Porsche Debuts The Revolutionary All-Electric Taycan

The online editor of Car Magazine Curtis Moldrich described the car’s acceleration as “relentless and seamless.”

The new Porsche Taycan, the brand’s first EV, made its debut at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed, held from July 4 to July 7 at Goodwood House in the United Kingdom.

The online editor of Car Magazine Curtis Moldrich described the car’s acceleration as “relentless and seamless” given its continuous torque and absence of shifts. The pre-production Taycan Turbo prototype includes a 96kWh lithium-ion battery that weighs 650kg, which delivers 215bhp/221lb ft motor on the front axle, and 402bhp/406lb ft at the rear.

Porsche says the Taycan goes from take-off to 62mph in three seconds, and to 124mph in under 10 seconds. The high-tech amenities include air suspension, all-wheel drive, rear-wheel steering on some models, 48-volt anti-roll bars, active aerodynamics, and steel brakes with powerful stopping power. The pulse inverter that controls the torque vectoring is five times faster than chips featured in conventional four-wheel-drive systems.

The Taycan also comes equipped with specially-coated PSCB brakes for limited brake dust as well as a combined disc-and-pad system with regenerative braking, which works through the e-motors. Also, the Selecting Range mode allows the Taycan to extend its mileage by about 10 percent by reducing the air-con and regulating the torque vectoring, which automatically checks out above 85mph.

Bernd Propfe, platform director for the Taycan, says the model can achieve 10 full-throttle 0-62mph and four 0-124mph sprints without a reduction in performance. The Taycan is also the first EV that can be charged with up to 250kW at an 800-volt charging point. This will slowly improve since by 2021 peak charging power is expected to increase from 250 to 350kW, which will reduce charging time to 14 minutes.

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As for the interior, the Taycan is a four-seater with enough space for two adults in the back where the ‘foot garage’ – a rectangular nook in the floor customized by the shape of the battery allows for plenty of legroom. In the front, details include power-operated lightweight bucket seats and a boomerang digital display, reminiscent of the early 911s. Also, the multifunction steering wheel features 10 control elements across the two horizontal spokes. Additionally, there is an autopilot function that can be activated according to regulations.

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