10 Mind-Blowing Police Car Secrets

Police cars are mysteries to most of us, aside from the outside. They have a whole host of secrets you may not know about...

Don’t believe what you see in the movies. The hero does villainous things for a good reason, and the bumbling cop following him is often left behind because of general buffoonery and of course, an equally inept cop car. But that’s not real life – real-life cop cars are way more powerful than most if not all street-legal cars and its next to impossible to outdrive them. The reason is simple, police cars are not stock cars – they are tuned and made more powerful. Plus they harbor plenty of other secrets in them. And these 10 well-known secrets are just a few tricks that police cars have up their literal sleeves.

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10 Move Over Car, These Are Super Cop Cars

In countries where supercars rule the roost and every person with cash on hand manages to get one, its only natural that the cop cars need to be super too. Like in Germany, the Autobahn speed is 200mph. Breaking this speed limit can only happen when you drive a supercar and are stupid enough to go faster than 200mph. If it is the latter, you will be chased by the Mercedes Benz Brabus, which can go 228mph with its 6.3-liter V12 Biturbo 800 power mill. Or in Dubai, the Bugatti Veyron will get you, and in the UK, it’s a Lamborghini Murcielago. Don’t cross speed limits. Ever.

9 Stock? Only In Looks

Now, we understand your dilemma. A cop car looks just the same as its civilian counterpart, differing only in the badging, the police insignia and the siren on it. So you would expect it to run just about as fast as your stock car of the same make and model, right? Well, wrong.

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A cop car may look like a stock car but is everything in it is enhanced. From a bigger engine to better wiring to superior brakes. Even the suspension is upgraded as well for superior performance. So no, a cop car is not a stock car and will run far better than yours. And it's faster, way faster too.

8 This Goes For Unmarked Police Cars As Well

Face it, with criminals getting sneakier and more underhanded by the second, cops need to gear up too. Thus the shadowy unmarked car is a true cop car but just does not look like it. Again, this is not a stock car. It may lack the PD badging or the obvious siren, but it is one amped-up vehicle just itching to get onto a criminal’s tail, never mind the car he or she may be driving. Life is simply not like a Fast & Furious movie, because in real life, cop cars get their perps. To spot one, look for hidden LED lighting in the front grille, or a spotlight that looks like an extra side view mirror.

7 Cops Get A Break, Cop Cars Don’t

The difference between man and machine is simple – a cop will need to take a break now and then. Get a coffee, stretch the legs, take a leak et al. The cop car doesn’t need, care for or want a break. While the cop on duty maybe snarfing down a doughnut, the car is running constant surveillance.

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License plates are being clicked, time and location-tagged and uploaded to servers where they are run against the DMV for any snafu of any sort. The cop car camera is often always on as well, which is probably why they are at your door now… Scared? You should be if you have been naughty.

6 Stealing A Cop Car Will Be Bad For You

Again, don’t believe the movies. So they stole a cop car in Hangover, and they did it because the cops had left the car running whilst they darted in for coffee and doughnuts, right? In real life, a cop car is often left running to keep the radio, the cameras and the lights on. However, the keys are unlikely to be in the ignition because cop cars use a system called "Runlock" – you may be able to get in the car but if you press a pedal with no keys in the ignition, the car will lock down and trap you inside. Just like jail, so get comfy.

5 Doors Are Bullet-Proof, Truly

So maybe this idea did come from the movies where the heroic cop would open the door, dive behind it for cover, and nail the bad guy with a headshot. We don’t know about the marksman abilities of cops, but we do know that after 2006, all Ford Crown Victoria cop cars came with Kevlar lining.

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And Kevlar, as we all know, is the bulletproof stuff. So now, cops can truly take cover behind the doors, because the Ford Interceptor also comes Kevlar lined. Ultimately, it is a good idea because not only can cops use the door as protection, driving into a standoff is also much safer for them now.

4 Cops Use More Than Just One Siren

Cops have different sirens for different situations. There’s the classic wail which is usually used during high-speed chases or speedy drives on open roads – and its sharp enough to be heard by all. Then there is a whoop-whoop that cop cars use to tell people to move out of their way when there is traffic. And if you don’t comply, you get the airhorn and a bullhorn warning likely to set your ears ringing. There’s also a siren called the Rumbler – sharp as it is, it also sends out vibrations – letting people know its time they moved out of the way of the barreling cop car on a mission.

3 And They Have Way Better Tires

Cop cars aren’t built to amble around roads with soft music playing in the background. They are built to withstand tough situations and do the tough stuff. So along with an enhanced engine and wiring, a tougher suspension to take on high speed with ease and plenty of other special systems – they also have special tires. Not only do these tires let them take on tough terrains at high speeds for a chase, or fast action, they are also built to take punishment. One such tire is the Firestone Firehawk GT Pursuit, which as it sounds, it built to take on a high chase and get the bad guys no matter the terrain.

2 GPS Trackers Are Not Fiction

In case you still manage to find or tune a car to be faster and abler than a cop car, theoretically, you are still not out of danger. Other than being able to trace the DMV-issued license plates of your car, there is a new pursuit reduction technology from StarChase. This gun-like shooter fires a mini GPS tracker from an air-cannon mounted on a cop car grill. If the GPS tracker lands and sticks to your car, they will happily track you at sedate speeds. Cops 1, Bumbling Smartass 0; because cops and their cars are smarter than the bad guys.

1 Old Police Cars Are Quite The Catch

Once a cop car has outlived its purpose, usability or generic age – it can be sold off with ease. To calculate mileage on cop cars, which seem to be running 24X7 unless they are in the precinct, parked for the day; there are hour meters installed in the cars. This way, mechanics can figure out the true mileage for an eventual sale. Of course, all dealers are required by law to strip the car of any PD badging as well as any other special additions to the car. But sometimes things slip through the cracks and there have been cases of people buying cop cars in full PD regalia. It didn’t end well for them, or the dealer though, in case you are getting any ideas.

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