20 Pictures Of The Worst Looking Supercars Of All Time

The noble supercar, a machine whose sole purpose is to do one thing, push the boundaries of what is possible. The best supercars love to ride the edge of what is physically possible, pushing for the most cutting-edge engineering, technical ability, and design. A great supercar should look like it comes from a different planet, a different time. In fact, like Lamborghini, sometimes they should look like they can actually shatter time itself. Every day, it seems engineers push the bounds of how much power they can get from an engine, how light, strong, and aerodynamic of a frame they can create, and how advanced, efficient, and capable of a handling system they can develop.

But, not all supercars are created equal. In fact, there are quite a surprisingly large number of supercars that are complete flops. Sometimes they don't perform well, are rife with reliability issues, are too expensive, too outlandishly impractical, or are just plain bad looking.

The styling of a supercar is, of course, objective, but there are certain elements of balance, flow, shape, and aerodynamics that must remain within the styling of a supercar for it to be good looking. Like all art, it is part subjective, part objective. Whether or not you actually like the art piece, whether it is a sculpture or a supercar, falls into the subjective side of things. With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the worst looking supercars out there, according to us (and a lot of other people, too).

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20 Weber Faster One 2008

via conceptcarz.com

Perhaps one of the worst looking cars on this list, this is the Weber Faster One. Despite its bad appearance and truly ridiculous name, the Weber Faster One has some pretty good specs, mostly due to the fact that the primary goal of this car was for performance and performance alone.

Says New Atlas of Weber, "we designed the car as a single-purpose performance machine where bow-legged form relentlessly follows function." Couldn't have been put better, honestly. The good news is that there's a newer model, and it's significantly better looking.

19 Aston Martin Zagato V8 Vantage

via complexmania.com

While many cars don't age well, there are some cars that just never looked good, and only get worse as they become dated. This is just such an example of a car, and from Aston Martin, more surprisingly.

The big headlights and chunky design point loudly to the era it came from, but there are plenty of examples of classic cars built in a very similar design, cars that actually look good still. The lump in the middle of the hood, the very strange headlight layout and grille shape, paired with the saw blade wheels, it all creates something very unappealing. Unlike the new Valkyrie, this car is assuredly not wisely designed.

18 Eliica KAZ

via en.wheelsage.org

This is perhaps the strangest supercar in our list, if not the most unflattering. It's truly an extraordinary car from Japan, outlandish as it could possibly get. With not only double the wheels of a normal supercar,  this Eliica also has double the doors, with not only front doors but rear gullwing doors as well, making this supercar an extraordinarily unique one.

Perhaps the most remarkable facet of this machine is the fact that it does indeed have some pretty formidable performance, beating a Porsche 911 to 60, in under 4 seconds that is. Among many other fascinating and advanced features, the fastest model has a total of 850 horsepower.

17 Buick Wildcat

via favcars.com

This is the Buick Wildcat, one of the strangest, most futuristic, and worst looking cars ever conceived by the company of Buick. While this is the third round of concept cars with the same name from Buick, they actually made two cars that looked like this.

The futuristic design is pretty cool, but at the end of the day, you're driving in an odd shaped bubble. The generally conservative styling of this supercar keeps it surprisingly modern in styling, but that doesn't mean that it looks appealing. To make things worse, it was really slow.

16 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

via momentcar.com

A lot of people might not find this car bad, but I sure do. The very fact that it's from Ferrari and looks like this is enough to send me running the opposite direction. While objectively it may be more boring than bad looking, there's just something about the grille and those tiny headlights that really make this car underwhelming to me.

I'm sure others agree, considering the kinds of supercars and motoring legends that Ferrari is capable of producing. While mechanically there is nothing wrong with this car, for the price I'd rather buy almost any other supercar.

15 Isdera Imperator 108i

via fanmercedesbenz.com

Yes, this is in fact what the front of the Isdera Imperator looks like. Did they do this on purpose? Probably. Why would they do it? No one really knows, but I think most people can agree that it looks bad, really just bad.

Coming from an era of wedge-shaped supercars, this rather strange looking wedge from Isdera was a pretty incredible car, with only 30 made before the company moved on to its next project. Blake Z. Rong over at Road and Track makes a pretty compelling case for this, particularly strange looking supercar.

14 IFR Automotive Aspid

via car.info

The styling of this car is unbalanced, with a huge front end that looks like some kind of Cadillac version of a Plymouth Prowler, and the rear end just looks like the back of a hot hatchback. Of course, it's much smaller than that, too, in a similar class of cars like the Ariel Atom.

But everywhere the Ariel Atom works, the Aspid just doesn't. I find myself continuously focusing on the headlights, despite how bad the rest of the car is, too. They look like some strange interpretation of Jar Jar Binks. If that isn't a gauge on just how bad this thing is, I don't know what is.

13 Aston Martin DP100

via commons.wikimedia.org

While the overall first impression and general shape of this Aston Martin isn't all that unappealing, things really start to fall apart when the details start to be noticed. Things like the obnoxious paint, the strange wheels that, while innovative, don't actually look good, and the tiny, squinty eyes at the front.

The headlights paired with the inordinately low grille makes it look like some kind of vacuum cleaner or bottom feeder. Not all that appealing for a supercar, if you ask me. Apart from the truly unappealing face, this is actually a surprisingly fascinating car, designed for Gran Turismo, interestingly enough.

12 Lamborghini Pregunta

via ticktickvroom.com

This is the Lamborghini Pregunta, one of the last cars actually designed by Lamborghini before it was bought out by the motoring giant and virtual monopoly that is Volkswagen. Boy is it rough on the eyes. Partially, no doubt, due to the fact that the supercar itself doesn't exactly have eyes. I mean, it does, but barely.

Like a spider, it has eight little compound eyes for headlights. Paired with the strange lumps that amount to air scoops on the hips and top of the car, this really makes for an interesting shape, as a way to phrase it gently.

11 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Stirling Moss

via pinterest.com

Most are fairly familiar with the SLR McLaren from Mercedes-Benz, but not many are familiar with seeing this particular iteration. The SLR McLaren alone could be on this list, but when I saw this one, it had to go in instead.

With good reason, as it is such a bad design. This car has many nods to the world of racing, most importantly, of course, Stirling Moss. This makes it a truly genuine car aficionado's car, through and through, and the price tag with it reflects the pocketbook of just such a discerning collector. That price is a mere 750,000 Euros.

10 Lamborghini Egoista

via autoguide.com

This Lamborghini Egoista must have been designed by someone who is as blind as a bat, and not just because the car itself looks like some cave-dwelling creature that never evolved eyes or the ability to see. It's also because it looks genuinely bad. In basically every way, too.

The childish coloring, with matte gray and neon orange, down to even the windshield and windows being orange, it really is a puerile car for those wealthy buyers with the taste of a nine-year-old boy. While Lamborghini has always indulged that small child in all of us, sometimes it just goes too far.

9 Mosler Consulier GTP

via bangshift.com

While it may not take the cake for the most startling, or instantly bad, the Mosler Consulier GTP gets you with a slow burn, unseen uppercut of bad. It has to be one of the most homely supercars on this list, mostly due to the fact that it's so poorly designed.

Not even a little bit of thought went into the styling, it seems, essentially a wedge shape with the most harshly procumbent windshield and cabin ever seen on a supercar. The extraordinarily dated square headlights only make it worse, and reminiscent of an old '92 Camaro.

8 Panoz Abruzzi

via carpixel.net

The Panos Abruzzi is a supercar from Italy with the face of a monster. And not a track monster, either, just a concave train wreck, only amplified by the tiny antennae of rearview mirrors.

Top Gear puts it nicely, saying of the Abruzzi that it "resembles an art-deco Batmobile." While I'd say that flatters this car quite a bit too much, I can see it. Apart from its looks, this supercar truly is super, with some incredible design features, like the use of a unique Recyclable Energy Absorbing Matrix System and a three-stage radiator cooling system, amongst other things.

7 Vector M12

via supercars.net

Design of a supercar needs to be a bit more than just aerodynamics. a wedge shape, and four wheels. As is obvious in the case of this particular supercar, the Vector M12, it also involves a certain amount of balance and harmony. There clearly is no balance between the front end of this car and the rear, as the back tail fin and bumper area are about twice as long as the nose, and significantly bigger in size.

It makes this supercar look ungainly, unattractive, and plain bad. The tiny wheels don't help much either, though that's just a norm of the times for a supercar from this era.

6 Tramontana XTR

via superunleaded.com

The Tramontana XTR is in a similar class as the Ariel Atom and the IFR Automotive Aspid we featured at number 14, except that this one in my opinion is the worst looking of them all, by far. There's just something about its front end, bulbous and out of place cabin, and generally poor geometry that adds up to create a supercar that is one of the worst looking.

Despite its bad looks, it's pretty quick, housing an incredible V12 that pumps out 888 horsepower. With such a light (and ugly) body, that makes this little thing incredibly quick.

5 Qvale Mangusta

via supercars.net

With one of the more unique and cool names of a supercar I've ever heard, it seems hopeful that this car would look as cool as it sounds. Alas, that is most assuredly not the case, as this car is quite bad looking, and while the looks themselves seem very strange, what is stranger about this supercar is its engine.

According to autotrader.com, it houses a "320-horsepower naturally-aspirated 4.6-liter V8 from the 1996-2001 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra." That's pretty strange to see in a limited production supercar from Italy. It doesn't make it any better looking, though.

4 Yamaha OX99-11

via motor1.com

This is for sure one of the most uniquely styled cars in history, made by Yamaha, of all companies. The front grille gives it a manta ray-like quality, and the scoop above the windshield on the roof adds to its rather outlandish and abnormal styling.

I personally think this Yamaha looks pretty good, all things considered, though I can understand why most think that it looks bad. I think all it needs is some refinement. Created due almost entirely to Yamaha's involvement in Formula 1, it features an insane V12 that was actually built for F1 use and had to be scaled back for road use.

3 Vector W8


If you've been following closely, this is the second Vector supercar we've featured on this list, and it's a tough call as to which is the worst, this one or the M12 featured at number seven.

The over exaggerated wedge shape of this one is truly unappealing, it looks bulky, awkward, and not fast in any way. Though the styling may make it seem slow, it's actually quite fast, with a 90 degree 6.0 Liter V8 that could propel this ungainly wedge from 0-60 in 4.2 seconds, according to topspeed.com. That's not fast enough if it's driving away from me.

2 Zenos E10 S

via topspeed.com

This little Zenos E10 S looks a lot like the less attractive brother of a Mazda Miata. And the Miata isn't all that good looking, either (in my opinion). The strange paneling, not only in color choice, from grey to black to blue triangles, but also in general shape, isn't very good, either.

Named by Jeremy Clarkson as one of the cars he disliked driving most, there's really not much going for this little track going supercar. Plus the front end just looks like a sad toad, complaining dreadfully all the time.

1 Volkswagen W12

via exoticcarlist.com

Most people might never know that Volkswagen has made a supercar. That is, of course, excluding the supercars made by Audi, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Porsche, and Bentley. (Yes, Volkswagen owns all of those.) But, this particular monster holds the tried and true VW badge, and it really is quite bad looking.

While I personally kind of like the way it looks, with its very VW-esque styling that doesn't quite fit a supercar, it's understandably disliked by many. This car was designed to feature both Volkswagen's W configured 12 cylinder engine and its synchro four-wheel drive system. The car succeeded in doing this, though it remained a fully functional concept.

Sources: motor1.com, supercars.net & car.info

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