20 Pictures Of Lifts That Defy All Logic And Reason

It is going to be a pretty hard sell to convince a lot of people that these aren't lifts that defy all logic and reason.

There is probably not a good reason that you can think of as to why you would need to go and make adjustments to your vehicle so that it is higher off the ground. And even if there was a reason that you could think of, such as that it might make your car look awesome, this list might do a pretty good job of leaving you with the opinion that these vehicles should have just stayed the height that they were when they were first manufactured. Because it is going to be a pretty hard sell to convince a lot of people that these aren't lifts that defy all logic and reason, even if that did not stop these people from making the changes.

These adjustments might be particularly wacky for you to see if you hold the opinion that you should not require a ladder to be handy for whenever you need to get in and out of your car. And good luck going through certain parking garages or things like drive-thru's that have height barricades! Which means that for most of these vehicles the decision to lift their vehicle up must also cause them some serious issues at times. Though at least the added height means that you should always be able to see these vehicles coming down the road. But that just might mean that it works as a warning sign to get the heck out of their way because an accident with these cars is a great way to make a bad situation even worse.

20 Tallest Punch Buggy You'll Ever See

Via Tops Images

One of the most alarming things about this list is the style of vehicle that you are going to see that people have decided to lift high in the sky. Such as the next entry on our list, as the owner has clearly put in the time and effort to try and make their small punch buggy become the focal point of the road whenever they go out for a spin. The huge lift kit that they have gone with is definitely still far from the most practical thing in the entire world which means that this vehicle is better left as a fun thing to look at and not drive.

19 At Least They Keep It Clean?

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It does not matter what vehicle you are driving, if you are not going to take care of it you are going to end up hurting the overall aesthetic of the vehicle. And one of the best things that you can do to make sure that your car is always looking its best is to make sure that you are taking the time to go and get it washed once it gets some grime on it. And while you might not think that the next entry of the list is the best look, at least you are not going to be able to fault the owner's level of care when it comes to their treatment of their vehicle.

18 Watch Out For The Glare!

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When it comes to the next entry that you are looking at on our list, it is very possible that you might think the most distracting thing about this vehicle is the crazy amount of shine that is coming off of it. Which also means that as long as you were observant enough, at the very least you might be able to use this vehicle as a mirror. Which would also have a pretty positive impact on the number of days that you end up leaving the house sporting a bad hair day or fashion that does not make you look the best! Though the giant lift kit that has been used also means that this car is not looking its best.

17 No One Should Drive This Trix Car

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There are many different things that you can eat for breakfast to help make sure your day has gotten off to a good start. This includes cereal depending on what brand you choose to go with, as there are many options out there that provide many of the key nutrients that you need to help keep your body healthy. But when it comes to trying to make the best decision in terms of breakfast cereal, you probably should not come away with the decision to purchase Trix. Though this person could have Trix every day for breakfast and it would still probably not be as harmful as a decision as what they chose to do to their car.

16 This Car Didn't Need To Be Longer

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One of the other vehicles that you have had the ability to view on this list is a limo that someone decided to get lifted. And while that was a very questionable decision, so was this person's idea to extend the back of their truck. Which might have some value if they need to haul around things on a regular basis from, say, a construction site. But in terms of aesthetic value, this car definitely leaves something to be desired. Such as the head-scratching that might be occurring on your end when you look at their lift kit, decal choice, and purple wheels.

15 Do We Need Wheels That Light Up?

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There are many different things that you can do to your vehicle to help change up the look of it. And one of the more recent trends that you might have started to notice is people who have decided to put lights where the wheels of the vehicle are. And when you factor in that this person combined the lights with adding a lift kit to the car, it is evident that it is the part of the car that they want people to be focusing on whenever they try and show it off. It's just too bad that many people might be left thinking that this is not something to brag about!

14 Green and Purple Can Look Awesome (But Not Here)

Via Hot Cars

It does not take very long when looking at this next car to come to the conclusion that this person loves combining the color purple with the green. But just because they are not the worst two colors to put together does not mean that the owner of this vehicle has come away with a winning decision. If they had decided to keep their wheels close to the ground and had also removed the green aesthetic from them, they might at least have been able to avoid leaving you questioning their decision-making to the extent that you might be now.

13 It Can Definitely Go Off Road

Via Fly In Miata

There are many things that you might love getting to do because you have access to a car that has the ability to go "off-roading." Such as having some great time in the summer by going camping. And when you consider the amount of dirt that this person has on their car, it is definitely clear that they are plenty familiar with spending time in the great outdoors. But just because this car clearly has the ability to go off-roading does not mean that you did not look at it and think that it needs to instead just be taken off the road.

12 Would You Trust It In The Snow?

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If you are going to drive during the winter, I would hope that you take the time to make sure you are being aware of the potential weather conditions that could make the road a more dangerous place to be. Such as having to go for a drive when there is snow on the ground. And if you are driving around in a truck that is lifted like this next one is, you also need to make sure you prepare for the potential impact that being higher up is going to have on your ability to keep yourself and the others around you safe, especially because rear-ending someone might be a lot worse with the added height.

11 Watch Out Leaving This Truck

Via RV

It is possible that you might look at some of the entries on our list and at least kind of get an idea as to why the person would have made the modifications that they did to their vehicle. But if you are drawing a blank when it comes to this particular job, then you absolutely are not the only one. The yellow lift kit is not only unappealing when combined with the color of the truck, but the whole thing looks incredibly unsafe. You just have to hope that the owner or passengers never go to jump out of the truck without thinking and find themselves needing to drive to the hospital for a broken ankle!

10 Embracing The Wooden Aesthetic

Via Station Wagon Forums

This owner was clearly not happy with how their car looked originally. But if you are going to go to the extent to make the modifications that they did to this car, then you might want to instead just start putting that money aside to go and purchase an entirely new car. Sure, you probably are not going to be able to save up enough money to go and buy a car that actually comes with scissor doors, like a fancy Lamborghini, but you'd probably still come away with something that looks a lot better then what this owner is rocking.

9 Donkey Kong Should Probably Smash This Car

Via Speed Monkey

When you look at the other people that are standing by the vehicle in this next photo you can get a better understanding as to just how huge their vehicle is. But just because they managed to get wheels on this car that makes the car even higher up than these individuals, does not mean it is a decision that should have been implemented. At least getting Donkey Kong on the side of their car is something that if you are a gamer you might think is pretty cool. But even the world's biggest Donkey Kong fan would probably have a tough time agreeing to drive around in this car.

8 This Car Should Just Stay Off The Road

Via Reddit

You might actually find yourself thinking that if some of the vehicles on our list did not have the ridiculous lifts that they did that you would not mind driving them around. But that probably is not the case when it comes to the next vehicle that we have featured for you. Because this truck definitely looks like it has seen better days and that is not even factoring in the lift system that they have gone with. Let's just hope that when they finally retire this truck that they also retire the idea of doing a lift job like this.

7 Do You Think This Is a Special Vehicle?

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The quality of this photo seems to indicate that the owner wanted to have a nice photoshoot to help show off their lift and wheels that to their credit does make their car stand out from the others on the road. But just because they thought their car was special for all the right reasons, does not mean that it is an opinion that you are also going to share. And when you consider it is a gorgeous car, it might just make you all the more disappointed at the decision that this owner made to get the gaudy wheels added to the vehicle.

6 Spikes Aren't Needed On a Truck

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The amount of work that has been done to this car is not all bad as there was clearly a great deal of skill involved in getting the outside of the car to look the way that it does. And they are clearly proud of the diesel performance that they get out of their vehicle. But the cool looking paint/wrap job is still not enough to make you look at this car and think that you may want to take it for a drive. Especially because the owner inexplicably decided that they wanted to add some spikes to the wheels of their car. At least the spikes only seem to be on the front.

5 Do You Need a Running Start To Get In?

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It is very possible that if you wanted to get comfortably into this car, that you would need to make sure you have some space to get a good running start and take a hop. But that also means that anytime you want to get in and out that you are going to have to make sure you are not crammed up against another car in a parking lot. You also might want to make sure there aren't people around who would surely not be able to resist watching as you tried, but logically ultimately failed, at looking awesome while you get into this car that surely cost some money to adjust. Though surely there were also better ways to spend their money.

4 Imagine Needing a Tire Replacement?

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One of the most inconvenient things that you can have to get replaced on your vehicle is your tires. Which means that hopefully when this person went ahead with their decision to get their tires modified in such an extreme way, that they made sure to also get some backup tires done up to be able to put on in case of emergency. Because while I am sure this person thinks their copper and gold color scheme makes them look fancy, and at the end of the day it really is only their opinion that matters, they would probably agree that they would find themselves looking ridiculous if they only had 3 wheels that looked like this.

3 Stay Out Of This Limo!

Via Bang Shift

It can be a lot of fun when you get the opportunity to get together with a group of friends for a night out. And if you just happen to have a really special occasion to celebrate, such as a wedding, you might even want to spring out the extra cash to go and rent something like a limousine to get you from point A to B. But if you were trying to save some money on the night, you might want to make sure that you do not skimp when it comes to paying for your transportation, as being driven around in something like this vehicle is sure to be a lot more scary than exhilarating.

2 You Could Walk Under This

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There is no shortage of insane looking lifts that are on our list, but there is a reason that now that you have made it all the way to the bottom of the list that we have saved something truly bizarre. Because if you ever wanted to get even kind of close to the entrance of this car, you are definitely going to need a ladder to help get in. Not just a stepladder, a full-on ladder! Though if this person was a huge fan of monster car trucks then at least it would help make their decision making seem a bit more logical.

1 No Hummer Needs 34 Inch Wheels

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In order to make sure that you are safe when you are driving on the road there are many things that you need to be factoring in. Such as what are the other vehicles on the road and how are the other drivers acting, because an irrational or angry driver is definitely something that you need to be aware of. Something that might also be all the more important to keep in mind is if the owner is driving around in a gigantic Hummer. A vehicle that is big enough in its own right but perhaps became even more unsightly in your eyes when 34-inch wheels get added!

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