19 Pictures Of Expensive Cars That'll Break Your Heart

We all love a good-looking luxury car. What isn't so good-looking are cars that have been totaled out in an accident.

We all love a good-looking luxury car. What isn't so good-looking are cars that have been totaled out in an accident. Not only are accidents heartbreaking, but they're also incredibly dangerous and scary. When driving a luxury car, it's super easy to get distracted by the attention your car brings to you on the road around other drivers. If you buy a car that has a V8 engine or faster, then you might even be more compelled to drive that car unsafely.

We all love our cars, and we love showing them off. Why pay thousands of dollars for something that you're just going to leave in your garage and let rust? Car enthusiasts all around the world meet up throughout the year and pay lots of money to be in the presence of some of the coolest cars on the planet.

If you own a luxury car, then you're already familiar with this feeling. Owning a luxury car not only gives you a sense of achievement and accomplishment, but it also opens the gateways for friendships and relationships down the road, as you now have a common platform with millions. The cars shown below were all involved in some sort of incident that resulted in the car being totaled out. This list was not created to poke fun at the very serious issue of accidents, as people die and are injured on a daily basis from unsafe driving and accidents. If anything, please look at this list as a tribute to these beautiful cars that we all admire so much, and use this as a reminder to drive safely.

19 Lamborghini That Got Stuck Under a Fence

via youtube.com

This Lamborghini was unfortunately wrecked in an accident that resulted in the car going under a metal fence along a curve in the road. From the picture, it looks like the other car involved had it a lot worse than the Lamborghini.

Even though the car is stuck under the metal fence, it's the metal fence that kept this Lamborghini from going over the other side of the road and into trees.

Lamborghinis are some of the most sought-after luxury sports cars in the world, so if you happen to have one and are driving it around, it can be easy to let the car get away from you. The Lamborghini was built for speed and sucks in attention everywhere it goes, which makes seeing this photo of it in an accident tear-jerking.

18 Rolled Aston Martin

via topspeed.com

This Aston Martin looks like it was in an incredibly horrible accident. The windshield is completely broken and busted out, and the car was smashed on the top.

What makes this accident look even worse is the pole that's protruding out of the side of the car near the driver seat.

One look at this accident, and you can only imagine what happened and how it happened. While we hope that everyone involved is alright, accidents like this are reminders to always drive carefully.

17 Ferrari Wrecked in the Desert

via theabudhabipta.com

This mangled cherry-red Ferrari was wrecked in Dubai during a high-speed drive down the freeway. In Dubai, luxury sports cars are as common as Hondas and Toyotas are in the USA, and with the high speed limits and the limited enforcement of traffic laws, seeing totaled sports cars is common.

The Ferrari pictured above was so badly damaged that the front hood of the car was literally ripped up to shreds.

With limited damage to the windshield and to the driver and the passenger seats, hopefully, anyone in the car at the time of the incident was able to get up and walk away.

16 White Ferrari FF Crashes & Ruins Front End

via gtspirit.com

This poor Ferrari used to be a prized car, and now, it's been reduced to rubble thanks to an accident that resulted in the car hitting a wall.

During a festival in Mexico City, the partying got a little too crazy, and this Ferrari was totaled.

Fortunately, the driver and the passenger of the vehicle were wearing helmets at the time of the accident and only sustained minor injuries. The accident also happened on a race track with emergency crew who were ready to help out in every way.

15 Tesla Model S Caught Fire

via electrek.com

Although Teslas aren't new on the scene anymore, they're still seen as potentially dangerous vehicles due to the fact that they can have electrical fires. In the case of this car above, the vehicle looks to have burned from the inside out, which resulted in the car being totaled.

The driver of the Tesla noticed that the car was on fire and was able to call the local firemen and get to safety.

Due to the timing of the call, the battery didn't catch fire, and the blaze was put out rather quickly rather than becoming growing in intensity.

14 Pagani Zonda Runs Into A Barrier

via watching.ml

This is all that's left of a Pagani Zonda after it crashed into a crash barrier in Sussex. Half of the car is essentially gone and missing, and only the seats and the rear end of the vehicle remain.

The driver of the Pagani was able to walk away from the accident unhurt, but the vehicle was completely totaled.

Paganis have a starting price of over a million dollars and can reach speeds of over 200 mph. While this accident was extremely bad, it could've been a lot worse due to the power and speed of this car.

13 Burned-up Rolls-Royce Wraith

via autoevolution.com

This half a million dollar luxury car was totaled by fire. The flames were so hot and intense that the hood of the car warped and bent. Following the burn path, the flames suggest that the fire started with the fuel tank and migrated from there. What caused the fire is unknown, but we can conclude that the fire at least didn't engulf the entire car. We can see the paint that still remains the same on the front of the hood.

The Wraith is a British powerhouse of a car with a V12 engine and has over 620 hp. While it's comparable to its counterpart, the Ghost, the Wraith was designed with speed and agility in mind.

12 Mechanic Totals Ferrari Enzo

via nbcphiladelphia.com

The only thing worse than having your car totaled is having someone else do it for you without your permission. This Enzo Ferrari was wrecked when a technician working on the car took it out for a drive and lost control of the car.

From the police reports, the car spun across three traffic lanes before slamming into the wall.

While the driver and passenger of the car were able to walk away from the accident unharmed, the owner of the Ferrari was understandably upset. The Enzo Ferrari is only 1 of 400 cars built and costs over $1,000,000.

11 Koenigsegg Agera R

via mashable.com

At the time of the accident, this car crash was considered the most expensive car crash in Chinese history.

The driver of this $4 million dollar luxury supercar was under the influence when he crashed into a sidewalk barrier at night.

Whether the driver was under the influence or not, this powerhouse of an engine is only for a skilled driver. With a twin-turbo 5-liter V8 engine that has over 1,100 hp, driving this car is no small feat for any driver.

10 Busted-up Porsche 911 Turbo

via autoevolution.com

The driver of this Porsche totaled this car when he turned off the PSM (Porsche Stability Management) and decided to speed. While Porsche makes efforts to ensure that they build cars that are safe, there's no way to save a car from its driver. When the driver started on a ramp, he lost control and totaled this poor car.

Luckily, this was a one-car accident, and nobody else was involved. Driving on curves and ramps in any car can sometimes be dangerous, and doing so while driving fast and deactivating safety features in your car is almost asking to be in an accident.

9 Mercedes-Benz AMG Coupe

via autoevolution.com

Not only is the front end of this car almost gone, but the axle was also destroyed, resulting in the front wheels popping off (luckily, it's a rear-wheel drive.) This Mercedes has definitely seen better days, and for the amount of money that it costs to buy this thing, seeing the car like this must've brought the owner to tears.

The bulk of the damage is in the front end of the car, so it doesn't look like the driver or the passengers of the vehicle were harmed or injured. With the suspension, axle, and a million other things missing or damaged from the accident, to get this car fixed or replaced is going to be a pretty shiny penny.

8 McLaren MP4-12C That Ran Into A Storage Shed

via chron.com

The driver and the passenger of this McLaren were both incredibly lucky to have walked away from this accident unscathed. While the car suffered tons of damage, both of the people inside of the car were able to walk away. The McLaren MP4-12C is a high-end exotic supercar that can go up to 207 mph.

The McLaren starts at over $250,000, so even a scratch worth of damage is enough to cost somebody rent and food money.

The driver of this car was speeding when he lost control, ran across the median, went through a fence, and ended up at the storage facility.

7 Bentley GT Coupe That Got Wrecked in NYC

via motorauthority.com

This brand-new Bentley Continental GT was badly damaged during an accident in Manhattan, New York. The NYPD stated that this car was the victim of a hit-and-run accident with a BMW 3-Series. In the city of New York, there's a 30 mph speed limit in most of the metroplex due to the high volumes of traffic and pedestrians. To have an accident of this magnitude would mean that both cars involved were going well over that 30 mph speed limit.

Although the driver and the passenger in this car needed some minor medical attention following this accident, they were both okay. The car, on the other hand, needs an entire new grille and hood, and with the starting price of this car being $200,000, the repairs aren't going to come cheap.

6 Ferrari Has Front End Destroyed

via gearheads.org

This Ferrari owner definitely had a bad day. The once-gorgeous white Ferrari has been completely ruined. The front grille is missing, and from the looks of the picture, the engine sustained some damage as well. With the large gash on the side and the broken windshield, it can be assumed that this wasn't a pretty accident.

Ferraris are some of the most popular luxury sports cars and frequent the favorites list. They can easily cost more than a modest family home, and the cost to repair them is more than most people make in a month or a year.

5 Maserati Ghibli S Q4 That Lost Its Grille

via wreckedsportscarforsale.com

This poor Maserati got into a fight it couldn't win. The Maserati, while designed for luxury and prestige, also can be considered a sports car as well. The Maserati Ghibli is a one-of-a-kind car that comes with a 3-liter V6 engine.

This sedan starts at around $75,000, so while it isn't completely out of reach for the average consumer, to spend that much money on a car just to see it destroyed is still extremely hard.

From the picture, no damage was done to the driver or the passenger seats, so we can only hope that anyone in the car when it happened was able to walk away.

4 Flipped-over Mercedes-Benz

via nypost.com

Properly driving anything at 150 mph is going to take some very careful and strategic driving, which wasn't the case in this flipped-over Mercedes.

The driver of the Mercedes was flying down an empty stretch of highway when a car appeared in the slow-driving right lane.

While the driver of the Mercedes only suffered minor injuries, the passengers in the other vehicle were pronounced dead at the scene. Accidents like this one should serve as reminders of the true and very real dangers of driving unsafely.

3 Autopilot Feature in Tesla S

via gas2.org

What would normally be a casual drive down the road ended up being a nightmare for the driver of this Tesla S. The driver started the autopilot mode and went to retrieve something from his glovebox. While he was doing that, the car lost control and went into a guardrail where it continued to accelerate until it stopped completely.

The driver admitted that he wasn't paying attention to the road, but when you have a car driving on autopilot, it's hard to blame him.

Luckily, he was able to walk away from this accident with only minor injuries, but it could've been a lot worse.

2 Ferrari Causes Horrific Crash

via pasadenastarnews.com

Drunk-driving any vehicle under any circumstance is an instant and complete no, and being drunk while driving a sports car is only a recipe for disaster.

This Ferrari is almost unrecognizable due to the accident it had with another vehicle while the driver of the Ferrari was under the influence of alcohol.

Unfortunately, the driver of the Ferrari was killed in the crash, and the driver of the other vehicle was badly hurt. As sad as this story is, it's also one that's heard too many times over.

1 Autonomous Jaguar F-Pace Totals Itself

via fpaceforum.com

Autonomous cars were once ideas fancied for the far-out future and powered by extremely advanced technology. Today, we're closer and closer to having a vehicle that can safely and efficiently drive itself. This Jaguar F-Pace was the victim of an autopilot crash that destroyed the body of this car.

The idea of being able to get places without having to physically drive there is amazing, and every new year, there's another bridge made to getting automakers the technology needed to make these types of cars successful. In the meantime, trusting your car to drive itself has proven to be a risky option, so you should make sure to still remain fully engaged.

Sources: nypost.com, mashable.com, youtube.com, topspeed.com

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