Drivable Pininfarina Ferrari Modulo Concept To Make Pebble Beach Debut

One of the coolest looking Ferrari prototypes will be appearing at Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance and is making a run on public roads in preparation. The model is the Pininfarina’s Ferrari 512S Modulo concept car, which is owned by Jim Glickenhaus who is something of a collector. He doesn't plan on simply storing it though.

According to Autoclassics, This neat looking concept debuted in 1970 at the Geneva Motor show as a geometric design study, meaning the car didn't actually work. After years of restoration, it is now ready to actually run. While the car couldn't actually work when Glickenhaus purchased it, there was a 5.0L 550 horsepower Ferrari V12 equipped.


via autoclassics.com

When the car was sold to Pininfarina it was removed and retrofitted with a 512S motor once owned by Glickenhaus. He had the car do a stripped down test last month, which there is a video available.

It's always interesting to see where concept vehicles wind up, mainly because a lot never see any practical application and very few actually get made into cars that we see on the road. This particular Ferrari is one of the most extreme designs out there, so to see it actually up and running in some capacity is cool. Because of the age of this car though, we're likely never to see Ferrari or anyone else attempt a similar design to this, it's simply a curiosity of a by-gone era, though given that it was designed for speed it will be interesting to see how it performs in that capacity if the collector chooses to attempt that.

With it's futuristic (for the time) aesthetic, this might not be for everyone. Regardless of your personal taste, however, most gearheads can admit it is one of the more unique supercars out there even for its era. Sure, in the wedge shape was very prevalent in that time because of the aerodynamics offered, but even with the weird angles, it screams Ferrari. It's just a shame we only have this one working concept to remember it by.


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