25 Pictures Of Pop Stars And Their Strange Cars

Here go 25 of the strangest cars we found pop stars driving.

What kind of cars should pop stars be driving? Nope, this is not a pop quiz, just think about what you picture in your mind. Many would say that all pop stars would be driving way over-the-top and eccentric rides, right? Yes, some do. In fact, many do. Remember Elvis Presley’s 1955 Fleetwood Caddy in bright, bright pink? He may have bought it for his mother, Gladys, but she never had a driver’s license so it was Elvis who drove it and ferried his band around in it.

But there are also many pop stars who don't drive cars that are too expensive or too extraordinary. Some drive perfectly normal, affordable, and rather sedate cars. But this too seems a little strange. Why would these celebrities drive something so mundane and inconspicuous? Perhaps the answer lies in the question.

Some stars prefer the anonymity that comes with driving a car that literally every Tom, Dick, and Harry drives. And yet there are those who love driving the flashiest of cars with the top down to make sure their fans get a glimpse of them and their rides. So it all boils down to a matter of personal choice and taste. After all, one man’s trash is often another person's treasure. On that note, here go 25 of the strangest cars we found pop stars driving…

25 The Bieberiffic Batmobile Caddy

Via TopSpeed

He’s is a teen idol and his wallpapers are tacked on the screens of just about every teenager’s lappie. Much like his growing swarm of fans, he has an ever-growing haven of exotic supercars. One of them is a Batmobile Cadillac CTS-V Coupe that was customized by West Coast Customs. The red CTS-V Coupe was given a matte black paint job, Batmobile-like suicide doors, and JB badging. This JB Batmobile sits well with his larger-than-life persona. Unlike Beiber's blow hot and cold heart when it came to Selena Gomez, this car had a steady 4.8-liter V8 mill that pumps out 570 horsepower.

24 Will.I.Am's Custom "Bug" Takes The Cake

Via Pinterest

We kid you not. Behind all the Dick Tracy facade of the car lies a modest VW Bug. In fact, William James Adams Jr., aka Will.I.Am, is known for his unconventional and original style in the music industry. Plus his unconventional name, Will.I.Am. So it was almost expected to see him in a flamboyant, if not a made-from-scratch, car. He took his VW Bug to West Coast Customs (of Pimp My Ride fame) and gave it a brand new avatar at a whopping modification bill of $900,000. Clearly, this car is a jaw-dropper and a traffic-stopper. We leave the rap to him, though...

23 Nicki’s Barbie-Pink Monstrosity Of A Ride

Via Pinterest

Like most of the other pop divas, Nicki Minaj loves pink. Her first album was titled "Pink Friday" and she once wore a hot pink hairdo too. And if you don’t believe us, just have a look-see at her car. She owns a hot pink Lamborghini Aventador as one of her valued possessions. It is undoubtedly an attention-grabbing color on a car that is super cool, so the contrast hits you even more. Such is the fascination pop stars have with pink that even Elvis Presley once owned a pink Cadillac a long time ago.

22 Take That: Howard Donald's Austin A35

Via SundayTimesDriving

Howard Donald is fondly remembered by his devotees for being the band member of the famous boy band Take That, a 90s teenage sensation. Of course, he then delved into racing as a hobby, too. According to Driving, he was both nervous and excited at the Silverstone Classic as he didn’t have enough track experience. Notably, it was his first race and he cruised down the tracks in a race-spec Austin A35. Hardly a firebomb, the A35 was a small family car that went kaput in 1968.

21 Sorry, He's Flashy: Bieber's Chrome Karma

Via Youtube

The Fisker Karma is still dubbed as one of the world's first production luxury plug-in hybrid electric vehicles even though the company went defunct. Bieber got his Fisker Karma, which cost a whopping $100,000 or more, as his 18th birthday gift. If that wasn't enough, he got it customized by West Coast Customs, who did a flashy chrome number on it. If that wasn't enough of bling, this Karma got some rad underbody LED lights too. These lights are actually not legal though, but it's Bieber and he's not sorry.

20 Oops, I Did It In Pink! Britney Spears' Bummer Of A Hummer

Via Pinterest

This troubled pop diva owns an equally troubled, hot pink Hummer that she got customized (read: slaughtered). For some reason beyond human comprehension, she got an equally ghastly pink Vuitton-upholstered dashboard without the brand's authorization. This weird-looking gas guzzler also appeared in a cameo in her music video Do Somethin’. Well. Needless to say, Louis Vuitton filed a $300,000 lawsuit against her and she was later booed by her fans for her pinked-out ride as well. Pink is so not the color for a Hummer, and neither is an unauthorized LV dashboard.

19 Flo Rida Wraps A Bugatti in Gold Chrome Just Because

Via WrapChannel

Flo Rida is one of the best-selling artists in the music world today. He’s made guest appearances in a number of pop singles after his successful debut album "Mail on Sunday". Most of these pop star seems to have a fixation for all that glitter, be it gold or anything shiny. On the same lines, Flo Rida also owns a gold chrome-wrapped Bugatti Veyron that puts Beiber's Fisker Karma to shame. The car’s brand new gold outfit gets further enhanced with a set of custom-forged 24-karat gold Forgiato rims.

18 Will.I.Am’s Back To The Future With His DeLorean

Via Youtube

Well, he’s different. We've established that. And so are his cars. He’s as cool and futuristic as the DeLorean time machine that featured in the Back to the Future franchise. This classic DeLorean was recreated by West Coast Customs especially for Will.I.Am. This out-of-this-world car was, in fact, claimed to have been built by scratch by Will.I.Am but that is balderdash. It is a DeLorean DMC modified to perfection. So sure, the engine may have been replaced, but the car's body and gullwing doors clearly point to its legacy.

17 Sonny and Cher’s Customized Couple's Mustangs

Via Mustang360

The Sonny and Cher Mustangs were the creation of George Barris, a legendary custom car king. He designed and built a number of Hollywood custom cars, the most famous one being the 1966 Batmobile. A pair of 1966 Mustang convertibles were readied for Sonny and Cher by Ford after the super success of their debut album. Sonny's Mustang was a caramel-colored model while the Cher’s Mustang was in pink. The new cars received a new front fascia, Ford Thunderbird tail lamps, interiors in leopard prints, and shaved door handles, and each one looked one of a kind!

16 Justin Bieber’s Audi R8 Is An Animal

Via Pinterest

Well, this animalistic transformation of a supercar is totally absurd. Justin Bieber, yet again, owns an Audi R8 that is used to double takes and jaw drops. The original, untouched R8 is dubbed as one of the best-looking high-performance sports cars in the auto bazaar. It uses a 5.2-liter V10 mill that churns out 532 horsepower and 398 ft-lb worth of torque. Frankly, it is an animal under the hood. So wrapping it up in an animal print is trying to make a point a bit too hard, and makes it look rather tacky, as well.

15 Travis Barker's 1965 Coupe De Ville

Via DUBMagazine

Travis Barker is a versatile drummer who has made a number of guest appearances in music albums including the pop genre. And, he has a stunning collection of Cadillac cars. He even has a Cadillac tattoo on his neck. He, in fact, inherited his love for classics from his father and he's used to being around these vintage beauties since his childhood days. His biggest asset is a 1966 Cadillac Coupe de Ville that is perhaps his most beloved ride.

14 Austin Mahone Seems A Bit Rusty

Via Pinterest

Austin Mahone may be a young, upcoming pop icon, but he definitely lacks taste when it comes to cars. Or rather, his taste in cars is fine, his taste in customizing a beauty is definitely a stinker. He tastelessly customized his gorgeous BMW i8 and turned it into a rust-stricken Bimmer which looks pretty forlorn on the tarmac. It's a "rusty-looking" vinyl wrap to cover the entire car. Then he also got the original wheels replaced with tinted-gold rims. Of course, "why", is the question of the day. His music may be getting applause, but his rusty vision of a ride has drawn plenty of flak.

13 Queen Bey Rolls In A Royce

Via Complex

According to Shear Comfort, Jay Z and Beyoncé spare no expenses when it comes to their cars. For an instance, they own a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Limousine as a family car that costs a whopping $1 million, including the car’s music system, which is worth around $150,000. Jay Z also gifted Beyoncé a stunning Rolls-Royce on her 25th birthday. It was a vintage Silver Cloud worth more than a million dollars. This exquisite Roll has signature blue leather and custom embroidery that suits this pop diva’s style and mood. And it's just about as ostentatious as she is on stage.

12 Just Because He Could Do It, He Did It

Via Flickr

Chris Brown is renowned for his creativity and customized cars, his music, and his bad boy behavior with his girls. Most of it has attracted a lot of negative criticism from the media and public alike. His worst offense against automobiles is his Lamborghini that shares its appearance with a mainstream shoe brand, Nike Air. He painted his Lamborghini Aventador to match his Nike Air Foamposite. Why? Well, obviously Brown believes in YOLO, especially over aesthetics. The public was none too pleased and we are sure neither was Lamborghini.

11 Feeling Blue? Not So Much With A Ferrari

Via Carbuzz

Justin Beiber has managed to attract the attention of media and paparazzi effortlessly ever since he became a pop star. If his relationship with girls wasn't enough fodder for the press, there is also the matter of his cars. In fact, almost all the cars in his garage have been the talk of the town for their strange and somewhat bizarre appearance.  If the chrome-plated Fisker Karma wasn't enough, meet the Beiberiffic Ferrari 458 Italia F1 that sports a fresh neon-blue paint job with a wide-body kit. Oh, and he actually managed to lose it once!

10 Lady Gaga’s Bucking In A Bronco

Via Pinterest

A bronco is a wild or a half-tamed horse of the western US, as opposed to the sleek and well-trained Mustang! Driving a Ford Bronco is exactly like riding a wild bronco in the wild because this is one truck with a mind of its own. This is partly why an icy blue Ford Bronco found a place in the awesome garage of Lady Gaga. Her Bronco is a semi-restored vintage one that wears an all-new avatar. She even featured it one of her famous music video for "Perfect Illusion" where she takes it out in the desert for a spin in the sand.

9 Katy Perry’s Car Sure Is Smarter

Via Youtube

With an estimated net worth of about $280 million, Katy Perry can have a fleet of expensive and exquisite cars in her bay. Instead, the large-hearted Perry bought a Fisker Karma for each of her five aides-de-camp. And for herself, she has a Smart Fortwo worth about $16,000 with her name printed on one side. She is passionate about keeping the environment safe and prefers to drive a zero-emission vehicle. She also owns a Tesla Model S that is just about $100,000. Rather smart of her, right?

8 Gwen Stefani Is No Lightweight And Neither Is Her Car

Via Youtube

Gwen Stefani has come a long way from being a member and lead vocalist of the band No Doubt to being a solo act in the music scene. She has a net worth of around $100 million and can easily afford luxury rides, much like other celebrities in the music industry. She owns a royal blue Rolls-Royce Wraith that cost her upwards of $400,000. It carries a 6.6-liter powerhouse under its belly that belts out a whopping 624 horsepower. Like her own persona, her car also is a bold and beautiful statement.

7 JLo And Her Cars Are All Divas

Via Wordpress

She is well-known for changing her cars faster than her beaus. Perhaps, that’s why she looks almost half her age even today and can make anyone green with envy. Similarly, her enviable car collection boasts of a beautiful black Rolls-Royce Ghost, a two-door Aston Martin convertible, a pearly white Bentley Continental GT, a Mercedes S Class, an Audi Q5, and a Bentley Arnage. Strangely, there is a Fiat 500 among her enviable stable of cars, as well, one that incidentally broke down during the filming of its advertisement commercial. So there!

6 Celine’s Wheels Go On And On!

Via Refinery29

If we start talking about Celine Dion's assets, she owns a house worth $71 million, a Bombardier Global Business jet, a restaurant chain called Nickels, and just around 3,000 pairs of shoes from top luxury brands. The list just goes on and on. And yes, not to miss, she’s quite a car collector, too. The jewel of her enviable collections of rides is a 1995 Rolls-Royce Corniche that was designed by Bill Allen. That must be another half a million dollars, I guess, on cars.

5 John Mayer's Ride Is A Wonderland

Via Jalopnik

John Mayer became a pop sensation when he debuted in 2002 with the single "Your Body Is A Wonderland." He has a Ford GT, a Land Rover Defender, an Audi R8, a Ford Raptor, a Range Rover, and a Ferrari 599 in his stable of cars. However, he loves to cruise on his blue and orange first-generation Ford GT. And why not? The modern first-generation GT was a two-seat, two-door sports car that carried a 5.4-liter, supercharged V8 mill under the hood for maximum power combined with a pleasure ride.

4 Miley Cyrus Gets A McLaren MP4-12C

Via Youtube

Miley Cyrus owns a metallic black Porsche Cayenne and a Range Rover Sport among her valued collection of cars. However, she and her current beau, Liam Hemsworth, love to drive around town in their new McLaren MP4-12C. Well, the supercar is a mid-engined, two-seat powerhouse that gets its brute force from a twin-turbo, 3.8-liter V8 unit capable of thrashing out a whopping 591 horsepower. It’s good for 0 to 62 mph sprint in just 3.3 seconds and can accomplish more than 200 mph if you really gun it. But frankly, would look more at home with someone who doesn't croon "Wrecking Ball"!

3 Taylor Swift’s Swift In Her Swift Porsche

Via Youtube

Taylor Swift is one of the most influential names in the music scene today. And she has an amazing collection of cars in her garage. According to Auto World News, she owns an Audi R8, a Toyota Sequoia, a Mercedes Benz, and a Chevrolet Silverado, apart from other cars in her collection. The Silverado was later auctioned off for charity. However, she spends most her time in her Porsche 911 Turbo that can sprint from zero to 60 in under four seconds. The strange thing about this car in this pic is the presence of Taylor Lautner, with Taylor Swift, in her swift Porsche!

2 Rihanna Gets Wheels As Gifts Every So Often

Via Motor1

With a net worth of around $245 million, Rihanna has come a long way since her debut in 2005, which doesn’t seem all that long ago. There’s nothing strange about her choice of cars, though. The only surprising thing is that people love to gift her really expensive cars. Like Jay-Z gifted her a Porsche 911 Turbo S worth around $190,000. Chris Brown got her a custom-made Lamborghini Aventador that cost a sweet $750,000. Brown was still duly (and rightly) dumped, but the car remains.

1 Mariah Is Spoilt For Choice, As Always

Via RichGlare

There are pop stars and then there are divas and then there is Mariah Carey! With a net worth of around $520 million, she can afford to buy any kind of expensive ride without batting a lash, cosmetic as it may be. Actually, she has a private jet and a yacht to herself, too. According to Born Rich, one of the costliest rides in her collection is a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe that was a Christmas gift from her then-husband Nick Cannon. She dropped Cannon, but who drops a Drophead Coupe? Especially one that is customized to order by hand!

Sources: CheatSheet, DUBMagazine, Driving, and ShearComfort.

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