This Pink Lamborghini Diablo Is Absolutely Insane

This Pink Lamborghini Diablo Is Absolutely Insane

Prowling the streets of Tokyo is a bright pink Lamborghini Diablo that never fails to draw a crowd.

Most Lamborghinis remain bone-stock throughout their entire lives. Few mechanics are willing to work on such expensive supercars, and fewer still are willing to dare go against the creative vision of the Italian engineers that created such a masterpiece.

But Shinichi Morohoshi of Kabukicho, Japan simply cannot abide a car that’s not as unique as he is. Even though there were only 100 Diablo Super Veloce built, the fact that there are 99 cars out there that are mostly the same is just something he can’t abide.

If you spend a few moments with Morohoshi-san, you’ll get a good idea why this sameness is anathema to him. He dresses in clothes that are more appropriate to a video game than the downtown streets of Tokyo. He’s compelled to stand out from the crowd.

In a 2015 interview with Top Gear, Morohoshi-san explained his upbringing as one surrounded by bōsōzoku motorcycles--the highly customized bikes driven by youth gangs, where each machine becomes a form of personal expression.


There was also quite a bit of overlap between those gangs and organized crime. “I like flashy cars,” said Morohoshi-san. “And I like dangerous people.” He may or may not be affiliated with the Yakuza.

What started as a love for bikes in his youth quickly turned to a love of Lamborghinis upon hearing, and then seeing, his first Countach. Immediately he knew that his cars would always be Lambos, and he went about acquiring his collection. An Aventador, two Murciélagos, and his first car: the Diablo Super Veloce.

This Pink Lamborghini Diablo Is Absolutely Insane
via Top Gear

Powered by a 5.7-L V12 putting out 529 hp and 446 lb-ft of torque, the Diablo was the first Lamborghini to break the 200 mph barrier. It also had an engine sound unlike any other, but it wasn’t enough for Morohoshi-san. He immediately set to work planning modifications using the bōsōzoku bikes as inspiration.

He went to five different shops before he found one that was willing to work on his Lambo. The pink paint was easy enough, but Morohoshi didn’t stop there. Vinyl wraps, LEDs, diamonds embedded in the dashboard, and even an air horn that plays the theme to The Godfather are all found on this Diablo, including a few modern amenities like LCD infotainment and a rearview camera.

It's polarizing, to say the least, but you have to admit it is unique.



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