See The Porsche 911 Carrera 992's Active Rear Spoiler In Action

Porsche isn't even bothering to conceal the next generation of 911 Carrera, giving us a great look at the new active rear spoiler in action.

See The Porsche 911 Carrera 992's Active Rear Spoiler In Action

The upcoming 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera has been spotted in the wild without anything to cover it up.

While most carmakers will try and hide some of their prototype car’s details from prying eyes, Porsche has apparently nothing left to hide. It’s no secret that the 992-generation is nearing the completion of its development, so perhaps the German automaker just doesn’t have any cares in the world left?

Regardless, we can certainly appreciate the stunning, classic looks of the new 992 Carrera. It’s got a certain air that harkens back to the 996-series of 911s, although flatter and meaner. There’s also a brand new active spoiler on the back end that seems larger than the previous 991-series.

As noted by Autoblog, the spoiler now reaches almost all the way across the width of the car. From the front, it reminds the viewer of the older 993 Turbo’s spoiler, but from the back it just seems like a striking departure for Porsche. We can only assume that Porsche is getting a lot more mileage out of the larger spoiler to justify the big switch.

via Autoblog

It also seems that the same spoiler is to be used on both the Carrera and Carrera S. A new set of spy photos show both cars running what is likely the Nurburgring race track, although we’re not given confirmation in the photos themselves. We do know that the Carrera S will get a quad exhaust while the regular Carrera will stick with the dual exhausts.


We also know that the Carreras will not just have an active rear spoiler. A new active lip spoiler will also help the 992-series achieve levels of handling thus far never seen on the already sublimely maneuverable Porsche 911.

See The Porsche 911 Carrera 992's Active Rear Spoiler In Action
via Autoblog

As for power, Autoblog reports that every new 911 is expected to get some flavor of turbocharged flat-six, with the exception of the GT3 which will retain the 4.0-L naturally aspirated boxer six. Power is expected to begin at 390 horses on the base-level Carrera, which is a 20hp boost over the previous generation.

Expect to see the full reveal for the 992-series later this year or early next year, possibly even at the Paris Auto Show next month.


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