This Private Jet Is Now A Street Legal Limo

Sometimes, there are people who are more ambitious than others. The person responsible for this drivable private jet limo is just that.

This Private Jet Is Now A Street Legal Limo

This private Learjet is no longer flying around millionaire playboys and is now driving bachelor parties as a street-legal limousine.

We’ve seen a few cars become jet-powered monstrosities in our time, but never have we seen the conversion go the other way around. For the very first time, we’re looking at a jet aircraft that has been converted into a road-going vehicle.

And naturally, it’s a limo.

What you are looking at is appropriately called the “Limo-Jet”. It’s owned by Chicago-based Jetsetter Inc., a spin-off company that used to be called Exotic Coach, but realized that the whole jet-as-limousine thing was way more noteworthy than anything else they’d ever done.

Sunday night leaving the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas getting the #limojet ready to be moved out. Wow 🌟✈️ Atrend #limo #jet #tradeshow #entrepreneurs #limojet #oneofakind

Posted by Limo-Jet on Monday, August 20, 2018

From the Jetsetter website (by way of Motor1) we get some of the backstory. The Limo-Jet was first conceived back in 2006 by Dan Harris and Frank DeAngelo, who for whatever reason felt that a jet would make a good chassis for a custom limo. They started with a Learjet 31 and then (according to their Facebook page) took it to EC Customs, "a custom manufacturer of patent-pending Jetmousines, Learmousines and LimoJets for the transportation, limojetcorporate and high net worth market.”



Jet engines aren’t exactly road-legal, so the former Garrett turbofans have been removed in favor of an unspecified 8-cylinder engine. There are a few shots of the Limo-Jet on their Facebook page that shows the nose cone is basically empty, so it’s gotta be slotted somewhere in the back, making this an RWD limo.

Posted by Limo-Jet on Friday, August 17, 2018

To say the Limo-Jet has a luxurious interior is a bit of an understatement. What used to be the private jet of some corporate bigwig has been converted into a party zone. One 42-inch Plasma Screen TV and several more LCD televisions dot the inner walls, while a 4,500-watt stereo system provides surround sound enjoyment.

There’s also something called a “Realistic Jet Engine Cranking System”, which we’re thinking is just meant to mimic what would have normally been a jet engine’s noise.

The Limo-Jet is available for booking now, so maybe give Jetsetter Inc. a ring for your nephew’s Bar Mitzvah next month?


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