19 Police Cars That Were Found Abandoned

It's not often that a police car is left to be completely abandoned, so when it happens, it's definitely worth a look.

It's not often that a police car is left to be completely abandoned. While it may end up somewhere for a while, the municipalities and government officials are pretty thorough about making sure they clean up after themselves and don't leave their cop cars lying around. Often they are sold at auction once they are retired, or sent to scrapyards to be recycled.

But, there are still some abandoned cop cars out there, quite a few of them, and people have managed to take lots of pictures of them, and then post those photos online. There's always a fascination by people with things that have been abandoned and forgotten. Not all will say it's their passion, but it's hard to find someone who will say that they don't find fascination with abandoned things or old things. There's something universally understandable about abandoned things.

The stories they tell or don't tell, the mystery and melancholy that surrounds these places, things, items that have been abandoned. This is especially true for many when it comes to things like police cars, as they tell the story of what the force was like in a different era, a different time, and those differences are often what people find the most fascinating. For those who make it their passion, it's often the synergy between going out on an adventure to explore, paired with the excitement and danger, tempered with sorrow and mystery. Let's take a look at 20 police cars found abandoned.

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19 An Old-School Police Cruiser

via hiveminer.com

A yellow stop sign and a rusty car point out that these things are from an era that is much different than the one we see around us today. Indeed, this old police cruiser is most assuredly old-school, perhaps even the definition of the word.

Despite the rust and age, the outside cosmetics seem to be in pretty good shape. The light looks busted out and the tires look flat, but the rust actually adds a nice touch of patina that lends to the classic look of it, especially considering it is just cosmetic rust, anyway.

18 Broken Down French Police

via hiveminer.com

The dingy hood and dirt collecting on the body of this police car from France goes to show that it's been neglected for quite some time. Surrounded by junk, the hood popped open, and graffiti on the windshield, there's no doubt that this one is well out of service.

It looks like it's part of a graveyard of old cars or something along those lines, so exploring this entire area is probably a concept that excites a lot of urban explorers, the people who love discovering the abandoned urban areas of the cities around the globe.

17 Don't Mess With The Sheriff (Or Do)

via hiveminer.com

This old sheriff's cruiser looks pretty dated, with the massive hood, funky front end, solid steel body, and odd-looking color palette that could have only come from the depths of the seventies.

Someone has proven their passion for photography by setting up a pretty cool nighttime long exposure shot, bringing a red light and letting the shutter stay open to let more light in. The stars are blurred because that's actually the rotation of the Earth caught on camera. The most worrying thing, though, is the holes on the side.

16 The Same As The Citizens

via hiveminer.com

In day to day life, there's always an identifiable differentiation between the citizen and the police. With good reason, too, as the officers who represent the police force as a whole do a lot of incredible things to keep us all safe. (Usually).

But, here in the junkyard, it helps illustrate that we're all the same; we all should work together, because the police cruisers end up in the same place as the citizens' cars, and at the end of the day it really doesn't matter what you are or where you come from, we're all valid and important.

15 Ford Police Van In Green

via fiveprime.com

The police often employ several different kinds of vehicles in their force at any given time and the extent of what variety of vehicles depends on the needs of each municipality and jurisdiction. But police vans are pretty standard, and this one has seen better days.

The Ford police van in green pictured above is actually only green because of the prolific layer of moss and mildew growing on almost every surface of the paint. Rust has started to eat away at the wheel well and bumper like a disease, and in this state, there's not much hope for this abandoned police car.

14 Sicilian Police

via hiveminer.com

Sicily, Italy is a place in the world where for many the idea of abandoned police cruisers are the last thing that comes to mind when picturing the city, place, or country. Often the first things that come to mind are wine, cheese, pasta, and adorable picturesque European streets filled with little cafes serving espresso and gelato.

While most assuredly is an accurate picture of Sicily, it's not the only side of the city. Even these places have police, and they employ cars that at one point need to be decommissioned. A big group of them ended up here.

13 Left To Rot On The Beach

via pinterest.com

When a car gets stuck, it usually ends up getting abandoned, especially when it's somewhere that's nigh impossible to get out of. For instance, the beach. Sand is one of the most inhospitable places for the average road-going car, even if it's a police car.

With a simple lowering of tire pressure, this police car likely could have escaped, but what officer has time for that? He probably just called back up and walked out, getting taken back to the station, leaving this one to rot on the beach.

12 More Than Just A Little Rust

via pinterest.com

Some of the coolest looking cop cars are the ones to come out of the era of the sixties, when all cars had a certain amount of timeless style and creativity that has since been virtually unrivaled in design and creation.

This old Chevy cruiser looks like a land going boat, with more than just a little bit of rust setting into the massive curved body. Complete with a little police light on top of the car, it's about as classic retro as it gets, and currently rotting away in abandonment.

11 No Longer In Service

via markandjim.com

This police car has clearly seen better days in its time. It once perhaps took part in exciting police chases, dangerous arrests and simple civil matters. But, it's reached the end of its life and more.

In an alley somewhere, tires all flat, body dented and covered in dust and rust. There's no hope of a resurrection for this police car, that's clear. The best it can hope for is that some of its parts get reused and recycled as scrap.

10 Open Window Casts A Shadow

via reddit.com

Many municipalities and police departments are a bit secretive as to what they do with their decommissioned vehicles. An example of this is the massive graveyard of fire trucks they found in an old barn somewhere in France, then as soon as it was discovered, it disappeared mysteriously overnight.

The open window casts light and dark shadows into this old building where an old decommissioned police vehicle peacefully and mysteriously rests, away from the sun, elements, and prying eyes. The true story behind its demise is a tantalizing mystery.

9 Pursuit No. 2

via pinterest.com

Complete with a flawlessly retro paint job and light setup, this old police pursuit vehicle has been stored on a property somewhere near the back, against a stand of trees, exposed to the elements, abandoned in place.

Despite the elements, it seems to be holding up quite well, and pursuit car number two still looks as handsome as the day it was decommissioned, though slightly more worn around the edges. Perhaps this one is worth a restore. Sometimes they are surprisingly easy, but not always.

8 Questionable Jurisdiction

via reddit.com

An old, rusty, junked out cop car is often far from something eye-catching, not unless it's in a strange place, especially old, or in a unique state of affairs. In this case, it's actually quite eye-catching, mostly for its decals as a cruiser who's jurisdiction is Gotham City.

Of course, Gotham is a made up city most famously known as the city where vigilante superhero Batman does his life-saving work and causes the police constant frustration and relief. Which means that this was likely a Hollywood stunt car. Still, a cop car though, even though nowadays it's hardly more than scrap.

7 Rescued For Scrap

via scrap4cashjunkcarremoval.com

The robin-egg blue of this police car nowadays looks extraordinarily dated, compared to the usual coloring of police cars in modern times. Black, white, and not much more than that, save the few outliers of various jurisdictions who want to be different.

But at one time in the past the New York police department chose this bright blue color to outfit their cars with. Since then it's been rescued for scrap, or maybe a restore as beyond the fact that it doesn't have wheels, it's in pretty good shape.

6 So Long, Highway Patrol

via cindyvasko.com

Say goodbye to this highway patrol police car, as it's from an age that is quickly being erased, every day we get further into this modern age of the internet and the EV. The effortless styling of these cars is irreplaceable, though, and honestly quite timeless. They look just as good today as they did back then, and it's hard to find anyone who says this era of car looks bad.

Of course, this one's a bit rough around the edges, parked here for who knows how many decades, slowly rusting away, paint fading more and more as the vines creep over the bumper and soon the entire car.

5 Totally Worth A Restore

via picssr.com

Apart from the surface patina of rust and the faded spotty paint, this old police car looks like it's in pretty spectacular shape, all things considered. Pair that with the fact that it at one time was top of the line, pretty unique and outfitted with the best of the best police lighting, makes it totally worth a restore.

Get rid of the rust, repaint it, polish up the bumpers, and it'll look as good as new. Put in a bit more work on the engine and it'll be up and running in no time, as good as the day it was decommissioned.

4 Getting To The Top

via hivmeminer.com

These junkyard cars are all stacked up quite neatly, organized in perfect little rows and nicely lined up as they climb higher. These will eventually be broken down even further, each component sold or smelt down as they get recycled as much as possible.

But, sitting at the top, as if looking down on the orderly citizens under its control, is a police vehicle, not in line, not in a row, but at the top. Seems about right. In any case, they're all scrap.

3 Here In A Row

via fiveprime.com

In the poorly lit back lot of a station somewhere, these decommissioned police cars are all lined up, put to rest, left to rot away in abandonment, forgotten. Whether subjected to accidents of some kind or another while on duty, or just have fallen apart and broken down with excessive use, these aren't running anymore.

The concrete is cracked and the light barely reaches here, which means that these sad cars haven't been thought of in a long time, at rest in their graves, only visited by the most intrepid of explorers.

2 Inside An Abandoned Cruiser

via fiveprime.com

The 'do not cross' tape seems like it might be a little extra, perhaps a bit redundant, as the driver's seat of a police car is most assuredly a police line that the average citizen does not cross. But, when it's abandoned, all bets are off.

This woman has capitalized on the fact that it's been abandoned to rot, posing for a photo shoot with the abandoned car, sitting in the front seat, looking dramatic. Now she can say that she's been in a police cruiser, and not because she was arrested.

1 Just Beware Of The Dog

via hiveminer.com

Looks like there was seriously a good reason to beware of the dog because based on the evidence, this dog was able to force its way through the fence and get out. All jokes aside, of course, this police cruiser has been tossed into a corner along with at least one other car.

To be forgotten? To be used for scrap later? Who knows... but it's been left behind and abandoned here. Soon the paint will chip and fade, then rust will set in, and not long after that it will decay even more than that.

Sources: Pinterest, Hive Miner, Pic SSR

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