25 Pictures Of Fan Art Cars That Are Better Than The Originals

The motoring industry, it can be said with a fair amount of certainty, has an effect on virtually every single person on the planet. It can also be said with quite a lot of certainty that the motoring industry has influenced or had a part in influencing almost every other industry, at least in some partial way, and had its fair share of influences in any number of other fields.

In day to day life, and in non-practical means of speaking, motoring has found its way even here. The motoring industry has influenced and inspired countless TV shows, movies, plays, books, magazines, photography, and art. Innumerable movies and TV shows would be completely different if it weren't for the motoring industry, and the influence of cars on people, society, and culture.

In many countries around the globe, cars have remarkably quickly become integrated not only into society but have become part of the culture, just one example is the Pakistan Jingle Trucks, which are extraordinarily decorated and beautiful. This is only one of many different ways both art and motoring blend together.

Art is where any car design begins, really, with a concept that's drawn, or a sculpture that's shaped. It runs the other direction, too, with countless artists not only inspired to have cars in their art, but to have been inspired to do art solely because they love cars. Let's look at a very small fraction of them with these 25 pictures of fan art cars that are better than the original.

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25 DeLorean At 88

via mymodernmet.com

Felix Hernandez is the man responsible for this artistic rendition of the iconic DeLorean from Back To The Future. Unlike the picture construes, though, this dramatic photo is not even life-sized. Rather, it's a little toy car model that Felix used to create a replication of what would happen in the movies.

According to mymodernmet.com, "Making it the star of his images, he incorporated the fire—as well as smoke and light painting—to have DeLorean look like it was about to speed towards another era." Pretty cool, if you ask us.

24 Beastly Sports Car Concept

via wallup.net

This digital rendering of a car cornering at a very high rate of speed has a lot of cool things going for it, and it's an awesome piece of art. Somewhere on some fictional racetrack in the middle of the night, this sports car is racing around the track, maybe trying to get lap times, maybe part of a race, but in any case it's going fast, and the artist has made that beautifully evident.

The wheels are a complete blur, with brakes glowing red hot, a cool effect that gives the car a beastly, banshee kind of look and really suits the styling and action feel of the painting.

23 The Mad Max Nux Car

via artstation.com

Ricardo Alves, like many people, is a huge fan of the Mad Max movies, and not just the movies but the whole universe built up around it. Unlike most of us, though, who just really enjoy watching the movies, Ricardo took his passion a step further and created this digital art piece inspired by the world of Mad Max.

And his creation, a post-apocalyptic battle car called the Mad Max Nux, is a stunning replica of the one featured in the movie Fury Road. Pretty spectacular car art, really.

22 Super Upgraded Digital SLS

via theverge.com

The title of this piece is called "Evade" and it was done by digital artist Khyzyl Saleem, who is a fan of cyber-punk type styled cars, and has made several different pieces featuring various models of cars. This one, a Mercedes AMG SLS, has been rendered and modified to look ultra futuristic, with a digital display over the whole windshield, bodywork, coloring, racing tires, amongst any number of other futuristic designs left to the imagination.

The mix between familiar and futuristic is great. Indeed, this is a pretty cool SLS art piece that's much better than the original.

21 Stanced Render Art

via motul.com

Yasid Design is the entity responsible for this sick realistic render of a slammed red Porsche. The realism of this one is what makes it so satisfying as if this was already a real build. While it is an artistic render, this very well could become a real-life ride, and the world would be better for it, really.

Everything about this bagged Porsche is fabulous, the wheel camber, fitment, and bodywork. Its all been perfectly designed to create a hunkered down, sweet car build, though it's only digital. Hopefully, this Porsche is coming to a road near us soon!

20 Should Be A Racing Concept

via hdqwalls.com

This digital artistic interpretation of a racing Porsche is, as the decal indicates, based off of the Porsche 918, the Spyder hybrid that has proven to be one of the greatest and most powerful cars ever made. This person has taken that 918 and added a number of their own touches to it, with a racing body kit, wheels, decals, and tuneup.

If every Porsche looked like this, we'd be really happy. Or at least sold in that beautiful color of blue. The exposed engine in the back is pretty great, too, and gives it that mean racing quality.

19 Racing Porsche By Markus Haub

via silodrome.com

A more artistic approach to a Porsche racing classic, this painting done by Markus Haub is a perfectly blended mix of both accuracy and realism, and artistic license and expression. The color scheme is well balanced, and the goofy wide-eyed face of the classic 1969 Porsche 917K is well illustrated with the perspective of the painting, and instantly recognizable despite the use of abstract techniques.

The lack of anything to distract from the image and the perfect counterbalance of the open door adds to the simplicity of the image. We'd hang this one in our office for sure!

18 Perfectly Abstract General Lee

via behance.net

This iconic muscle car legend has been re-imagined by a digital artist on Behance, where digital artists can upload and share their work to a vast community of artists. The background in complete abstract, with only complementary colors contrasting the orange of the centerpiece, the orange '69 Challenger with a 01 on the side, otherwise known as General Lee, the icon from the wildly popular show The Dukes of Hazzard.

But, of course, all of that goes without saying. It also goes without saying that this belongs on any given desktop background at any moment.

17 Mean Looking Camaro Art

via fliptab.io

I think it's safe to say that we wish every single Camaro looked like this because if they did, we'd be buying them and driving them as often as possible. With a mean front end, curved downwards and made more aggressive by the artist, along with the big engine sticking way out of the hood, this Camaro looks no-nonsense, all about power and speed.

Just how we like it, really. With the artistic orange lines, smoke, and dramatic lighting, this is an awesome rendition, most assuredly better than the original.

16 Mad Max 2 Render

via fanart.tv

This Mad Max fan art from the second movie is pretty spectacular and extraordinarily realistic. Anymore these days, the digital art programs and rendering processes create some impossibly realistic images. This is most definitely one of them, with a post-apocalyptic battle car setup center frame, with an extraordinary amount of detail and texture, a foreground that, realistically, is out of focus, and a pale moon in the light blue sky.

That may be the most artistic touch, and it is perfect. Dare we say better than the original? Those movies were great for what they did, but not extraordinarily watchable, especially the sequels.

15 Ghost In The Shell Car Concept

via pinterest.com

The title of this digital art piece is called Ghost In The Shell, and it's by the digital artist by the name of Khyzyl Saleem, who does a fair amount of these cyber-punk car interpretations and designs. This particular cyberpunk creation comes from the movie of the same name, Ghost In The Shell, and it looks pretty sweet with those futuristic headlights, bodywork, and wheels.

Yet, what makes it such a good art piece, is the fact that it still holds a large amount of retro vintage and classic styling. Mending the old with the new, it's great.

14 EV Predator Art

via geektyrant.com

Definitely one of the more unique fan art cars on the list, this is just one of quite a few different cars turned into classic movie icons, most of which have nothing much to do with cars. According to Geek Tyrant, the type of car was carefully chosen to represent in more ways than one the character being portrayed.

I'm not entirely sure why they would have chosen a Tesla Model X electric car to depict one of the most powerful apex predators ever to be imagined, considering the unwieldy and rather unimpressive body style and quality of it.

13 Custom GTR Concept

via wallpaperup.com

Khyzyl Saleem has a few features in our list of fan art cars better than the original, and with good reason, considering his cyberpunk renderings of various cars we're already familiar with are pretty awesome, undeniably so.

This GTR has been completely customized and made over to fit in with the cyberpunk style, with a futuristic windshield, Sci-Fi front end, and a body kit with great fitment. The wheels are mismatched, but clearly, because the back tires are bigger for more grip and power. It just takes the viewer to a world where the cars are all like this.

12 Better Than Any Real Life Golf

via hdwallsbox.com

This heavily modified Golf finds itself on our list because it just looks like an entirely different car in this picture, a fan art car that is better than the original, even though there is nothing wrong with the original Golf.

This one's just better, with fabrication galore, to change the shape of the front end, the hood, the doors, the rear, and the skirting. The result is something that looks a bit like a Scirocco, a bit like a Golf, and a bit like a Renault Clio Sport. While we're not huge on the pink, we can make an exception for this sweet Golf.

11 Art Deco GTA

via rockstargames.com

There is a series of these artistic fan art photos available for perusing on the internet, and it's worth it, because they are all really good renditions and interpretations of a subject.

Igor Stepanov, the artist, took the idea of a classy, retro, art deco feel and applied it to Grand Theft Auto cars and things from the game. Similar, in a way, to movies like Sin City where everything is transmuted into a monochrome classiness, but holds a certain amount of grit. These art pieces are surprisingly interpretive and palatable, considering what the game is actually like.

10 Abstract Asterion Lamborghini

via el-tony.com

This art piece crafted carefully based off of an Asterion Lamborghini concept takes that base shape and the lines and geometry of it to the next level, layering into those shapes more shapes, and expounding upon them, where triangles leap off of the edges of the car, as if they were still part of it, and augment reality in a way that is pleasing in the most artistic of ways.

The reflection and grey monochrome add to how sublime this fan art is, and the way the triangles carry through into the actual car really amplify the abstractness while keeping a hold on the realism.

9 'Disintegrating II' By Fabian Oefner

via coolmaterial.com

This classic retro race car has been blown up. Well, not literally, because that would be way too chaotic and pointless to have as the centerpiece for your art. Instead, this artist systematically broke down every single individual piece in the engine of this fabulous Porsche race car and arranged each piece in just such a manner so as to give the illusion that the car is blowing apart, in perfect synchronicity.

The amount of time and patience for something like this, along with the profound understanding of an engine by the end of it, truly is remarkable and admirable.

8 Vibrant Impressionist Drag Racer

via dragracermag.com

This beautiful, colorful, and rich painting by Tom Fritz is an incredible piece of art, it really is amazing in every way. Somehow Tom Fritz manages to capture perfectly all the emotion behind racing, the history, the richness and vitality, all distilled into one photo.

We feature a few of his pieces in this article, and with very good reason. It's simple, detailed, realistic, yet still full of loose strokes and gestures. It's fantastic, really, truly a great piece of art. The color scheme alone is just so pleasing, and the rich lighting and action make for a dynamic piece.

7 Underwater Ferrari

via silodrome.com

Marcello Petisci is the artist who painted this hyper-realistic depiction of a bubblegum pink classic Ferrari under the water. One of a number that are all part of a series, Marcello depicts classic cars underwater in some kind of way or another, all with hyper-realism, all of which are truly amazing works of art.

This one is one of my personal favorites from the collection, something about the balance of colors and the creative take on a simple portrait of a classic car.

6 Titan 6x6 Concept Art

via carthrottle.com

This artists rendition of a Nissan Titan is a little bit more than just a modernized stylized take on a car that's already been made before. In fact, it's quite a bit more than that, as is pretty easy to see. This Titan is extra beefy, with massive tires, a jagged angular front end, and six wheels. Six wheels has never been seen on a Titan before, but that doesn't mean it should be that way. Clearly.

The roof rack and light bar are a perfect touch, and this rendering is really dramatic, rugged, and futuristic, all in the same moment. I hope we see this manufactured in the future.

5 The Legend Tom Fritz

via route66pubco.com

Tom Fritz is an artist we are featuring a few times in this lineup, because he really is a legend, and has created incredible paintings that have become instant classics. Just looking at this one, it's clear to see that he has a knack for capturing a moment, a feeling, an emotion, and inspiring that excitement and reaction in the viewers of the art.

It's hard to describe how this painting makes me feel, but it's intense, and it's awesome. His style of painting and capturing the motoring world is extraordinarily emotive, and that's why he's so good.

4 Hyperrealistic Cobra Dunked

via yatzer.com

Marcello Petisci has created a series of these paintings that all share this similar theme: iconic cars being submerged in water in some kind of way or another. The hyper-realistic paintings are too incredible to pass up, and we're featuring at least a few in this lineup because of it.

The way he combines some of the most amazing cars in motoring history with a unique kind of artistic expression is really remarkable, and this one is just such an example, a classic Cobra being dropped into an ocean of beautifully painted water.

3 Gorgeous Action Shot

via route66pubco.com

This gorgeous action shot of an old turn of the century racer flying through the desert dust at sunset is perhaps one of the most beautiful paintings of this subject ever created. Credit goes to Tom Fritz, the artist, who has a way with cars and motoring history that exudes a certain amount of nostalgic romance and emotion that just can't really be found in any other kind of art.

It truly is one of a kind, and the way these paintings make the audience feel is extraordinary, drawing out all kinds of feeling and emotions and reactions. Hauntingly beautiful, this is.

2 Fiery BMW Racer

via autoevolution.com

Adrian Mitu used watercolor to create a muted toned painting of a sweet BMW racer in mid-turn, banking hard left and racing across the frame. Turning this photo into a watercolor adds a lot to the picture, and it's great, really. It captures the color and action of a race, the excitement, the action.

This retro BMW has flames belching out of its exhaust pipes, from downshifting as it pitches into the turn of the track, adding to the action of the painting. Plus, the artist has control over just what to bring into focus, and there really isn't much besides the car, which makes it all the focus.

1 Dreamy Brush Strokes

via freebesthdwallpapers.blogspot.com

This lush painting depicts quite the dreamy, hazy scene, with beautiful scenery, trees in full color, sunshine, foliage, like a warm rainbow in the background, and a vibrant, striking work of art highlighted brightly in yellow and white light, the Ferrari. She's clearly proud of her car, and it's understandable, considering this Ferrari is an impeccably built supercar that is capable of extraordinary feats.

This painting flatters the car, too, making it seem a bit softer than in real life, which only adds to the aesthetic of this painting. Makes me want to go on a long drive in the forest in autumn!

Sources: Behance, Silodrome, Art Station

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