18 Pictures Of Pickup Rims That Made Us Spit Out Our Cereal

These are the 18 rims that should have never been installed on these pickups.

When it comes to the pickup trucks that you are about to see on the list today, you are definitely going to be able to say that the owners made some unique decisions when it came to modifying their vehicles. But you might have a lot more fun looking at the trucks then you would actually sitting behind the wheel of them.

And while there are several parts of the car that you might look at with a puzzled look, nothing might make you more confused than looking at the rims that these individuals thought looked fantastic. In some cases, the owners even looked at their vehicles and decided that 4 wheels just was not enough for them to get around on. But even if you do not like the aesthetic and think that these rims should have never been installed, it is still possible that you are going to find yourself appreciating the time and effort that went into some of these modifications.

Not to mention the potential financial plunge that the people had to make to pull off their look. Which means that you just have to hope that the people who put that time in are huge fans of the changes that they made to their trucks! And if not, it will just be a cautionary tale about what not to do the next time you purchase a new vehicle.

These are the 18 rims that should have never been installed on these pickups.

18 How Do You Even Get In?

Via Socal Trucks

When reading about the modifications that were made to this car on the website Socal Trucks, they mention that the owner spared no expense when it came to making the changes that they did.

And when you take a good look at the truck, it is clear that they definitely did put a solid amount of time and money into modifying the truck.

But let's just hope they also saved some money in their budget for a step-ladder that they can keep in the trunk or they might find themselves constantly struggling to get in and out of the car.

17 There Are Other Ways To Appreciate Geckos

Via Azure Edge

If you are going to be attending an auto show with a vehicle, it is possible that you might be thinking that you are going to do whatever it is you can to try and stand out from the pack. But in the case of the next entry on our list, you might not think the impression that they were able to make on other people when they appeared at SEMA 2017 was one that was positive. The website Autotrader later did an article on SEMA 2017 and this truck definitely stood out. The truck seemingly was inspired by geckos, but maybe there was another way to show the world how much you love the animal.

16 Done Without His Wife's Knowledge

Via Diesel World Mag

When the website Diesel World Mag talked about the next entry that you are looking at on our list, they mentioned that the person responsible for customizing the truck - Jimmie Broyles - has been customizing trucks for years and was well experienced. That means you should rest easy with the knowledge that the modifications to this truck were at the very least, well done. But whether you think it looks good might be another story. The website also mentioned that Jimmie made these modifications without telling his wife who was out of town for a few weeks, which means we need to just hope that she likes it!

15 Pure Aggression on Wheels

Via Hennessey Performance

John Hennessey has been successful at making modifications to trucks but he definitely went above and beyond when it came to adjusting the Ford Raptor. He came away instead with what was deemed the VelociRaptor and included various upgrades according to Hennessey Performance and also offered an Off-Road package in case you wanted to take your truck out on the road. When talking about the truck on Hennessey Performance, Hennessey stated:

“Our VelociRaptor 6X6 is pure aggression on wheels – all six of them. The new Ford Raptor is going to be one of the best all-around trucks ever built. We are excited to help take it to the next level both in terms of performance and exclusivity”.

14 Watch Out For All These Lights

Via Or Wheels

If you are driving around on the road at night it is definitely important to make sure that you are having your headlights on. If you do not you have a very high chance of having another driver not see you on the road and this can lead to a horrific accident. But the driver of this truck may have a different problem as they may have so many lights that it would be distracting, especially if the additional height means the lights are going to have a higher chance of blinding all the other drivers on the road as a result of their decisions.

13 Don't Take This One Off-Roading

Via American Force Wheels

If you are going to be driving around in a lifted vehicle you need to know that there are some additional risks that come with the territory. Such as the fact that you have a much higher chance of having your vehicle roll over, and when that happens it might also lead to more serious consequences due to the additional height of the vehicle. So you might just find yourself hoping that the owner of this particular truck has spent as much time making sure he is a safe and responsible driver as they did making the modifications to lift their car.

12 Even Worse If You Hate The Steelers

Via Reddit

If you are a fan of the Baltimore Ravens or another AFC North team then I do not have to spend very long convincing you as to why these rims should have never been installed on this truck.

Heck, you would probably much rather see this truck parked in a garage where it never sees the light of day than have it be driven on the street.

Which also means you might be hoping that this owner is at least driving this truck around on the streets of Pittsburgh so they can find people who might have a level of appreciation for it.

11 Don't Lower Your Truck Or It'll Look Like This

Via Forgiato

When you take a look at all of the trucks on our list it is possible that you will come away with a list of certain things that you hope to never implement on your own truck. And while there are some people out there who decide to lift their truck up, this truck is proof enough that there are also people out there who make the decision to go and lower their truck. Regardless of if you think the lifting or lowering is more harmful to the look, you might just come away hoping that fewer people think it is a good idea going forward.

10 At Least It Is Very Shiny...

Via Pinterest

There is nothing that might alter the aesthetic of your car quicker than getting a ton of grime all over it.

And when you consider the chrome-like sheen that this person managed to achieve when making the modifications to their truck, you can make the assumption that this would be an even bigger potential headache for them to deal with.

Which means that the idea of taking this truck anywhere off-road is one that they are able to quickly rule out. That is, unless they don't mind some brown splotches all over the car until they can go and get it washed!

9 Watch Out, This Is a Hostile Off-Roader!

Via Fushion Bumper

If you are driving down the street and you come across another driver who is acting aggressively, do not feel bad if you decide to add some extra time to your journey and pull over to the side of the road and wait for them to get far away from you. Now just imagine if this was the vehicle that you saw swerving all over the road. Not only is the truck massive but the owner decided to show their support for "Hostile Off-Road Wheels" with a giant decal on the side of the truck which may make it all the more intimidating!

8 Doubling Up On The Wheels But Maybe Not In a Good Way

Via Reddit

The owner of this truck must love it when you consider the time and attention they must have put into altering the look of it to the extreme level that they did. But just because they may love their heavily modified truck does not mean that you do. Though maybe you think the truck would be a lot less offensive if the owner had decided that the 4 wheels the car had come with were enough for them to be satisfied. The other changes to the car, such as installing lights in the hood, are also things that might leave you scratching your head in confusion.

7 Would You Go Off-Roading With This Truck?

Via Hot Cars

If you are thinking about different reasons as to why you might want to purchase a truck instead of something like a compact car, one of them might be that you have things in your life that you need to haul around on a regular basis. If you have a passion for bike riding, for example. But in the case of the next driver on this list, it seems like their love of dirt bike riding is combined with a love of lowering their truck. Which to be honest might make it a lot harder to get anywhere off-road without running into some difficulties.

6 The Bumper...

Via Hot Cars

One of the parts of your car that you might think about making modifications to is the bumper. But if you are going to go ahead and do that, you might want to make sure that you are not taking a page from this person's book and doing something similar to what they have managed to achieve. The fact that they combined the massive bumper with lowering the car and throwing huge wheels on their truck is a unique combination that hopefully the person realized was overkill and went and had changed back once they tried actually taking this vehicle on the road.

5 Does This Truck Need Renovating?

Via Reddit

It is very possible that you might think that the look that this owner has pulled off with this vehicle is one that improves the aesthetic, and as such, you might be more willing to call this person up and hire them as a renovator.

But it is also possible that you would take a look at this vehicle and have some second thoughts about using this person's services.

Not that it is our place to judge, but some of the decisions they made, like with their bumper and wheels, might be more eye-catching than practical and that is not always a good thing!

4 Taking Flames To a Whole New Level

Via Reddit

You might consider it very unfortunate that one thing that many people out there decide to do when it comes to modifying their truck is to go and get flames painted on to the side of it. Or in more extreme cases the flames will extend to other areas like the hood of the car. But there are not many people out there who take their love of having flames added to their cars to quite the level of extreme that this person has decided to go to. The shiny wheels they also decided to go with should indicate that they might not mind giving off an aura of flash and pizzaz.

3 Don't Paint Your Wheels

Via Websta

If you are trying to fix up your house there are many things that you can do to try and improve your living space. Things such as going out to the store and purchasing some paint to try and add some new life to your walls. But one thing you should probably not find yourself going to do with your paint, even if you have leftover paint, is to go out and then apply that paint to the wheels of your truck. If you do, you find yourself having a result that is similar to the one this driver has managed to achieve.

2 We Hope Their Truck Makes Them Feel Cooler

Via Rebrn

When it comes to entering into this truck, I am sure the owner feels like they are very awesome and that everyone around must be staring at them in amazement.

But the reality is that everyone who is staring at the truck might just be wondering how on earth someone would be able to get in and out of the truck comfortably.

The wheel decision, not to mention the decision to lift the truck up, is one that might not be the most practical thing in the entire world. As was the case with the modifications made to the door.

1 Did They Need The Extra Wheels?

Via Reddit

Now if you want to be completely fair to the next driver who makes an appearance on our list, it is possible that you do not mind the rims that they decided to go out and purchase for their truck. But what you might find yourself having a serious problem with was their decision to extend the back of their truck and throw some extra wheels on there. It's a decision that definitely seems like it is not only not aesthetically pleasing but it is also something that could become more costly if they ever need to go and get one of their extra tires replaced!

Sources: reddit.com, dieselworldmag.com, hennesseyperformance.com

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