Watch: 800 HP Porsche 911 GT2 RS Takes On McLaren 720S In 1/4 Mile Drag Race

The Porsche 911 GT2 RS and McLaren 720S are so evenly matched that the outcome of these races will surprise you.

Watch: 800 HP Porsche 911 GT2 RS Takes On McLaren 720S In 1/4 Mile Drag Race

Watch a tuned Porsche 911 GT2 RS take on a stock McLaren 720S in drag race action.

This is the classic matchup between German and British sports car makers. The 911 GT2 RS has been Porsche’s premiere flagship model ever since it broke the record for fastest lap around Germany’s Nurburgring. That record has since gone to the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, but Porsche couldn’t let that one go without at least beating the SVJ’s time in a tuned version of the GT2, even though it still doesn’t reclaim the title of world’s fastest production car.

This GT2 isn’t quite the same as the one that lapped The Ring, but it’s still been boosted beyond the original 700 hp that the 3.8-L twin-turbo inline 6-cylinder could produce. According to a brief clip of the car on the dyno, power at the rear wheels is measured to be 702 hp and 675 lb-ft of torque, giving it over 800 hp at the crank.

That’s a lot more than the 720S, which boasts 710 hp from its 4.0-L twin-turbo V8. But the 720S is lighter, more aerodynamic, and has McLaren’s reputation for greatness on its side. McLaren has somehow found a way to make their cars not only fast but consistently fast, which few other carmakers can say the same.

But would it be enough to overcome the 911’s significant power advantage?


In the first race, the Porsche gets an expected early lead thanks to its greater power, but then the 720S is able to crawl back into the lead. It’s a close finish, but the 720S takes it in 10.138 seconds at 143.32 mph, while the 911 GT2 Rs finished in 10.162 seconds at 138.17 mph.

The second race is far less exciting, with the Porsche getting a poor start and never really regaining contention. Even still, the final times are surprisingly close with the 720S finishing in 10.119 at 143.06 mph, and the 911 finishing in 10.156 at 138.46 mph.

Unfortunately for the 911, the last race goes disastrously for the tuned Porsche. Right off the line, the Porsche’s clutch seems to skip off and fails to shift gears, making for a disastrous hiccup that immediately takes it out of the race.

A shame too, since the 911 was able to post a fast lap of just 10.099 seconds before the race.


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