20 Pictures Of NASCAR Fans Every Guy Needs To See

Over the years, Nascar fans have gained a reputation and the stereotypes do usually come from an aspect of truth.

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, known as Nascar, is one of the most popular sports in the USA and a major part of the nation's culture as a whole. The sport is mostly known for dramatic, high-speed racing and generates huge audiences across the country. In fact, Nascar is so popular that it currently has over 1,500 races over 100 tracks in 48 US States.

Yes, the sport is beloved and is often regarded as the unofficial sport of the USA. However, it is not just the USA that enjoys the action, with Canada, Mexico, various nations in Europe, Japan, and Australia all getting involved with their own Nascar races and events. As a result, Nascar fans appear worldwide and are usually not afraid of presenting themselves in the public eye. That's right, over the years, Nascar fans have somewhat gained a reputation. Unfortunately, Nascar gets a bad rap when discussed in public and has generated a number of unsightly stereotypes.

Nevertheless, although stereotypes do usually come from an aspect of truth, they are still stereotypes and cannot be believed to their full extent. In fact, Nascar is loved by all kinds of people, who all come together across the world to celebrate their love for the quick-paced and high-action sport. So, let's take a look at 20 pictures of Nascar fans every guy needs to see.

20 The Party Animals

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Sport brings out the best and worst of people all over the world. However, Nascar can bring out the best and worst of people to the most definite extreme. That's right, extracurricular fun plays an important part in Nascar culture, with many fans often liking to engage when watching the action. In fact, Nascar fans are often branded the party animals of the sporting world and are frequently photographed dressed up, partying, and ready to go. Yes, Nascar is a place where people all over the world can lighten up a little and, most importantly, have some fun.

19 The Costumes

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The costumes of Nascar play an important role in the sport itself and are an integral part of the Nascar experience. Since the very beginning, fans have been donning outfits with the whole act seen as something that should be done at least once. That's right, from old Halloween costumes to homemade attire, dressing up in costume is a must for many. In fact, Nascar often holds costumes days and openly encourages fans to get involved, much like the dressed up vegetables in the photograph above. However, fans are also encouraged to not offend, upset, or purposefully provoke other supporters. Sadly, not everybody abides by the rules.

18 Kyle Busch Head

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Kyle Thomas Busch, otherwise known as Rowdy, is a professional Nascar driver as well as a team owner. Busch is one of the most famous drivers in the wonderful world of Nascar and currently competes full time, driving the notorious number 18 Toyota Supra. Over the years, Busch has had a whole host of strange and interesting nicknames, with "Shrub" (in reference to his last name "Busch") being one of the most common. Busch is loved by fans all over the world, with some going to extreme lengths to get his attention, like composing a headpiece of shrubbery, for example!

17 Big Head Man

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Kyle Busch is one of the most recognized Nascar drivers in the world, and will no doubt to go on to become a legend in the sport itself. In fact, Busch is so loved all over the world, that fans regularly dress up as the famed driver. Sadly, when compared to other athletes such as Tom Brady or Lebron James, Busch is somewhat left behind. That's right, one of the biggest disappointments of Nascar is the lack of notable achievement when it comes to branding their drivers as athletes, with a number of organizations worldwide claiming that the drivers are just second rate sportsmen and women with no real talent.

16 The Patriot 

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Patriotism is a staple of Nascar culture, with men and women all over the country desperate to show their love for their country. In fact, sports fans seem to embrace patriotism the most and are regularly captured singing the national anthem with all their might while adorning themselves in red, white, and blue. Unsurprisingly, Nascar fans are no different and are often spotted creatively using the colors of the flag as a way of dressing up and representing their beloved United States. Yes, nothing says "I love my country" like dressing up in a flag jacket and accompanying cowboy hat.

15 I'm Blue

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Nascar fans really go to extreme lengths when it comes to dressing up and they do their best to impress, amaze, and, sometimes, shock everyone around them. That's right, this guy seems to have been influenced by the popular but rather irritating one-hit wonder, Eiffel 65's "Blue", a song that doesn't seem to leave your heads once it has been introduced (sorry). Whatever the case, it sure seems like a lot of effort to go to, especially when it comes to removing the blue paint. Oh well, at least he has achieved his aim... "I'm blue da ba dee da ba da......" Noooooo.

14 Shark Attack

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Nascar fans are not the most average of people and usually tend to have somewhat different lifestyles. For instance, a number of fans regularly make epic trips across the country, just to make sure they are present for their favorite time of year. Yes, Nascar supporters really are dedicated, especially when it comes to their costumes. That's right, take these guys for example (pictured above) who have likely traveled from all parts of the country while dressed head-to-toe in shark and unicorn costumes just to watch their favorite racers. Nascar fans really are the best!

13 The Beard Brigade

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Nascar fans are extremely loyal, so much so that they often end up dressing the same as each other just to prove it. Yes, beards and camo seem to be one of the most popular costume ideas, with big beards a common sight at a Nascar race. However, these guys are also the type of fans who are most likely to complain, especially with regards to the sport becoming too commercialized. That's right, the beard brigade tends to moan and whine when it comes to Nascar in the present and often give nostalgic speeches about how great and how much better it was back in the past.

12 The Honeymooners

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One of the biggest myths with regards to those who watch Nascar is that that sport is only for men in their late-twenties and early-thirties. However, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, women are a huge part of the fanbase and are just as obsessed with the ins and outs of Nascar and the engineering and mechanics of the cars themselves. Furthermore, the rise in female race drivers is only getting bigger, with women drivers now some of the most popular events on the bill. As a result, couples all over the world are getting together through a shared interest of Nascar, just like these newlyweds who spent their honeymoon in the stands of a Nascar race. Nice!

11 The Guy That Thought Ahead

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Say what you want about Nascar fans, but they sure do think ahead. Take this guy, for example, a guy that clearly puts his need for hydration above anything else. And why not?! Nascar races can be long events and some last from morning until midnight. That's right, a number of fans often make a day of it, traveling in the early hours and maybe even staying a couple of nights just to take in the action. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that you enjoy yourself, so what's better than a backpack full of liquid sustenance.

10 The Superfan

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Superfans are a regular occurrence throughout all sports franchises. From the NFL to basketball and badminton to swimming, superfans exist everywhere. Therefore, it is no surprise to see Nascar having their own kind of superfans and ones that most definitely stand out. That's right, Nascar superfans can be spotted in vibrant and extravagant clothes such as capes, top hats, and anything else that might attract attention. Furthermore, it seems the stars and stripes of the flag is a prominent feature among superfan clothing, seen above with this gentleman who clearly loves his country and his chosen sport.

9 The 99-Year-Old

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Nascar has fans all over the world from a number of different countries and regularly reaches the unlikeliest of audiences. For instance, the Nascar audience is not just for young folk, with Nascar fans stretching across all ages and all genders. That's right, hardcore Nascar fan Rachel Gilbert recently got to enjoy the time of her life when she was invited to take a few laps around the New Hampshire Motor Speedway as a gift for her approaching 100th birthday. Gilbert later declared that she had been a fan of the sport for over 50 years and would often go to the Daytona 500 with her husband.

8 The Ashes

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Nascar has a reputation for the craziest of things, especially with regards to its fans. Therefore, it is no surprise to see that one man's final wish was to be scattered at his favorite place, the Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn. Mark Wilson, who was a life-long Nascar superfan, was scattered underneath the front stretch scoring pylon by ex-wife Kim Fedewa-Eaton, who later stated, "This is where he would've wanted to be, his favorite place in the world was the racetrack." In addition to being a huge fan, Wilson also worked on a Nascar pit crew, filling cars with gas and fixing broken materials and barriers.

7 Possom Person

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Nascar fans come in all shapes and sizes, ages, genders and, of course, personalities. However, even animals can get in on the act, with one fan spotted bringing his pet possums with him to the track. That's right, while watching the action at Talladega, one fan was snapped with his pet possums hanging around in his hair. The event immediately turned heads all over social media, with some commenting that the superfan may have just been paying his respects (albeit somewhat inventively) to Nascar driver Possum Jones, who raced during the 1950s and 60s. Now, that's the way to do it.

6 Under The Sea

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Nascar brings out the best (and worst) in audience participation, with dressing up and inventive costumes now a staple part of Nascar culture. That's right, Nascar surely has some of the most interesting, to say the least, supporters in the world, who do their very best to entertain crowds, journalists, and curious onlookers. These two have most definitely gone all in when it comes to their costume and have adopted a somewhat underwater theme. Whatever the case, the couple has clearly done their best, with this being one of the tamer costumes when it comes to Nascar dressing-up day.

5 The Tattoo Guy

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Nascar fans love dressing up, adopting hilarious costumes and making crowds and journalists laugh whenever they can. However, some fans often take it that little bit too far and end up seriously cementing their love for their beloved sport. For instance, tattoos are extremely popular with Nascar fans, who often get loud and daring tattoos (not to mention expensive) in order to impress their peers. In fact, you rarely ever have to ask a Nascar fan to see their tattoo as they will gladly show you, much like this guy in the picture. Yes, Nascar fans seem to get their tattoos out at every opportunity, hoping to impress you with their dedication.

4 Whatever The Weather

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A superfan is a fan that will go to all events in any conditions, just like this guy pictured above. That's right, due to the tracks' location, Nascar is usually blessed with decent weather and sunny skies. In fact, sometimes the weather is too hot, with spectators often strongly advised to wear sunscreen and look after their bodies. However, sometimes the heavens will open and rain will lash down on the race track, causing audiences to seek shelter and run inside. For the superfans, the weather is just a mere inconvenience and adds to the action rather than destroying the vibe of the show.

3 Teenage Mutant Nascar Turtles

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One of the biggest myths of Nascar today is that the sport is only accessible to those in the southern regions of the United States. Furthermore, a number of people believe that the people in the South are the only ones who actually enjoy it. However, nothing could be further from the truth, with fans found all over the entire world. That's right, from Japan to the United Kingdom and Australia to Russia, Nascar is a sport enjoyed by all people across all countries. In fact, even the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are getting in on the act and are known supporters of the Nascar franchise.

2 The Married Couple

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Nascar attracts all kinds of people: men, and women, young and old, black and white—and even married couples. Yes, Nascar has the ability to bring together the unlikeliest of couples, with relationships across the world finding solace in their shared love for Nascar and everything that goes with it. In fact, a number of couples have even gotten married at Nascar racetracks, inviting their loved ones onto the track to their special day. Furthermore, once the day is done, a number of couples then like to spend their honeymoon at the race itself. Now, that's dedication.

1 The Classic

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What is it with sports fans and ridiculous hats? In the wonderful world of sports, there seem to be regular hats and special hats. Yes, Nascar's special hats seemingly have a mind of their own and always turn out a lot more magical, extravagant, and outright bizarre when compared to others. Take this fellow, for example, a man who has no shame when it comes to documenting his love for beverages, his country, and his beloved Nascar. What makes this guy even better is that he doesn't care how ridiculous he looks; he is actually rather proud. Good for him!

Sources: Jalopnik, NASCAR, and Wikipedia.

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