26 Pictures Of License Plates The DMV Actually Approved

The wide world of motoring involves a certain aspect that a lot of people don't even give much of a second thought. It's more of a chore, a dreaded obligation, something compulsory and obligatory. That aspect is the requirement to register every car with the local authorities and get license plates. It's such a bother because it involves going to the applicable department of motoring, waiting in line for countless hours, and more often than not, costing a large sum of money.

But not everyone thinks of it as so serious, because there are actually, in a lot of places, an option to have a fully customized license plate, one that has to be unique, of course, but can say virtually anything. Of course, these vanity plates have a fair number of restrictions; they have to be appropriate for all ages and not vulgar in any way. Of course, that hasn't stopped many from working the system and figuring out ways to fool those who approve the plate into thinking it's not vulgar at all, completely G-rated. It seems a bit easier than one might imagine, too.

While we won't be featuring any of the vulgar vanity plates found on the internet (they're easy to find), we are going to take a look at some of the most humorous out there, the kind that are still surprising that they were approved at all. Let's take a look at 25 plates the DMV actually approved.

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26 Not Poor

via carponents.com

This person is apparently all about having status, more so than anything else, too. While it's a relief to know they aren't in financial trouble, it's not okay to imply that being poor is something to be ashamed of. In any case, for perhaps no effort on their part, they have good taste in cars.

This classic Porsche Carrera is something of a collector's item, and while kind of pricey, it's worth much more than the money it costs to get one. These cars are true drivers cars, classics that stand the test of time as some of the best examples of car engineering ever made.

25 Can I Askew A Question?

via ebaumsworld.com

It's hard to understand just what it is that happened here with this particular license plate, but it sure is hilarious. They must have decided it would be funny enough to get a plate made up and take a screw out of the one side so that not only does it say "askew," but it also is askew.

I imagine that it made no sense to the worker who had to approve it, mostly because it's such a random and specific word. Maybe there's also an inside joke along with it. Or maybe they lost a dare.

24 Karmaaa

via pinterest.com

The irony isn't lost on this license plate, that's for sure. It's unclear as to what exactly the kind of karma it is that's being referred to, whether it's bad or good, but it seems like a triumphant kind of karma, as it has the emphatic extra A's on the end.

Maybe the point is that they get to always have the front row parking spot no matter where they are. I imagine, if we're trying to focus on all the positive things, that that would be pretty nice.

23 Big Loan Indeed

via pinterest.com

The owner of this beautiful orange Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder is quite upfront about it, it's hard to be anything but that when it comes to owning one of the most conspicuous cars in the world.

But, they are frank about the fact that while, yes, they do own a Lamborghini, that doesn't mean it didn't involve a "big loan" as the license plate divulges to the world. It gives everyone else a good chuckle because owning a car can be expensive, especially if it's a Gallardo. Good one.

22 Can't Walk

via stubbornthoughts.com

When it comes to life-changing events, especially ones that involve mobility, it can be a very difficult change to have to cope with and go through. It's often said that a positive spirit and a great sense of humor are the best things to help.

It seems the owner of this bright orange van most assuredly has the sense of humor thing down pat, enough so to even make everyone laugh as they see this plate while they drive by, or see it in the parking lot. Life's all about making the best of the situation you have, and this person is an inspiring example.

21 Evil Bimmer

via vwvortex.com

Someone in Texas has a hilarious sense of humor, and not a small amount of cleverness, too. They saw an opportunity, and they took it, went for it completely. Probably either the college student or the parent of a college student, they realized they could get a license plate with the state symbol on it, a yellow M.

It only made sense what to do from there, clearly, make it seem like the plate is laughing maniacally as if it was some kind of arch-villain of some evil kind or another. Definitely a solid chuckle from us, and from anyone who happens to see it.

20 Fanboy 101

via funnysigns.com

There's something about this person's car that gives me a hint that they might be into something, some kind of show? Or some kind of movie, maybe? It's hard to say just exactly what it is they are a fan of...

Of course, it's entirely clear that they are perhaps the biggest fan of the movie franchise Star Wars, with a license plate, decals, an alumni sticker for the Jedi Academy, amongst other things. This is definitely a lesson in what it means to be a fanboy or fangirl.

19 Makes Sense, Only In Cali

via funnylicenseplates.wordpress.com

It's a little hard to decipher at first what this license plate is trying to say, but with a little bit of reading, it becomes clear that it says "I'm boxed in." Which, when you think about what California is most famous for (besides Hollywood and Botox), it makes a lot of sense.

The traffic in California is infamously bad, and to put this on a license plate is a hilarious statement about the sad state of the roads, and also potentially a sly existential cry for help, which is always worth a good chortle.

18 May Have Spelled It Wrong

via electrek.com

This person is apparently a fan of stating the very obvious, as they've labeled their car, widely known as, and eminently clearly is, an electric car, a Tesla, with a custom plate that reads "electric." Can we get an award to Captain Obvious?

Well, almost reads "electric", anyways, as not only is the letter count too many, it would've likely already been taken by someone else. So, they did the only logical thing, and went completely illiterate. Either that or they already were. Likely, considering they decided to buy a Tesla.

17 No Gas Tank

via reddit.com

Another fan of stating the obvious, this Tesla owner would really like to brag about how they don't have a gas tank for their car, as if that makes it better than any alternatives. While electric cars are probably the future of the motoring industry, that doesn't immediately qualify anyone as an elitist environmentalist. It's about carbon footprint above all else.

Having a positively massive, nigh impossible to dispose of battery that uses equally finite resources like precious metals, alloys, and rare earth materials doesn't exactly equal sustainability. Besides, buying used is most assuredly the greenest thing anyone can do. There are plenty of cars in the world, we don't need more of them, electric or not.

16 Pet Shark

via topsimages.com

This may perhaps be the most demoralizing and insulting thing ever done to a Porsche Carrera GT, to call it a pet, and to liken it to a shark. Whoever owns this thing doesn't perhaps know what it's like to be a car person, a gear head, or to have a passion for cars beyond a thing to buy if you have the money.

It is an amusing title, and it's easy to see why they might be inclined to label it as something like that, considering just how powerful and insane of a supercar the GT really is. It's a dream car of mine, without a doubt.

15 Rated M for M Series

via bimmerfest.com

This is another inordinately clever license plate done by a BMW owner, much like the entry with the license plate that reads "muahaha," as if it was some kind of evil villain.

Again this owner took things to a sinister place, saying that their car is "rated M", not for mature, as the mind tends to think, but rather, with a play on words, rated M for M series, as this is a BMW M4. Which, by the way, is a spectacularly performance oriented car, with loads of power, drivability, and endless fun.

14 Rubix Cube

via pinterest.com

This person saw an opportunity, and they took it. They took it, ran with it, and never looked back, not once, not even a little bit. Though they spelt Rubik's wrong, the fact is that they did a really clever thing here.

Taking a car named the Cube and giving it a plate that says "Rubix" is a clever and smart way to make a pretty hilarious joke. That and Rubik's Cubes are generally awesome in every way. If they own cubes and can solve them, it makes everything all that much better.

13 See Ya Bro, Kind Of

via pinterest.com

This is a classic example of someone thinking perhaps just a little bit too much of themselves because they have a "sports car" of some kind or another. Probably bought as a mid-life crisis of some sort, the owner of this car thinks they are a hot rod, telling one telling all that he'll "see ya bro."

That's all fine and dandy, except of course that he owns and early 2000's Corvette. Which only means one thing: it's pitifully slow. It's widely known that the new Ford Fiesta R has more get up and go than any Corvette from this era, and that's a hatchback. Nice try.

12 Find The "L"

via guff.com

It's a bit hard to say for sure what exactly they were going for with this license plate, if they were trying to make a statement that they were always heading seaward, because they love the ocean (and they're bad at spelling) or if they were, the more likely option, being a bit more clever than that.

The L badge of the car really completes it, turning "seaword" into "sea world". While it's baffling as to why anyone would be proponent of an atrociously inhumane place like Sea World, it's still clever.

11 Formula Angry

via pinterest.com

At least they're upfront about the whole thing, right? Maybe they went to anger management classes and realized that they needed to accept their anger as a step in the right direction. Or they decided it was just a part of who they were, and they weren't afraid to let the world know.

Either way, this formula angry car is stuck behind another car turning left, so hopefully, they aren't in a rush or having a bad day. Watch out world, this dude's angry.

10 Good Thing You Have A Jag

via topsimages.com

Maybe this person is always late everywhere, and no matter how hard they try, they can't seem to ever get there on time, so they just bought a Jaguar to solve the problem, as they are very fast cars.

Or perhaps, the alternative was so that they had an excuse to speed, like, all the time. "Why were you speeding?" the cop would ask. "Didn't you read my license plate, sir?" would be the answer. Either way, we can all relate, and it's worth a good chuckle.

9 Honda Accord, Duh

via funnylicenseplates.wordpress.com

Worth a good chuckle at the initial read, it starts to become rather mysterious as to why someone would go through all the trouble at all to have this on their license plate. It's not like anyone would ever ask what kind of car they have, because it really is just that obvious.

They're answering a question that no one was asking, so it's unclear if they're being ironic, or perhaps they thought the joke was so funny they just had to put it on their plates. Or, they were just being really Hon-dumb.

8 Impatient McLaren

via exoticwhips.tv

If I owned a McLaren, I would probably agree with the sentiments of this license plate, and often times in traffic I would find myself silently cursing those same words, as I wait to go at a stoplight, or stuck in stop and go for no apparent reason.

Or maybe, trying to for once open it up a little bit while merging onto the highway only to be stuck behind a slow minivan rust bucket. Then again, if I did own a McLaren, it most assuredly wouldn't be my daily driver, and I'd probably have a racing license and spend my time down at the track.

7 It's Tony!

via pinterest.com

While Tony stark never owned a blacked out Audi R8, and I'm pretty sure he was only ever seen in an R8 Spyder, this person at least got the car model right. They must also be a pretty big fan of a major movie franchise, this time instead of Star Wars it's the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

They wanted their license plate to act as if they were Tony Stark, but the problem was "Stark" was already taken, so they were unable to give him that. (Probably because the real Tony already claimed it.) Too bad for the wannabe.

6  The Important Things

via tacomaworld.com

This person has taken a bit of a different tack when it comes to just how to label their car with a custom license plate. Instead of using a clever play on words, some kind of motoring related statement, or anything else relevant, they've simply had their license plate say "Cheese and Beer".

It really is about the important things in life, and to this person, cheese and beer are quite important. As they should be, of course. If we saw this on the roads, we'd follow them home and crack a cold one with the boys.

5 They Accelerate

via pinterest.com

This is a very plain and straightforward statement from someone who owns a Dodge Challenger SRT-8, which is a seriously fast car. Another award should go to this Lieutenant Obvious, unless of course they don't in fact own a SRT-8, but really just own the license plate holder.

In any case, it's clear that they accelerate, which, almost every living thing on this planet does in some form or another. Scientifically speaking, braking is also a form of acceleration, so when they have to slam on the brakes for the red light like the rest of us, we're all accelerating.

4 Who Needs It?

via estravaganzi.com

Here we have a Tesla owner thinking that they are some kind of environmental elitist, when really they bought their Tesla for one reason and one reason alone: a statement of status. It's clear that Tesla, while obviously doing a really good thing and advancing the field of electric cars, is also a luxury brand.

And like a luxury brand, the focus is taken a bit away from pure efficiency. There are plenty of greener and cheaper options out there if one was looking to actually be a diehard environmentalist. Instead, point the finger and laugh while their company fails at sustainability just like big oil.

3 You Don't Say...

via bimmerpost.com

The gold medal for the most obvious of all the Captain Obvious's must go to this person, as they've gone past all other forms of obvious and straight to the plainest, straightforward, and the obvious thing of them all: they've labeled their license plate as a license plate.

Good going, honestly, as that is so obvious that it's quite funny, especially if you find that kind of humor especially amusing, as this person clearly does, due to the fact they felt inspired enough by the joke to actually pay to have it.

2 Deviled Egg

via imgur.com

Who really knows where the idea for this one came from, as it clearly involved a little bit more than just a simple stop by the DMV to have some plates changed. It's always a wonder whether they painted their car and then came up with the idea for the license plate, or if they had the license plate first before they decided to make the car match.

It was probably some kind of joint process, likely the owner of this Mazda 2 is really just a huge fan of deviled eggs. I always say deviled eggs are the only reason I go to parties, but I don't think I'd go this far. I wonder which came first, the chicken or the deviled egg.

1 Don't Tell Me What To Do!

via pinterest.com

The irony of this photo is almost too much. Much more than should be allowed for one photo. It's almost criminal, really. And while it most assuredly isn't funny that someone got rear ended, the situational humor of it is too much to even pass up.

It makes you wonder if, perhaps, the person who ran into this car saw the please stop license plate and thought "nobody tells me what to do!" and decided not to stop. For the rebellious readers out there, the temptation makes almost too much sense, the temptation too much to bear. Worth the spike in insurance, even.

Sources: Pinterest, Bimmer Post & Carponents

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