Porsche Debuts 911 Speedster Concept II

Porsche is going to put their Speedster concept into production, but first, we get a second concept to gawk at.

Porsche Debuts 911 Speedster Concept II

Porsche has unveiled the second concept for their 911 Speedster at the Paris Auto Show.

Last we saw the Porsche 911 Speedster it was being shown at last summer’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, where the silver throwback car didn’t race but rather stood proudly for everyone to see. If the car got enough eyeballs, then Porsche would consider making it into a real car and not just a concept.

Reports from August confirmed that Porsche was satisfied with the attention the Speedster received and that it would indeed go into limited production. A total of 1948 Speedsters would be produced--a reference to the year the very first Porsche rolled off the assembly line.

We were also given a few tantalizing details, such as more than 500 hp from the same 4.0-L flat-six that you’d find in the 911 GT3 R racer, or the use of a 6-speed manual for a true driver’s experience.

Porsche Debuts 911 Speedster Concept II
via Porsche

Now we have official confirmation from Porsche that the 911 Speedster will certainly be produced along with a brand new Speedster concept in brilliant red paint. We’re also getting even more details with the new concept besides the fact it’ll come in both red and silver colors.


The body is based on the 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet, while the lightweight chassis is based on the 911 GT3. Further reducing weight is a titanium exhaust and carbon fiber being used for the front trunk, wheel fenders, and rear engine cover. Rather than a heavier soft top, the Speedster will use a tonneau cover attached with Tenax buttons.

While the use of a tonneau cover keeps weight down, it’s also not necessarily going to keep the rain out in a downpour. Maybe keep the Speedster in the garage for inclement weather.

Porsche Debuts 911 Speedster Concept II
via Porsche

More unique design elements design the 911 Speedster, such as the fuel tank cap mounted in the middle of the frunk, and the 21-inch cross-spoke center lock wheels reminiscent of those found on the 911 GT3 R and RSR racers.

We still don’t have any specific performance figures, but we do know that production will begin in late 2019. We expect Porsche to give up a few more details starting later on next year.


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