19 Problems Dodge Won't Admit About The Challenger Demon

For a car with the legendary status of this vehicle, it is quite clear that it actually has a lot of major problems.

The Dodge Challenger Demon is one of the most sought-after vehicles for every car collector. This is because of the legendary name it possesses and the wild power under its beastly hood. There is no question that the car manufacturer has been pushing for the success of the Challenger for a long period of time and the Demon is the most special of all its special editions.

This vehicle brings Dodge plenty of money, as it is extremely expensive to purchase, but it also brings them a ton of fan attention, press coverage, and publicity. However, for a car with the legendary status of this vehicle, it is quite clear that it actually has a lot of major flaws that need more attention.

With all that has been stated thus far, in this article, we will be looking at 19 problems that Dodge won't admit about the Challenger Demon. It is important to note that these problems will range in levels of severity, but at the end of the day, they all should not be a part of this vehicle. This car is supposed to be one of the best cars that one can buy, so it should be built in a very strong manner. However, as this list will present so evidently, this just happens to not be the case.

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19 Faulty Engine

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For a car that is supposed to be built for speed, one would expect the Dodge Challenger Demon to have a reliable engine that can handle all its power. However, this clearly is not the case in the slightest, as it is truly unpredictable to prepare for what is going to come from it, according to Car Complaints. It is good some days, but then completely awful on others.

This is a major problem that needs far more attention. Criticism is absolutely warranted for how poorly this car’s engine can be. As time continues to pass, it is quite likely that this issue is only going to become worse. When seeing how this car is supposed to be elite, it is clear that this is inexcusable.

18 Differential Snaps

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According to Carbuzz, differential snaps have been one of the most common issues that we have seen with the Challenger Demon. However, the car manufacturer has yet to talk about this subject in much detail. This is largely because of the fact that this is entirely inexcusable and, quite frankly, a joke.

This seems to occur when its owners are accelerating hard at fast speeds. When seeing how this is a car that is supposed to be able to do this without any issues, this is seriously a problem. There is no question that this vehicle needs to work on this problem, as it will end up dropping the value of it eventually.

17 Poor Paint Jobs

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For a car that is expensive as the Challenger Demon, one should expect it to be painted nicely. There is no question that it has an amazing design, but according to Car Complaints, there have been many moments where the paint chips off of them very quickly. This definitely is an awful sign, as it ruins the look of the car.

This has to be fixed by the car manufacturer if they want to see this vehicle continue to get a lot of attention. When seeing as how these cars are supposed to at the top of the automobile world, this problem is one that is infuriating to its buyers. In short, Dodge simply has to do far better than they currently are.

16 Airbag Delays

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According to Car Complaints, one of the biggest concerns that seem to come with Challenger Demons is the fact that they are prone to airbag delays. The invention of the airbag is easily one of the most important to ever enter the automobile world. They have the ability to save lives when the worst occurs, so they must be at the best of their ability.

The fact that delays are a possibility with this car is truly a shame. This is extremely dangerous for everyone involved, and that definitely needs to be fixed. When seeing as how this is a vehicle that is meant to be driven at high speeds, protection must be at its highest level.

15 Rear End Blowouts

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There are videos that have shown the fact that the Challenger Demon is prone to rear end blowouts. This can be seen on The Drive. These seem to occur when the driver decides to go at a high speed with it. This definitely is a major flaw that these vehicles possess, and Dodge has yet to fix the issue head-on.

The fact that this is occurring is a major disappointment to the individuals who own them. When seeing as how these vehicles come at extremely high prices, major issues like these should not be happening. This is just further evidence that Dodge didn't take into consideration all that would happen when building such a potent vehicle.

14 Poor Headlights

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According to Car Complaints, there has been a growing concern with the Challenger Demon that their headlights are a bit too weak. This is not the biggest of issues by this car, but it absolutely needs to be addressed. Driving at night is a hard task when a car’s headlights are poor, and this is why this car needs to be fixed in this department.

There has been a growing amount of repairs needed for this element of the car. This definitely is not ideal, as this is supposed to be a vehicle that is at the highest class of success. However, until its headlights are able to perform in an efficient manner, criticism will have to be thrown its way from us car enthusiasts.

13 Far Too Heavy

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One element of the Challenger Demon that has gotten a bit of negative feedback is the fact that it is far too heavy. There is no question that this vehicle is very fast, but if it were built in a lighter fashion, it would be even better. This is something that easily is obtainable, as there are cars like it that are similar to this.

According to Car Complaints, the problem that comes with these cars being too heavy is the fact that they are prone to putting a lot of strain on the body of the car. This can result in this vehicle needing a lot of repairs far earlier than one would expect. When seeing how these cars are top notch, this should not be the case.

12 Far Too Expensive

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Due to the fact that this is a limited-edition type of vehicle, this car comes at an extremely high price. This should not be too surprising to anyone, as this car is constantly talked about throughout the automobile world. However, one definitely can argue that it is overpriced.

When looking at the issues that these cars possess, especially seen on Car Complaints, there is no question that this should be dropping their value. However, this is not going to be the case because of the fact that people are still heavily intrigued by them. So, with that being said, these prices will forever be far too extreme.

11 Suspension Problems

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According to Car Complaints, the Challenger Demon is also prone to having a lot of suspension problems. This definitely is not ideal in the slightest, as it requires the owners of these vehicles to constantly take it to the repair shop. With this car being as expensive as it is, it makes fixing it even more of an issue.

Suspension problems can truly ruin the experience of driving any car. This definitely is the case with a fast car like the Challenger Demon, and it clearly needs to be moderated by the car manufacturer. If we continue to voice our displeasure with it, perhaps it will actually occur.

10 Steering Delays

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Steering is obviously one of the most important parts of driving. This is the area in which we are able to have full control of our cars and that, of course, is a necessity. However, according to Car Complaints, there have been a number of reports where steering delays have been present with the Challenger Demon.

This is extremely inexcusable, as people are driving these cars for the purpose of speed. This problem makes it quite dangerous to drive this vehicle in closed off spaces. It is hard to believe that this type of problem would be present with such an expensive car, but alas, it sadly happens to be the case.

9 Prone To Make Clicking Noises

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There has been a growing concern when it comes to this vehicle making clicking noises, which is discussed on Car Complaints. This seems to happen more with more usage that it receives, but even so, it should not be happening. When seeing how this vehicle is supposed to be a solid one, this is honestly a bit aggravating.

This just shows the fact that this vehicle is a bit weak when it comes to its overall structure. There is no question that clicking noises is a very unappealing aspect, as it instantly creates fear for the driver that their car is going to end up self-destructing at any moment.

8 Expensive To Repair

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When seeing all of the issues that come forth with the Challenger Demon, it is fair to expect that its owners need to get it repaired fairly frequently. However, this is a major problem because of the fact that these repairs are far more expensive than the vast majority of other cars.

It should be noted that this is always the case with cars that come at a very high price. This is because of the fact that they have parts that are simply more valuable than others. However, when seeing how badly these cars seem to run, it is clear that this is a complete and utter rip off for its buyers.

7 Flat Tires Are Common

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Earlier in this list, we discussed how this vehicle tends to be heavier than many people would expect. According to Car Complaints, this leads to the vehicle putting a lot of stress on its tires, and this results in them becoming flat pretty quickly. This definitely is something that needs to be addressed far more.

Expensive cars should not be doing so this so quickly. It is obvious that flat tires are impossible to avoid at times, but these vehicles tend to have them without much usage. This definitely is not ideal, and when seeing as how this car costs people so much money, it should absolutely not be the case.

6 Brakes Are Underwhelming

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There has been a bit of a concern with this vehicle when it comes to the quality of its brakes, according to Car Complaints. Many individuals have noted that they have needed to take their Challenger Demon to get repairs done in this department. This definitely should not be happening as commonly as it is.

It is an obvious fact that brakes are one of the most important elements of any vehicle. This is what helps prevent individuals from getting into bad situations. However, if issues keep arising from their brakes, it is fair to state that this vehicle can be viewed as quite dangerous to drive.

5 Inconsistent A/C & Heater

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When summer is here and the weather is at its hottest, there is no aspect of a car that comes in handy more than the air conditioner. The same applies to winter and heaters. However, with the Challenger Demon, it has been made quite clear that these functions are very unpredictable.

According to Car Complaints, it often takes far too long for these to get the temperatures which the driver is looking for. It also seems to need repairs as time goes on because of this. This is something that the car manufacturer needs to perfect with their future versions of this car, as it honestly could make it lose a ton of value.

4 Bad In The Rain & Snow

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Every car seems to have a little bit of trouble when it is put into the rain and snow. That is something that will likely always be a part of the automobile world, as no one can accurately predict how strong each storm will be. However, the Challenger Demon struggles at a very high level, according to Car Complaints.

For a car that is supposed to be at the top of the automobile world, one would likely expect more from this car in harsh weather conditions. However, when looking at all of the issues that have been presented, it is clear that with its weak structure, it just is not meant to be used in this type of weather.

3 Electrical Problems

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It should not come as a surprise to many that this car has electrical problems. This seems to be quite the norm when it comes to today’s vehicles. However, according to Car Complaints, these issues reach very high levels at times, and it can honestly ruin the entire experience of owning this vehicle.

These problems lead to owners having to bring it to the mechanics fairly frequently. This definitely is disappointing, as people want this car to show it off on the streets. Like with all cars as they age, these issues seem to only get worse as time passes by, and that is just aggravating.

2 Weak Structure

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This may be a surprise to some, but according to Car Complaints, the Challenger Demon simply has far too weak of an overall structure. It is quite likely that the car manufacturer rushed it during its developmental stage. As a result of this, it simply is not the strongest of cars on the primary market.

When a car has a weak structure, there is a very good chance that the car manufacturer has been focusing far more of their attention on other projects. This is seriously an issue because it is apparent that buyers are very interested in these cars each and every release year.

1 Better Cars Available

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At the end of the day, it is quite clear that there are far better cars available on the primary market. When seeing how this vehicle has a ton of major problems, yet somehow is extremely expensive, there is no question that you can find a better car in all areas.

The Challenger Demon is definitely a fun car to drive, and there is no question that many people would want to add it to their collections. However, there are cars that can be found at cheaper prices that simply are built in a far better manner. When seeing how there are a handful of websites that show all of the problems with this car, it is clear that Dodge needs to do better.

Sources: The Drive, Carbuzz, and Car Complaints.

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