20 Pictures Of Wrangler Girls Every Guy Needs To See

The Jeep Wrangler has often been labeled as a chick’s car, typically driven by a girl in her twenties who loves to be seen in her white off-road vehicle but has no intention of ever venturing off a city street. While stereotypes are often wrong, research studies seem to confirm that women prefer the Wrangler.

Rachel Callahan, on the website Grasping for Objectivity in my Subjective Life, conducted surveys and created the Chick Car Index to indicate which cars are most likely to be driven by a girl. The higher the index number, the more “Chickliness” a car possesses. As most people would guess, the new VW Beetle got the title of Queen of the Chick Cars with the highest rating at 1.0, and a Ford pickup truck got the lowest index rating of less than 0.02. The Jeep Wrangler falls in the middle with an index of 0.50.

The Wrangler probably first got is chick’s car moniker from the 1995 film Clueless, when Alicia Silverstone drove a white Jeep Wrangler YJ adorned with girly additions. However, perceptions have evolved over the last 23 years and typical Wrangler drivers now seem to be surfer types ranging from their late-20s to mid-30s. A Golden Retriever or Labrador seated in the front seat next to them and a surfboard slightly sticking out the back would not be an unusual sight (in California, at least).

Here are 20 pictures of girls who own Jeeps, leaving you to decide if they are stereotypical Wrangler girls or just love driving the vehicle for their own reasons.

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20 Blonde Regina with a White Wrangler

Via: extreme-interests.tumblr.com

Frankly, this girl has chosen a white Jeep Wrangler, most likely, because she thinks it is a “chick’s car” with a “chick’s” white color. Plus, it matches her top and shoes. Although the Wrangler Rubicon is well equipped for off-roading as it comes from the factory, there is no doubt the roughest terrain this one will ever encounter is the loose gravel road it is currently resting on.

The name “Regina,” which means "queen" in Latin is painted on the side of the vehicle. It most likely is the Jeep girl’s name and does not refer to the city in Canada, so named to honor Queen Victoria.

19 Jessi Combs: Accomplished Off-Road Racer and Jeep Enthusiast

Via: Pinterest

The best way to spend more time off-roading or just cruising in a Jeep Wrangler is to find a partner that shares your enthusiasm. Long hours tinkering in the garage to improve performance, paying a fortune for an aftermarket upgrade, or spending the entire weekend in the wildness with a Jeep is much easier if both parties agree. For guys, Jessi Combs represents that perfect companion.

A television personality and metal fabricator, Combs has appeared on several TV shows including Xtreme 4x4, Overhaulin, Mythbusters, All Girls Garage, and the Science Channel's How to Build...Everything. If that is not enough, Jessi has also participated in numerous 4X4 off-road races, several of which she won.

18 Jeep Hair Don’t Care

Via: mamotorcars.org

While many girls are self-conscious about their hair (as are many guys) and will spend hours washing and combing their locks or sit for half a day at the beauty salon until every strand is in place, the Jeep girl doesn’t care. Pleasure for her comes from the wind in her face and (nearly) complete control of a machine that can take her just about anywhere off-road.

Not only does this Jeep girl not care about her hair, but it’s also evident from this photo that a little mud on her Rubicon’s body and tires doesn’t bother her either. Right now, she is thinking, “Hey, did you see all the mud fly when I raced through that bog with my new two-inch lift kit and performance-series IFP shocks?”

17 Cowgirls Love Jeep Wranglers

Via: carstuckgirls.com

The Jeep Wrangler is an ideal vehicle to perform tasks on a ranch or a farm like, just like the old Willys CJ-3A did back in the 1950s. Equipped with only a 60-hp engine, the small but nimble Willys was used to pull a plow or hay fluffer, push a snow plow on the front end, or provide transportation into town for running errands.

This cowgirl uses her Wrangler for different tasks. Judging from the spotless condition of the vehicle and the spiked-heel boots she is wearing, it will never be connected to a plow; perhaps a ride into town for some shopping or an evening out at the local club is more in order.

16 Maria Menounos, Wrangler Golden Grille Winner

Via: Torqued Magazine

During Jeep’s first competition web series, Jeep Wrangler Celebrity Customs, well-known media personality Maria Menounos defeated some intense competition to win the first ever Wrangler Golden Grille Award.

In the six-episode web series, Maria, baseball legend and MLB analyst Alex Rodriguez, and others competed with the assistance of professional Jeep customizers utilizing performance parts to modify a 2018 Jeep Wrangler showcasing the owner’s respective passions, personalities, and styles.

Sports analyst and former NBA superstar Jalen Rose hosted the six-part web series. The custom Wranglers were judged in three categories: Captivating Interiors, Stoplight Quality, and Authentically Wrangler. Maria’s Wrangler interior matches the color of her poodle.

15 Mud Babe

Via: Pinterest

The license plate of this Jeep suggests its owner loves an off-road adventure and a good romp in the mud. Her Jeep is well equipped with off-road lights mounted above the cab and fog lights covered with a black mesh to prevent rocks from breaking the lenses. However, the vehicle doesn’t show any signs of dirt or mud.

The tire treads are free of debris, and the Jeep looks as if it just came out of the car wash. Its owner, perched on top, doesn’t display any evidence of recent mud-running activities either: no wind-blown Jeep hair and her fingernails are perfectly manicured. She is smiling, however, so we can only assume she maintains her Jeep very well and can’t wait to take it off-road again soon.

14 Jeep and Feet in the Water

Via: creaspic.pw

Baltic Adventure Tours offers the following tips on how to cross a river in a 4X4:

  1. Walk along the unknown ford first, to estimate the depth of the water, the hardness of the ground and look for any underwater obstacles like rocks, wooden logs, and more.
  2. Find an easy entry and exit point.
  3. Know the manufacturer’s maximum water depth and don’t exceed it unless the vehicle is off-road prepped for more depth.
  4. Use the all-wheel drive when crossing the river, and lock the inter-axial differential, if available.

This Jeep girl followed the instructions but half-way across, she just couldn’t resist getting her feet wet in the clear, cool water.

13 Just a Girl and Her Jeep

Via: Pinterest

Two of the most popular Wrangler options are the Sahara and the Rubicon. The main difference between them is their off-road capabilities. The Sahara is better suited for in-town touring although it will handle the occasional off-road excursion, should it be required. The Rubicon, while it is visually similar to the Sahara, has better off-road handling characteristics. Features include an electronic front sway bar disconnect and rock rails, Tru-Lok differentials on the front and rear axles, and performance suspension.

This Jeep Wrangler owner often travels on unpaved mountain roads and under severe winter conditions. She wears warm clothing, a ski hat, and boots to keep her feet dry and warm, and she chose the Rubicon to give her that extra off-road capability when she needs it.

12 Nicole Murphy Prefers a White Wrangler

Via: meinafrikanischemangotabletten.info, The Coli

Nicole Murphy has different tastes in cars than her ex-husband, actor, and comedian Eddie Murphy, who has been seen driving a Ferrari on the streets of Los Angeles. She prefers a Jeep Wrangler. Nicole began her professional career as a model and met Murphy in 1988 at the NAACP Image Awards. After dating for a couple of years, the couple married and have five children together.

When the marriage ended in 2006, after 13 years, Niki focused on raising her children. Recently she has re-launched her modeling career and started the FLP by Nicole Murphy jewelry line. In December 2018, Nicole and her fiancé Michael Strahan bought a $16 million house in Los Angeles, complete with a garage to hold her Wrangler.

11 Iggy Azalea’s Custom Jeep Wrangler Rocks

Via: zimbio.com, TheHairStyler.com

This rap artist from Australia is passionate about great cars and the last vehicle to join her collection stands as proof: a custom Jeep Wrangler. While the "Black Widow" singer favors fast and powerful cars, she also likes aftermarket products, considering most of her new cars get some type of mod before anything else.

Iggy has owned a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen for several years, so it is no surprise she likes off-road vehicles. Her Wrangler was modified with a matte gray finish, custom frameless doors, and swagged-out wheels. Though her career has taken a tumble in recent years, she's still enjoying the success that a few minutes in the spotlight brings.

10 Yogini Girl

Via: Pinterest, Picgra.com

Yoga is defined as “a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation.” Yogini is a “Sanskrit term used to refer to a female master practitioner of yoga, as well as a formal term of respect for female Hindu or Buddhist spiritual teacher in India, Nepal, and Tibet.”

This Yogini conducts all her yoga sessions in remote places such as the woods or the beach (although they're a long way from Nepal or Tibet). She only needs to decide which one of her four Jeeps to use for getting there.

9 Two Girls Stuck in the Mud

Via: carstuckgirls.com

Two friends head out in their Jeep Wrangler for some off-road fun. All smiles, they pose for a photo standing up in their vehicle. The sun is shining; it’s a beautiful day. What better way to spend it than in the remote countryside where no street vehicles can go? The Wrangler gives its driver a sense of invincibility.

It's easy to understand how the owner can be convinced that the vehicle can tackle any obstacle, climb any steep grade, or plow through the deepest mud bog. While the Wrangler has more than adequate off-road capabilities, it is not infallible. These two Jeep girls found out the hard way when they picked a mud field that even an extreme-lifted monster 4X4 would have a difficult time crossing.

8 Jeepher Flip Me Over

Via: Pinterest

The upside-down text written on the top of this Jeep’s windshield, “IF YOU CAN READ THIS, FLIP ME OVER,” is an obvious reference to a Jeep’s propensity for flipping over if driven on extreme terrain without the proper techniques and safety precautions. It also implies that Jeep owners enjoy their off-road adventures over seemingly insurmountable obstacles—even if it means risking the occasion rollover.

The girl in the other Jeep thinks it is preferable to read the text by flipping herself over. Either that or this is just part of her exercise routine. Experts say that hanging from a pull-up bar offers a long list of benefits. It decompresses the spine, which decreases the risk of back injury and helps correct posture; so, her Wrangler came equipped with a pull-up bar.

7 Girls Stuck in the Sand

Via: carstuckgirls.com

The Jeep Wrangler Sport is the base model and out of the factory, it offers some off-roading capabilities, although it is much less suited for challenging terrain than the Rubicon. The Sport is available with 3.21 or 3.73 gearing (depending on dealer options) and a manual or automatic transmission.

It boasts 8.4-inches of ground clearance and an optional “Trac lock” limited slip differential, as well as Dana 44 rear and Dana 30 front axles. These two Jeep girls discovered their Wrangler Sport cannot go everywhere and the soft, loose sand at the beach is a bit of challenge. Fortunately, there is another 4x4 vehicle close by for the rescue.

6 Ciara Selects a Lifted Vehicle

Via: elle.com, ridingirls.wordpress.com

R&B and hip-hop starlet Ciara has upgraded (or perhaps uplifted) her mode of transportation. She has abandoned her exotic Lamborghini Murcielago in favor of a more practical vehicle: a black, soft-top Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. With aftermarket upgrades, the lifted and tricked-out Jeep with custom wheels manages to look even more aggressive than the sleek blue Lambo.

The black two-door sits on XD Monster Wheels and Nitto Mud Grappler Tires. Ciara is so pleased with her custom Rubicon she nicknamed it “Jolie” because she’s a huge fan of the actress Angelina Jolie. She said, “It was so bad, fierce, fly, sexy, cool, edgy, everything all-in-one,” just like Angelina!

5 Avril Lavigne

Via: instafeedz.com, Coolspotters

A singer, songwriter, and actress from Canada, Avril Lavigne's success began at an early age. When she was just 15, she appeared on stage with Shania Twain and at 16, she signed a recording contract with Arista Records for over $2 million.

Her squeaky-clean image prompted Motor Authority to write: “Like certain posers we could name, we always found her a little too clean and sanitized to be a real rocker -- the kind of chick who laid claim to working-class street cred, but then she'd show up wearing a fresh, clean, polkadot hoodie, with cutesy PowerPuff Girl-ish cartoon skulls on her arm rest. In other words: not a rocker.”

Although her car collection includes a Bentley Continental GT, Mercedes E-Class, and a Cadillac Escalade, her Jeep Wrangler is her “Rocker” image saver.

4 Jeep Girl in the Snow

Via: My Social Mate

It’s not clear what this Jeep girl is doing perched on the front bumper of her Jeep Wrangler but it may be one of three possibilities. She is proudly demonstrating her balancing abilities and shouting, “Look, Mom, no hands!” There is not enough snow on the ground to make a decent snow angel, so she is making it in mid-air.

This lady is pretending to be the winch mounted on the front bumper of her Jeep. While everyone who owns a Jeep knows what a tow winch is, they may not know that Shakespeare used the term 'wench' to describe a lovely girl—though the term is used in modern times to refer to girls in a derogatory sense. The Shakespearean definition seems more appropriate in this case.

3 Jeep Girl Hanging On

Via: theclever.com

Numerous aftermarket custom front bumpers are available for the Jeep Wrangler. They are called the Stinger front bumper, Rock Fighter front bumper, or by many other names, but they are designed to be winch capable and stand up to the punishment of off-road driving. Many of the models are made of thick plate steel and are reinforced to allow for extra strength while keeping the bumpers as light as possible.

They improve the Jeep’s factory approach angle and usually accommodate additional lights. This Jeep girl appreciates all the extra capability and protection a custom front bumper adds to her vehicle but she also likes to use it for a bit of stretching before heading out for an off-road adventure.

2 Kendall Jenner

Via: pinterest.com, InStyle

Jenner first appeared with her family in the E! reality television show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and is currently a model in a movement dubbed "Social Media Modeling" or "the Instagirl era" where models are chosen for their social media following and online presence. In 2015 Jenner debuted at No. 16 on Forbes magazine's Top-Earning Models list. In 2017, Forbes rated her the World's Highest-Paid Model.

Although it is unlikely that Kendall ever goes off-road, she is well prepared for street obstacles with her white Jeep Wrangler. Even her stock version has a sufficient approach and departure angle to allow the occasional climb over a roadside curb or precast concrete parking space block.

1 Amber Rose “Pretty in Pink” Wrangler

Via: Celebrity Cars Blog, The Cut

Pink has traditionally been considered a color choice of women for almost anything; clothes, shoes, cell phone cases, and much more. It starts at an early age when parents decorate their newborn baby girl's room pink but a baby boy's room is painted blue. Perhaps we are conditioned to associate pink with feminine energy and blue with masculinity.

However, preference may be changing. Some men now willingly select pink. For example, tennis professional Rafael Nadal has worn pink shirts, shorts, and even shoes for some of his matches. Amber Rose still thinks pink is feminine or maybe she just likes the attention. She initially gave her Jeep Wrangler Unlimited SUV a bubble gum pink makeover. But, apparently, the color scheme still wasn’t flashy enough, so she recently wrapped it in an attention-grabbing Pink Chrome!

Sources: Off Road Xtreme, Four Wheeler Network, Torqued Magazine, and autoevolution.

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