25 Pictures Of Frankenstein Trucks We Wish We Could Unsee

While we all respect sentiments, these 25 Frankenstein wheels are something we wish we could unsee.

What joy people get in cutting and pasting together cars is a mystery to most of us. For the general public, a car is simply a means of transport, and mostly a means to an end. Many of us may go for the cheapest beaters around, considering they are the ones that suit our budget the best. For others, cars may be all about showing off status and so the ones who can afford the luxury, go for luxury.

Then come the people who love to modify their cars. It may start simple – with a sticker or wrap, and a body kit or a suspension lift. For the ones who really know what lies under the hood, an engine upgrade or more may be in order. Of course, some modifications really do make a car look so much better than the plain Jane it was before, while some mods are so out there that they may as well be banned.

And finally, to top it all, come the people with Frankenstein cars. These are the guys who couldn’t stick to one car brand and end up driving put-together wheels sometimes held together by nothing more than cheap welding. For many Frankensteiners, it’s the economy of not having to undergo major repairs and just chop-shopping the car using whichever parts are cheap and available. For some, it's more about the sentiments. While we all respect sentiments, these 25 Frankenstein wheels are something we wish we could unsee!

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25 A Redditor’s Dodgy Silverado

Via Reddit

What do you get when you cross a Silverado cab with a bed of a Dodge Dually? No, not a rhetorical question at all. This is a picture shared by a Reddit user of his truck that's very loud and shakes the entire house when he turns on the ignition. This, of course, was on a thread appreciating Frankenstein trucks/cars and garnered quite the praise. To us, it looks like a jigsaw puzzle gone very wrong, never mind the amped suspension.

24 A Ford Rust Bucket

Via TruckTrend

Honestly, this truck has definitely seen much better days. It looks like someone sawed off the original hood and engine compartment from an old Ford truck, and welded in whatever was handy – with (hopefully) a decent engine upgrade. The entire suspension would have to be reworked, and this isn’t a fly-by-the-night project; it would require many a man hour to stop looking like a Frankenstein monster, and more like a truck. For now though, with all the body damage and mismatching pieces, it looks Kafkaesque, to say the least.

23 What’s In A Name?

Via Youtube

So, the truck you see here, or rather, most of the truck you see here is the Chevrolet Advance-Design. It was launched after WWII and considered the first major overhaul of the Chevy trucks after the AK Series had lived their life well and needed to be put out to pasture. Calling this an “advanced design” seems to be a bit of a stretch though, don’t you think? Later, these trucks were replaced by the Task Force series trucks. This one is a Frankenstein all made up of parts from different Advance-Design trucks and looks rather worse for the wear.

22 Just A Little Too Portable

Via Reddit

This truck just went a little too far, to the point most of us won’t even be able to recognize it anymore. There are too many put together parts in it, the kinds that don’t really match. In fact, the double cab built behind the front half of an old truck is reminiscent of a portable toilet, and we wouldn’t be surprised to know if that is what it really was. The bed is just a joke and related more to a hauler than a pickup truck. It may be an effective vehicle, but it isn’t a pleasant looking one at all.

21 When Trucks Hit New Lows

Via TruckTrend

This truck seems to have taken up the challenge of “how low can you go." Or maybe the owner and tinkerer did. And so he lowered the truck to an impossible donk letting nothing but a little air ride between the suspension and the harshness of the road. God forbid if you ever had to take this over a pothole or a speedbump. It just wouldn’t make it – and that’s the sad end to a put together truck that has a bit of Ford in it as well.

20 Overstretched A Tad?

Via Flickr

In case you ever wanted a truck that was part hauler and part pickup – here’s the answer to a question most of us would never ask. It looks as if someone stretched out the hauler and attached a smaller trolley/bed to the end, making this look like one very lopsided truck with an identity crisis of sorts. Of course, something like this had to be spotted outside Walmart – and since we have all been privy to the strangest sights as Walmart, this shouldn’t come as a surprise, right?

19 The Truck Trifecta

Via TruckTrend

So when you're really in the mood for some sort of cubism, here’s the truck you should get. It's been put together using the parts of three different trucks as is obs from the size, shape and of course, body paint. There is a Chevy front, with a cab from another similarly sized Chevy truck – and then comes the bed, from a third truck which we cannot identify. We are only thankful that the suspension seems to be doing a good job of holding it all together, and that the tires are all the same make and size.

18 The John Deere Jalopy

Via LMCTruckLife

So this was a sad little Ford truck – a 1952 Ford F1 to be exact that was found out in some pasture with literally nothing more than the body frame. To create this into a Frankenstein truck, the owners went all out with the familiar green paint of John Deere tractors and heavy vehicles. That’s the secret behind this little “jewel’s” glossy green look, as per LMC Truck Life. Of course, they also put in a whole new engine, suspension, and all the works to make this little beauty work.

17 Backward? Forward? Wait a Minute!

Via Motor1

Imagine if you were cruising down the road and spotted a Chevy coming your way, against the traffic? Your heart would skip a few beats till you realized that it was moving away from you – so you’d slack-jawed gape at the foolhardy driver driving in reverse on a highway. You’d speed up to pass the car, and realize that the truth was stranger than fiction. The car was like a double-sided trick. According to Motor1, this is what you get when you conjoin two cabs together, minus any pickup bed!

16 What Are You Looking At?

Via Youtube

No, this is not the vehicle from your scary dream that has come to life to chase you. This is a 1940 Dodge Milk Truck Rat Rod – and for the proud owner/tinkerer, it’s quite the work of art. The front of the truck isn’t what the old Dodge Milk Truck looks like in its original form, though the rust-coated appearance of the vehicle is enough to give you pause and make you think that this is a truck in its originality. This is a Frankenstein truck in all its glory, with the suspension lowered enough to please even the most lowered of all donks.

15 The Frankenstein Monster Truck

Via Reddit

So technically, this is all Comanche, as in Jeep Comanche; albeit hoisted atop larger than life tires. However, this particular Jeep Comanche, according to Reddit, took plenty of time and money to look like this. It is originally a 88 truck fitted with a 94 engine and transmission, completely rebuilt on a restored body frame. And it does look, well, different from what a Comanche actually looks like. Do we like it? Frankly, no. The Comanche was a good looking vehicle, it did not need a lift or bigger tires.

14 The Half-Mil Coyote Custom Ford

Via RoadkillCustoms

If you think Frankenstein vehicles exist because people don’t want to spend too much on repairs, then this truck will prove you wrong. According to Roadkill Customs, this rather strange “Coyote Truck” was built from the skeleton of a 1955 Ford F100. Not only did it cost $500,000 to build this contraption, but it also took three and a half years for the final result to look like this. Honestly, you could almost get a house for this sort of money, and more than a couple of spanking new Ford trucks instead.

13 A Frankenstein In Making

Via RodAuthority

So when you strip a truck down to its bare bones, this is what you get. And it’s not a pretty sight, is it? This is what goes into making a true Frankenstein – a nut from here, a bolt from there and more parts from here and there. There's a lot of time, effort and parts that go into refurbishing a truck that is way past its life and onto its last legs – but for those who love their old vehicles, it's more than just a pastime. It’s a passion.

12 A Search And Rescue On Asphalt?

Via Reddit

So technically, all snow trucks, so mounted with snow treads like tanks instead of tires become Frankenstein trucks. They've been fitted with a part that does not belong to them per se. What makes this picture look even more ludicrous is that this truck belongs where the snow is, instead of just standing in the middle of the asphalt and looking fantastically out of place. The seriousness of its search and rescue status looks a little lost in translation here.

11 When Frankenstein Had A Twin

Via Pinterest

No, you are not having double vision. There are really two twin Frankenstein trucks in this picture – each looking worse than its sibling. They seem to have an almost locomotive jaw – the kind of bumpers you say in old coal or steam-powered trains. These two rust buckets sit together in such a forlorn state though, and they're being built up by the owners' piece-by-piece into something we cannot even recognize. They look like a cross between dumpsters and pickups, with a bit of steam engine thrown in for good measure.

10 A PickUp Truck, Or A LiftBed?

Via GTSpeed

This one is quite the oddity. According to GT Speed, this peculiar vehicle seems to have been put together using the front half of a Unimog and a flat cargo bed from god knows where. Now, the website also states that this Frankenstein truck is a front-wheel drive but even more surprising is the rear suspension. It pivots and lowers the carbo bed and turns this odd tow truck into a ramp truck as well. Ingenious and worthy of attention, for sure!

9 For The Love Of Wood

Via Youtube

Never seen a woodsier truck (or should we say wagon?) than this. While it’s okay to go Frankenstein on vehicles if that is what you want, it’s even better if you can stick to being Frankenstein with things that do go into making cars. Namely, metal. Metal, other than being flame resistant, break resistant and strong – does not splinter on impact, or merrily burn to ashes. Wood, on the other hand, does. Which is why most cars we see, do not have wood in them. Bad, bad Frankenstein.

8 Too Many Doors And Colors

Via Pinterest

At first glance, this seems a more of a Mardi Gras prop than an actual vehicle. But look closely enough, or don’t, and one does realize that this is a true blue modded Frankenstein truck. One with too much paint and wrap to take note off though, and far too many cab doors to wrap one's head around. The truck bed also seems to have a hydraulic opening, with a TV thrown in for good measure. Talk about luxury with a dose of ludicrous!

7 The Put-Together Trucks Of Cuba

Via TruckPlanet

According to Truck Planet, in Cuba, you’d find made-up builds like these on just about every street. Years of trade embargoes hit Cuba hard and getting your hands on a new truck proved nearly impossible for the common man over there. Their solution? Truck builds, so built by just about everyone and using whichever car parts were available and cheap. Notice the different front and rear end tires? And that strangely concocted hood? Scrap metal, old car parts and perhaps more went into building this truck that holds it together when it runs, rather surprisingly.

6 The Pickup Truck Hauler

Via Pinterest

Some people are so passionate about Frankenstein-ing their vehicle, that they don’t even spare their spanking new rides. Case in question, this truck – that has been woefully stripped off its bed, and had a hauler like a ramp affixed in place. The thing is, if you want a hauler, get a hauler. Why turn a perfectly serviceable pickup truck into a comical mini hauler, consider the pickup bed would, in any case, have hauled what you wanted in the first place?

5 That’s It, We Give Up!

Via Pinterest

Seriously, people, now just try and explain this one to us. It looks like someone took the bottom half of a forklift, suspension and all, and attached a very dilapidated truck cab to it. And then attached a very tiny engine to the front, but forgot to cover the same with a hood. Two different sets of tires went into this strange contraption, making it look like a tiny tractor. And let’s not talk about the pickup bed, or rather, the nonexistence of it at all.

4 Anyone Up For This Relic?

Via MecumAuctions

Apparently, this little red wonder has been hauling stuff since 1939, employed by Goober’s Donkey Farm. What it hauled is a mystery to us, considering its current donk status with a very lowered suspension. Note the smokestacks and the very, very strange paint that likely gave most of the donkeys it purportedly hauled a heart attack as well. The elaborate fenders and side steps are clearly modded; as is that pickup bed and do note those white sidewall tires as well. Any takers?

3 The I-Was-A-Sedan-Once Pickup

Via Reddit

This could be a Bel Air modified to a sad, sad degree – or a Caddy modified to an even sadder one. We cannot figure out the actual car underneath all the trimmings, and the fact that the backend has been stripped of a boot and its dignity, and turned into a pickup bed instead. The paint job difference in the “cab” part of the car and the bed part of the car also tells a tale of the difference between the two car halves. Clearly a strange Franken vehicle that was born out of a strange, strange mind.

2 The One-Too-Many Parts Ford

Via TruckHomeEnthusiastsNews

Yet another under-process Franken mod, this is a classic Ford pickup that's been given shape, color and size by its current master, and possible rescuer. That’s the thing with Frankenstein vehicles, once you start on a project, it never really stops. Not till you find something better to do with your time and money. It’s an addiction – there’s always more you can add, subtract or do to the truck to make it speak volumes about you, the owner. As they say though, too much of a good thing can be bad.

1 The Littlest Pickup Truck, Ever

Via Oddimotive

According to Oddimotive, this is perhaps the oddest vehicle they came across. Despite the website’s obvious love for odd little things that run on wheels. This is not just a pickup truck, it’s a pickup truck that has been built, from scratch. Or rather, from a 1967 Beetle. And while it is completely adorable, it is also completely useless. It would not be able to haul anything more than stares, but it’s the best Frankenstein we’ve seen in a while – or the worst. Take your pick!

Sources: Via Motor1, Reddit, Roadkill Customs, GT Speed, Truck Planet, Oddimotive

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