Pininfarina Teases Insanely Powerful Supercar

Pininfarina is reportedly working on an insanely powerful electric hypercar, and they’ve got a few artist’s renderings to prove it.

Electricity is the wave of the future, according to nearly every automotive CEO on the planet, and Pininfarina is looking to get in on the ground floor. The Italian design house turned electric car brand is working on a hypercar that will blow every other car in existence out of the water, whether they’re gasoline-powered or electric.

How’s 2,000 horsepower grab you? According to Motor1, that’s what the new prototype, codenamed PF0, is packing. Four electric motors--one at each wheel--will propel the car from a standstill to 62 mph in under two seconds while going from zero to 186 mph will take under 12 seconds.

Top speed is an eye-watering 250 mph, something that only the hyper-est of electric cars have ever managed without melting their battery packs.

In a press release, Pininfarina CEO Michael Perschke said: “Automobili Pininfarina is a pioneering new business created to service the most discerning clients in the world. Our product portfolio will launch with an innovative, zero-emissions hypercar that represents the progression we aim to make at the pinnacle of the luxury and sports car market.”


The PF0 will serve as the pinnacle of Pininfarina’s upcoming EV portfolio, which will include luxury cars and SUVs.

However, it will also include “ultra-low-volume, ultra-luxurious” vehicles, of which the PF0 will be their first. Price is expected to be somewhere in the range of $2-2.5 million, putting it right up there in Bugatti territory.

Pininfarina Teases Insanely Powerful Supercar
via Pininfarina

But an electric luxury hypercar needs to be more than just incredibly fast--it also needs to be able to drive from Morocco to Paris with as few stops as possible. The PF0’s battery pack will supposedly propel the electric hypercar up to 310 miles in a single charge if it’s driven at normal highway speeds.

Not that we expect the PF0 to ever be driven at normal highway speeds.

It will be a touch heavier than most hypercars at 4,400 lbs. That’s about the same as the Bugatti Chiron, which is itself a touch heavier than other hypercars thanks to an enormous engine and every luxury one could possibly imagine jammed into a car that can outrun a bullet train.

Pininfarina is rumored to be showing specs for the car at a private event at Monterey Car Week later in August. Us regular folks won’t see much more than teaser images until the car debuts in early 2020.



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