10 Ugly Modded Trucks (And 10 That Are Pretty Epic)

Trucks are favored greatly by many U.S. drivers—and for good reason. They offer versatility at reasonable rates. Double-cab trucks can carry five people in comfort and style, making for something that's at home off-trail, on commutes, and on the drive to drop the kids off at school. Trucks can overcome any obstacle on (or off) the road and are ideal for places with lots of inclement weather. Nothing says confidence like powering through massive snowdrifts with your big lift kit, chunky tires, and powerful engine.

Trucks are also prized for their performance. While many are geared specifically towards going off-road and generating massive amounts of torque, many trucks can be quite quick. Performance and practicality make a great combination, leading many drivers to choose trucks over the classic selection of sedans and SUVs.

Many people’s love of trucks leads them to make their rides their own by modifying them, and these can either vastly improve the truck or wreck its appeal. Lift kits, tires, and engine work are all wonderful when done in the right quantities, but overkill can make a truck undesirable. Many of these owners have achieved that balance between performance, looks, and practicality. However, many have missed the mark and created atrocities that are awfully hard on everyone’s eyes. When these owners succeed in modifying their car to the correct degree, they succeed well. When they miss the mark, they miss it by miles.

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20 Amazing

via Off-Road.com

The lift kit on this truck is a little over the line and is excessively tall. Fortunately, the purpose-built nature of the truck redeems it and makes it awesome. A raised suspension makes space for large and chunky tires with enough tread and clearance to take the driver of the truck just about anywhere that he'd like to go.

The massive amount of storage space holding important gear and tools is what truly redeems this ride.

Tools such as a spare tire and shovel provide assistance when this truck or others get stuck and could certainly come in handy. The container can likely hold lots of adventure gear, making this ride appealing.

19 Amazing

via Reddit

This is a new Jeep Renegade that's been modified quite nicely to look like the older classic Jeep Comanche. The Renegade is small, compact, capable, quite handsome, and normally sold as essentially a crossover with off-roading ability.

The modification to add a bed to this ride, giving it a classic and stately look, makes for quite the truck.

It's more practical, better looking, and just a better vehicle all around. It's now geared up for whatever its driver can throw at it, be that off-roading on snow or mud, hauling cargo, or going on adventures just about anywhere.

18 Amazing

via Expedition Portal

This heavily modded Toyota Tundra is exactly what we like to see in a truck. It's powerful, practical, and intimidating. Huge tires provide enough contact to use the full potential of the truck's torque, muscling it across this large puddle quite easily. The raised and offset suspension makes this easier, providing for a wider track and protecting the engine bay from excess water. Additionally, the truck is equipped with a cargo box and roof basket, allowing it to carry more amenities and gear for your next adventure. This owner uses the truck for what it was built for rather than letting it sit in a garage or in a parking lot, alone and unused.

17 Amazing

via Pinterest

Again, this owner is using his incredible truck to actually off-road, not just to pose. A raised and modified suspension helps this truck traverse obstacles by giving the chunky wheels more space to travel, while at the same time making it look intimidating and strong when on the road. With plenty of space in the trunk, this ride can carry just about anything you'd need for any sort of adventurous trip, making it an obvious choice for any traveler.

A strong metal brush guard adds to the intimidating maw of the truck.

The large set of lights mounted up front will ensure that this driver can off-road even in the dead of night.

16 Amazing

via imgur.com

The Toyota Hilux is known to car enthusiasts as the ideal vehicle for Polar expeditions. This example is no exception. Shown on Top Gear, this powerful beast has what it takes to succeed in even the most hostile of environments. Six wheels provide for more power applied to the ground and a better capacity for cargo and gear, which you'll need if you're traveling with this truck. The brush guard protects the headlights and the undercarriage of the truck, ensuring that you'll have no damage to the engine. A winch can get you or other off-roaders out of trouble, which is certainly a handy addition.

15 Amazing

via Truck Trend

This list starts off mild, but that’s okay. This truck is subtly modded and looks imposing. One of the most important parts of modding a truck is nailing a tough and muscular look, and the additions on this truck certainly accomplish that. Black metal, brush guards, and black rims make this truck look intimidating. The chunky tires, light rack up front, and bumper reinforcement are all useful modifications, making this truck even better off-road than it was in its stock form. This is definitely a ride we would all like to take off-roading due to its impressive looks and features.

14 Amazing

via Reddit

This mildly modified Toyota Tacoma is certainly a keeper. It looks incredible, first of all. Blacked-out rides always look amazing, and this Tacoma is no exception. Black rims with large and grippy tires pair well with the black body. The brush guard and shield are functional, protecting the Tacoma's engine and bumper from rocks, logs, and all manner of snags on the trail. In traffic, the engine will be protected, too, making these modifications all the more useful. The lift kit looks great, too, providing added clearance without becoming impossible to drive. The grille may be a bit much, but the rest of the mods make up for that.

13 Amazing

via customwheeloffset.com

This amazing truck looks like it's ready for anything. For off-roading, the suspension has been raised and widened. This helps while driving over extremely uneven terrain and obstacles by allowing for more ground clearance, suspension travel, and weight distribution. The large tires with deep tread help this truck by providing added grip, whether that's to go over a large rock or get moving on a snowy road. The light bars provide light in areas that have little, such as dark trails. The brush guard up front protects the bumper and the underside of the engine, making for a confidence-inspiring ride.

12 Amazing

via OwlGaming

Most trucks should be built for off-roading, carrying gear, and hauling trailers. However, some are built for speed, and this one executes that perfectly. The suspension is lowered, which we hate to see. However, this makes for a more aerodynamic ride down the drag strip, so it's clearly a fair concession.

This truck is no slouch—its engine and drivetrain pump out such massive amounts of power that they launch the front wheels of the truck into the air, which is a rare feat even for modded vehicles. This well-built truck may not be much good off-road, but it excels on the track.

11 Amazing

via carid.com

This Toyota Tacoma has to be one of the most beautiful and useful trucks ever. The shiny blue paint and black metal additions make for a ride that's very pleasing to the eye. Suspension work helps the Tacoma stand out and gives it more capability off-road, making this a vehicle that we'd love to take on an adventure. A car-top tent and plenty of other gear mean that the driver is prepared to have fun wherever he goes. The light bar will keep the driver's eyes functional at night, and as a result, this beauty can go anywhere anytime.

10 Weird

via The Daily Drive

As beautiful and as capable as those previous modded trucks are, we have to look away and move on to some awful examples. Starting here, this old Chevrolet pickup doesn't look good for much.

Its dull paint and chipping bumper show that its owner hasn't been taking good care of it, which is never a good sign.

The green paint is ugly and doesn't look pretty or intimidating. Worst of all is the body kit wrapped around the truck. It looks absolutely awful, cheap, and plastic-ridden. In addition to ruining the appearance of the truck, it also ruins the usability. It's hard to go anywhere off-road when your truck is two inches off the ground.

9 Weird

via Ford F150 Forum

This truck, while somewhat useful, is just plain hideous. Sure, it has some extra safety lights, towing mirrors, and grippy tires. It even has a nice guard that protects the undercarriage and suspension. However, the amount of non-body-matching metal looks off-putting and cheap. It adds nothing to the car and ruins the body lines, looking like a jumble of parts that don't go together at all. The worst part of this truck is the splattering of orange safety lights all over it. They look awful and tacky and detract from the otherwise intimidating appearance of the truck. It looks like it's caught a pox.

8 Weird

via HotCars

This truck breaks many rules. Firstly, it looks cheap and flimsy. The poorly made body looks as though it would crumple upon any impact, and the thin lines of the grille don't intimidate anyone.

The front piece of body kit serves no purpose at all except to make the truck harder to navigate on uneven terrain, confining it to the streets.

Additionally, the lack of gap between the wheel and the wheel arch means that the suspension will be unable to articulate well off-road. Finally, the hood bulge isn't fooling anyone. This truck doesn't appear to be packing much power or capability and just looks sad all around.

7 Weird

via SoCalTrucks.com

This truck has the opposite problem of the one shown before—it's far too high! Not only is this illegal and could result in a ticket; it also makes the truck incredibly hard to drive. In any cramped or crowded area, the owner is likely to run into things that'll damage the truck. Additionally, the raised center of gravity makes this vehicle more likely to tip over when going around a corner, which isn't good for anyone. There's a useful height limit when raising trucks, and this owner clearly exceeded it. Beyond the atrocious suspension, the ride actually looks pretty nice, and it's unfortunate that it's been ruined.

6 Weird

via SpeedHunters

Unfortunately, we aren't done with these stanced trucks. This is the worst offender so far. It's quite literally undriveable on anything other than perfectly flat asphalt.

Even getting into a mild parking lot or driveway is beyond the ability of this ruined truck.

Adding to this problem, any remotely heavy cargo will weigh down the bed, causing unnecessary wear on the tires and the suspension components. The rack setup is the only thing that redeems this truck, as it adds at least the illusion of usefulness. In reality, the driver won't be able to put too much atop this rack without rending the truck stuck to the pavement.

5 Weird

via DieselWorkMag.com

This truck actually looks great, a restored or well-kept older model with nice tires and lift. However, the engine and exhaust system absolutely ruin it. The diesel engine has been altered to "roll coal," or poorly process the fuel. This results in thick black smoke that presents a myriad of problems. Firstly, it makes you look like a huge douchebag. It's awful for the air quality around you and in your area as a whole. It also looks dumb and smells horrible, making all the drivers around you angry and upset. Stick to an exhaust that's loud and shiny, not one that belches out thick black smoke.

4 Weird

via ZombDrive.com

Once again, we have a pickup truck that's far too low to the ground. It looks ridiculous and is practically unusable. The weight of just two passengers looks enough to make the undercarriage drag on the ground, which is so impractical.

The bumper looks weak and flimsy, almost as if it's already been ripped off or tugged out of place on a curb.

The wheel arches look incredibly thin, too, making for a ride that doesn't inspire much confidence at all. This truck is ugly and useless and leaves us wanting so much more. Its potential has been ruined.

3 Weird

via DieselSellerz.com

We seem to be noticing many rides that are either too low or too tall, and this truck is just too big. The triple cab is excessive and is far too unwieldy to take anywhere near a city. It seems to be more at home in a wide open field than off-road. The extremely high suspension doesn't do the truck any favors either. While it may help a little bit off-road, anywhere besides that would be a struggle to navigate. This truck is so huge that you'll be bumping into all sorts of things, making it a fairly useless mess.

2 Weird

via HotCars

This is the last stanced truck you have to see, but it's the worst of all. Not only is it impractical, ugly, and a true pain to drive; it also doesn't even fit in well with the stance scene. Its rims look cheap and tacky.

Chrome rims with unnecessarily intricate designs are a thing of a past and look incredibly out of place on this truck.

The chrome grille looks equally cheap, ruining this ride's appearance. The body of the truck is actually quite nice and looks great in blue, and it's a shame that the owner had to ruin it so badly.

1 Weird

via Autowise

Here's the most awful modded truck any of you have ever seen—it's truly atrocious. No truck needs this high of a suspension, and worst of all, it isn't even useful. It doesn't help the truck while off-roading; it merely makes it top-heavy and dangerous. The exposed suspension is likely very expensive and could be easily tampered with or damaged. The brush guard is ugly, too, making for a big metal nose that protrudes unnecessarily. Thankfully, the truck is way too high for any driver to easily climb inside, meaning that it'll stay parked in one spot, only ruining the view in that one small area.

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