20 Pictures Of Supercars Transformed Into Pickups

Not all cars are meant to be trucks, and not all trucks are meant to be cars. Right? Well, wrong. In the crazy world of automobile modding, and Photoshop geniuses – any car can be turned into anything. And we do mean that. Take, for example, these supercars. If we ever had the wherewithal to be able to get one of these expensive beauties in our garage, we’d probably spend our days worshipping the wheels and gazing starry-eyed at that beautiful design.

What we would never, ever do – is try to turn these cars into something solely meant to haul stuff around – and by that we mean pickups. Pickup trucks are heavy load haulers, the kind we’d want if delivery was the name of our game, or if hauling heavy stuff was our everyday routine. We’d want a pickup if we were avid campers as well, needing a heavy-duty off-roader to load all our stuff in and take us to hitherto unexplored places. Actually, there is no rule (except perhaps the balance in the bank account) that says we can’t have both – a supercar as well as a pickup truck. But why would anyone mash the two together into a car that is too fast to haul anything, and doesn’t look half as good as it originally did? Perfection should not be messed with, right?

So here are 20 such pictures of perfectly great supercars that for some reason have been turned into not-so-super pickups.

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20 Brand New Lambo Pickup Design

via uncrate.com

After the Aventador, Lamborghini had to do something useful with their time other than just making ridiculous amounts of money. So they came out with the Urus, being dubbed the S-SUV aka super SUV. It's crazy fast!

So sure, it lacks the V-10 or V-12 found in the Aventador and the Huracan, but the twin-turbo V-8 under the hood can pack a mean punch to the road.

That said, the Urus is an SUV but some hopeful dude is trying to inspire Lamborghini to the next level. This particular someone has digitally created a Urus pickup – and we gotta admit – it looks wicked cool.

19 Royce Could Roll

via youtube.com

There’s not much expensive you can go than the Phantom VIII – it is indeed all that luxury is. This is not the kind of car you’d ever even want a scratch on and modding it would only give the owner a couple of heart attacks. That said, some digital artists have crossed this line too and re-imagined the Phantom VIII as a pickup truck, probably to load all the gold bricks to and fro from the vault. Brazilian Kleber Silva has rendered the Phantom VIII into a probably-will-never-be-made pickup and called it the Rolls Royce Haunt. Probably because messing with something this pricey will haunt you in the days to come.

18 The Very Rugged Porsche Pickup

via mestmotor.com

After the Porsche Carrera GT, Porsche wanted to bring in something fabulous. It took a good number of years before they finally brought in the Porsche 918 and blew everyone away. An 887 horsepower and an astounding 944 ft-lb torque is what its mid-mounted twin V8 motors give out. The 918 is almost Bugatti-like in its acceleration and as exotic as any almost million-dollar car. So would ever think of turning this into a pickup? Concept car designers Rain Prisk made one and mounted the whole car on jeep-like rugged tires! But it would take someone with a titanium constitution and endless pockets to do this for real!

17 Jaguar Gets A Back Lift

via youtube.com

The C-X17 Concept Car was unveiled way back in 2013, and hasn’t quite been made production ready yet despite the fair reviews it seems to be getting. Basically, it is a crossover luxury vehicle being built on a Jaguar platform that is already being used for the BMW 3-Series compact luxury sedan.

There is actually a good chance of seeing this on the market.

Did the designer craft a Jaguar C-X17 pickup truck? Well, not so much. This design has turned the four-door compact SUV into a pickup  which does look good but may not stand to see completion.

16 The Ultra-Gorgeous Alfa Romeo Pickup

via autoevolution.com

The Alfa Romeo Giulia QV is beautifully fast and a great-looking ride. It has a dual turbo V6 under the hood that manages to crank out 500 horsepower and runs as well as it looks. Pricewise, it falls between the Mercedes-AMG C 63 and BMW M3 so anybody looking for an Italian ride over German wheels would probably go for this one. That said, we doubt anyone would spend close to $150,000 on a car and then turn it into a pickup – chopping it from a four-door ride to a two-wheeled couple in exchange for a tray in the back.

15 The Mini Cooper Paceman “Adventure”

via tcbmw.com

So this is an actual car, but before you get too excited to have finally found a Mini that you like – it is not intended for production.

It is, however, a road legal and off-road worthy little sprite that was built by students and instructors at the BMW plant in Munich.

With a turbocharged 184 horsepower engine and an all-wheel drive, this mini adventurer has been built on the Mini Paceman Cooper S base with modified suspension, shorter overhangs, a modified chassis and an extended ground clearance. With extra lights and enough clearance to cross a small river – this little pickup is perfect for some jungle solitude.

14 A Jaguar F-Pace Family Pickup

via youtube.com

According to Jaguar, the Jaguar F-Pace is a performance SUV inspired by the F-Type, with the heart of a sports car. Distinctive looks and all the flurries of a luxury car apart, the 5.0-litre V8 engine makes this car an utter dream to drive. Plus you get added low friction technology mated to a lightweight body structure. The fluent and fluidic aerodynamics and low emissions further work to give a decent fuel economy. So why would you ever mess with perfection and end up turning a four-door SUV into a two-door pickup coupe? When it comes to modding cars into pickups, no one messes with supercars for real…

13 The Rambo-Lambo Is A Real Thing

via motorcove.com

So this is not a pickup mod, this is Lamborghini’s only truck to date. The Lamborghini LM002 was an off-road, rad sports SUV so built and sold between 1986 and 1993. This was a company that basically always built sportscars and supercars – a truck from them was a radical concept. With a V12 engine, the power was equally radical, even from a truck this size and weight. Before the LM002 came the Cheetah and the LM001, and even after the LM003 and Lagartijo tried to be worthy successors. But the only SUV Lambo was able to put into production after the LM002 is the recently launched Lamborghini Urus. A pickup, it is not though…

12 Ferrari Pickup

via livejournal.com

Well actually, it isn’t. But it has sure been modded to look like a famous model of this Italian supercar, and that is the Ferrari Testarossa. Apparently, a Florida guy (yes, it somehow always is about the Everglades) had a 1980s Toyota Hilux pickup that simply wasn’t jazzy enough for his liking anymore.

So he decided to spruce it up a little, and by little we men he basically turned it so much into the Ferrari Testarossa, it confuses even real Ferrari owners.

Both the Prancing Horse and the Pininfarina badges are in the right place, plus the side vents looks 100% authentic, as are the Pirelli tires.

11 Bentley Bentayga

via deviantart.com

There are some cars all about speed, and some that are all about luxury and style. Then there are some that are beaters that look like trash but give you the best fuel economy ever. Finally, there are the pickups and the SUVs. And there is a reason why you have so many choices when it comes to four wheelers. Which is why imagining a Bentley Bentayga car that literally drips in luxury being modded into a pickup is not just impossible, its cuckoo crazy! While there might be a few chop shops around just itching to turn this rendering into a real-life mod – we can’t imagine the sheer gall, at all!

10 The Nissan Skyline Superfast Pickup

via pinterest.com

No other movie propelled the Nissan Skyline to such great heights as Fast and Furious did especially when it was the late Paul Walker (nee Brian O’Conner) who favored these silver and blue rides in two separate movies. So it is but natural to see this impossibly fast supercar modded into a pickup right? Well, wrong. The thing is, you need to really know your cars and have a real keen eye to figure out that this pickup is not a modded Skyline at all. It is a Nissan Sunny truck “wearing” a customized Hakosuka – meaning a boxy Skyline body kit. So basically it’s the pickup that has been modded to look like the supercar. Then again, if looks are all that matter, who cares?

9 A Tesla Pickup Might Be Reality Soon

via carsmonitor.com

So if you are thinking that this is one more rendering of yet another supercar done by one of those gadabout artists with too much free time on his hands, you may be right! But before you tell us so, Elon Musk has already announced a Tesla pickup truck plan in the offing which should be out by 2019-2020.

While he always wanted to make one, apparently the Model 3 and Model Y took up all the big brains’ time.

So the Tesla pickup truck exists only in secret knowledge of the employees, or in the imaginations of rendering artists such as these. Doesn’t look half bad, does it?

8 The Bedded Bentley Continental GT Pickup

via pinterest.com

We do like the rendering by X-Tomi on this one because frankly having something so lavish as a Bentley Continental GT would be enough knock our socks off. But imagine the person who actually has the heart and the wherewithal to be able to take his spanking new Continental GT to the chop shop and watch it get chopped off to fit in that bed. Frankly, there are a ton of crazy guys out there, and a big percentage of that ton is also very, very rich. Add the two together and we are pretty sure this must be getting made in some corner of the world if it doesn’t already exist.

7 The Crazy Bugatti Veyron With A Bed

via pinterest.com

Before you look at this picture and start hyperventilating, there’s text on the car that says “Relax, its photoshopped!” So breathe, and breathe deep. Because no one, in their right minds, would ever commit such sacrilege against a car this beautiful, this expensive and this exclusive! And people in their right minds would probably not be able to get their hands on it. That said; stranger things have happened in the world and if someone did think about it long enough to render an image, we are assuming someone must also be eyeing the Veyron in his garage wondering if it could actually be done. For the Veyron’s sake, we so hope not!

6 Evoque-ative Enough For The Rover

via trucktrend.com

For years, the Range Rover has stood for class, safety, and luxury which is why it has remained as a popular ride for the VIPs and VVIPs of the world. Plus Range Rover has quite an exhaustive body style offering as well, including compacts and convertibles to please even the fussiest of buyers. But what if you just had to have a Range Rover pickup to carry it all in luxury-drenched style?

Well, Startech just came up with this concept pickup that chopped off the D-pillar and the rear-roof panel of a full-size Range Rover and put in a bulkhead instead.

To us, it looks too stubby to be worthy but then again, we aren’t the Range Rover type!

5 Adding Some Extra Wheels To The Defender

via ebay.com

So the Landrover Defender isn’t so much a supercar as it is a very solidly built off-roader which remained in production for a long time – 67 years to be exact. The plug was finally pulled in 2016, but even so, a new model is in the offing. Till then, how about a Landrover Defender pickup? Britain’s Kahn Design is offering a six-wheeled beast called the Flying Huntsman 110 WB 6x6 Double Cab Pickup. And if you thought it was exorbitantly priced it isn’t – before taxes, it costs some $150,000 which for a vehicle of this size and power is actually pretty cool.

4 A Porsche 914-6 GT Pickup

via car-revs-daily.com

Utter wow is all we can say. This is a real modded pickup so made from a Porsche 914-6 GT which was a beauty of a car in any case but looks like a stunner as a pickup. Called the Troutman Truck, so named after the bodybuilder it was bought from – it is probably the only mid-engine pickup in the world considering the 2.5-liter motor lies between the bed and the cab. It’s also special because the man behind the truck – Kevin Jeannette built it to support a race called the Marathon de la Route”. Porsche 914-6 GTs raced in this 84-hour race that happened between 1965-1971 at the Nürburgring. If the Porsche broke down, it had to be re-fitted on the track and that is where the Troutman Truck came in – rigged with everything a fixer-upper needed.

3 Ford Focus RS Pickup

via youtube.com

So yeah, we cheated a little. The Ford Focus is not a supercar in the actual sense of the world; it doesn’t go whiplash fast, or roar loud enough torque to scare away all the lions of the Sahara.

It has always been a super-selling car in the domestic market – be it as a coupe or a sedan.

In 2012 and 2002, sales figure touched almost 250,000 each! So for Ford at least, it has been one super car, if not a supercar. Now apparently, it is being ute-d. As in, by 2022-23 the Ford Focus will be a small subcompact pickup truck, first launched in Brazil. So the picture you see here is all Ford and the brainiacs up there.

2 Haul A Load In A Benz

via pinterest.com

For some reason, Mercedes Benz decided to fill in the last gap in its portfolio. The gap, it seems was the absence of a pickup truck – which is ludicrous enough to be laughed at by just about the whole world. This is not Benz’s first bad decision, and neither will be its last bad take. There is a reason why pickup truck makers do not launch ultra-luxury supercars (at least not with good results) and vice versa. The Mercedes X-Class, which we assume stands for extreme, is pricey and does not boast of specs you can haul a load in. Under the hood lies a 255-horsepower V6 engine that churns out with 406 ft-lb torque.

1 Lexus Hauler

via youtube.com

So thankfully enough, this isn’t a production car. Yet! This was the result of a challenge so issued by Lexus’s Japanese center to the Calty design studio in California to come up with a hybrid sports coupe concept – as a ready and able design for the future. So they made up this concept car that is very clearly a Lexus, but otherwise a slightly confused car. We do not get the pickup bed-like feel of the coupe, and frankly, the whole thing looks like a crushed and out of sync pickup, albeit with a very attractive front grill. Wonder if it actually makes it to the assembly line?

Sources: TruckTrend.com, AutoEvolution.com, Deviantart.com

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