Porsche Is Developing A Lightweight 718 Cayman T [Rumor]

Word on the street suggests Porsche is working on a lightweight 718 Cayman T. Here's what's being said.

Rumors of a lightweight Cayman are on the horizon and have motor-enthusiasts excited about what it could mean for the Cayman.

The 911 Carrera T isn’t the most powerful, it isn’t the quickest around the track, and there are plenty of models that overshadow it. It’s not meant to be the cream of the crop. Yet, with a weight reduction treatment, sport-tuned suspension, manual gearbox, and a mechanical limited-slip differential — the Carrera T is no less exhilarating for the average driver. This performance-enhancing formula, it seems, its also being applied to the Cayman as well.

Reports are already surfacing of the 718 Cayman T being well on its way by Auto Express and the list of features that have been tampered with bolsters hope for an exciting new Porsche feel from an old Porsche platform.


via motortrend.com

The 718 Cayman is set to follow the newly-tread footsteps of the 911T, positioned at providing a world-class Porsche driving experience for enthusiasts of the German automobile without pillaging their pockets with a flagship price tag. Arriving in the U.K. next spring, the 718 Cayman T is expected to come equipped with a tuned version of the 2.5L boxer engine producing somewhere in the neighborhood of 360hp.

Engine and powertrain aside, the Cayman T is going through a weight-reduction that will see fabric door pulls and thinner windows as well as removal of the audio system in an effort to shave the curb-weight down as much as possible. So far it’s only looking like 40lbs but that’s subject to change pending the final release, and buyers will be treated to an array of popular Porsche add-ons like performance exhaust systems, sport-tuned suspensions, and alloy wheels.

A long-term viewer of the 718 Cayman production run could likely assume that the line is nearing the end of its production run as the new generation of sports cars is beginning to crowd the marketplace. The validity of that hypothesis is subject to further substantiation but nonetheless, the 718 Cayman seems to be maturing nicely throughout its production life.


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