23 Pictures Of Trucks That Got Stuck In Sticky Situations

Gottlieb Daimler built the first motor truck in 1896. The truck had a four-horsepower engine and a belt drive with two forward speeds and one reverse. The invention was a pickup truck. Since then, the pickup truck has taken on a new shape. A truck or a lorry is a motor vehicle designed to carry cargo. Commercial trucks are large and powerful, and their owners can configure them to mount specialized equipment, as in the case with fire trucks, suction excavators, and concrete mixers. Although a diesel engine powers most modern trucks, some small to medium trucks with gasoline engines are available in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

If you thought that driving a car was challenging, wait until you see what truck drivers face. Considering that the average truck is 20 feet long and weighs around 30 tons, mobility on public roads is limited. While trucks spend most of the traveling time on highways, some trucks are exposed to inhospitable roads. Regardless of the weather, truck drivers are obligated to make their deliveries. While relentless in their stride, truck drivers encounter storms, snow, potholes, and low bridges. With so many obstacles in their way, truck drivers make mistakes like the rest of us. We decided to trail the roads that truck drivers take to determine their challenges. Our pursuit led us to discover truck drivers who got stuck in blizzards, bridges, and potholes.

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23 Low Clearance

via Bendigo Advertiser

Truck drivers in the United Kingdom face daily challenges. Considering that England is a small country that consists mostly of suburbs, truck drivers have to take risks to make deliveries. Apart from narrow roads, England also has low bridges.

The driver of this truck found out when it was too late that the bridge was too low for him to traverse.

I wonder if the low clearance sign is on the side of the bridge that the driver entered. If it is, then the driver has only himself to blame for getting stuck.

22 Delayed Post

via Hans Gutknecht

Judging the roads can be tricky. When you think that you've made the right call, disaster strikes. A tarnished road is much like a bowl of pasta. You get more than you expected. The postman who drove this truck underestimated the washed-up mud and rocks. A flood had swept over the road, carrying with it mud and other debris. The postman thought that he could travel over the mud, but he was wrong.

The sticky debris got hold of his wheels and didn't let go.

The postman was fortunate to have help to get out of the sticky situation.

21 Between A Rock And A Hard Place

via laminat.pw

Every driver has been disappointed by his navigation system. A truck driver in the United Kingdom felt, like no one else, the consequences of a failed satellite navigation system. He was stuck between buildings for twenty-six hours after his navigation led him down the wrong path. The driver ended up in a narrow alley in the village of Bruton, Somerset. The driver, who wished to remain anonymous, was delivering drinks to the village and looking for a parking space when he got stuck. The lane's steep incline prevented him from going in reverse.

20 Unchartered Territory

via SF Gate

If you're a truck driver who's unfamiliar with the San Francisco roads, you could get stuck. The driver of the Bud Light semi-truck was unfamiliar with the city's steep hills and got stuck.

The semi-truck operator turned onto Jones Street from California Street, only to discover that San Francisco had inclined hills, according to the SF Gate.

The driver was unaware that the 24.8 percent grade on Jones between California and Pine would result in the truck scraping the ground and getting stuck.

19 The Transporter

via Pinterest

Apart from transporting furniture, food, and clothes, trucks also assist the automobile industry. To prevent new cars from gaining mileage on the clock, car manufacturers obtain the services of trucks to transport their vehicles. While transporting three cars to a dealership, the truck driver encountered a sharp turn. The trailer attached to the truck was long, and the driver turned early. He also had to worry about oncoming drivers not seeing him, considering he was stationed on a bend.

18 Gate Closed

via Yahoo

Some truck drivers have to pay the price at the Golden Bridge toll. A truck driver transporting furniture got his truck stuck in a narrow toll lane. Apart from the traffic inconvenience, the truck, fortunately, didn't cause major damage or injury, according to NBC Bay Area. The truck driver said that he attempted to get into the wide lane but couldn't due to the heavy traffic. Instead of entering lane 2, the driver opted for the third lane and got stuck. Fortunately for the driver, the police didn't arrest him.

17 Sinkhole

via The Denver Post

Bad things can happen while you're performing your duties.

The driver of a garbage truck in Denver got trapped in a sinkhole when a water main broke on South Dahlia Street.

The driver drove over the main shortly after it had gotten broken. “The asphalt just gave way as our trash truck drove over it, and they basically fell into a little hole,” said Nancy Kuhn, Denver Public Works spokeswoman." The truck's right wheel is stuck in the hole, but Public Works arrived on the scene and hauled out the truck, according to the Denver Post.

16 Mudslides

via Telegraph

Although truck drivers make mistakes like all other road users, some things are out of their control. When a natural disaster strikes, those who are in the wrong place at the wrong time have to suffer the consequences. That was the unfortunate fate of the driver of this semi-tractor trailer. After nature took its course, the driver got stuck in the mud and flood water on the highway in Montecito. Considering the carnage that the flood caused, the authorities exerted a tremendous amount of effort to haul out the trucker.

15 Sticky Situation

via The Atlantic

When Peru suffered one of the worst floods in decades, truck drivers got the short end of the stick. The unusual bouts of heavy rains drenched Peru with ten times more rainfall than usual, resulting in overflowing rivers and mudslides that damaged farms and roads. One of the unfortunate victims to get caught in the havoc was the driver of the pictured truck. What makes the story more tragic is that the authorities had warned residents that the rain would persist for another month. That truck could be there for a while.

14 Chilling At The Beach

via The Boston Globe

There's a time and a place for everything. Visiting the beach while you're supposed to be delivering Pepsis could get you into trouble.

A Pepsi truck driver got stuck on a beach as the tide was approaching after he had taken a wrong turn.

The authorities stated that the trailer truck was stuck on the beach from half-past ten in the morning. Once the driver realized he had taken a wrong turn, he tried to turn around but had to chill on the beach until a tow truck helped him, according to the Boston Globe.

13 A Tight Corner

via The Burlington Free Press

Smugglers Notch is a road that many truck drivers have dreaded. If you thought that you were the first trucker to get stuck on that road in Vermont, you were wrong. When a truck gets stuck on the famous road, the Department of Motor Vehicles adds another tally to the count of drivers who ignored the warning signs along Vermont 108, between Stowe and Jeffersonville. The authorities have grown so weary of keeping count that they've decided to penalize tractor-trailer and semi-trailer trucks with a $1,000 fine for using the road. The authorities will double the fine amount for subsequent violations.

12 Ramp Trick

via West Seattle Blog

Dragging your skateboard wheels on a ramp might make you look cool, but doing that with a truck may land you in prison. When a truck driver turned too sharply, his back wheels ended up on the ramp of a highway. The semi-truck got stuck on the West Seattle Bridge.

The truck blocked traffic for a short period, but a tow truck moved the damaged trailer to a tow yard that was north of the intersection.

Although the act was unintentional, the driver pulled off a tire trick that many drivers would love to perform.

11 Slippery Slope

via Oxford Mail

A driver in Kidlington, England got into heaps of trouble after following the directions of his satellite navigations. An Eddie Stobart truck's back end got stuck in a roadside ditch. Police closed the road and redirected traffic, according to Oxford Mail. The driver said that the satellite navigation led him down Sandy Lane when he realized that the small rural bridge had a three-ton weight limit. Forced to go back, the driver got stuck while making a U-turn. He wasn't the first truck driver to get stuck in the same spot.

10 Who Left This Here?

via Salisbury Journal

A truck driver blocked the road in a small village in England for four hours. He got stuck at eight in the morning and left at noon. The driver had to separate the trailer from the cabin and drive around the village to rejoin the trailer to the body. The authorities issued the driver a fixed penalty for ignoring the 7.5-ton restriction. The city councilor stated that heavy goods vehicles were a continual issue despite being banned from traveling through the village. Sometimes, the shortcut ends up being the long road.

9 Buried In Mud

via Cheap Prices

When a flood swept over Interstate 5 in Southern California, it dragged with it mud and rocks. More than a hundred commuters were trapped in the incident. One of the unfortunate people to be trapped was the driver of this truck.

Apart from the inconvenience of being delayed, the commuters were in a life-threatening situation.

The officials closed the highway and stated that it could take months for them to dig out all of the vehicles. That was more of a catastrophe than an inconvenience.

8 Harvey's Floodwaters

via Fox 5 San Diego

It seems that a good deed never goes unpunished. A FEMA truck that was headed to provide assistance to Hurricane Harvey victims ended up getting stuck in floodwaters, according to Fox 5. The incident occurred in August 2017 in South Houston. The community thought that the water would quickly recede, but that wasn't the case. Unfortunately, disaster can strike when you're trying to help others. The truck driver deserves an award for his efforts and time off after the ordeal.

7 Danger Ahead

via galla.seelenfluegel.info

While I do pity truck drivers for the countless challenges they face on the road, some deserve the dire consequences. Had the truck driver obeyed the road sign, he wouldn't be in this fix.

Perhaps, he thought that he could circumvent the low corner by driving around it.

He found out that the road is limited and couldn't accommodate his long truck. Besides blocking both sides of the road, the truck driver had to answer to his boss for his actions. I wonder how that meeting concluded.

6 Tricky Turn

via Daily Echo

If you ask commuters in Marlborough what the cause of their headache was in late June 2016, they'll tell you that it was a truck. A truck driver delayed traffic due to turning right into the A346 Barn Road, according to Daily Echo. Big mistake. The driver caused a major traffic delay, and the authorities closed the street. The inconvenience caused traffic queues of up to three miles in both directions. The police helped to redirect the driver. Talk about a tight squeeze...

5 A Fire Truck Needs Rescue

via Daily Echo

Civilians aren't the only ones to need help after being stuck. It happens to the best of us. Due to poor road conditions, a firetruck ended up in a ditch. The incident occurred near Fordingbridge in the United Kingdom. The driver crashed the truck into a ditch after returning from a call, according to the Daily Echo. Six firefighters were onboard and examined by an ambulance service. The firefighters didn't need to be hospitalized and thanked the community for the well-wishes.

4 Highway Mishap

via Daily Mail

Since drivers spend countless hours on the highway, they're bound to encounter challenges.

A flood swept mud and rocks across Interstate 5, State Route 58, and two small mountainside communities, resulting in hundreds of people being trapped, according to the Daily Mail.

To help hundreds of trapped people from cars on highways, rescuers threw ladders and tarps across mud that was six feet deep. Officials stated that State Route 58 in Southern California remained closed for several days.

3 One Set Of Wheels

via Galveston County Daily News

This photographer's timing is unreal. He managed to snap a picture of a truck while its tires were elevated from the ground. The 18-wheeler got hung up on a century-old oak tree. The truck hit the tree after turning east onto Sealy from northbound 14th Street, Monford in Galveston. Priscilla Files, senior arborist and executive director of the Galveston Island Tree Conservancy, said, "The damage to the century-old live oak made it necessary to remove a branch that was about 45 to 50 feet long, 18 inches in diameter, and 56 inches around," according to Chron.

2 Skating On Thin Ice

via Youtube

Unfortunate circumstances happen to truck drivers that are out of their control, which results in them getting trapped. The driver of this truck was looking for trouble and found it. After driving his truck on ice, the driver fell into the cold waters. Maybe this experience will teach him not to mess with nature. The truck has taken on a different shape after being exposed to below zero degrees water. A good rule of thumb to follow is to keep vehicles off the ice, as the thin layer cannot support a gargantuan vehicle.

1 A Close Call

via Beijing Cream

Truck drivers in the United States and the United Kingdom aren't the only ones prone to unfortunate circumstances. A driver in China almost cost himself and several other people their lives after they had gotten trapped.

A truck driver had been pulling nine of the same kind of tow trucks in Guizhou province before it slammed into the side of a bridge on the Shanghai-Kunming Expressway.

The truck driver swerved to avoid colliding with a car that had cut him off. The driver and the passenger climbed out of the truck without sustaining injuries.

Sources: dailymail.co.uk; oxfordmail.co.uk

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