15 Pictures That Prove Teslas Are Built To Crumble

It is quite clear that Tesla vehicles are earning a lot of attention in the automobile world. There is no question that they have the potential to be extremely solid cars in the near future. They are already creating new features that we have never seen with our cars, but with that, there are also a ton of issues being presented. These problems are actually making these vehicles dangerous to drive in certain situations, and that is something that cannot happen with expensive vehicles such as these. There are many examples that are already showing this, and this is making people already starting to avoid them.

With all that has been stated thus, in this article, we will be looking at 17 pictures that prove Teslas are built to crumble. Although there is time for them to turn it around, these photos are going to show exactly why Tesla cars are not going to last their drivers long at this present time. There are definitely people who are still very intrigued by these models, but once they do their research on them, the interest is going to only continue to drop. In all honesty, the automobile world should want this car manufacturer to succeed, as they truly would change it for the better. However, until these major problems are fixed, it is only going to hurt the world more.

Let's look at these photos!

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15 Fix It Yourself

via David-Smith.org

Tesla is known for the fact that getting repairs takes a long time. This owner clearly lost patience with this system. There is no question that Tesla needs to be more friendly with repair businesses, so they can actually have the equipment that is needed to help right away.

Owners of Tesla cars are recommended to get special car insurance but even if they do that, there is still too long of a delay. With that being stated, if one were to get a flat and was stuck on the highway, they would have to be there for a long period of time until someone actually gets to them.

14 Snow Makes These Cars Worse

via Teslarati.com

There is no question that snow is a primary reason as to why Tesla cars are built to crumble. It is known that Tesla cars begin to malfunction in the snow and it does not help support the conception that they are structured well. With that being said, they are actually quite dangerous during this type of weather.

This is something that absolutely needs to be changed, as these vehicles are extremely expensive. When someone is spending a significant amount of cash for a Tesla, they should be getting a car that can handle the snow. Until that is fixed, they are destined to crumble at any given time.

13 This Owner Lost His Patience

via CNBC.com

There is a backstory to this photo. The owner of this Tesla car grew tired of waiting for Tesla's specific mechanics to help fix his car, so he decided to give it a go on his own. This is something that should absolutely not be occurring with a car that is supposed to have elite status in the automobile world.

When seeing how the owners of these cars are spending such a significant amount of cash to purchase these vehicles, they should be getting proper service in a quick manner. People like this individual should not have to risk accidentally ruining their cars while waiting for the experts who are trained to fix it.

12 Broken Chargers Are Common

via YouTube

It is extremely terrible that broken chargers are pretty common. This definitely is understandable though, as this is the case when it comes to any charger with technology. However, the major concern is that they are not replaced nearly fast enough and people end up getting stranded.

This is a major recipe for disaster and can actually lead to the cars experiencing a major amount of damage. It does not help that charging stations are also very hard to find in rural areas, so individuals who are located in these locations tend to end up having the most difficulty with this problem.

11 Broken Scroll Wheel

via YouTube

A feature that once seemed cool from Tesla is their scroll wheel. However, like with all of their unique characteristics, there have already been a high number of major problems. These scroll wheels break fairly frequently and this photo is displaying this fact completely.

In time, this feature is one that likely will be able to become stronger. Perhaps they should use better material when it comes to making this aspect of the car. However, until that actually occurs, this feature being broken can result in this car crumbling, especially if it makes steering unpredictable. Criticism is definitely warranted for this.

10 Door Trouble

via Electrek

Although the butterfly doors that can be found on Tesla cars can make it look cooler, it also can land it in trouble. There have been numerous reports that these doors end up getting stuck from time to time. One has to assume that the more owners use it, the more likely it is to get damaged.

That just is not a very reliable element of the vehicle and Tesla seriously needs to figure out the primary reason as to why this keeps happening. If it only happened a few times, it definitely could have been ignored. However, it is clear that this is an issue that we must all take note of before buying a Tesla.

9 Constant Repairs, Nothing Fixed

via Teslarati.com

This picture definitely shows how common it is that Tesla cars need repairs. However, it has been noted on numerous occasions that these cars are in constant need of trips to the mechanic. Once an issue arises, it is as if it never actually has the ability to go away completely.

This honestly is a feature that is found with most lemons. Now, it is far too early to officially call all of Tesla's cars lemons, but it is clear that they are heading in that direction when we see photos like this one. Perhaps it can change as time goes on, but they seriously need to act in a faster manner.

8 Fragile Windows

via YouTube

For the record, it is important to note that windows are on every car have the ability to break at any moment. However, it has been reported that the windows on Tesla cars are especially weak, as they often can be broken without much impact at all.

This is just another example as to why Tesla needs to use better material when it comes to making their cars. It is clear that they are going for a luxury look but people are going to stop buying their cars if features such as this are prone to breaking so easily. That just is bad for business.

7 Common Repairs

via YouTube

It has been noted that people who are driving Tesla cars often need to get their cars picked up by mechanics. This, of course, would not be the biggest of issues if help was more available for these drivers. Although this car looks fine enough, it is clear that it is experiencing an inner issue.

Problems such as these need to be eliminated in the near future. When seeing how people are spending so much money to allow themselves to have a Tesla car in their garage, images such as these should not be so easy to find. They clearly need to get their act together for their buyers.

6 My Door Won't Open!

via YouTube

In this photo, the owner of this car is having a very hard time being able to open their brand new Tesla. This is not something that we see from many other car manufacturers, yet this has become a common theme for Tesla cars. It truly is inexcusable but it does not seem to be changing.

This is a prime example of why it is perfectly clear that Tesla ships out their vehicles far too quickly. Better quality control checks should be given so individuals do not have to experience their cars not opening so suddenly. That is just such an avoidable problem, but it seems to keep happening.

5 Got A Flat?

via Gas2.org

As previously stated, Tesla cars are prone to being much heavier than the vast majority of cars in the automobile world. This does a number on their tires, and it results in them needing to be checked out frequently or sudden flats can occur. That is when Tesla drivers end up running into trouble.

Tire and wheel replacements take a long time to reach the owners of these vehicles and if one does not have them beforehand, they may be without a car for a handful of weeks waiting. It does not help that Tesla specific tires are not necessarily made from the strongest of materials. It truly is a lose-lose in every sense of the meaning.

4 Why Isn't My Car Charging?!

via Twitter

In this photo, the owner of this Tesla car is having a lot of trouble with his or her car charging. This could very well be the biggest fear of Tesla owners coming true. This would absolutely be an awful situation, especially if they had zero power left and were stranded.

This is exactly why Tesla needs to seriously work on making their products better all around. Charging stations need to be handled in a far more effective manner, as it is inexcusable for them to not be working. Also, if the cars themselves are not charging with each one the driver tries, that is just awful coming from their product.

3 Auto Parking Is Inconsistent

via Consumer Reports

The auto parking feature of Tesla cars is definitely something that sounds cool. The only problem is that they have yet to figure out how to make it consistent. Until then, this is definitely going to lead to potential problems, as it will be unpredictable when in use.

There have been reports that Tesla has already had to create many updates to this feature, but they have yet to master it. Until then, this is something that all Tesla owners have to worry about. This can easily lead to the car crumbling, especially if it accidentally ends up hitting something by mistake.

2 Technology Malfunctions

via Wired

Tesla cars are essentially run by their technological components, so they need to be working efficiently. However, in many cases, it is quite clear that they experience a ton of malfunctions. This results in the car not actually working properly and that is just unfortunate.

There has been enough time that Tesla should absolutely have figured out the issues when it comes to their technology. However, there are still countless problems that appear to be presenting themselves. Sadly, it does not seem that they are going to find the source of these problems, either. It is going to be a long process for the individuals who own these vehicles.

1 Limited Charging Stations

via Automotive News

As previously stated, one significant reason as to why Tesla cars are receiving a lot of criticism is the fact that charging stations are extremely hard to find in certain areas. This can leave individuals stranded if they cannot find one soon enough, and even worse, involved in incidents from running out of power at an inopportune time.

This is something that will absolutely need to change if the car manufacturer expects its models to be able to last for a long time. The last thing that these drivers need to experience is for their vehicles to completely stop running from needing to be charged but there, of course, being nothing around them.

Sources: CNBC, Business Insider, and Electrek.

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