Porsche Reveals Plans To Transition To The Age Of Electric Cars

Porsche recently revealed how the manufacturer intends to take their vehicles into the age of electric cars without compromising their brand.

Porsche Reveals Plans To Transition To The Age Of Electric Cars

Porsche is set to hit the ground running in the age of electric cars.

In a press Q&A given at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart Germany, Porsche Chief Executive Officer Oliver Blume told Bloomberg that the company will take a three-tiered approach to tackle the upcoming era of electric cars.

"There will be a triad: plug-in hybrids, emotional sports cars with combustion engines, and sporty electric vehicles," he said.

Porsche is celebrating the 70th anniversary of its first sports car, the 356, a car which would define nearly every Porsche automobile to come afterward. The 356 also marked the beginning of Porsche’s foray into automotive manufacturing rather than just lending its engineers to other manufacturers to design their cars.

And while Porsche firmly believes that the electronic car age will be defined by economical transportation options, Porsche itself will still make cars that follow its ethos of style and speed.


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“There will always be demand for intelligent sporty mobility,” Blume said. “At Porsche the driving experience will always be at the forefront, but in a traffic jam or when you park a car the driver might want to hand over control of the vehicle,”

Porsche is increasingly important to parent company Volkswagen in the continuing fallout of the diesel emissions scandal. Porsche is the company’s most profitable brand and remained largely unaffected by the scandal that rocked Volkswagen.

Global deliveries reached a new record for Porsche, totaling 246,000 cars in 2017. That’s up 4 percent from the previous year, largely driven by the introduction of the Macan line of SUVs.

However, Blume noted that sales may slow in 2018 as Porsche seeks to “stabilize” the brand and ensure its air of exclusivity is maintained.

Perhaps the most important factor in Porsche’s future success is the upcoming Mission E all-electric vehicle. Set to begin production in 2019, the estimated $85,000 luxury sedan is designed to topple Tesla as the leading electric car. The car is believed to have 650 hp and possess a 0-60 time of just 3.5 seconds.

“The future of Porsche also hinges on the success” of the Mission E electric car, according to Blume.


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