23 Pictures Of Cops Who Thought They Could Drive Anywhere (They Couldn’t)

Wearing the police officer uniform and riding around in the car, it is easy to feel invincible under such circumstances. Let’s be real here, cops are the law – it doesn’t get greater than that. The rush and excitement of it all might lead to cops overstepping their boundaries. In this article, we’re linking that to car related incidents.

Time and time again we hear about stories featuring cops getting suck whether it be in rainy conditions or snowy weather. Heck, we even have examples of cop cruisers getting stuck in the sand! Why they even considered driving on such turf is truly beyond us. In some of these examples, not even a ride with off-road capabilities could have made it, let alone a simple cop car which for the most part, isn’t even an SUV but just a regular cruiser.

Luckily, nobody was harmed in these situations and for the most part, cops tried to get out of these predicaments with a big fat smile on their faces. After all, what’s the point of getting mad? Perhaps these situations reminded the cops that they’re only human after all and that their rides don’t have the capabilities they perhaps saw in the films...

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share the article with a friend. Without further ado, here are 23 photos of cops that thought they could drive anywhere but clearly, they couldn’t. Let’s get started!

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23 Rescued By The Farmer

via Twitter

Oh, the irony here. The cops showed up in an effort to aid this farmer with prevention tactics. What ended up happening was the farmer actually helping out the cop as his ride got stuck in the mud. Thanks to a rope and his own vehicle, the farmer easily wedged out the ride. Beds Police Rural tweeted about the situation, at the very least, they were appreciative;

“Giving Rural Crime prevention advice to Farmer who ended up rescuing our vehicle out of the mud with a piece of rope. #ourhero”

22 Medics and Police Pushing Their Way Out

via WRIC

In places like Montreal, removing the snow from the streets is a breeze. The city is well-prepared as are the other locations in Canada. However, in places like Virginia, the opposite holds true as the area is only used to a couple of inches of snow.

Back in January of 2016, the same did not hold true. The area was hit with a massive snowstorm causing many vehicles to get stuck due to the accumulation of snow. Making matters worse, among those to get stuck included ambulances and police cars – a forgettable day for those in Virginia, to say the least.

21 Cop Car Stuck In The LA Sand

via YouTube

Credit this YouTube user who wasn’t afraid to get a video of this bizarre situation. He was front and center filming the cops trying to pull their vehicle out of the sand. Not only was the ride completely stuck but LA weather was booming with lots of heat on the day.

According to the same YouTube user, the cop accidentally landed in the sand, how does one accidentally end up in a sandy terrain? Nonetheless, the situation was rescued when a tow truck showed up getting the police ride out of the sand. We hope the officer gave those wheels a nice wash once he got out.

20 The Entire Team

via Twitter

Now that’s what you call a team effort. Count them up, that’s three officers trying to push the vehicle out of the snow while another officer attempts to escape the icy and snowy terrain. The back wheel definitely appears to be stuck but with some brute force, there’s no doubt the cop car got out of this situation unharmed.

And hey, judging by the photo it looks as though they’re having lots of fun with every cop smiling from ear to ear. In some locations, snowstorms don’t happen regularly so we can understand the enjoyment aspect.

19 Left Behind In Brooklyn

via Pinterest

As the police cruiser notes, “courtesy, professionalism, and respect.” However, we’re not really sure about the professionalism aspect as this police cruiser ends up totally off the road and as if that wasn’t bad enough, the officer fled from the scene leaving it in this deserted Brooklyn area.

It makes for a great picture but certainly not a great experience for the officer involved. This is yet another example that cops can’t just drive anywhere. Putting it in park and walking along the sandy conditions was the way to go in this situation.

18 Helping Out In Ireland

via Daily Mail

This is one of those admirable situations that we can’t help but applaud the civilians that were kind enough to help an officer in need. The back tire is clearly stuck in the snow-bank with a lack of traction. It was common for cars getting stuck on that day as according to the Daily Mail, snow was not expected in the Ireland area.

It just goes to show how bad conditions were with an SUV style cop car getting stuck. We can understand a regular cop cruiser but an SUV getting stuck really shows how icy and snowy conditions were.

17 Getting Pushed Out In DC

via Metro News

Back in 2016 during a Washington, DC snowstorm, according to WTOP, the police crew played a pivotal role in keeping the streets safe for the civilians. They blocked off a lot of the dangerous roads while helping those that got stuck in the tough conditions.

What they didn’t anticipate is getting stuck themselves on the route to helping others. Various cop cars got stuck including this one. Those on hand played role reversal aiding the cops in a tough situation. It’s like snowstorms bring people together.

16 Stuck In A Sand Bank

via Reddit

According to Navva, this situation took place due to a cop car trying to help another car that was stuck. The end result was far worse for the cop car as it sunk into the sand. Due to rising sea levels, the car wasn’t even usable once it was cleared from the area. The damage was far too much, hurting the electronic system of the ride.

Thankfully, the other person was okay and his car was able to get out safely. The cop wasn’t as lucky - the KNRM eventually rescued the vehicle, though it was far too late.

15 The NJ Flood

via NJ

Talk about a rough day. Due to the flooding that took place in New Jersey, these cops were forced to stand on top of their cruiser just patiently waiting for help. Hopefully, that help came before the water was able to accumulate even further. At the very least, they could have walked out of there in the tough watery conditions.

This seems to be the case in a lot of these images – cops trying to rescue civilians from difficult conditions only to get stuck themselves. They need special rides when Mother Nature takes over.

14 NYPD Stuck

via Instagram

Just a short distance from Jersey, this NYPD cruiser gets completely stuck at a park in Brooklyn. The tires appear to be completely submerged in the snow, hopefully, the cops have enough traction to push the car out. Wisely, the driver chooses to reverse the car out of the snow bank – there seems to be far too much snow trying to maneuver out of there the other way.

Small streets are to be avoided during such conditions, surely, it’s a lesson this cop won’t forget any time soon.

13 Stuck At The Trailer Park

via Twitter

A Twitter user posted this candid photo. It takes place in Gaston, South Carolina. The cop was making a pit stop at a trailer park location. Although the civilians called for the help, it was ultimately role reversal with the cop completely stuck on the curb and requiring assistance from the onlookers.

Getting stuck in snowy or rainy conditions is one thing but when it’s something self-inflicted like this occurrence, it becomes that much harder for cops to deal with. This cop might have a lot of regret for not catching that curve properly.

12 Digging Out In Liverpool

via UK News

Aren’t pickup trucks built for heavy-duty situations? Well, don’t tell Nissan that, cause this police pickup submerged into the sand rather quickly. Credit to the cop for trying to dig his way out but in such a wet condition, there really was no point as gaining traction was pretty much impossible.

The outcome was a tow truck aiding the police pickup. Taking place in Liverpool at Crosby Beach, better tires could have saved this situation. At the very least, the car was still usable once it was aided out.

11 Throwing It Back

via Pinterest

This is a throwback photo. We can only imagine how many similar situations took place back in the day. Police cars were far less durable than those we see on the roads today. Thanks to technology, we’re able to see police cars getting stuck easily and regularly. If technology held the same power back in the day, we could have managed a list double the size for solely throwback situations.

This cop takes off-roading a little too far, thankfully a man and his pickup got the police cruiser out with minimal problems.

10 Cruiser Stuck In Wet Grass

via Pinterest

This highway patrol car might have tried to get a little too creative with his radar tactic. Using the radar in the vehicle on grass is one thing but doing so in wet conditions is an entirely different story. We’re not talking about some rain, we’re talking about muddy conditions from strong rain.

The officer likely instantly regretted the situation. Even if he caught someone speeding there was simply no getting out of that predicament. The back tires looks completely stuck in the mud.

9 Tampa Police Fading Away

via Reddit

Not only is this police cruiser totally stuck but there appear to be no signs of getting out on its own, that is unless a tow truck or heavy duty type of ride shows up.

This is yet another classic case of a flood absolutely wreaking havoc on a community. This situation took place in Tampa, an area known for some severe weather conditions from time to time. This picture shows what it looks like at the absolute worst. In those conditions, it is best to stay indoors.

8 Pulled Out Of The Snow

via YouTube

Once again, this is another cop getting stuck in the snowy conditions. This time, it isn’t an SUV or tow truck coming to the rescue, it is a regularly sized ride. The officer certainly won’t complain as he just needs a bit of a boost.

In all likelihood, the civilian was able to push the car out without even having to use his own car. This is another reason as to why small streets should be avoided during bad weather – this is usually the outcome, even for police cars.

7 Stuck In The Mud

via News Day

Similar to a prior entry earlier in the article, this cop gets caught in the act. The goal was to pull out the radar gun while on the side of the freeway. However, a bigger problem emerges as the car skid into the mud due to the wet conditions.

Even durable SUVs might have gotten stuck in that slippery mud, just look at how thick it is and how bad the traction of the wheels appear to be. This predicament needed a lot more than just a simple push. Surely, a tow truck came to the rescue.

6 Digging Their Way Out

via Daily Mail

The snowy conditions strike again. This time, two cops are forced into their digging their way out. As if the snow wasn’t bad enough, in all likelihood a snow removal truck passed and submerged the vehicles in the snow even further.

It looks like quite the task not only to get out of the spot but to get rid of that snow as well. Just look at the snow accumulation on top of that police cruiser. It’s as if the person hadn’t used the car in months.

5 The Mississippi Thunderstorm Is No Joke

via WLBT

Snowstorms are real bad but severe thunderstorms can be that much worse causing floods all over the given area. That was the case for Mississippi, the Jackson area in particular which according to WLBT, dealt with lots of flood issues just a couple of months back in late 2018.

Two cars got stuck in the water. Ironically, one of those rides happened to be a police cruiser that was out on patrol. The flood also hit roads in Mill Creek – staying put was the way to go on that day.

4 Stuck In A Portland Chase

via Oregon Live

Who can forget back in the 90s, those epic high-speed chases that were featured on some of the more prominent networks? Nowadays, these types of situations are few and far between, most of us dwell on compilations from the past.

During a chase in Portland, Oregon, it seems like these cops got the worse end of the situation. Both cop cars were stuck in the mud and given the thickness of the landscape, it seems like they needed assistance to get out. An off-road vehicle could have handled that terrain, not a cop car.

3 Stuck At Baldwin Park In Montreal

via Global News

We expect a car to get stuck in Montreal during the winter time. However, in the April months conditions can also be difficult given all the rain and muddy terrain. This Montreal police officer learns that the hard way.

He was patrolling at Baldwin Park when the situation arose. According to Global News, the cop cruiser was eventually completely stuck in the mud – a better decision would be to scout the premises on foot. Thankfully, a tow truck would later save the day getting the cop out of a messy situation.

2 Putting Someone In The Back... And Getting Stuck

via Twitter

This Twitter user takes a perfectly timed picture. What makes this situation that much worse is the fact that the cops had just arrested a man and placed the person in the back of the vehicle.

The only problem is once it was time to leave, the car was completely stuck in the snow. We can see in the photo that the tires are completely skidding with no traction. At the very least, the person in the backseat got a little bit of a laugh during a tough situation.

1 The Mudslide

via NBC LA

In Santa Barbara County, things got so bad last year that according to NBC Los Angeles, the Freeway resembled a mud-pit thanks to the constant rain. All the mud and debris severely damaged several areas. A number of vehicles were also stuck on rural streets along with the freeways thanks the mud build up.

Even police cars couldn’t overcome the mud and wet conditions. This police car slides off the road and directly into the mud. Even a Jeep with off-road capabilities would have likely suffered from the same outcome.

Sources: Daily Mail, Reddit, Twitter & NBC News

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