20 Pictures Of Motorcycles That Only A Squid Would Ride

These are the type of motorcycles that experienced riders should definitely stay away from.

Motorcycles have definitely been able to grow in popularity alongside the automobile over the years. This is quite understandable, as these machines are able to pick up blistering speeds and allows their riders to have the thrill of their lives. There have been a number of spectacular models over the years and due to this clear fact, there are many that are worth collecting.

However, even with this being the case, there is absolutely no question that the motorcycle industry is full of some extremely ugly bikes. With there being more room for customization, sometimes people take it a bit too far and ruin their models. Squids are often the guilty party when it comes to putting together terrible bikes that look bad and perform worse.

With all of this being stated thus far, in this article, we will be looking at 20 pictures of motorcycles that only a squid would ride. There is no question that there will be a variety of different looking motorcycles, however, it is clear that they all are pretty lackluster. These are the types of motorcycles that experienced riders should definitely stay away from. In fact, it is quite apparent that they absolutely simply don't know how to ride them. For all entertainment purposes, though, this list is definitely going to show off some pretty terrible motorcycles.

With that being said, let's give these bikes a look!

20 What A Strange Design

via Reddit

At first glance, it is easy to believe that a squid would be the person who would ride this. An individual would have to not have gained much knowledge of motorcycles if they would opt to ride this. It simply is one of the least appealing rides out there and it likely has little to no value.

There is a good chance that this motorcycle was inspired by the armed forces, especially seeing that it is green and brown. However, this is just a motorcycle that does not depict this theme well—not in the slightest. It looks more like a strange alien. With that being said, we definitely would not want to take this for a spin.

19 A Futuristic Lemon

via Ducati Monster Forum

When looking at this motorcycle, it gives off a vibe that it is from the futuristic Spongebob episode where everything is chrome. There is no question that this could have worked if the motorcycle itself had a different build. But in this form, it truly makes it lose any appeal for riders.

The individual who would ride this motorcycle likely would feel extremely uncomfortable. The way it is built is not necessarily correct and this could definitely cause a bit of pain to the person riding it. At the end of the day, this is definitely something that could attract a squid.

18 Yikes

via 7Ages Custom Motorcycles

For the record, one has to admire when a person aims to try something different. Originality plays a major role in an automobile or motorcycle being top-notch but when it comes to this one, it sadly did not work. This is just a motorcycle that not many people would ever want to ride.

The primary issue that is brought forth through this motorcycle is the strange triangle hanging off of the back of the rear tire. This is pretty distracting to look at and it takes away from the actual design of the motorcycle. It just is not a motorcycle that one should aim to purchase.

17 Want To Grab A Burger?

via Catawiki

This motorcycle was built to be laughed at. It would be pretty surprising if any individual would openly drive this in public. I mean, they would seriously need to love burgers—to an extreme level. However, even if this were to be the case, they would have to laugh at it, too.

This definitely was made in an ironic manner but if anyone actually would drive this willingly and took it seriously, they would have to be a squid. At the end of the day, this is a motorcycle that is cool to look at for the humor of it but that is the only positive element of it.

16 The Worst

via Pinterest

Well, someone managed to ruin vehicles with sweet paint jobs. This motorcycle is clearly one of the ugliest motorcycles in the entire history of the automobile world. It just looks like a bit tacky with its overall design. Had it possessed a darker complexion, it could have actually worked as a bike that someone might actually want to ride.

However, the brightness of this motorcycle is extremely distracting. A complete poseur would likely be the only individual who would be willing to ride a motorcycle like this. To be entirely honest, it is likely that a squid may not even be willing to drive this.

15 Good Luck In Space

via Randy Grubb

Where should we even begin with this one? It is extremely challenging to put into words how ugly this motorcycle is. There is no question that spaceships are a common theme in the automobile world and that some cars have been able to pull off the aesthetic nicely. This motorcycle clearly does not, though.

They could have done a far better job when it came to designing this motorcycle. However, they took the easy route and just made it chrome. There is nothing original about this and it just makes it look extremely ugly. At the end of the day, anyone who would be willing to drive this is a complete squid.

14 What On Earth?

via CarbonArt Motorcycle Lifestyles

There is no question that owning a motorcycle allows individuals to be more creative. These are vehicles that are often encouraged to be customized, as they have been throughout their entire time in the automobile world. However, this one is pretty disappointing.

The biggest issue in terms of its style is that the owner decided to use far too orange. This vehicle could have worked if there was a better balance with the colors. The overall build of the motorcycle also is not that appealing, so at the end of the day, it is hard to think anyone would want this.

13 Well, That's Dull

via Reddit

It may be harder to find a motorcycle that is more boring than this one. In all fairness, one cannot judge how well it drives but based on its appearance alone, it is clear that not many people would want to drive this. It just does not seem to have anything special about it.

The seat is the biggest problem with this motorcycle, as it is clear that it would not be comfortable to sit on in the slightest. It looks as if it is not padded, and that is just awful. At the end of the day, only a newbie would be caught dead driving one of these lemons.

12 What Is That?

via Reddit

Well, this is clearly one of the least appealing motorcycles that we have ever seen. I mean, let's just take into account that the length from the seat to handlebars takes up the vast majority of the model. This element makes this motorcycle extremely distracting.

This looks like a motorcycle that a young kid would attempt to drive to impress his friends. No experienced rider would ever sport this ugly thing, and this is entirely justifiable. There is nothing positive that can be said about it, so this is completely meant for a squid and not a real biker who knows what they're doing.

11 Nothing To See Here

via XR1200™ Owners Group

It would be quite challenging to find an individual who would actively want to drive this motorcycle. Its body truly is the primary reason why it looks so ugly and this is why people would likely not want to drive it. It looks like it would be hard to maneuver because of its design.

The only positive aspect of this motorcycle is the color it has but that is definitely not enough to save it from criticism. There is no question that people can find a far better motorcycle virtually anywhere, so do not expect to see this anywhere on the road in the future.

10 That's A Suzuki?!

via The Arsenale

In all fairness, the colors that this Suzuki wears are pretty solid. However, the build of this motorcycle takes away from it ever becoming a positive vehicle. The vast majority of its parts are showing and that just is not good when it looks like it is just a pile of metal clunking around together.

At the end of the day, it is surprising that this comes from Suzuki. When looking at their track record, it is apparent that they have had their fair share of spectacular motorcycles. This is why they have been able to thrive in the motorcycle business for quite some time.

9 No, Thank You

via HD Forums

For the record, it is important to note that this is not the ugliest motorcycle on this list. It has some nice qualities. The use of black definitely was the right call by the developer and it probably can pick up solid speed. However, this is clearly a motorcycle for a beginner.

There is no question that many experienced riders would opt for something else. There is a lack of originality with this motorcycle, as well. It is likely that this could be a good motorcycle for a squid to drive, but for everyone else, it would be best to avoid it entirely.

8 Minimalistic

via Pinterest

This looks like a toy. The idea of smaller motorcycles can be explored, to be sure, but this takes things to an entirely different level. There is nothing about this that should attract buyers and this customization is, honestly, pretty lackluster. It is hard to pinpoint one positive aspect of it.

At the end of the day, only a complete squid would be okay with driving this. There is no question that mini motorcycles can be cool, but this one clearly does not even come close to being considered that. It should not even see the light of day, at this point.

7 Swiss Cheese

via Bennetts

This motorcycle is seriously reminiscent of Swiss cheese. The design is absolutely absurd, and this takes away any desire to find out how it rides. It honestly looks like the manufacturer decided to build it in an incomplete manner and that it just does not work well.

The yellow wheels also are a bit distracting and seem to lack an overall purpose for the motorcycle. It is understandable to want to have an original-looking motorcycle, but this one clearly did that in an incorrect manner. People would not line up to give this a ride unless they were total squids.

6 Too Generic

via BikeBound

This is a very boring-looking motorcycle. When seeing how the vast majority of its body is just displaying the parts it is made from, it definitely is not an eye-catcher. Now, that is not to say that this is a bad motorcycle but it clearly lacks in any real amount of originality.

This is essentially why this is a motorcycle that we likely would only see a complete squid ride. There is a chance that it could be remodeled and look a little better but that would definitely require a lot of effort. With that being said, it should just be avoided at this time.

5 How Does One Mess Up Black?

via Rocket Bobs

When it comes to any vehicle in the automobile world, it is hard to mess up making it all black. In fact, some of the best cars on the primary market are all black and they end up selling exceptionally well. However, this motorcycle somehow ruins the amazing trend.

The area where they went wrong was adding a slight amount of orange to it. It is enough to completely ruin the theme of the motorcycle with such a bad contrasting color. It also has a very peculiar body that takes away from its overall design. With that being said, it definitely is not appealing.

4 An Electric Failure

via OddBike

The idea of an electric motorcycle is one that should be applauded. There is no question that these vehicles tend to send off a lot of air pollution, so looking to find a way to lower emissions is quite commendable. However, this motorcycle is not the way the world should be doing this.

It is quite clear that this is a very ugly motorcycle and it should not come as a surprise that not many people like it. It honestly looks as if the manufacturer took a chunk of a car and made it into a motorcycle. It just was not the right way to go when it came to its style.

3 Junkyard Bike

via www.odd-bike.com

What a clunker. This bike definitely is not one that many people would want to own, as it clearly is one of the ugliest ones in the history of the automobile world. It could be argued that this motorcycle was built from pieces that were found in a local junkyard.

It may be fair to call this motorcycle original, to a degree, but this is not in a good way. Only a squid would proudly ride this piece of junk in public. At the end of the day, this just is not a motorcycle that should ever be seen on the streets. It looks like it would break down in a matter of minutes.

2 Just No

via Bike-urious

This is a motorcycle that could have been a lot better but it simply does not stand out compared to the rest. There is no question that we are drawn to the color red when it comes to our automobiles but aside from that factor, it just does not work at all.

This motorcycle is not as bad as many of the others on this list, but it does have a squid type of look. This would actually be a motorcycle that could be the best bet for a beginner who is trying to master the art. However, no grizzled veteran would want to drive this.

1 Blah

via hellkustom.com

It is fair to assume that this motorcycle likely can ride just fine. However, the primary problem that is presented through it is its disappointing appearance. This motorcycle appears to have done everything wrong when it comes to style and this seriously hurts its value.

This definitely looks like a starter motorcycle but it is hard to believe that people would actually want it. It looks as if it is made from tubes, and that just does not work at all. At the end of the day, this is clearly a motorcycle that is meant to be driven by a squid.

Sources: Reddit, Wikipedia, and Super Streetbike.

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