Polestar Is Giving Volvos More Rear-Wheel Power With New Mods

When one thinks about Volvo, they probably don't think about high powered sports cars, however, if you have a Volvo that features AWD, then Polestar will do some tinkering with it to give it more power, sharper throttle, and quicker gear shifts. The mods will also allow for better drifting too by giving the back wheels more power while in dynamic mode.

According to Top Gear, the mods will be available on both diesel and petrol based vehicles, including the saloon, estate, and SUV models offered by Volvo.

Polestar was originally slated to become its own marque as evidenced by their own cars like the Polestar 1 hybrid sports car. It just seems that those who work for the brand love tinkering with Volvos.


Via Top Gear

What does this ultimately mean for the folks at Polestar, given that they were working on their own cars recently, but are mostly known for working on modifications for Volvos, typically cars that one thinks of as comfortable for the family? This probably means Polestar has full autonomy to do as they please and they will do a mixture of building their own vehicles and doing modifications for other brands at the same time.

Overall, it will be interesting to see where the Swedish brand founded in 1996 will head in the future. Polestar was purchased by Volvo in 2015 and in 2017, it was announced that the brand would focus its efforts on electric vehicles. A bit of a change from its racing and car modification heritage. If the Polestar 1 is anything to go off of, however, the brand will retain its sporty and racing heritage as the Polestar 1, slated for a 2019 release produces 336 horsepower from its petrol engine and 218 horse when only the electric motor is engaged.

When the two are used in combination, it produces a very respectable 600 horse. It's also very efficient with its electric motor, able to go 150km (93 miles) on a single charge. At this point in time, one could speculate that Polestar will continue to do the odd in-house performance package for Volvo while mostly focusing on developing their own line up of cars as Volvo is mostly treating them as an independent brand now.


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