15 Places Where Cars Aren't Welcome (And 9 Where They're Forbidden)

In the end, though, these drivers and their cars couldn't help themselves and embark forward regardless.

Even though cars have become an integral part of society, it doesn't mean they're free to roam wherever they please. There are certain areas that discourage cars from entering, or ones that ban them from the premises outright. Drivers have to always be cautious and alert of where they're going because of strict rules on the road.

Despite there being places where they aren't allowed, cars end up finding a way to infiltrate barriers, cruise through unrestricted areas and disrupt the systematic order of streets and venues. That puts cars on high alert around angry pedestrians and police who exist to enforce the law.

People love cars. The joy people find from driving and the enormity of the auto industry is proof of this. When cars go into places they're not welcome though, it alters the public's perception of them. When they find a car blocking an area where people are free to walk, it can stir the pot and make citizens angry.

The oft-quoted phrase "stay in your lane" applies to automobiles most of all who have streets and roads designated for them. When they go outside of these, they endanger trespassing in places people don't want them or else restrict them from going at all.

We're going to take a look at photos that show cars in two separate places: where they're not gladly received and where they're outlawed from ever going. It's both humorous and infuriating to see cars in these settings where it's almost unanimously understood they shouldn’t be. In the end, though, these drivers and their cars couldn't help themselves and embark forward regardless.

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24 Unwelcome: Carrier Runway

via Superstreet

Almost everything looks as it should be in this photo—there's just one detail that's off. An aircraft carrier takes up most of the frame with a military jet in the corner resting on the runway. In the background is a body of water and what appears to be a harbor behind it.

The plane looks as if it's ready to take off, only there's something that blocks its way—a Lamborghini Veneno Roadster. Super Street Online reports that this car costs about $4.5 million, although it's the last place one would think a supercar is welcome.

23 Unwelcome: Fancy Flat

via Pinterest

Those who saw Crazy Rich Asians won't find it hard to believe this apartment is in Singapore. According to Instyle Fashion One, this is the Hamilton Scotts, which has a total of 54 luxury apartments and two penthouses.

They note that every apartment has a "sky garage" that use elevators to transport vehicles up and down. Cars aren't welcome in most apartments around the world, but places like this are different. They encourage storing cars inside, even if it’s several stories up.

22 Unwelcome: Flying Stingray

via Corvette Online

Unless it's the movie Furious 7, it's not common to see cars on a plane. Corvette Online reports that this photo shows the interior of a Lufthansa MD-11 jumbo jet. Sitting strapped down within the jet's cabin is a blue 2014 Corvette Stingray.

Not only does the blue color stand out, but also the fact that it's likely suspended 40,000 feet into the air. It seems like a precarious method of moving a precious valuable like this airborne where cars aren't often welcome.

21 Forbidden: In A Marathon

via Road Race Runner

Some drivers don't have a clue. This one didn't realize a marathon was taking place, despite several runners all around her car. According to Road Race Runner, a driver decided to drive through Britain's Ocean City Half Marathon even though there was a race going on.

A video shows the driver moving cones before driving into the area where the race took place. Cones are up for a reason—there's no reason anyone should drive on a street where a marathon takes place.

20 Forbidden: Automobile Roller Coaster

via YouTube user AdventureTeam

Roller coasters have specialized vehicles made up of two cars connected together. It's unusual to actually find a real automobile on roller coaster tracks, let alone that fits. The car that sits at the apex of this coaster is a Toyota Land Cruiser 150.

It's hard to imagine a car finding its way onto a roller coaster and actually driving through it; perhaps it'd be easier for a helicopter to airdrop one on top of the tracks. Either way, it's forbidden for a reason.

19 Unwelcome: Under Construction

via St George News

Where construction takes place, civilian cars don't belong. Unless it's a vehicle that belongs to a construction worker, cars stay far away. Usually workers will set up fencing or cones to keep trespassers off the premises.

One civilian drove their Honda CRV into a heavy construction site in Utah, as per St George News. This is the aftermath of the incident, which shows the CRV in a ditch. There's a reason cars aren't allowed on construction sites where there are holes and other obstacles.

18 Unwelcome: Floating Car

via The Gentleman Racer

The seven seas aren't welcoming to automobiles. Even if they're raised up high from the waves resting on a boat, water doesn't go hand in hand with land vehicles. That didn't stop this car from venturing across the ocean though.

According to The Gentleman Racer, they converted this 1951 Chevrolet pickup truck into a watercraft that's buoyed by barrels along its sides. There's even a sophisticated shovel-like apparatus on the front that carves through the oncoming water. Despite the aquatic enhancements, the water still doesn't favor cars.

17 Forbidden: Lamborghinis Go Window Shopping

via Motor1

At times malls have a truck or SUV on display for a giveaway. It's rare, however, to find a car actually driving through the mall. Even more surprising is the fact that there're five Lamborghinis driving through a mall.

In a video clip, as per Motor1, the five cars navigate through the Aventura Mall in Florida. They eventually find their way out onto the streets. In reality, cars aren't allowed to drive in malls, but maybe they got away with it because they were supercars.

16 Unwelcome: Runaway Rover

via CBS News

An airport runway is the last place one would expect to see a car driving, unless it's the police or a ground support vehicle. As per CBS News, a rogue civilian car drove onto the runway at an airport in Lyon, France back in September 2018.

As the passenger of a plane, the last thing one wants to see—either while taking off or landing—is a car speeding across the runway. Even though it's a wide road, civilian cars aren't allowed here.

15 Forbidden: Hole In One

via Auto Evolution

There's a reason they make specialized carts that belong on golf courses. A conventional automobile can really tear up the well-kept lawn of a fairway. That not only creates work for the maintenance crew, but also costs the course money.

Auto Evolution reports that this Jeep was speeding away from the cops when it found itself stuck in a pond. They do not allow cars on golf courses for a reason, which is why they're often fenced off and exclusive.

14 Unwelcome: Aircraft Carrier

via Reddit user Rowaner

An aircraft carrier often transports helicopters, jets and other vehicles. One doesn't commonly see a civilian car aboard, let alone several. This photo of the USS Ronald Reagan subverts all assumptions though, considering it has at least a hundred cars and trucks on its runway.

Without a doubt, they had to unload all the usual vehicles to make way for these regular cars. It isn't unheard of to find cars on an aircraft carrier, though they aren't often welcome.

13 Unwelcome: House Lamborghini

via My Fancy House

It's not every day one sees a Lamborghini, let alone one that's sitting inside a house. It's not exactly clear whether they parked this Lambo inside the house, or whether it’s the underground entrance.

With the square surrounding the vehicle, it appears to lead to some sort of underground garage. Cars aren't often allowed in houses unless that person owns a fancy parking system like this one. Otherwise, people often don't have the space or desire to store a car in their living room.

12  Forbidden: Rushed To The Hospital

via Jamie Davis Writes

People go to the hospital in order to get treated for their ailments. For some reason though, this red Alfa Romeo found its way into a hospital hallway. Perhaps it was an emergency and needed to drive in to the hospital—though we wouldn't recommend this. It makes one wonder how it ever got there.

According to the site Jamie Davis Writes, this is at Old South Pittsburg Hospital in Tennessee. It's surprising to find a car in a hospital no matter what the circumstances.

11 Unwelcome: Flood The Market

via Consumer Reports

There are a series of natural disasters that can have adverse effects on vehicles. Fires, floods, and blizzards all have negative effects on car exteriors and their performance. This car found itself stuck in a flooded street. No car is welcome where a flood occurs.

According to Consumer Reports, when water comes into contact with a car interior for too long, mechanical and electronic components become corroded. It's hard to tell from the windows if the car is empty or whether someone is inside still driving it.

10 Unwelcome: Sky Garage

via CNN

It's hard to believe, but this car is going to its parking space attached to a luxury condo. CNN reports that they're called "sky garages," which offer full-size elevators big enough to fit cars. Once the car loads up, it's then transported to a high-rise parking space that's below or near the owner's condo.

The same source notes that it takes a little more than a minute for the car to park. An expensive condo is probably the last place many expect to find a car housed in.

9 Forbidden: Pier Porsche

via Porsche 365 Registry

A pier is a wooden platform that's built over the water. The columns keep the walkway raised up to support restaurants, amusement parks, and promenading people. If it can support all those things, it shouldn't have a problem supporting a car or two then.

Still, many piers are car-free and discourage vehicles of any type from crossing, especially while people are out. Still, this Porsche 356 appears to be on the pier. At least it's a smaller car that allows room for people to pass by on both sides.

8 Forbidden: The Holy Grail

via Post-Gazette

Many people drive to church on Sundays, though few get the luxury of parking it inside. Although the interior of this building is undoubtedly that of a church, it no longer serves that role.

According to the Post-Gazette, they turned it into a car club. Enthusiasts who want to store their cars are welcome to check them into what is now called The Holy Grail Garage. Ordinary churches, however, often forbid cars or vehicles from entering their sacred auditoriums.

7 Unwelcome: Horsing Around

via VideoBlocks

In reality, this car is welcome on a horse race track, but most vehicles aren't. What makes this car special is that it is a starting-line car. According to Hot Rod Network, they use these for harness racing to pull the gate off before exiting the track.

We can't think of another instance a car would ever enter a horse track though beyond these ones unless it was to cart someone off for an injury. It's still odd seeing a car roaming freely on a dirt track in front of so many horses racing.

6 Unwelcome: Cliffhanger

via Car Edge

It's not illegal for more adventurous cars and trucks to go up rugged mountains. Some of them restrict vehicles access, while some allow them to pass freely. This photo shows two daring pickup trucks close to the edge of a cliff. If the photo captured what lay below, it would probably be a steep valley with an indiscernible bottom.

Roads that aren't paved or built to handle vehicles pose a risk of danger, which is why cars are strongly discouraged from driving anywhere near a cliff edge like this one.

5 Forbidden: On Frozen Pond

via www.953mnc.com

No one is preventing cars from crossing over a frozen lake—it's a free country. Then again, a fair warning goes out to all drivers who ever get the wrong idea. Ponds or lakes that freeze over are no place for a car to roam under any condition.

According to 95.3 MNC Michiana's News Channel, this sedan slid off the road during adverse weather conditions. Thankfully the driver was able to exit the vehicle right away and it never sunk through.

4 Unwelcome: Into The Woods

via Reddit user DownTownXabi

There are many who have their trucks, SUVs, and RVs so they can escape the norm. They want to explore the world and venture deep into mountains, forests, and valleys. This truck is sitting parked in the middle of a wooded area.

It's odd finding a pickup in the middle of nature like this, perhaps going as far as the trees will actually allow it to go. It's possible this is leading up to the start of a hiking trail or is sitting in the middle of a campground.

3 Unwelcome: Car Among Donkeys

via Fortune

In the center of the photo is a blue hatchback. There's a substantial level of water and mud mixed together surrounding the car that goes to about halfway across the wheels. Beside the car are several donkeys.

Beyond it is wreckage such as a piece of fencing and cabinetry. As per a report by Fortune, this is the result of a burst dam. It appears that the car belonged here before, but after the flood occurred, it was no longer welcome.

2 Unwelcome: Expensive Dip

via Fox17

A car dove into a backyard pool that was completely empty. Cars don't belong in pools though, whether there's water in it or not. Fox 17 Online reports that the incident occurred in Grand Rapids, Michigan, back in 2015. Cars don't go into pools for a lot of reasons.

They're hard to get out, they can damage the pool and cause even more harm to the car. There's a clear reason why people don't often allow cars in their pools, although it does happen.

1 Forbidden: Beach Stranded

via Vogel 5 Road Tripper

It's odd seeing a beach that allows cars on it. Unless they're police vehicles, cars of all types are usually banned from roaming the beach. With so many people residing close to the shore, vehicles can pose a risk.

This vehicle appears to be stuck in the sand, requiring a few to get behind and push it out. There are even a few other cars in the background, suggesting this beach allows cars to come up to a certain point, where many are completely car-free.

Sources: Hot Rod Network, Corvette Online, CBS News, The Gentleman Racer, Fortune, Consumer Reports, St George News, CNN

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