Porsche Takes 919 Hybrid To The Streets Of Bangkok In Stylish Video

Porsche took their 919 Hybrid to the streets of Bangkok as they gave the car one last hoorah before it's retired. The best part? They filmed it.

When it comes to making a statement trust Porsche to do it. Everywhere Porche lands, it is easy to see people's attention directly shift to watching it. It is easy to confirm that Porsche has Midas touch when it comes to attention-grabbing.

Bankok is one of the lucky cities to be graced by the presence of the Porsche 919 Hybrid following the official 919 Tribute Tour. This icon was driven by the most qualified Porsche Works drivers — Earl Bamber, who is also featured in the video driving a Cameo. Bamber has multiple wins under his belt including victories at the WEC and the 2017 Le Mans, which saw him make the beautiful ride a legend after the secured hat-trick.

During this night, the LMP1 was seen cruising through the streets of Bangkok. In the video, it is seen speeding on the famous Rama VIII Bridge that spans on top of the Chai Phraya River. You can just imagine the awe and amazement as the people heard the mighty engine roar through the streets.


The 919 Hybrid is set to retire soon, but this doesn't dim the light on Porsche. With this, the path is paved for the Porsche's E-Performance, which is set to be sold in Thailand — Porsche's biggest market.

This year, the E-Hybrid model of the Panamera was the most sold, and that positive feedback as the success of this line will continue. The Cayenne E-Hybrid is expected to start shipping to Thailand as well. All these successes open a wide road for the production of its all-electric car — the infamous Mission E in 2019. Porsche's anticipated showroom and Studio in Icon Siam, Thailand will open by end of 2018 will no doubt will it add life to this beautiful city as well.

With that in mind, we all expect that Porsche continues gracing towns with their magnificent cars and turning heads and impress their fans time and time again.


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