20 Pictures of Celebs Who Own Cars Anyone Can Afford

The majority of stars love to flaunt incredibly high-class vehicles that can cost more than some houses but not these celebrities.

Magazines and websites love to do features on stars that prove they're just like us. This trend involves pictures of various A-list celebrities at grocery stores, the gym, the beach, or other places—acting as if they’re not rich and famous people. The paparazzi love to follow celebrities around to capture photos of them in candid moments—and that includes in the cars they own.

The majority of major stars love to flaunt incredibly high-class vehicles that can cost more than some houses. Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and other sports cars are popular, although there are also Hummers and high-end SUVs like Range Rovers and G-Wagens. It’s pretty standard to accept that when someone is a huge mega-star, they boast some of the best rides imaginable.

However, in some cases, some celebrities have rides that are incredibly cheap. A few of them keep cars they bought before they became famous as a reminder of how they started. It’s understandable to keep to such sentimental choices. What’s odder is for a star worth hundreds of millions of dollars to own a car that a high schooler could afford.

These are people who ride in private planes and walk the red carpet at Cannes but are seen filling up an absolute beater at the gas station. Here are 20 pictures of A-list celebrities who own cars any of their fans could afford.

20 Mark Wahlberg: Toyota Sienna

via Just Jared

It’s almost hysterical to remember how “Marky Mark” became famous as a rapper while dancing around in his underwear. Today, Mark Wahlberg is a huge name star in Hollywood with scores of box office hits to his name. He’s also a producer and even runs a chain of hamburger restaurants. This is a man with a huge bank account who can easily command any high-end flashy vehicle. Instead, he drives around his hometown of Boston in a Toyota Sienna. Yes, the star of the Transformer movies drives a van that generally can go for less than 20 grand from some dealers. Even crazier is how he uses it for just random driving rather than running errands, which is a baffling choice for a vehicle.

19 Justin Bieber: Smart Fortwo

via sportyou.es

When he broke out as a singer, Justin Bieber was a baby-faced teenager. That innocent charm won him legions of female fans as he took off huge as a solo artist. As he’s entered his 20s, Bieber has shifted his image with some crazy antics. That’s included a few moves with some supercars that got him in hot water. That may not have happened if Bieber had used his regular ride, a $14,000 Smart Fortwo. Yep, this is a man whose personal wealth has been valued as much as $250 million and Bieber rides in a car mocked for its size and poor handling. Even then, he got in trouble for trying to run over the paparazzi. So much for being smart.

18 Shania Twain: Dodge RAM


In the 1990s, Shania Twain was one of the first country music stars to take pop fans by storm. Her amazing singing voice was matched by her terrific looks and fantastic shows, and she won countless awards. Twain has kept busy with a smash-hit Vegas residency and is still a country music icon. Her wealth can afford her some big cars but Twain seems to keep to her simpler roots. That’s proven by how she has an older Dodge RAM that can go for less than twenty grand. Twain is downright proud of telling people she “drives a secondhand car” even if she can afford her own jet. It shows the heart of a country girl still beats under Twain’s high-class persona.

17 Selena Gomez: Ford Escape

Via armyofselenagomez.com

One of the wave of Disney Channel starlets in the 2000s, Selena Gomez was a hit with both her own sitcom and some successful records. Growing up, Gomez has taken off as a huge singing star known for her sultry look and performances. Gomez is a favorite of the paparazzi thanks to her fantastic style and she looks glamorous just going to the gym. Her collection of high-end cars is valued at $11 million, with all the usual sports cars you’d expect. Yet, it seems her most common car is a Ford Escape. It’s a dependable little SUV that gets great gas mileage but it’s still odd to see a knockout like Gomez filling up at the pump like anyone else.

16 Ryan Reynolds: Nissan Leaf

via greencarreports.com

This actor from Canada is known for his great comedic chops. He’s proven that from his hit role as Deadpool to voicing the title character in the new Detective Pikachu. Known for his romances before marrying Blake Lively, Reynolds also has a love for cars. It seemed logical he would join the craze for electric cars. What isn’t logical is his choice of a Nissan Leaf. He’s promoted the brand and owns one in real life, which is baffling given that the Leaf has consistently scored low in tests of electric cars, especially when compared to the offerings from Tesla. For Reynolds to waste his cash on a cheaper version of an electric car is a joke even Deadpool wouldn't get.

15 Channing Tatum: Escalade EXT

via pinterest.co.uk

At first, Channing Tatum seemed destined for the typical handsome guy in rom-coms and such. However, Tatum has shown a great flair for action and comedy with 21 Jump Street and G.I. Joe. He’s a major Hollywood A-lister and boasts some good rides in real life. The Escalade EXT is not one of them. The car has long been mocked as an unholy union of an SUV and a pickup truck that lacks the benefits of either. It’s too large and bulky for an SUV while lacking the storage space of a pickup—and used models can go as low as 10 grand easily. Maybe the cop is writing Tatum a citation for choosing to ride in such a joke of a car.

14 LeBron James: Jeep Wrangler

via Faded Youth Blog

Right now, King James is easily the biggest star the NBA has seen since Michael Jordan retired. He dominates conversations on games and his multiple championships to prove his talent. Everything James does is big news, as evidenced by his move to Los Angeles to join the Lakers. James loves to flaunt his amazing wealth on social media with scores of slick rides, private jets, and more—which is why it’s amazing that he’s often spotted in a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. This is a man whose garage has a combined worth larger than the entire payroll of his teams and yet he goes around in a $26,000 Wrangler. It’s hardly a chariot worthy of the King.

13 Ludacris: 1993 Acura Legend

via Mashable

You’d expect someone who stars in the Fast & Furious movies to have some seriously amazing rides in real life. For the most part, Ludacris lives up to that. Even before the films, the Grammy-winning rapper was a huge success and using his wealth to gain a fleet of very high-end cars. That’s been added to by the movies, as Ludacris does enjoy some hot cars. Some may be surprised, however, that the prize in his collection is a 1993 Acura Legend which goes for around $1,500. But Ludacris loves this car, as he owned it before his huge fame. He says it’s a reminder “of where I came from” and just can’t give it up. That makes it more understandable why Ludacris keeps this older car around.

12 Christian Bale: Toyota Tacoma

Via westminstertoyota.com

This actor is famous for his incredible ability to change his body physique for roles. From dropping 90 pounds for The Machinist to buffing up to be Batman or getting fat for Vice, Bale is terrific in his transformations. It’s paid off with numerous hits and an Oscar win. Bale was infamous for a harsh temper but seems to have mellowed over the years to become a pretty nice guy in interviews. He can be a rich person but does possess some down-to-Earth qualities. One of the biggest is that he drives a Toyota Tacoma. It’s a good pickup truck with nice performance but hardly the ride one would expect of someone of Bale’s stature.

11 Cate Blanchett: Toyota Prius

via zimbio.com

Cate Blanchett belongs to an elite club whose members have won Oscars for both Best and Supporting Actress. She’s able to go from quiet dramas to Hollywood blockbusters and transform her looks with ease. For the most part, Blanchett prefers to be driven around in cars and is constantly busy with a few movies a year. Yet, it’s jarring to see how she uses a Prius as her major ride whenever she’s in Los Angeles. Even crazier is that rather than driving it herself, Blanchett has a chauffeur for many of her rides. You read that right: a chauffeur for a Prius. Even wilder is that Blanchett does own some good rides like an Audi A8 yet still chooses to ride in this eco-car with a driver.

10 Britney Spears: Mini Cooper


Britney Spears has had her share of major ups and downs over the years. She broke out thanks to her beauty, style, and great singing voice to become a mega-star. Sadly, Spears has also become a tabloid favorite for her various issues, outrageous behavior, and struggles with her health. Often, Spears seems to embrace a “trailer lifestyle” despite all her wealth and fame. That’s proven by how her main vehicle in both LA and Vegas is a Mini Cooper. While Spears is hardly broke, driving a $2,600 car doesn’t exactly scream that she's a musical icon. She may be a knockout on stage but on the road, Spears just fades into the crowd with a rather lame ride.

9 Jay Leno: GMC Syclone

jay leno gmc syclone
via: roadandtrack.com

The former Tonight Show host is known as one of the biggest gearheads in Hollywood. His Jay Leno’s Garage series showcases his incredible collection of vehicles, from classic motorcycles to gorgeous rides. Yet, every collection has to have one clunker in the bunch and Leno is no exception. In the midst of so many great rides lies a 1991 GMC Syclone. Its 4.3-liter engine pales in comparison with the other rides in Leno’s garage. It appears to be owned for sentimental reasons, as Leno got it just before landing the Tonight Show and so he sees it as a good luck charm. Given all the truly great cars he owns, we can forgive Leno for one beater.

8 Mel Gibson: Toyota Cressida

via fadedyouthblog.wordpress.com

Mel Gibson’s fortunes in Hollywood have shifted over the years. He was a huge A-list actor with scores of box office hits who also won an Oscar for directing Braveheart. However, Gibson’s reputation has taken a hit due to some very unsavory personal behavior and comments that can’t be repeated in polite conversation. Gibson is still quite rich today, which makes it remarkable that he drives a Toyota Cressida. The car goes for as low as five grand and is a true relic of the 90s. It makes Gibson look a lot poorer than he really is. It’s just downright baffling to see the original Mad Max behind the wheel of such a run-down and cheap car.

7 Matthew McConaughey: Chevrolet Camaro Z28

via roadandtrack.com

It’s hard to figure out Matthew McConaughey. The man is a talented actor, as his Oscar and scores of other awards prove. But he’s also known for some baffling choices in movie roles and some pretty oddball behavior off-screen. So it may not be a total shock that he has spent his money on a rather poor muscle car. The 1981 Chevy Camaro Z28 was a low point for the iconic model, as the poor horsepower and terrible body added up to a car that nearly ruined the entire line. At online auction spots, the average price for this is $17,000, with some going under ten grand. It’s hard to say there’s anything “Alright, alright” about McConaughey owning this.

6 Leonardo DiCaprio: Toyota Prius

via peoplemagazine.co.za

It was easy to see Leonardo DiCaprio as just a baby-faced actor in his younger days. Now, the Oscar winner is hailed as one of the finest actors of his generation. Ever since Titanic, he’s been racking up scores of box office hits mixed with critically acclaimed dramas and has become a major A-list name. DiCaprio is also known for his passionate environmental advocacy. That may explain why, instead of a high-end sports car, he drives a Prius. It’s always fun to see the usually handsome DiCaprio dressed down in jeans and a cap while using a car more suited for soccer moms. Still, it’s hard to argue about DiCaprio caring about the environment more than flaunting his wealth.

5 Tom Hanks: Scion xB

via clubxb.com

It’s hard to find anyone who doesn't like Tom Hanks. The two-time Oscar winner is known as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood, on and off the screen. Despite his fame, Hanks is down to Earth and loves connecting with less famous people. Maybe it makes an odd sense that his main ride is a low-rent one. The Scion xB is a small SUV-hatchback that can be bought for just $16,000. Hanks does have a love for compact cars, as proven by his championing the electric car craze. It does fit his persona as a regular guy yet it's still interesting that such a fantastic star as Hanks drives a car cheaper than beaters owned by college kids.

4 Justin Timberlake: Volkswagen Jetta

Via CashRoadster

Once merely a boy band cutie, Justin Timberlake has become a huge multi-media star. Not only is he a top-selling musical act but he’s also a successful actor with some box office hits. Timberlake is known for a good car collection that he shares with wife Jessica Biel. He’s also revered for his terrific fashion and style, both on stage and at various events. Timberlake also has a partnership with Audi to get him some good rides, which makes it confusing that he drives around in a 2002 Jetta. It seems it was one of the first cars Timberlake bought, so he keeps it for sentimental reasons. Still, it’s odd a man who loves great rides like Timberlake has this beater.

3 Conan O’Brien: Ford Taurus SHO

via motor1.com

While hardly a gearhead like Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien has a love for cars as well. His talk shows often have him handling everything from a high-powered NASCAR racer to some goofy comic book-themed joke car. O’Brien can handle himself behind the wheel rather well. Yet he has rather simple tastes and thus, sticks to his old Ford Taurus SHO. While there was a revival in the 2000s, the original run in the 1990s showcased a vehicle that was okay for the time but pales compared to great cars today. O’Brien just can’t get rid of this car, though, which shows he still has his fun quirks with his car collection.

2 Jennifer Lawrence: Volkswagen Eos

Photo: media1.popsugar-assets.com

In less than a decade, Jennifer Lawrence has gone from a TBS sitcom to the top of the Hollywood A-list. At only 28, she already has an Oscar and has balanced powerful dramas with comic book blockbusters. She’s an incredibly rich woman who’s also known for her great beauty on the red carpet. Which just makes it amazing that she goes around driving a Volkswagen Eos. The compact car has just 200 horsepower, hardly the powerful vehicle a star of her stature would enjoy. It also lacks the sleek curves of a higher-end car and just screams out beater. For all her fame and beauty, Lawrence’s choice of car shows she hasn’t let go of her simple Kentucky roots. 

1 John Goodman: Ford F-150


John Goodman has paved out one of the longest-running careers in Hollywood. Since breaking out in 1989 with Roseanne, Goodman has scored countless movie roles and numerous TV shows and is still loved for his great humor and persona. Many of Goodman’s characters are easygoing blue-collar guys and he carries that aura in real life, as well, as proven by how he drives a 1997 Ford F-150. This version lacks many of the advantages of the current models and doesn’t seem a good choice even for hauling. It’s a ride perfect for one of Goodman’s parts on TV or film yet he’s wealthy enough to own a much fancier car. It shows that Goodman isn’t that far off from his on-screen persona.

Sources: People, Us Weekly, and TMZ.

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