20 Problems Every Chevy Pickup Owner Needs To Know About

Chevy pickups have run into many issues through the years, and many customers should be aware of them.

It was 106 years ago that the Chevrolet Motor Company came to fruition in 1911 and the company hasn’t looked back since. Many drivers from many decades past flocked to dealerships to purchase Chevrolet vehicles for their reputation and their style, and the company rose to prominence on those factors as well as others as time went on. But a company that’s been around this long doesn’t necessarily have the best reputation just because it’s been around the longest, and things don’t always stay the same—especially if a company gets rather complacent and sees no more need for advancement and self-growth.

These days, Chevrolet cars and trucks don’t necessarily have the best reputation and there’s very good reason for that, as you’ll read in this article. Especially Chevrolet pickups—as of late, they don’t particularly come highly recommended by drivers who have spent money and were left disappointed. A pickup truck screams dependability; especially when you look at the millions of dollars spent on advertising. Those commercials promise a driving and working experience like no other (as many pickups are used for work, i.e.: construction, hauling, etc.), but Chevrolet has apparently come up short in that department and others.

We’ve done an in-depth study on some staggering critiques that Chevrolet pickup owners have made over the last few years and our findings were frightening to say the least. We’ve got 20 facts here for you to look into before making that decision to go with a Chevrolet when looking for the right pickup truck.

20 May Be Difficult To Find A Good Used Model

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For those of us out there who want to purchase a Chevrolet model from a used lot may have a heck of a hard time doing so. Not everybody can, nor wants to purchase new vehicles. Some of us like to buy and repair ourselves and there's no other option better for doing so.

But according to some critiques, buying a used Chevrolet pickup truck can be a serious mistake; especially for those who don't know much about engines and how a car works.

Buying a car with many problems can in fact be a nightmare for anyone when they know something's wrong with the vehicle, but you don't have any idea what can be wrong with it. As you'll soon read in this article, these particular trucks have trouble when they're brand new, just imagine when they're older.

19 Many Have Corroded Brake Lines

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According to some users, and/or drivers, many Chevrolet models have corroded break lines. This is absolutely unacceptable, as the brake system is extremely important. Yes, that's an understatement, but we cannot stress this issue enough. Corrosion is very bad when it comes to the body of your car. Just imagine when it starts to happen to the mechanics that you depend on for your family's safety and security. Now there is something that is very serious and appropriate care must be taken when you are choosing a vehicle for yourself and your loved ones.

18 Issues With Power-Steering

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Another terrible occurrence that can happen when you are at the wheel of your vehicle--especially in bumper to bumper traffic. Imagine this if you will: you are at the wheel of your pickup, traffic is pretty much bumper to bumper, all three lanes are full, but moving at a steady 30 miles and hour, you've got vehicles to your right and your left, before and behind you, when suddenly the car starts to veer right into that big rig cruising beside you--you've lost control of the wheel, and that huge tire is getting closer and closer.

Power steering is so important and issues with that need to be addressed.

Many users of Chevrolet pickups have claimed to have such issues with their trucks.

17 Serious Frame Issues

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There is one consumer review that just boggles the mind--as many of these reviews do--in which one consumer's Colorado pickup actually leaned to one side. He claimed that it leaned to the left an entire inch. Now I know what you're thinking; he/she loaded it constantly on one side until the suspension wore out, causing it to lean to one side, for many years. Well, as it turned out, the truck was brand-spanking new, and the problems were ignored every time he brought it to the dealer for servicing. Apparently, according to this complaint, there are many such complaints and the forums for this model are full of the same issues, and Chevrolet continues to ignore it.

16 Engine Failure On Some Models After Very Little Use

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We hinted to it, and we're sure you knew this was coming, but engine failure has also been reported by motorists. And sadly, we're not talking over long periods of time here. As it turns out, a record breaking number of these trucks are failing and rather close to the purchase date-dangerously close.

Reasons for this are a little more hard to find, but it's definite that these trucks are being made cheaply, a contrast to where the company had been before.

An engine should not fail on you soon after you've purchased it. At the end of the day, that's just not right.

15 Bad Dealer/Customer Relations

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The problems don't stop at the mechanics level of the company however. After many of these vehicles were purchased, many of these clients have claimed that when they started to complain about the issues they found with their vehicles, they weren't met with a very supportive mechanic and customer service agent. Apparently, the company would negate the complaints and do everything in their power to prove that it/they weren't true, concentrating on other matters as opposed to wheat was at hand. Online and telecommunications help/support wasn't helpful either--oftentimes, claims going unanswered.

14 Recalls Are Rare, But Big Problems Still Arise

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Many new owners of any vehicle are rather happy when they've purchased a new vehicle and recalls are very rare in coming. The worst thing that can happen is getting that all too familiar letter in the mail from your dealership, stating that you have to go in for repairs as there's an issue with the airbag, starter, or what have you. Now, you've gotta miss work, or postpone that all important meeting just to sit at the dealer, drink the stale coffee they offer you and mess up your whole day. So it isn't unexpected that Chevrolet customers can say that there aren't many recalls and are rather happy at first. But if there aren't that many recalls, then why are there still so many issues?

13 Oxygen Sensor Problem

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To say that the mechanical industry has come a long way would be an understatement. Many new technologies have become available and have definitely improved the motor vehicle industry. Oxygen sensors weren't always used, but they definitely have come to be used rather predominantly in building the perfect exhaust system, as they control emissions and fuel injection simultaneously. Without them, this would not be possible.

Nowadays, most vehicles have 2 of these.

They are ideal and are definitely a step forward, when they're working properly, of course. As it turns out, these are a big reason for complaints in many Chevrolet pickups.

12 Up In Flames

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Yes, a lot of these problems can be handled with a simple tune up and proper inspection, but sometimes, these problems cause irreversible damage and can even threaten the precious lives of consumers all over. Just like in this case: One client parked his pickup and went indoors for a minute. A few minutes later, flames were seen coming out from the windshield. The fire department inspected the pickup afterward and stated that the problem started because of faulty wiring and started at the ignition. This story could have definitely gone another way, it could have been a news report as opposed to a 1st person testimonial, and all because of faulty wiring. Now we can't say whose fault that was specifically, but faulty wiring is very dangerous.

11 Faulty Airbag Sensors

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The list goes on, precious readers. The word faulty has come up a lot in this article and there's very good reason for the repetition. As it turns out, there are indeed many "faulty" features in Chevrolet pickups and we're bringing them to the surface so that you can make proper choices when purchasing that pickup you've always dreamed about. As it turns out, many clients have reported problems with the air-bag sensors. Now here is an item that cannot be faulty. The airbags save lives, and when an issue arises with this feature, appropriate care must be taken to rectify it.

10 Not The Energizer Bunny After All (Battery Unit Issues)

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Many Chevrolet clients also complained about battery unit issues. This can be a very costly problem and definitely a rather annoying one to have to deal with. This, like many other issues, can leave you stranded on the side of the road, or at a destination where the next service station is about 20 miles away, and there's no other way to get to it other than on foot.

Let's hope drivers pack their hiking shoes and they've got the cardio necessary for the trek.

Pickups are very popular for taking up north to the middle of nowhere for a nature hike, so being stranded at such times is not very appealing to most of you nature fanatics, so maybe go with another pickup.

9 Six Month Old Truck Already Needs A tow

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Yes, as we've said, these trucks look great in the television advertisements. They look shiny and big and strong, but so does an athlete amped up on engineered nutrition, but in the end, the system shuts down, especially when built on cheap, imitation materials. Some machines can run for a while, no matter how they were built--even on cheap stuff--but some let you know they're faulty right off the bat. In the case of some of these consumers, Chevrolet pickups shut down and failed on them after only a measly 6 months of usage.

8 Safety Features: Not Dependable

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The airbags, the breaks, and the issues don't just end there. There have in fact been many other safety issues that have been called "faulty"-(there's that word again) by many consumers. Friends, we cannot stress this issue enough. These claims seem to be pretty serious, so do your homework when buying a pickup or any other vehicle for that matter. You can't skimp on safety features for crying out loud. And if these claims are indeed as serious as these clients say, then shame on Chevrolet for dropping the ball. They definitely need to look inside and see what the issues are, and soon.

7 At The End Of The Day, It Isn't A Ford

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"Built Ford Tough." It isn't just a statement, it's a promise. Many consumers rely on Ford to get the job done, and according to forums, the ladies and gents at Ford certainly do their job. We're talking durability, great designs and you can rest assured that safety features are taken to the limit in design and execution. Great reputations don't build themselves, they get molded over time, when client after client starts to say the same thing, and like it was before the dawn of social media, word of mouth starts to build and soon, everybody knows if a product is good or bad. Chevrolet needs to remember that, because they had it at one time they need to find it again and stop cutting corners.

6 Underhanded Sales Tactics

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But sadly, instead of improving the quality of their product, salesmen have been trained to avoid the Chevrolet name altogether. It's true. Crazy, but true.

Apparently, when salesmen are making their pitch, they go through everything about the vehicle, except for the brand name.

You see, not everyone would recognize the company emblem on the front of the grille and salesmen such as these described here will prey on such potential customers and allow the customer to believe that the product is in fact perfect. This shows undeniably, that the company, and/or dealerships know that the product is below par, and the evasive tactics prove that they're doing nothing about it.

5 Electrical Issues

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And yes, the problems extend even further. Electrical issues haven't always been at the forefront of mechanical issues, as a lot of the electrical features are rather new, and when we say new, we mean in the last 30 years or so. Old school mechanics all over have returned to school for refresher courses as it should be. As it turns out, there are also many electrical issues on Chevrolet pickups and it doesn't matter how many refresher courses you've taken, it'll take a doctorate to fix what's wrong with these trucks. many clients have complained about the circuitry in these pickups and the issues aren't easy to resolve apparently.

4 Engine Failure At Most Terrible Of Times

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Yes, we've touched on the engine failure, but this cannot be stressed enough. Pickup trucks aren't really the type of vehicle one takes out for a leisurely Sunday afternoon drive. Pickups were meant to be relied on for serious hauling and some tough grunt work, and for the most part, they deliver. But so many workers in the field of construction and of course hauling have reported that these Chevrolet trucks are not dependable, as these workers have been left stranded with loads still in the bed of their pickup. This costs money and creates undue stress for these men and women that just have a job to do.

3 Many Models Rust Quickly Despite Proofing

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And rust!! That too is a problem, it seems. Yes, even after the advent of rustproofing, even that technology cannot prevent what comes of these trucks as time wares on. Yet another reason why consumers cannot depend on these big boys for long. Rust can ruin a vehicle and in so many ways. It's like a virus that spreads from one section to another, and if rustproofing won't stop it, it seems like there's no hope for these trucks, as many consumers have been let down. They've spent money on rustproofing and yet still, those patches of brown rot still appear on the body of their very expensive vehicle.

2 Mid-20th Century Models Often Better Than New Models

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Of course it wasn't always this way. There was a time when Chevrolet made a darn good pickup truck and drivers could rely on its strength and performance, no matter what the endeavour at hand. Especially models from the 50s and 60s. But as is the case with many products in this day, large companies such as Chevrolet and others have begun to cut costs and sadly that means, cutting corners, no matter how important those corners are. To save money in production to earn that eternal extra buck. Our question is this: is it worth the newfound bad reputation they're garnered for themselves?

1 Long Stays At Dealerships For Repairs

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And when the dealerships finally cave in and say, "yes, there is a problem with your vehicle," they take the car into custody and we're not talking for an eight hour stay. We're not even talking about a two or three day stay. We're talking up to two to three months of a stay at the dealership garage. Can you imagine? This is what many consumers have reported. And apparently, when they call in to ask questions about what's going on, they're told "we're waiting for a part." Let me tell you, my neighbourhood garage has been operating for over 40 years and when they need a part, they get it pronto! Just imagine Chevrolet, a giant in the industry can't get delivery on a part for a pickup truck in under 2 months!

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