not hard to fathom that he would have to spend it on something, and why not a fast car and a nice plane?

via pinterest.com

12 Kylie Jenner

via hollywoodlife.com

Kylie Jenner is pretty much just known for being a social icon, although she does have her own makeup line that generates a lot of money for her. She moved into her own mansion at a very young age and has always lived in luxury, with all of the rest of the Jenner family.

She knows how to live that Hollywood hills lifestyle better than most people, as we can see with her private jet and her amazing cars, including her black Ferrari and her Mercedes G Class. She may spend a lot of money to maintain her lifestyle, but out of everyone, she has the money to support her spending habits.

via pinterest.com

11 Drake

via complex.com

Drake is one of the most famous and popular musicians on the scene today, and he has made more money than most people could even imagine. He is one of the richest celebrities to date and of course, he has some of the nicest cars and planes in the world.

Of course, when someone does as much traveling and as many world tours that Drake does, it is almost necessary to have your own plane. Okay, so maybe necessary is a bit of a strong word, but who cares when you have multiple number one hits every year and make more money than you know what to do with? He had his face plastered on the side of his plane and then rode a white Bentley, which is just about the richest sentence ever.

via bet.com

10 Paris Hilton

via pinterest.com

Paris Hilton is one of the first names that comes to mind when you think of rich, or trust fund babies. She has so much money and is one of the few people who knows what it feels like to never have to work, which must be nice.

She has cars, planes, and dogs that have diamond collars. Yes, Paris is one of the richest celebrities of this generation and she knows how to show it off in style. She has an iconic pink Bentley that looks like something straight out of Barbie, and a couple of jets that are more like air buses in size.

via pinterest.com

9 Scott Disick

via jetss.com

Scott Disick has made a name for himself by basically marrying into the Kardashian family and then divorcing out. Somehow though, he still has enough money for a private jet and a yellow Ferrari.

He calls himself "Lord Disick" which we do not have time to unpack right now, but he sure treats himself like a Lord. He travels in immense style and always looks like he walked right off a runway and into the real world. He has become a social media icon with his comedic tweets and lavish Instagram feed, and all of the drama that surrounds him sure helps with keeping people interested as well.

via hollywoodrooster.com

8 Kevin Hart

via pinterest.com

Kevin Hart is the most successful comedian ever, and he also stars in some pretty high grossing movies, so it would make sense that he would have a private jet and some pretty nice cars.

His jet is luxurious enough on its own, both inside and out, and his blacked out Ferrari is one of the cleanest we have ever seen, although every Ferrari looks amazing straight off of the lot. Kevin has turned his world upside down with his career and he is living the dream now with fast cars and private planes.

via blog.dupontregistry.com

7 Justin Bieber

via celebzz.com

Justin Bieber has been wealthy ever since coming onto the music scene, and he quickly started his life of luxury. He had a Ferrari before he could even drive it. That is something only the richest of the rich can say, and he just keeps making more and more.

He has a private jet that he and his wife take to tropical vacations. He also has a powder blue Ferrari with black accents that would make any gearhead jealous. He has a ton of other cars including a leopard print R8 that is one of the coolest things we have ever seen.

via heightline.com

6 DJ Khaled

via pinterest.com

DJ Khaled touches almost every hit song that we hear on the radio today, and always makes himself known with his famous self shout out. He has made so much money in the music industry that it is not even funny. He spends his days jet skiing around his Miami home which is a pretty rich thing to do.

He owns his own jet which is one of the top jets on the market, and multiple cars, mostly Rolls Royce and Maybach models, as he usually prefers to be driven around than drive himself, which makes sense when someone has as much money as he does.

via billboard.com

5 Tom Cruise

via justjared.com

Tom Cruise is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood and is known primarily for his role as a butt-kicking spy. As many spies, at least the ones in movies, Tom Cruise lives a pretty luxurious life. He owns a Bugatti Veyron which is one of the most expensive cars on the market, as well as a few other cars and some daily drivers.

He also has a pretty nice private jet that he uses to fly his family to what we assume are luxurious vacations. With as many movies as he pumps out and how well they all do, it is clear to understand how he can afford such nice things.

via nbcdfw.com

4 Selena Gomez

via celebs-place.com

Selena Gomez is another teen star that went on to pop superstardom, but she is a little more frugal with her money, at least as far as millionaire celebrities go. She drives pretty normal cars, although she does have a couple. The nicest car she owns is hands down her BMW X6 which is still a very nice car.

The less frugal thing she has is definitely her jet, which is still small as far as private jets go. While she does spend less money than other celebrities, she still knows how to live a luxurious lifestyle.

via justjaredjr.com

3 Rihanna

via popsugar.com

Rihanna is one of the most well-known pop stars today, and she has multiple hit songs and even made cameos in a couple of movies and shows. All of that work sure has paid off, with millions of dollars.

She has her own private plane which is pretty normal for celebrities of her status, and she also has a pretty nice custom Porsche that is sure to turn heads. Rihanna is known for her luxurious style, and her plane and cars sure do not lack any style. Besides all of that, only people with money carry their Mac Book like that.

via justjared.com

2 P Diddy

via pinterest.com

P Diddy has been known in the music industry for years, and even though his popularity may be dwindling, his money is not. He has multiple cars including the Maybach seen above which is just about the most luxurious and expensive brand of car out there. He also has a matching black jet.

Combine those two and you get a pretty amazing picture of what wealth looks like, and what a luxurious lifestyle looks like. Diddy also knows how to maintain his lifestyle, even without the fame that he used to have.

via gq.com

1 Ariana Grande

via pinterest.com

Ariana Grande is yet another celebrity that has turned from a mildly famous teen actor into an absolute pop sensation. She has been the center of attention in the celebrity world for a while now, and she keeps on coming out with songs that top the charts. This of course, in turn, has generated millions for her.

She has her own jet, which is by far the most expensive toy she has, as most of her cars are pretty normal. Her best car in our opinion is her white on black Mercedes G Class, which fits her style perfectly.

via gotceleb.com

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