The 10 Coolest Cars From Pimp My Ride

Who remembers Xzibit and his very amusing show, Pimp My Ride, that dominated the early 2000s?  Covering six seasons of astonishing automobile upgrades, this restoration show changed the lives of a multitude of lucky people and presented viewers with quite a few awesome cars to feast their eyes upon. Although Pimp My Ride is no longer being aired, the cars it created are still every bit as exciting and unique in 2019 as they were in 2005. While most of these vehicles aren’t practical, you have to admit they provide some high-class luxury. Keep reading for a list of the ten most awesome cars to appear on the show!

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10 Jekara’s Chevrolet Bel Air

The 1955 Chevy Bel Air has a classic style that many still love today due to nostalgia, and Xzibit kept every bit of the well-loved classic exterior, simply coating it in a fancy new paint job that scores very high on flashiness. The inside, however, is a whole different matter. Lucky Jekara not only received brand new seats for her car, but a DVD player and an entire motorized closet to go along with them. The white-and-pink paint job pairs perfectly with the fashionista-style of the interior, and the entire thing is quite stable and visually appealing. With this pimped out Chevrolet, Jekara brings a whole new meaning to the drive-in movie!

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9 Seth’s Nissan Maxima

Not only does this Nissan Maxima feature an awesome purple paint job and sporty butterfly doors, but it’s a futuristic fantasy on the inside, too. Seth Martino was a member of the Pimp crew and due to his love of candy and transformers, the cast even included back seats that slide open to reveal a sick sound system. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s a fully stocked cotton candy machine in the trunk, in case he gets sweet cravings on the road. Seth will definitely be envied as the life of the party after these awesome upgrades. No one will ever be able to guess that such a sporty, amazing car is actually a beat-up Maxima from the '60s!

8 Amber’s Chevy Cavalier

This Cavalier is a head-turner before you even get inside. Although sparkly orange is definitely an acquired taste, you have to admit that it’s a paint job full of luxury and glamour. If you see this sparkly thing on the road, you’d never guess that it’s a plain old 2002 run-down Chevy. On the inside, the ride’s equipped with some of the most comfortable VR gaming chairs money can buy. Interestingly enough, there’s also an entire scrapbooking station as well as a gumball machine installed within the vehicle, making the car great for parties and relaxing road trips with some of Amber’s girlfriends.

7 Jared’s Ford Ranger

When Jared brought in his beat-up truck, with torn seats and an awful paint job, he didn’t imagine that he’d be leaving with a fully stocked entertainment lounge. In addition to giving the truck a new, fiery exterior, the cast completely upgraded the vehicle’s interior as well, somehow fitting a comfy couch, a television, and a GameCube console in the cabin. As if that wasn’t enough for a full-on family game night, they also installed a full-size ping-pong table in the bed of the truck. Forget Dave & Busters; folks will be lining up at Jared’s Ford Ranger for a great game of ping-pong and a few rounds of Super Smash Bros.

6 Eric’s Mitsubishi Eclipse

The Mitsubishi Eclipse that Eric brought in had wires poking out from under the steering wheel, duct tape holding the entire car together, and a very impressive collection of dents and scratches all around. The cast started off by giving the car a whole new body with a beautiful color-blocked paint job to match. With one side blue and one side red, the new Eclipse is a head-turner for sure. Everything was all fixed up on the inside as well, and Eric got a few awesome surprises too. With cola energy drink dispensers in the armrests and several PSPs equipped with the best games, Eric and his friends will be riding in style.

5 Esmerelda’s Pontiac Sunbird

The Pontiac Sunbird is another beloved classic car of the ‘80s, and this one has been upgraded to the 21st century. A bright yellow paint job is coupled with a custom Tiki design on the hood, transforming the car into something that truly could pass for a mythical sunbird. On the inside, Esmerelda was gifted with a large monitor, high-powered binoculars, and a snow cone maker for icy treats on the road. Furthermore, all new Pirelli tires were installed, making Esmerelda’s Sunbird a dream for beach-going or exploring off-road. With the binoculars and the snow cone machine, we think Esmeralda would have a grand time on a safari.

4 Erin’s Volkswagen Thing

The 1973 Volkswagen Thing was on its last leg when it was brought onto the show, with the faded yellow frame adhered together by mere strips of duct tape. The cast transformed the Thing into a swamp-monster of a car, featuring a wicked green paint job with snakeskin tear graphics and an all-new turbo engine that brings Erin up to over 200 hp. Furthermore, off-road tires were equipped for a true explorer vehicle. On the inside, the seats are appropriately covered in snake and crocodile skin, and an actual snake terrarium is built into the back! As a last touch, four high-tech tablet PCs were installed on each of the doors for the ultimate fun ride.

3 Brooke's Chevy Cavalier

As a 1991 Chevy Cavalier convertible, Brooke’s already got a sweet classic. However, the cast delivered a transformation that melded everything there is to love about the old traditional car with the luxuries of the 21st century. Aside from the predictable paint job and practical improvements (pink and blue leather seats!), the cast gifted Brooke with brand new racing tires, a new convertible top, digital light projectors, two monitors in the front-seat backs with a DVD player, and a popcorn machine in the middle. Furthermore, there are automatic suntan lotion dispensers and a surround-sound system for the best beach parties that ever existed.

2 Tenita’s Ford Thunderbird

Tenita’s Thunderbird is immediately eye-catching with its forest green-and-white design that gives off a shiny, classic vibe. However, the real head-turner lies in the pink smoking tires. Although the pink smoke isn’t for everyone, it definitely adds a unique touch to the car’s one-of-a-kind personality. In addition to the flashy exterior, the cast equipped the car with a classic Ford Racing engine, MTX Thunder speakers, a monitor, and video recorders with motion detection. The coolest part of all? The windows roll up and down with a snap of your fingers. One thing’s for sure, Tenita is definitely traveling in style.

1 Lawanna’s Volkswagen Bug

Volkswagen Bugs have always had charm, especially the first generation classic with its extremely identifiable shape. The cast put a brand new twist on the old car by transforming it into a salon on wheels. This little guy has a brand new, extremely flashy, yellow and blue paint job that’s sure to attract a lot of eyes (and potential customers!) for Lawanna. On the inside, it features extremely comfortable seating, an amazing stereo system, and a futuristic computer system that’s able to design new hairdos. Furthermore, the car comes with a hairdryer and other equipment attached for the ultimate makeover on the road.

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