20 Pictures Of Stuck Motorcycles We Can't Even Explain

Some of these situations are so remarkable that we wouldn't believe them if we hadn't found photographic proof.

Riding a motorcycle allows you to experience blistering speeds while consuming minimal fuel. Although riders experience many perks that car drivers cannot, riding a motorbike provides less safety than a car. Safety is one of the main reasons that people choose a car over a bike.

The thrill of riding a motorbike at blistering speeds is alluring, but what use is the speed when the bike is stuck? Many people believe that hauling a bike out of a sticky situation is easier than a car since bikes weigh less, but we discovered bikes in messy situations that its owners regretted.

We wanted to find out how much trouble bikers got into, so we gleaned photos of their bikes in situations that they might be embarrassed to admit.

Our collection of photos reveals bikers and four-wheelers who got into a heap of trouble when they tried to push the tolerance level of a bike and ended up getting stuck in mud, snow, and trees.

Some of the situations are so remarkable that you wouldn't believe if we hadn't included photos.

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20 Under Cover

via Wikimedia Commons

When winter rolls around, and snow trickles down, riders should store their bikes in the garage and opt for a car or public transport. The challenges that riders face while in snow aren't worth the hassle or circumventing the traffic. One of the problems that riders face in winter is that the snow covers the bike after being stationary for a few hours.

The slippery roads also impede the rider from traveling at the speeds his or she is used, and the conditions make the ride unpleasant. Moral of the story: pack your bike away during winter.

19 Baby Racer

via Youtube

Some people knew from a young age what career they wanted to pursue. To get a head start, they began practicing before their first day at school. Regardless of your age or the size of your bike, you can get stuck, as this kid discovered.

When he tried to traverse his little bike over the bad terrain, his racer got stuck. The back wheels sunk so deep into the sand that he struggled to extract the bike. We have to commend his efforts to pursue his passion at such a young age, and he looks adorable in his outfit.

18 Racer In A Tree

via avtovzglyad.ru

Had I not included a photo for this entry, most people wouldn't have believed me that a rider of a racing bike could get stuck in a tree. Sometimes, the truth is stranger than fiction. The rider of this racing bike proved that anything is possible when there's a will.

When he pushed his bike to the limit, the bike leaped and ended up in the tree. Besides the height that the racer had to deal with to retrieve the bike, the branches surrounding it also pose a challenge. Perhaps, riding a racing bike in a forest isn't the best idea.

17 Deeper Than You Think

via Adventure Rider

Most off-road bikers will agree that one of the biggest problems that they face off-road is judging the depth and severity of puddles. What looks like a friendly puddle that will allow you to traverse across without any hiccups ends up being a monster that wants to suck your wheel and hang on for dear life.

That is what the pictured rider discovered when he thought that he would breeze over the water. When the mud clung onto his back tire, he realized that some things have a bigger bite.

16 Deeper In It

via Youtube

Dedication and tenacity are required to win at any sport. Although some riders possess a lot of determination, it won't help if the terrain isn't on your side. Some days, you have to throw in the towel and admit that nature has beaten you.

That is what the rider of his motorbike found out when he landed in deep waters, literally. Motocross bikes can handle almost any road, but the bikes do have limits. When the wheels submerge into deep waters, and the mud clings on, the rider can forget about continuing.

15 Sand Dive

via horizonsunlimited

In most cases, when a biker gets stuck in mud or sand, it's the back wheel that's wedged. One biker has proven that the front wheel can get stuck. While traveling over the desert, the biker encountered deep sand, which the front wheel could not ride over.

The biker took a head dive when the front wheel submerged into the sand. Many people believe that getting the bike out is as simple as hauling the bars, but the wedge and the bike's weight make it difficult for anybody to extract the bike.

14 Covered In Snow

via The Columbian

Riding a motorbike in good conditions is challenging, as the rider has limited protection on a machine that reaches blistering speeds. Riding a bike in bad conditions is more difficult, so riders should avoid the rain and snow as much as possible.

It seems that some riders can't part with their bikes in winter, as they leave their bikes parked outside to ride the following morning. When the rider of this bike woke up the following morning, he discovered that he should've parked his bike inside or covered it with a tarp.

13 Side Box

via Jestpic

While riding off-road, bikers should ensure that they shred as much weight off the bike as possible, as the additional weight could bog them down further in the mud. While the rider of this bike rode over a puddle, he found out that the mud wasn't going to forgive the heavy weight on his rear tire.

If the bike didn't have the two boxes on the side of the back seat, the bike might not have gotten stuck. Extracting the bike from the pit will be more challenging due to the tremendous weight on the back tire.

12 Muddy Terrain

via Amino Apps

One of the biggest thrills that off-road bikers get is enjoying the bike's capability of traversing over mud. Although off-road bikes can handle heaps of mud, even the bikes have limits. The rider of this bike found out that the bike could take only so much punishment before it gave in, as the back tire submerged into the unforgiving mud.

The only thing that the rider could do once the bike got jammed was to pose next to the bike to show others that you need to be careful about the battles you choose while off-road.

11 Motocross Multi-Weather

via The Mud Thumpertalk

The rider of this bike had bitten more than he could chew, as he had to deal with the snow and the unpleasant terrain to reach his destination. Apart from traversing over snow, the rider had to get over a stream of water. What the biker didn't know is that the stream was deep enough to submerge his entire back wheel.

Unbeknownst to the rider, the stream also boasted a mud pit that wouldn't let go of the rider's back tire once he attempted to cross the water. Hauling the bike from that spot will require a few men.

10 Ditch Off-Road

via Id rather be riding

Considering that handling a bike isn't the easiest task in the world, you'd think that riders would do everything in their power to make the job easier. Instead of avoiding trouble, it seems that some riders want to test their luck. When the rider of this bike went off-road, he had the entire wide road to himself, but he chose to pick the tightest spot to ride the bike.

He ended up in the ditch when he thought that veering off the main road would provide him a bigger thrill. The only thing it did was provide more hassle.

9 Dry Mud

via Decatan

What's worse than getting your bike stuck in the mud? Getting it stuck in mud that dried on your wheels. When a rider's bike submerges into the mud, most of the time he can extract the bike if he has enough hands to help. One situation that riders don't want to find themselves in is the mud drying on their wheels.

That's when the mission to haul the bike out of the sand or a mud pit becomes impossible. When the mud dries on the wheels, it's the equivalent of a doctor placing a cast on your leg; the grip is tight.

8 End Of The Race

via Flickr

The terrains that some riders traverse over amazes me. The most interesting part is that they chose to ride over inhospitable terrains while competing. I guess, some riders don't want the challenge of only competing against other riders; they want to compete with the terrain, as well.

That can work to your disadvantage when the terrain is stronger than your bike. The rider of this bike found that out when both of his wheels submerged into the mud, leaving him behind the other racers.

7 Dakar Racer

via Yeni.mobi

Extreme sports has garnered a huge fan following and continues to transcend all over the map. One of the most alluring aspects of extreme sports is the degree that the action stars push their vehicles to and how they maneuver it.

Although the stunts are fun to watch, the action star can't provide entertainment if his bike is stuck. A Dakar racer discovered that the challenge to win isn't only beating the other competitors but also beating the terrain. His front wheel dipped into the sand, lagging him behind the competition.

6 A Series Of Unfortunate Events

via Twitter

While trailing along the snowy mountains, a group of riders discovered that mother nature doesn't discriminate. The riders of this group discovered that all of them could get stuck at the same time when bad conditions prevail while they were in the Himalayas, according to Cartoq.

The trail that these bikers took was unforgiving and trapped all the riders. What makes the picture so interesting is that all the bikes got trapped in the same spot. At least, now, the bikers know the exact spot that they need to avoid if they're planning another trail ride on that mountain.

5 In The Dumps

via NAPA

Being cognizant of your environment is crucial if you want to enjoy the off-road. The obstacles off-road are ubiquitous, and riders who don't heed the challenges will get stuck.

While cruising on his ATV, the biker didn't notice how deep the puddle ahead was and got his front tires stuck. What made the situation worse was that the pit was filled with mud, clinging onto his wheels. The rider will have to get a pickup truck with a winch to get out of that mess. Some adventures aren't worth the hassle.

4 Solo Effort

via Twitter

Riding off-road presents numerous challenges. Some of the challenges that riders encounter are insurmountable, and there is no way around it. The rider of this bike had no other choice but to traverse over the pit, as that was the only path to his destination.

The wise choice that the rider made was to avoid the deep pit by traveling on the banks. Although the rider made a wise decision, the entire parameter of the pit was fraught with mud, clinging onto his wheels and got him stuck.

3 Wheelie

via Adventure Rider Radio

Riding solo has its perks, but it becomes a problem when you need a helping hand. The rider of this bike got stuck while traversing over sand. I can't blame the rider for getting stuck in that spot, as I would've chosen the same path since it doesn't look like it poses a challenge.

According to Adventure Rider Radio, when the bike gets stuck in mud or sand, the rider has to have tools such as an anchor strap, a non-stretch utility cord, a collapsible shovel and a winch system. An extra pair of hands would also come in handy.

2 A Small Hurdle

via Mazingram

One of the aspects that makes off-roading so challenging is that the smallest hurdle ends up being the biggest challenge. While traversing over a small puddle, the rider discovered that what appears to be an insignificant path can cause the biggest headaches.

The rider's back tire got stuck in a small puddle, proving that big challenges come wrapped in small packages. The rider is also to blame in this situation, as he chose to travel over the puddle while he had an entire field to maneuver his bike.

1 BMW Camper

via ADV Pulse

The German manufacturer is known for making one of the most luxurious and reliable vehicles on the road. BMW achieved tremendous success with its cars that it veered into motorbike production.

Consumers have been impressed with the quality that BMW has manufactured bikes, but one biker discovered that the off-road capability of the bikes lacks. When the rider traversed over sand, he discovered that the terrain couldn't handle the bulky bike and sucked the back wheel.

Sources: Adventure Ride Radio & Reddit

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