20 Pictures Of WWE Stars And Their Rides

Success and luxury always go hand in hand with great vehicles and WWE superstars don’t disappoint in the automotive department.

The landscape of the professional wrestling industry sure has changed over the years. Most wrestlers have gone from some very humble beginnings to the lap of luxury and although it didn’t happen overnight, it sure seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye.

There's a big difference from the heyday of the sport, or rather the brand of entertainment, when talent was being paid a mere 20 bucks a night to put their bodies and their careers on the line, to the current status of the wrestlers, where a lot of them are making over six figures a year to do much of the same. In actual fact, it was harder to get around back then than it is today, as the veterans of the sport will have you know.

And of course, with the financial success come the spoils and those spoils, for many in the industry, come with a rather powerful engine and a flashy color scheme. It’s hard to sum up, really, but success and luxury always go hand in hand with great vehicles, and the following WWE superstars don’t disappoint in that department.

A few of them are actual gearheads and the toys in their collection aren’t just props, but items that took a bit of love and knowledge to acquire. So join us as we step into the ring with these five-star athletes and take a look at some of the cars in their very own private collections. Don’t forget your knee pads!


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The Miz has definitely worked his way up the wrestling industry's ladder. He surely didn't start out on top and has made his way to the top spot of the industry by way of hard work. He started on the reality show, Tough Enough, and started wrestling on the roster, taking whatever storyline came his way. He has shown a knack for the sport as well as some pretty decent mic skills and acting chops. He's faced some of the best in the business in the ring, including John Cena and The Rock (who are both on this list, by the way). The Miz is also enjoying some success in the reality show world, as camera crews are following him and his significant other, Maryse (also a WWE personality), on the WWE Network.



What this man did for the business hasn't yet been matched. In the late-1990s and early-2000s, he singlehandedly carried the company on his ample shoulders and did so with a flair that has been unmatched, before or afterward. He was rather famous back then for driving any and all vehicles out to the ring, no matter how outrageous they may have seemed at the time. Some included monster trucks, brew trucks, Zambonis, forklifts, and cement trucks. He is also known to have driven an ATV to the ring, especially when he was the General Manager. Since leaving the ring, Stone Cold still rides ATVs on his ranch back home in Texas.


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Batista is very passionate about Lowrider culture and he is an honored member of The Imperials, a well-known group of Lowrider enthusiasts. His lowrider is a dedication to the man that introduced him to the style of vehicle when he was still but a novice in the business. Batista started his career in about 2002 and it was shortly after his debut that he was introduced to the late, great Eddie Guerrero, one of the best in the business. Batista has said that the man taught him about the business, the traveling, how to endure, and how to make it happen. And of course, he transferred a love of lowriders to him that he will never lose. Eddie's face sits imprinted atop the hood of Batista's lowrider to this day.


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Bill Goldberg is a respected member of WWE alumni. He made a return a few years back after many years on the shelf. In all reality, he didn't spend all that much time wrestling in the first place. He started late, in 1998, then walked away from the business in 2004. Many have questioned his dedication to the sport and even his validity therein. But regardless, the man is a Hall of Famer and he should be respected as such. He sure has a few matches that have gone down in history for their sheer excitement and the showing of his awe-inspiring strength. He is a serious automotive enthusiast, with many vehicles in his possession. This one here is only the tip of the iceberg.


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Randy Orton is one of the most respected wrestlers of this generation. He's been wrestling since 2002 and is still going strong despite many injuries—one of which he suffered early in his career, at the tender age of 24. It was at that time that he suffered rotator cuff injuries in both shoulders and needed to have them both worked on. Regardless, he overcame and returned time and time again, even if further injuries plagued him. He is definitely considered one of the greats and is a solid tactician in the ring. He also loves his cars and bikes but is especially proud of his Hummer and its flashy rims.


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Now, of all the men and women on this list, we'd have to say that perhaps this guy is the most vocal auto enthusiast, with Bill Goldberg a close second. John Cena is an active collector with many cars under his belt. He attends vehicular sporting events and car shows, like Barrett-Jackson, whenever he can. He also speaks at car shows and doesn't mind talking about cars all day long. He consistently reads Autotrader and is always looking for a good deal. We have a few of his great cars on this list and the Charger pictured here doesn't disappoint. In fact, if he didn't have a Charger in his collection, we'd wonder about his validity as an automotive enthusiast.


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Charlotte Flair is the daughter of Ric Flair, perhaps one of the greatest showmen in the sport of professional wrestling. What he did in the ring back in the NWA, WCW, and the WWE is and was so groundbreaking that we can't fit it into this small space. But rest assured that he was The Man before being The Man was cool. His daughter was—and is—no disappointment. She has taken the family name and catapulted it even further into the stratosphere. We'd say that perhaps, the new revolution that the women's division is enjoying should most definitely be accredited to her and the work she has done. She deserves all the spoils she enjoys and more.


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Here's yet another one of John Cena's prized items in his collection and its inclusion is another example that the man knows his cars, perhaps just as much as he knows his stuff when it comes to hefting weights around the gym. The man has got it down to a science and is perhaps one of the most physically fit athletes to perform in a WWE ring. He has parlayed his in-ring talents to the screen and has starred in some pretty iconic films as of late, which include Daddy's Home 2, Bumblebee, and Trainwreck—and he is rumored to be in the newest upcoming Jackie Chan film. This star's career is starting to shine even brighter and we anticipate future projects.


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Chuck Palumbo has retired from the professional wrestling ring. In his day, he had some pretty memorable battles and was involved in some pretty record-breaking events in his day as a working wrestler. He started wrestling in 1998 in the independent circuit but soon found employment at Ted Turner's WCW. He worked with the late Sean O' Hare and was part of the record-breaking storyline following the WCW takeover by Vince McMahon. He then had the opportunity to tag with Billy Gunn in the team known as Chuck and Billy. And yes, this last bit has probably gone down to be remembered as being a rather comedy-driven angle. He now operates CP Customs and hosts the reality show: Lords of the Car Hoards, but more on that later.


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What more can be said about this man that hasn't already been said? He's probably one of the biggest names in WWE history! Well, scratch that, he is one of the top three names in the game and he definitely paved the way for many of the wrestlers who came after. He trailblazed, as they say, and he did so on very little sleep and approximately zero time off. But what time he did have off, he loved spending it with his family, at the helm of a speed boat, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, or at the helm of the beautiful Corvette seen here. We definitely dig the "Hulkster" license plate and are only left to wonder how this mammoth of a man fit into the driver's seat?


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As we said, Bill Goldberg's lasting impression on the world of sports entertainment left a bit of an aftertaste on the pallets of many wrestling fans, but he did have his supporters amidst it all. And whatever you think about his wrestling career, props have to be given to this man for the time and effort he has put into the automotive industry as the host of Bullrun, an automotive-themed show on the Speed Channel. And while a lot of his work in and out of the ring left audiences rather perplexed and wondering just what the heck they had just seen, his love for cars is apparent.


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Well, this man surely left his imprint in the world of wrestling. As part of the Guerrero family, Eddie was such an attraction because he was a high-flyer, a powerhouse wrestler, and a mat technician all rolled in one. He truly was a sight to see and he will forever be missed in the industry. But equal to his wrestling prowess, he also left a trail of lowrider vehicles behind, cars that he rode to the ring time and time again. And the fans of Eddie Guerrero and the fans of the lowrider culture will never forget the heat he helped spread all over the world.


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We just had to include this item, as it made quite a bit of news when it happened. Actually, our news team reported on it when it did, bringing you the latest in automotive news. John Cena went and purchased himself a brand new Ford GT, excited to own a piece of history, only to realize that he didn't fit within the confines of the front seat! (Easy on the protein powder there John; limit it to one cap-full per shake, please.) Regardless, he sold the supercar, only to find himself in breach of contract with Ford themselves, as it stated in the fine print that he could not sell the vehicle until two full years of ownership had gone by. Tsk-tsk, John. Don't you know that you have to read the fine print?


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You know, it's quite hard to write an article on the wrestling industry without getting a tad nostalgic. I started watching wrestling in the 1980s and early-90s and many of the superstars that paved the way for the current roster are no longer with us or have retired. The WWE does a pretty good job of showing old memories and shining a light on what came before but still, it's sometimes hard to watch without some of these mammoth stars absent from the squared circle—especially this man pictured here. Andre The Giant was synonymous with Hulk Hogan and for the longest time, he was the Goliath to Hulk's David, and the meeting of the two was iconic, to say the least.


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As Hulk shows that he's still got the old 24-inch pythons, brother, he also shows that he's still got his hands on that old 1994 Dodge Viper. There were many shots of him back in the day, posing with the car and he was pretty synonymous with the vehicle. That year especially, he had left the WWE after a long career and went to the WCW. The news was pretty big then but he soon fizzled out, as the audience was tired of his character. Well, the Hulkster would soon revolutionize the business by doing the unthinkable two years later. He decided to turn heel, which in the wrestling business, means that he went bad...real bad. He started the NWO and the wrestling industry was never the same again.



The man definitely had his time convincing the wrestling audience that he was a serious and talented wrestler—but if you looked close enough, his failure to succeed in the business was a shock to some, regardless. He was in shape and always kept himself tip-top. He was strong, funny, charismatic, and had a specific amount of tenure. Regardless, that he was able to parlay all those qualities into his job as host on Lords of the Car Hoards shows that maybe, just maybe, the audience isn't always right. He's a serious mechanic and he's great at what he does and the show is good, clean entertainment and we recommend it to any gearhead.


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This one's a definitely touching and appropriate story. The car isn't all that much to look at but the vehicle was this star's very first car. And she has stated that when she was just starting out, competing in Judo, the mixed martial arts, and acting, she actually had to sleep in this car, especially when money was rough. Well, after earning success in her field, she actually autographed the interior of the car in many places and sold it off at auction. Where did the money go? To charity, of course, and this just goes to show what kind of person Ronda is. And we'll definitely admit that she's nice and all, but for the love of all that is good on this planet, don't get her angry, whatever you do.


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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's tenure in the WWE goes way back to the mid-90s. It was a simpler time in the sport, which was definitely at the cusp of change. And when the winds of change finally did blow, The Rock was there to help helm the ship. He, too, can and must be considered one of the greatest in the business and he deserves his success. He went on to become one of the biggest stars in Hollywood and judging by the number of female fans he had, was it any wonder? He loves his vehicles but despite how many times he's pictured with exotic cars that he can't really fit in, the man is most appreciative of big trucks, like the Ford F-150 that he's often seen with.


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Talk about dudes that can't really fit in their cars! Bill Goldberg is also a big guy and boy, do we realize that that's the understatement of the year. But unlike The Rock, Bill squeezes into as many tiny vehicles as he can and the small spaces don't deter him much at all. Just look at him in this shot that we've included for this portion of the article. Now, talk about sardines in a can, and although Bill Goldberg is a pretty meaty sardine, he does look a tad uncomfortable. But regardless, that's the beauty of being a lover of vehicles: no matter how big you are or how small the vehicle is, there are no rules and a collector can covet whichever vehicle he or she chooses. All power to you, Bill.


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For people who have followed the Undertaker's soon-to-be-30-year career in the WWE, they'll very well know that he has had many rebirths in the company. Perhaps his role as resident undertaker is the most well-known for fans of the sport but at the turn of the century, the man was more than ready for a change. Being an avid biker himself, Mark Calaway decided to try his hand at a new character, one that was a biker of sorts. He did the character justice and even rode his chopper or Harley (or a plethora of other bikes) to the ring. He has since done away with that character but for those who remember, it was a definitive period in an impeccable career.

Sources: Wikipedia, Cartoq, and Drivespark.

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