Police Looking For Woman Who Test Drove 2019 Honda Accord And Simply Kept Going

This woman took advantage of being allowed to test drive a car on her own.

Police are on the lookout for a female who stole a 2019 Honda Accord from a dealership in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

The norm when shopping around for a new car is pretty much the same all around - there's usually a salesperson riding along when one test drives a car from a sales lot. In this particular case, however, the supposed buyer was allowed to test drive the vehicle on her own and, as poor luck would have it, she never came back.

The dealership reported the car stolen after realizing that the car would not be returned. And the Oakland Press has since reported that police are on the trail.

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"According to police, a black female approximately 45 years old came into Page Honda, 1819 Telegraph Road, on June 15 and asked to test drive a gray, 2019 Honda Accord. After she failed to return the vehicle, the dealership called police to report it stolen.

"The woman is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs approximately 210 pounds, police said.

"Anyone with information on the case or who can help to identify and locate the suspect is asked to call Bloomfield Township police at 248-433-7755."

- The Oakland Press

via thecarcollection.com

The Honda Accord has long been one of the most stolen cars in the United States, although thefts have gone down in recent years. And, of course, they're not usually stolen in this manner.

Some of the fault should be attributed to the dealership as they presented the opportunity for the thief to get away with the vehicle. But we can be sure they won't be allowing anyone to test drive their vehicles unsupervised ever again. In fact, they will probably add a second salesperson to the ride for good measure.

We just have to assume that they made copies of her identification documents - but then again, they could have been fake.

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