Pininfarina PF0 Electric Hypercar Will Have Futuristic Cabin

Pininfarina PF0 Electric Hypercar Will Have Futuristic Cabin

Pininfarina has teased another set of images for their PF0 electric hypercar, this time showing off its futuristic interior.

We’re very excited to know more about the PF0, Pininfarina’s upcoming electric monster. We’ve heard rumors of as many as 2,000 horses are waiting to be unleashed with a zero to sixty time of under 2 seconds. That’s nuts, even by conventional standards.

We’ve had a few red and blue artist’s renderings to look at, and that trend is continuing with the latest release set of official images that show part of the PF0’s interior.

As one might expect, it looks appropriately futuristic, but not as extreme as something like a Pagani. The interior is all leather with carbon fiber accents and so far seems very minimalist. The dash and instrument displays behind the wheel are very clean and precise, and we can’t see any hint of a center console infotainment system to clutter things up.

Pininfarina PF0 Electric Hypercar Will Have Futuristic Cabin
via Pininfarina

Of course, it’s entirely possible that was simply omitted from the renderings, but we’re hoping that the clean, almost spartan design continues throughout the car.

The wheel looks to be of the racing-style with leather wrappings and a carbon fiber core. Buttons in the middle are likely touch-operated and control God knows what. The seats appear to be carbon fiber buckets to match the carbon fiber accents, while leather completely covers most of the dashboard.


Behind the wheel, we can see two screens on either side. These appear to display vehicle diagnostics on the left and possibly Sat-Nav on the right. Popping up in the middle of the steering column is a digital display that seems to be the speedo, although that number is very, very high, even for kilometers.

Two buttons bracket the steering wheel, with the right being obviously the start/stop, while the left seems to cycle through driving modes. It seems to make more sense to make driving modes selectable via either a toggle or a dial, but then there’d be no symmetry.

Pininfarina PF0 Electric Hypercar Will Have Futuristic Cabin
via Pinifarina

We’ll get our first real look at the car’s design at this year’s Concours d’Elegance at Pebble Beach. It’ll just be a non-working mockup, but it’ll be better than these flowery renderings. The official debut is set for next year in Geneva, with 2020 being the expected on-the-road date.

Pininfarina will only make 150 of these beasts, so get your checkbook ready for an official announcement. The PF0 won’t likely be available long.


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