25 Planes, Boats, And Cars That Were Left To Rot

They eventually run their course, become susceptible to the elements and rust away.

Driving off a dealership with a brand new car gives the owner an illusory sense it'll last forever. Taking in the new car smell, the shiny exterior and the odometer that reads 000000 is enough to make a car feel immortal. In reality, though, cars don't last forever. They eventually run their course, become susceptible to the elements and rust away.

When cars reach this point or are imminently close to collapse, owners aren't afraid to ditch their rides. They leave them off the sides of roads, in fields filled with weeds and barren deserts. Like the forgotten places they reside in, these cars become neglected, never to run again.

The same goes for other vehicles, such as planes and boats, which enable mankind to traverse seas or fly overhead. No plane stays in the sky forever and eventually becomes bound to the earth, only to deteriorate in a derelict hanger or bare runway. Boats either wash up on shore or float lifelessly in waters until they sink.

When cars, planes, and boats reach this dilapidated state, they're far from reflecting the luster they once possessed at their outset. By that point, owners have moved on to bigger and better machinery to carry them around the world.

Finding vehicles in this state not only demonstrates mankind's cyclical pursuit of improvement in upgrading to new cars, planes, and boats, but the inevitable state all vehicles ultimately end up in. We're going to look at a series of photos that show cars, planes, and boats at the final stages of their lifespans once owners left them behind.

25 Fairey Gannet Plane

via Flickr user Gav Troon

There are a few elements that make this photo appear bleak. For one, there's the gray skies covered in looming clouds. Secondly, the field is full of ugly weeds and patches of moss. Finally, the decaying plane in the foreground is what brings this all together.

There're holes in its hull, a propeller is sitting on the ground before the cockpit and its paint looks chipped away. As per Flickr user Gav Troon, this photo depicts the Errol Airfield in Scotland back in 2015.

24 Green Mustang

via Roman Robroek

It's mostly covered in shadows within this old garage, which in turn has foliage all around its borders. Yet closer into this odd garage is what appears to be a bright green Mustang. Even the "U" letter is missing from the word "Mustang" emblazoned on the back.

According to the site Roman Robroek Photography, this is a field in Europe where many prestigious cars go to retire. Along with this Mustang are a Rolls Royce, Ferrari and more. At least it's a scenic graveyard that has more in common with a garden.

23 Floating Fishing Boat

via Steemit user hangin

Not all boats, when abandoned, wash up on shore. Depending on where it happens and the type of vessel, it may just float lifelessly in the water. Steemit user @hangin posted this image of a rusty abandoned boat sitting in the waters of Thailand.

He was going for a walk one day along the beach when he came across this hunk of junk. From afar, it looks as if the boat could still have passengers, but closer inspection reveals a boat that's long neglected.

22 Su-15 Jet

via Pinterest

Considering weather conditions and potential looters, it's surprising these aircraft are still standing. They remain intact despite residing on a dilapidated air base. According to the blog Urban Ghosts, this base resides in Russia on the Gulf of Anadyr.

The climate here is cold and presents a challenge for anyone or anything to subsist here for very long. It's no wonder the base is totally abandoned without signs of any life. The same source notes that there are several Su-15 jets like this one on the base.

21 Classic Pickup Truck

via Reddit user supersurpie

Abandoned vehicles can turn up in the strangest of places. According to Reddit user supersurpie, this pickup truck, which rests in pieces within a foliage-covered pit, is at a logging company.

That company is also deserted, which explains the pickup truck's neglect. It's likely the pickup was an extension of the company and it too went under along with the business. This classic pickup truck would be an eye-catcher if it still ran today, but it sits forgotten in a forest ditch.

20 Verda

via Bloomin Adur

When Freddy Mercury sung about a "pleasure cruise" in the song "We Are The Champions," something tells us it wasn't like this one. This old boat looks like it may have served as a party boat back in its day, though has since grown up since reality caught up with it.

According to the site Bloomin Adur, the boat became abandoned in 1993. Around that time, they took anything valuable from the boat and left it to sit here for years. The site notes that it's in the process of a restoration, however.

19 Yakovlev Yak-40

via AskThePilot.com

When something as massive becomes left behind to bake in the sun, it turns colors over time. It takes on a new appearance in line with its inability to operate. In a way, these neglected planes become monuments or pieces of art people can visit.

According to Ask The Pilot, one adventurer came across this Yakovlev Yak-40 and had to snap some photos of its rusty frame. The same source notes these planes emerged around the mid-1960s and went out of production in the late 1970s.

18 Blue and Yellow

via Deskgram

Even aging cars like these that have become abandoned make for great photographs. They both look like toy cars a child would play with; the truck in the foreground has a yellow paint job while the van in the background is blue.

The dead tree hanging overhead has shed all its leaves on the cars below. Both look corroded, with rust staining around edges around the windows and bumpers. It's surprising that most of the windows are still in place, except for some on the van.

17 “Patricia”

via Three Sheets Northwest

Boats take on new characteristics when they sit on the border of land and sea. This one, which appears to have the name "Patricia," looks tethered to land by two frail ropes.

Hanging from these ropes are pieces of seaweed that appear brown and ugly. With pools of water and a shallow tide lapping up on its hull, sea elements have clung to its underbelly. Innumerable mollusks line the boat's surface, covering more of its hull than there is bare space.

16 Fairey Gannet XG882

via Flickr user Gav Troon

Many argue that this plane looks even more majestic than it would brand new. When the edges become dulled, the pain job goes away and pieces of it fall off, it reveals a different side to these old planes.

Flickr user Gav Troon notes that this plane is a Fairey Gannet XG882. The way the wings on these planes bend slightly towards the inside suggest they were able to bend. It has an eye-catching design, even if it's a shadow of its former glory.

15 Chevrolet Corvair

via Aanavandi

A car like this, when long abandoned, soon takes on a permanent residence. It becomes like the surrounding buildings and foliage, blending into the surroundings. Locals become used to its presence. That's what leads to cars like this getting flat tires and a hood covered in dead leaves.

According to the site Aanavandi, this Chevrolet Corvair is in India. Considering it's a classic car, it's anyone's guess as to how long its been sitting here. It's now the same color as dirt.

14 Beached Boat

via Borsos Photography

In properly applying the rule of thirds, this photographer captured this shabby boat. The wet landscape suggests a tide that's no more, leaving behind this boat in a weakened state.

It has all kinds of colors across its hull, either initially painted on or revealed in the deterioration process. Once adrift in water, it now sits beached on a yellowy strand of grass. Sitting unattended, it's now left to explorers to photograph and is at the mercy of the natural elements.

13 MIG-25 Foxbat

via Pinterest

This arid desert serves as the perfect burial ground for this decrepit jet. This jet sits upon the sandy surface with parts fallen by its wayside and sporting colorful graffiti. It looks as if it became a destination for locals and visitors from afar who want to tag their own names or messages upon its hull.

A Pinterest user alludes to this jet being an MIG-25 Foxbat. In the background, one can see another plane that looks like it's sitting on a runway.

12 1967 Ford

via Auto Evolution

The story behind this smaller automobile is the stuff of legends. According to the site Auto Evolution, a man abandoned this 1967 Ford way back in 1974. Left in a forest close to his home, the man returned to where he left it only to find the car was still there, even after 40 years had passed.

The same source notes he had left it there due to its failing engine. It now stands as a memory covered in branches and moss, that is, unless the owner decides to fix it up again.

11 River Medway

via Derelict London

It's odd to see a boat far from the water, unless it's in a museum or parked in someone's driveway. Someone removed the boats far from the shore for a reason, perhaps out of safety or concern for other people's safety.

This one looks beaten up after many years in the water. The wood looks to have eroded away, leaving little left for the grass to grow around. As per the site Derelict London, this boat rests near the River Medway at Hoo St Werburgh.

10 MIG-23 Flogger

via Pinterest

When explorers encounter a jet like this one cast off in a field and surrounded by growing weeds, it's likely abandoned. Jets like these may have once served a purpose, but now that newer, more state-of-the-art jets have emerged, they’ve become outdated.

The only fate left for them is rotting away in a forgotten field in the middle of nowhere. According to a Pinterest user, the label for this photo is a MIG-23 Flogger. Its paint job is reminiscent of desert camouflage.

9 Neglected Rover

via Cero Recycling

It may sound odd, but an abandoned vehicle can cause environmental harm. Even smaller cars like the one photographed here can release substances into the air that Cero Recycling notes can have adverse effects on the environment. Some places around the world are better at removing abandoned vehicles than others.

Even when a car goes to the scrap yard, the same source notes, they may get rid of it in a manner that could hurt the climate. It's important that those who dispose of such waste take certain precautions to preserve the world’s habitat.

8 Oyster Point

via SFGate

The majority of the world is water-covered. That only elevates the importance of watercraft. It also means that when they're abandoned, they can turn up anywhere. This particular one, as SFGate reports, is 35-feet long and drifted ashore in San Francisco back in 2014.

The name of the location where the boat turned up is Oyster Point. It isn't rare for boats like this to turn up, signaling a recurring issue where owners lose interest in their vehicles. In a sense, this is littering on a large scale.

7 Trident SunJet

via CNN

Here's a massive passenger jet that's been sitting idle for a long time. Not only does the plane itself sit abandoned, but the entire land where it resides does too. CNN reports that this Trident Sun Jet sits at Nicosia International Airport where it continues to age.

Depending on one's view of abandoned vehicles, it either looks better or worse with age. Signs of rust and worn away paint may not look good to everyone, but some find it impressive to behold.

6 Cadillac Mercury

via Hemmings Motor News

If the right person found this car, who had a background in cars as a mechanic, they could probably get this car up and running again. Cars like these, once they head to junkyards, become pillaged of parts that serve other cars.

As Hemmings notes, this is a 1951 Cadillac Mercury; it has clearly seen better days with its signs of discoloration and missing wheels. It would take a lot of work to get this car back on its feet again.

5 Deserted Yacht

via falmouthpacket.co.uk

This looks to have once been a competent yacht. Despite its former glory and prestige on the sea, it has since become an enormous piece of ruin. Enthusiasts of abandoned boats like these will be fascinating to come across something like this, while others in the community see them as an eyesore.

According to the Falmouth Packet, there was an attempt by many to remove these boats. When boats, or any vehicle for that matter, become abandoned it can be tricky and expensive hauling them off.

4 Classic Car

via Pinterest

This is hardly a car anymore, but it still has the majority of its parts intact (at least from how it looks on the outside). The wheels and tires are gone, a chunk of the door is missing and the windows—if it had any to begin with—are all blown out.

What remains is a rust-colored classic car that blends in nicely with its desert surroundings. Someone could have neglected it in its current condition, or else others looted from it over time.

3 Curtis Creek

via Abandoned Country

This boat left behind creates an optical illusion still floating adrift in the water. It's hard to separate where the boat ends and begins with the water creating a duplicate mirror image. According to the site Abandoned Country, this boat resides on Curtis Creek in Baltimore.

The whole cove is vast and filled with dilapidated boats of all shapes and sizes. There are pieces of rope, scraps from boats and other materials deep in the water as well. It's a boat graveyard in an otherwise beautiful setting

2 RVs

via Everett Herald

RVs and trailers offer a way to experience adventure. For those who want to live out of their car for days or even weeks on a trip, these vehicles are the way to go. These ones are in line to go to the executioner block.

According to Herald Net, they're at a yard waiting for demolition. It's sad to see such RVs go to waste, though they look in bad shape. It's likely someone abandoned them and all the years of neglect made them inoperable.

1 Broken Down Yacht

The Virginian Pilot

If someone wanted to restore this yacht, they'd have a massive project on their hands. The Virginian Pilot reports that it sits on North Landing Bridge in Chesapeake where it soaks up the sun and slowly falls apart.

Even the ground around it is weedy. The area is beautiful with clear skies and blue waters, but the boat sits as a strange contrast against the setting. Parts of the boat look ripped to reveal the fragile insides of this frail yacht on its last legs.

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